Cauda Equina Syndrome :: Nerve Damage Resulting In Weak Right Leg

May 27, 2015

3 weeks ago I had a muscle spasm in my lower back that shifted the muscles around quite alarmingly - thought my hip had popped out. I went to A&E and they told me I'd had the spasm as a result of my body protecting the horse tail nerves that are around my spine. The only pain I have at the moment runs from my glutes to my calf, in certain stretched positions. It's definitely improving but very slowly, and I know I need to be patient as it can take weeks.

The main issue I have is strength in my right leg. Since this happened I now can't raise myself using my right foot - going to tiptoe. Left leg, fine. Right leg, it's like there's no signal, no strength. And it's freaking me out. Before all this, I was running, going to the gym, cycling - 4-5 days a week.

My question is this - is there anything I can do? Do I need to stretch it (kind of feels taught all the time anyway)? Perhaps I need to massage the areas?

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Sciatica Getting Worse OR Cauda Equina Syndrome?

I start from the beginning of my back pain history,In 2009 after a training in a gym i started to feel a sharp pain in my back, following months they pain was growing that much that I could not work out anymore. After several months I had the pain in back but also numbness in my mine buttocks after some checks that the doctors made and pain killers which didn't help,finally they have sent me to CT, which showed that I had a slightly bulged disc l1-s5,the doctors though didn't pay much attention to that result,saying that almost 60 % percent of population would have the same result if they would have checked,after months of Physical Therapy my pain was relieved ,though I didn't go back to Gym.

A year and the half after that I was in pain again and then Sciatica sensation pain started to appear like the needles and pins in my buttock,I was feeling that my legs are weak, slightly tingling on my testicles. I've panicked and went immediately to at least 3 different orthopedics who didn't help much,and neurologist who sent me to MRI and EMG both of them showed that my spine contrary to CT is fine. So he prescribed me Pregabalin which is helped and reduced my pain I aslo started visiting Yoga instructor and half a year later a gym. A year later I've started to go to gym again trying to make mine core stronger which always been very very weak it helped I guess because they were no signs of which doctors call Sciatica. In 2013 I've got into squats and deadlifts and though the pain in back and very rarely sciatica sensations above were appearing i've continued to train, the problem was also what sometimes I was blaming my self for the pain. I had and still have since 2013 a very tight schedule (studying and working) so in average i have 4 hours to sleep. in 2014 there were some increasing in my pain again, I visited some other orthopedist who told me that I'm fine and I visited Neurologist again which has sent me to MRI and EMG again,and AGAIN they both were perfectly fine! So i've continued to train.

My last half a year was very stressful so I didn't work out in gym as much as in the past two years, but when I got back my back started to hurt again also I was feeling numbness in my toes sometimes and tingling in my groin and testicles.

Last month, there were 3 days with pain which started from my back and went through my legs which I have never felt before, It was very strong pain in hips and back. A week after that pain I've started to feel needles and pins sensation in my legs, tingling when I walk on the street with jeans in my right leg (only when I walk outside), some days after that  i've started feeling tingling in the area of my testicles and groin which get worse when I sit and stand,never I have before such a strange and annoying feeling in that region.

Though the pain in my back almost disappeared the strange sensation in my testicles is only getting worse. For last three weeks Im feeling strange tingling in the right side of my stomach (or the feeling like something moving there inside). Also when i'm with woman I feel like I've start to ejaculate early . It's not a complete ejaculation though , only when I get arose a little bit sexually I feel like something coming out of my penis and when i was checking it,that It were a drops of sperm (although I don't have yet any other sexual problems or loss of feelings). Also they were couple of times when during the end of urinating, suddenly i was ejaculating (the sperm was coming out right after i've finished urinating), in addition I feel a weird "penis movements" sensations (sorry but that is the only way I can explain what I feel), In addition to all of that I feel sometimes weakness in my left leg or kind numbness for a couple of seconds (though i don't have any pain running or lifting my leg up or whatever).

In addition,to all of this i'm feeling like my right leg is getting heavy (or numb) and there is even one time when muscle twitches appeared in the left leg.

I really wanted to go to the Doctor, but the problem that until january im studying abroad and any visiting the doctor with that kind of problems would cost me a lot of many because my insurance doesn't cover pre condition situations and it seems like one.(though I didn't have any of these feelings before and MRI have NEVER DIAGNOSED ANYTHING) .

So I really puzzled and I don't know what to do,I have no idea why I have all these strange sensations (though almost not having any pain in a back, why MRI never showed anything and I didn't find anywhere on the web if there is any connection between strange partly ejucaltion and bulged or herinated disc).

