Cephalosporin Antibiotics :: Vaginal And Anal Area Sore - Side Effect?

Feb 14, 2007

I was prescribed this drug for a cold and nasty cough which wouldn't clear up. After two days of taking the tablets my vagina and anal area became very sore and swollen also with little blister like spots. I stopped taking the tablets and three days later am still suffering.Has anyone else experienced side effects like this.

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Ear Problems :: 11 Lots Of Antibiotics But No Effect

My 14 month daughter has had an ear infection since december, she has been given 11 lots of antibiotics, otomize spray, and drops, we have visited ENT 3 times and have been to doctors virtually on a weekly basis, nobody seems to be helping, she is in constant pain and i am now worried she has some hearing loss, if anyone has any advice on what i can do i would be very grateful as i am at my wits end

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Yeast Infection In The Anal Area?

Has anyone ever heard of or experienced or is there even such a thing of having a yeast infection in the anal area?

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Hemorrhoids :: Growth Above Anal Area

I've had a growth on the top of my anal opening for several years. It first came to my notice through pain on wiping. On further inspection, it became clear that a hard growth had installed itself adjacent to the anal passage. This body is immovable but periodically submerged in a type of crater or shallow second hole above the real one. Accordingly, it can flare up and became painful and irritated much as it can subside and be nearly invisible to the naked eye. This is the problem which stymied my attempts to provide a visual cue for a colorectal surgeon who examined me. I showed photos on my phone, but they informed me that they couldn't see anything and wouldn't proceed to a surgical solution. They did indicate some internal hemorrhoids and offered a ligation for those, by my pain problem is primarily related to this external object. I took two photos of the issue today and circled them in MS Paint for maximum clarification.

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Growth Removal From Anal Area?

I am having a growth removed from near my anal area by surgery soon. It is very close to the anal opening but not in it. I'm wondering if anyone had this done before and how much pain there was? Were there complications afterwards?

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Sore Throat - Cannot Take Antibiotics

I have had a mild sore throat for 2 weeks. Last night I gargled with warm salt water and this morning it is twice as bad. My ears are popping a little and it is now a little difficult to swallow. No Other symptoms. I can not take antibiotics because they make me very sick, no matter what kind the doctors give me. What can I do?

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STDs :: Vaginal Suppositories With Antibiotics (amoxiccillin) Can Cure Ganorrhea?

Do vaginal suppositories along with antibiotics treat gonorrhea? i feel the symptoms of gonorrhea and also my ex bf informed me he is positive with gonorrhea. i ask my friend and tell me to take vaginal suppositories and amoxicillin, i feel better but i'm worried i still have gonorrhea. please help..

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STDs :: Unprotected Oral And Anal Sex - Headache And Sore Throat

I'm 20 years I've CP and I wanted to have sex with a girl

I went to a hooker

I had protected sex with her. But unprotected oral sex for both anal and vagina... Now I've headache and sore throat. Gives me goosebumps really scared

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HIV Prevention :: Vaginal And Anal Secretions On Penis

Had an encounter with a prostitute. She performed blow job only with condom on, but before the blow job she had put her fingers in her vagina and anus. She then put the condom on me and the same fingers touched the tip/opening of my penis. What are the risks she can transmit HIV to me assuming she is HIV positive.

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STDs :: Vaginal And Anal Chlamydia? Both Will Be Cured?

During one of my sexual encounters, the guy I was with slipped up and stuck his penis in my butt by accident. I ended up becoming infected vaginally with chlamydia and I had tested positive for herpes 1. I don't know if he was the one that infected me, but would I have also gotten it in my butt then as well if he was infected? I took doxycycline for 7 days, 2 times a day and cured myself of chlamydia vaginally. Would that have cured it in my butt as well if I had become infected there?

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UTI Negative But Still Vaginal, Anal And Urinating Pain

My whole private parts are all hurting bad. Uti test came back negative. Now what?

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Yeast Infections :: Rash On Vaginal Area?

Can it cause a rash on your vaginal area?

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Ramipril :: Cough Side Effect

I had a heart attack 5 weeks ago and since have been on various medicines one of which is 5mg Ramipril every night. I read the booklet which explained that a side effect is a cough but agree with other inputs here that the cough is very depressing. It constantly disrupts my sleep pattern and it's so dry ! Im off to the GPs Tomorrow and hopefully he can prescibe something else. Is there anyway else of stopping the cough ?

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Venlafaxine Side Effect - Sweating?

Does anyone seem to sweat more on venlafaxine. I know it is a side effect but how common is it

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Vaginal Health :: Raised Rash Around Bikini Area

I have a what seems to be a rash around my bikini line. It is making my skin uneven and itchy down there. I am getting open sores down there as well. I am not sure how I got this. I haven't been sexually active in over 4 months and this just started occurring maybe for a week now. It started with just an it here and there but it has gotten so much worse. When it first started, I was putting neosporin on the rash but it just got worse.  Now I am putting African Shea butter on it and it stops the itching. I really need to know what it is or at least try to treat it. 

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Vaginal Health :: Scars And Pimples On Bikini Area

I been having this reaction since summer and I don't know what to do. Every time I shave it itches really bad and i was dumb so itched and i started getting scars from itching. sorta like pimples. they became worse and now they wont leave. i feel really embarrassed with them. I need help urgent. anything that can help me get rid of them quickly?

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Vaginal Health :: Fordyce Spots On Genital Area Will Go Away?

I am a 15 year old female and I recently noticed about 2 days ago that i had what seem to be fordyce spots in my inner genital area. I have never noticed these before. I need help! Is there any way i can get rid of them?? I am currently on minocycline, i don't know if that helps as to why i have them

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How To Stop Trembling On Lithium As A Side Effect?

Can someone tell me how to stop trembling on lithium as a side effect? My whole body shakes. I can stop

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Sertraline :: Giving Me Headaches - Side Effect?

a have been on sertraline 50mg for 4 weeks now into my second week on 100mg a feel things are getting a lot better it is just the headaches at times are quite severe am having to take strong painkillers a know it is a side effect but are they meant to be so severe or should i go to the doctors ?

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Gabapentin Side Effect? Headache Along With A Mild Flu

Hi all,been put on Neurontin / Gabapentin for a vestibular problem.Just 300mg a day (Built up over three weeks from 100mg to 300mg a day) . Just wondered as i have a side effect i believe as it started around the same time i started the tablets . I have a low level headache along with a mild flu like feeling . Did anyone else have similar?

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Possible Common Side Effect Of The Tubal Ligation?

is that true that the tubal ligation can make her dry or without fluids if they made love? what the possible common side effect of the tubal ligation? please find me the answer. thanks.

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