Chest Pain :: Sensation Of Food Being Stuck In The Throat/chest

Apr 16, 2015

I am experiencing the sensation of food being stuck in the throat/chest, as if you swallowed a large pill and it is resting there. I have had acid reflux issues and take Zantac for it (previously Prilosec) and neither of them helped much. It's difficult to swallow and I also feel like I need to burp to relieve some pressure build-up in my throat/chest.

I woke up out of sleep last night and felt this sensation severely along with stabbing pain in my upper abdomen the radiated up to my chest. There's dull pain in my lower back as well along with nausea, trouble getting a full breath. It's extremely uncomfortable and concerning. It seems to hurt more when lying down, but I feel it when I'm upright too.

I'm waiting on a referral to see a Gastroenterologist to discuss my very extensive list of symptoms.

I understand that it anxiety could add to the pains I'm feeling, and I do have extreme anxiety when it comes to my health, but what I'm worried about is that I woke up out of my sleep with this pain to where it can't be directly caused by anxiety. I've been to the hospital for chest pains a couple of occasions and they ruled out everything but anxiety. So trust me, I know what anxiety can do.

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Undiagnosed Symptoms :: Chest Pain With Floating Sensation During Sleep

Night before last I woke up 9-10 times with the sensation you get when you drive over a large bump in the road too quickly, or when you pass over the high points of a roller coaster.  I'm wondering if my heart is skipping a beat, or have I stopped breathing and I'm waking up trying to catch my breath?  I've had some issues with chest pain lately, and they haven't found anything yet.  They still have to do the stress test and ultrasound.  Has anyone else experienced the "floating" sensation I am talking about?  It's strong enough that it wakes me up.    

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Multiple Sclerosis :: Nausea - Feels Like Food Is Stuck At The Back Of My Throat

I have been suffering with really bad nausea since yesterday, it feels like food is stuck at the back of my throat. I feel awful. Don't know if it's a bug or not.

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Chest Pain :: When Coughing And Clearing Throat

I am 24yrs old and i am having chest pains when i cough or clear my throat. I do not have a cold. I only had headaches and runny and stuffy nose a few days ago. Yesterday i was out in the cold not that bundled up also. Could this be something i should be worried about and go to the ER? or simply a doctor's visit will do.

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Chest Pain :: Coughing Or Clearing Throat

I'm 21 and i started having chest pain when i woke up at 4:56am this morning I also had two teeth pulled yesterday. it didn't hurt then but my upper stomach and whole chest hurts when i cough haven't told my parents yet though. though it could be just a chest cold. plus i haven't been eating right lately either.

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Chest Swelling And Sharp Pain, Already On Antibiotics For Chest Infection

So spent night in hospital for chest infection on Tuesday night. Been on 50mg steroids and 500 mg Co amoxiclav three times a day.

Pulled my back muscles coughing yesterday so taking diazepam as doctor prescribed for it as asthmatic so can't take ibuprofen.

However today when woke up my lower right lung area is swollen and have acute sharp stabbing pain when cough and constant pain which is dull. Anyone any idea what it is? I'm wondering if diaphragm or maybe need to see doctor for 3rd day this week.

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Chest Pain :: Hard Lump On My Chest - Pain On Breathing, Exercising Etc

I am a 27 years old male and have been suffering from some left chest pain for the past two weeks. The pain worsens when taking a deep breath, exercising, lying down, and even talking. Along with the the chest pain I get a sharp stabbing pain in my back when doing all the same activities. The weirdest thing is I have a hard lump on my chest that is painful to touch. It doesn't get better with ice or heat and pain medications don't seem to help either.

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Chest Pain :: Frequent Chest Pain Which Lasts A Few Days

I am a 25 year old female. For about a year now I've been getting sharp stabbing chest pains in my right side which last from 1-14 days. The pain is worse when I take a breath inward and there is no tenderness. There is no monthly pattern with the pains, but I get them at least once every 2 months. I have noticed that every time I sleep on my right side, these pains appear. However I'm not sure whether this is a coincidence or not?