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Cauda Equina Syndrome :: Driving Jobs After Microdiscectomy

I am wondering can i do driving job(light van)which having 40 min drive 10 mnts walk for 8-9 hours? no heavy lifting. If i can after how many weeks after microdiscectomy?

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Cauda Equina Syndrome :: Legs Are Cold Numb And Tingly

I am 34 year old NZ mum and I had CES about 3 years ago, after 3 operations and lots of physio and exercise I returned back to work, bit by bit, slowly working my way up to full time over the period of 8 months. I actually feel pretty fortunate and feel that Iv made a pretty amazing recovery, I got the mobility of my right leg back (it was dragging) although this is still very numb and weak, it appears normal to those around me, and I no longer walk funny, and my bladder only seems to play badly up certain times of the month (by play up I mean weakness and high frequency) the pain is pretty good too....compared to what it use to be like. The night before my first urgent operation I had hot cold sensations filling my legs,it felt like they were being dipped in warm or cold water, it was one of the strangest things I have ever felt, I hadn't realised that going to the bathroom every few min was a warning sign (I actually thought I must of been pregnant). Anyway recently I'm getting cold patches (large patches) and weird almost pleasant cold tingling around the butt and the back of the legs and wondered if anyone else gets similar sensations?, I hate rushing back to the docs and don't want to live in fear that the CES will raise its ugly head again, I also want to avoid too many more MRIs as I have already been exposed to far to much radiation from these. Was really just hoping that another CES patient could tell me their ongoing symptoms and issues that they have just managed to live with.

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Women - Over Masturbation :: Weak Orgasms, Nerve Damage?

I first started masturbating at age 15 where I would watch porn for a while and orgasm a few times. After I realized that I could go on for hours, over the years I had a few nights (once in a while) where I would orgasm every 30 seconds-3 minutes until I was drenched in sweat and had to stop. At 18, I bought a vibrator and used that for pleasure and my orgasms were always so powerful in the beginning and after a while they'd get weaker. Now, I'm 20 and my orgasms have become very weak. I can go 2-3 months without even trying and when I go for it I expect magic, but all I get are weak ones. Lately, I've been bored out of my mind, orgasming for hours every day for the last 5 days and they're pretty weak, but just pleasurable enough to keep me going. Now I've just done some research and learned that over-masturbation is bad and that I could be causing nerve damage to my clitoris. Even when I go months without they're still weak. Have I ruined my chances of having a powerful orgasm again?

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Colostomy - Weak Anal Sphincter / Sacral Nerve Damage

I have diarrhoea all the time since having my gallbladder removed 30 years ago, i now have sacral nerve damage which has caused my annal sphincter to weaken so i now suffer from incontinence. I have been told i may need a colostomy, does anyone out there have one or faecal incontinence.

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Vision / Eye Disorders :: Retina Dry With Weak Nerve

My left eye has weak nerve in retina and the retina also dry and I see in it only 10% (can not distinguish things, I can know there is something here or something maybe is moving ... like this).

Is there any solution specially after stem cells science has been developed?

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Ulnar Nerve Damage During Blood Sample

I went in for my routine physical two days ago and got blood work done. The nurse drawing my blood completely missed my vein and when she stuck the needle in, my arm felt like it was being electrocuted. I waited a few seconds because I thought it would go away but it didn't. She took the needle out after about ten seconds. Anyway, I'm almost positive she hit my nerve. I have a tingling pain that shoots through my arm when I extend it or put it in certain movements. I don't really feel any pain in my hand. When looking at a diagram, it looks like the ulnar nerve is the one she hit.

Anyways, I have read many posts of people not getting better after years, and some getting better after a few weeks. Is there any way to tell how bad mine is? Are they required to pay for any health costs concerning this issue?

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Eye Disorders :: Ocular Nerve Damage - Reversible?

About two years ago on Christmas due to high blood pressure I lost little pieces of my right eye it hasn't come back Since then the doctor said it's ocular nerve damage does anybody think surgery or anything will make it come back

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Nerve Damage In The Lower Back Cause Pain In The Thigh?

I have nerve damage in my lower back due to four back surgeries. Now I am beginning to have pain deep within my thigh on the same side where my disks were herniated. Anyone experienced this?

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Neuropathic Pain :: Nerve Damage After Foot Surgery

I had foot surgery 8 weeks ago - quite a major reconstruction that took a few hours.

when the plaster was removed at 6 weeks I was told that I had nerve damage causing partial foot drop and a lot of numbness and pain. I have just had nerve conduction studies and have started on   Gabapentin and physio..

They said either the tourniquet or nerve block has caused it. I can't believe that this can happen, surely they know about these nerves and how to prevent problems.

Has anyone else experienced this and what has the recovery been like. I'm just wondering what my life is going to be like from now on.

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Interstim Device - Nerve Damage From Micro Electrical Shock

I had an Interstim device and the lead was moved during a different surgery. the lead was move into a nerve root in my lower back and I was electrocuted by the device for more than 60 min.  this was over a year ago and I am still in extreme pain every day and have yet to be diagnosed with anything.  will an MRI show nerve damage in my lower back and leg area?

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Sural Nerve Damage And Numbness With Achilles Tendon Surgery

Ten months ago, I had Achilles' tendon lengthening along with foot fusion surgery. Afterwards, 2/3rds of my foot on the outside edge and bottom of my foot has been numb. I kept mentioning it to my doctor, and he would say that it may take up to two years to fully recover from numbness. He even blamed the numbness on the popliteal nerve block that I had for seven days, but the anesthesiologist said that wasn't possible as the numbness started about two inches above my ankle and goes down into my foot.

Finally, I had a nerve conduction study (from my own insistence) that now confirms the injury/permanent damage to the Sural nerve. My surgeon must have nicked the Sural nerve when he did the percutaneous Achilles' tendon lengthening. It causes numbness that radiates down through my 5th metatarsal or little toe. But, 2/3rds of the bottom of my foot is also numb. Could this be from the Sural nerve or may there be other reasons for this numbness? What types of complications might occur with Sural nerve damage? How often does this occur with this type of surgery? This numbness is making it very difficult to walk. I can only walk very short distances at ten months, which is exceedingly frustrating. I am interested in hearing about others' experiences related to numbness and Sural nerve damage.

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Bell's Palsy - Non Cerebral :: Botox To Correct The Nerve Damage

In 2003 I had really painful headaches so bad I could hardly put my head on a pillow, pretty scary as I do not suffer from headaches.  Then as I was eating bowl of cereal I kept missing my mouth and realised I couldn't feel my lips or tongue as though I had been given dentist injection.  My sister took me to hospital thinking I was having a stroke, this was the first time I had heard of Bell's palsy and I was given steroids, i was very tired and it was an effort to do anything like eat, speech, it did take three months to go.

february 2014 I got a rash on my stomach which spread to my neck, to my back, to my feet, then to my scalp and then my ears, I was in agony, it was urticaria.  Whilst trying to cope with this I then got Bell's palsy again, possibly due to an immune system at a low.  However it has taken a lot longer to recover this time.  Eighteen months later and I still have a twitchy eye and lopsided smile.  I am now considering Botox, has anyone here used Botox to correct any of the nerve damage left after palsy and if so what are your thoughts?

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Orthopedics :: Bone Infection / Nerve Damage After Surgery On My Foot?

6 weeks ago I had foot surgery (modified brostrom procedure to tighten up ligaments near ankle, and a procedure to correct a calcaneonavicular coalition).  I have on incision along my ankle, and another incision on my foot. My cast came off 3 weeks after surgery. 5 weeks after surgery, when I was changing my dressing, I saw some some black stitches from the ankle incision on my gauze pad.  I called the doctor's office, and the medical assistant said that that was normal. After that, I noticed drainage for a few days when I changed the dressing. I called doctor's office back, because my foot was feeling hot and I was having a burning pain. They put me on an antibiotic (keflex). And I was told to stop walking and go back to non weight bearing. They told me not to clean the incision. I have only been on antibiotic for 3 days, and it is a 10 day course. In the evenings, especially when I am in bed, I wake up because there is so much pain in my foot, it feels like a deep stabbing pain that is sharp, and sometimes burning. Is this normal of a skin infection from an incision? Could it be a bone infection? Or nerve damage? How patient should I be with this doctor and doctor's office?

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Eyes :: Damage To Optic Nerve - Light Headed With Floaters

I was having frequent headaches and occasionally feeling lightheaded with floaters. I went to the opticians and they referred me to the ophthalmologist who put eye drops in and said that at the back of my left eye the optic nerve was sheeted. (I don't understand what this term means and cannot see anything on the internet to explain either) He just said that I didn't have any other symptoms for Optic Neuritis and wasn't sure but didn't think it was anything sinister. I am now waiting for a scan of the eye to see what that shows.