The first time this happened I went to A&E, they did an ECG and checked me for blood clots but everything was fine. Could this be pleurisy do you think? And does anyone know whether sleeping on my right side would bring the pains on. I am getting worried at this keeps happening, I thought it would sort itself out.

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Chest Pain :: Swelling Below My Right Chest

I have something swelling below my right chest and I really don't know what it is. My friends told me that it is just a lymph node. Is that true?

I have already observed this for several year already and it seems that this is growing to about a corn-sized.

I hope you could help me about this and I really need your professional advice regarding this matter.

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Oral / Dental :: Strange Nerve Sensation From Tooth To Chest...?

It's not a pain really, just a very intense sensation. I've gotten it before when getting a dental cleaning...I don't know what part they hit but it shoots down my neck into my chest. This doesn't happen everytime I get a cleaning--in act it's only happened maybe 3 times total.

And I also have gotten it--and this is a bit embarrassing but pertinent here--when nipples are stimulated. I even read somewhere else that some girl got some weird tooth nerve sensation when her bf was playing with her in that area. Not quite the same thing but still never related.

I phoned my dentist today b/c I felt some sensation IN my tooth left side bottom, as that's where the sensation comes from if it starts in the mouth. She said to come right down. They took Xrays and looked at my teeth and found nothing. However they did say I would need a crown and a filling replaced at some point on that side of my mouth, bottom. But she didn't think that would cause this feeling. She told me it's nothing to worry about. I asked if it could be a nerve and she said that the nerve from the tooth branches out into other nerves, so yes maybe.

That's all well and good but it's very annoying to say the LEAST. Once that nerve(s) is stimulated, it takes maybe a minute to go away. However today, I still feel a sort of 'tickle' in that area (chest) where the nerve sensation was. Plus the feeling in my tooth is new.

Anyone know which nerves these are or why they're sensitive all the sudden? Or even why touching those areas stimulate it?

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Anxiety :: Heartburn/chest Tightness/cramping In Chest From Meds?

I'm 29, mostly healthy, unfortunately I'm a cigarette smoker but I am a hypochondriac and suffer from bad anxiety. The past 6 weeks have been tough. I just recently got off Xanax after 5 weeks of daily use for panic attacks and sleep. I was taking about .25 to .5 a night. Quit last Tuesday only withdrawal symptoms was insomnia and a little night sweats. Head feels a lot clearer and I feel better. I'm now taking lexapro which I've now been on for 3 weeks. I do feel it's helping a bit and I also up the dosage from 5mg to 10mg. I'm taking trazodone for sleep also. But In the past 2 weeks I have been getting some chest cramping. Tightness in the center of my breasts, little pains here and there but I can't figure out if it's heartburn, acid indigestion, or what it can be. I know anxiety can give u tightness in the chest which I have felt many times but the cramping and tightness freaks me out! The hypochondriac part of me keeps thinking I'm having lung issues or heart issues. It's like if it ain't one thing it's another with me. And I hate it. Does anyone have anything like that from meds? I need some reassurance. I'm going to call my doctor tomorrow to make sure it's just from the meds.

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Asthma :: Chest Tightness At Start Of Cold /chest Infection

I'm 60, had asthma for just over 3 years, which started after a persistent bout of bronchitis. I take Seretide twice daily. I try to run regularly when I'm able, but I'm never quite sure how I should respond at the onset of normal cold symptoms. Once I have any degree of cold infection, I regularly experience chest tightness and discomfort immediately, almost before any cold symptoms have established. I'm not really sure what the best strategy is to get rid of the chest tightness, prevent the cold developing and enable me to continue exercising. I try increasing my inhaler dose, take extra vitC, etc but without great success. I'd really value hearing how others deal with this, is it just a case of putting up with it, or should I be able to nip it in the bud?