However, the last couple of weeks I have been getting pins and needles all over my body, mainly in arms and legs. I've also had general aching pains.

I have read online about symptoms and they point to all kinds of things, Fibromyalgia, Anxiety and possibly MS. As you can imagine this has really scared me as I have read that problems with the optic nerve can also be related.

Has anyone else had these symptoms or are they too few for me to be making assumptions?

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Orthopedics :: Fractured Humerus (midshaft), Elbow And Radial Nerve Damage

I had a fall on june 17th 2014. Fell about 20 feet onto a concrete floor. I fractured the humerus, fairly simple fracture straight across the midshaft, no surgery. fracture to the elbow, and got radial nerve damage.

It is now week 14 and although the nerves are back and my wrist is fully functional, both fractures are yet to heal, the humerus fracture is fairly straight, and some callous is appearing, but there is still movement in the fracture site. And the elbow still shows a fracture.

I now have an electromagnetic device to help with the healing, 30 mins a day i can use it for.

Just wanted to know if anyones had success with one?

Also seeing as i broke the elbow the arm has been held in a sling this whole time, without straightening of the arm, so the inside of my elbow is getting very inflamed, but not painful yet, anything i can do to help it?

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Femoral Nerve Damage :: Gabapentin Withdrawals - Nausea And Anxiety Attacks

I too have been taking Gabapentin for Femoral nerve damage for about 2 weeks...300mg/3times a day. I went out of town recently and skipped a couple doses by accident. When I realized it I took my next dose. For two days I experienced nausea, terrible anxiety attacks, and now my pain is worse.

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Humerus Fracture - Limited Hand And Wrist Movement Due To Nerve Damage

I am 2 week into my broken fracture in my humerus just above the elbow

The doctors undertook surgery and after the surgery they did say my nerve was damaged in the process as I had a metal plate inserted to put back the broken bones together if that make sense.

Whilst I understand the fracture will take a while to heal I am real concerned about my nerve injury I can't move my thumb freely, I can't move wrist at all I can bend my fingers but I can't straighten

My splint is tight so I do loosen this and try to do exercise with my hand.

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Cerebral Sinus Thrombosis - Tension Headaches And Optic Nerve Damage

I'm 32. It was only detected after suffering 2 weeks of intense headaches which eventually affected my optic nerves in my eyes. I wear glasses and after 2 weeks of intense headaches my eyesight actually became much better which baffled me. I was sent away from GP with the diagnosis of a tension headache (which I don't hold any blame for) but luckily I pursued further and booked an immediate appt with an Optician who found that my visual field was affected in my left eye. I was advised to go to the Emergency Eye Casualty who continued with further tests on my eyes. They discovered the damage to my optic nerves but at this point were unable to find the source and I was seen immediately by a Neurologist who at first thought it was benign cranial hypertension. He arranged a CT scan and said that he did not expect to find anything but was very surprised to see the clot on the CT. I was admitted immediately and underwent a lumber puncture. I spent 5 days in hospital and was discharged on Warfarin medication for 3 months. I have since undergone a repeat CT scan. I believe I was very lucky as any longer I could have had a stroke. I was advised to stop the oral contraceptive pill immediately as they said this may have been the cause but also that I have recently underwent a breast reduction 3 months before.

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15 Years Old And Having Weak Erections

remember when i was 13 I would be able to get rock hard erections . i am now 15 , And my erections are only going about 40 - 50 % Of what they actually use to be . i weight , 115 lbs , skinny . i started smoking pot about 2 years ago and am starting to think this is the main problem .been masturbating since early age of about 10 - 11 yrs old And till this day , about 2 - 4 times a week, maybe this can be the main reason ? When i was 13 and a half is when my erections started getting weak . I at that age , i Had an infection of the penis from not cleaning correctly . I was given medication they were some pills i took for about 2 weeks . Maybe that medication could have affected my erections. Or also the fact that at that age i noticed i had a lot of fordyce spots on my penis , which made me go through some depression And sometimes Still am depressed about it Cause it hasnt gone away and am afraid for my sex partner to see this . Btw , I am a virgin , I don't dare try and have sex , with these problems . Someone Please help me ! i am so sick and tired of this its been a long time and im sure its affecting my mood and the way i act . just been hoping it gets better on its own . please i don't need to hear " You shouldn't worry about such thing at such small age ". i am HUMAN , This isn't normal. Is there any way i can achieve my erections back , even though the last time i got rock hard was a few years ago ? 

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