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Deep Breath :: My Throat And Chest Hurt

Ok so two days ago on august first i had a allergic reaction, this is the first major reaction that I’ve ever had, and oh btw I’m 18 years old (this also may be the only allergic reaction I’ve ever had, because I’m not sure how to tell :s). So this happened right after i ate dinner, i had meat, tomatoes, eggs, rice and cucumbers. Like 10 mins later my stomach starting hurting A LOT so i went to the washroom, as I was in the washroom my face started to itch and got really hot, within minutes there was a bunch of mosquitoes like bites all over my face and some on my upper body. However after i used the washroom they seemed to not be as bad, however I’m not sure if it was because i went to the washroom that got rid of the mosquito like bites or just my natural body because i went to sleep not long after.

The morning of the next day I thought everything was fine, however when i was walking to the bus stop i felt a little weird in my chest if i took a deep breath but i thought it was nothing so i ignored it.
It was my first day actually working after training, so i put in 110% of my effort taking my lunch almost at 3pm (I started at 9 yesterday). by 3pm i kind of felt like there was something in my throat, well like it just felt really weird, but i thought that was because i talked to much (I work as a bank teller) and my lack of water. After i had lunch and water i felt a little better.

By the time i left my work, i felt like i couldn't breathe fully, it felt like something was clogged in my air way. When i got home and drank water, it only made things worse, now my stomach was also hurting and i was no longer able to keep my back straight as it would cause chest pains, however at this point my throat was not hurting yet, it just felt like it was clogged. I sat on a chair for about 20 mins and then I had a few large burps and that seemed to have gotten rid of my stomach pains. I didn't eat much dinner, and went to bed very early.

By the time I was in bed I have extreme throat pains when i shallow anything, it hurts when you touch it (only the front), and it even hurts if i don't touch it, however it didn’t seem to affect my speaking to much. Also my chest was in a lot of pain, especially when i try to stand straight or take deep breaths. (throat is hurting more then my chest)

I drank some Chinese herbal medicine and took a Tylenol.

I was just wondering if someone could tell me if this sounds like just a common flu and if there anything I should do that will help my body feel better faster it would be much appreciated. Thanks

OH in addition it's been really hot here, at like 30 degrees C

Thanks again
and one more thing, i feel very tired body wise not as much as sleepy but like tired like after a long work out (But this may be due to my lack of eating dinner) and i had a slight and still do have a slight headache

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STDs :: Tingling On Back And Burning Sensation On Back And Upper Chest

I had protected oral sex on 3rd April and protected oral and vaginal sex with a prostitute in bali on 7th april.

on 12th and 14th i had rashes with itching but since i take anti allergic medicines they went away, since 15th april, i am having the tingling feeling on middle back portion and till now i am having the tingling feeling on the same portion and it comes and goes away. Since 20th april i have burning feeling sometime on upper back and upper chest and sometime on face.....

did anyone faced these kind of symptoms....

I am scared for HIV as she was very dry during the act and for around a min when she on top my penis was not hard enough but when we changed the position then i saw condom was covering the whole penis and then we continued....

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Dysphagia :: Tiny Pieces Of Chewed Food Getting Stuck

I'm having a very weird problem for past week. tiny bits of chewed food when i swallow gets stuck back of my throat and takes time and effort to go down. However the problem of swallowing is not there with big chunk of food :S(when i swallow food without chewing much it will be fine.)
Also there is some pain like sore throat..

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Anxiety :: Ongoing Heart Wall Pain, Chest Pain, Radiating Pain, And Headache?

After my mistake (HIV scare) I have all these symptoms heart wall pain, chest wall pain, radiating pain to the whole body, and headache, and cough and sputum.  X-ray 6 times in 6 months and doctors can not see what is wrong with me. Do I have a virus going inside my body? A viral infection?

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Chest Pain :: Sharp Pain / Piercing Pain In My Heart, Lungs, Or Liver

i am 18 years old, but the symptoms start from when i was about 13 years old. the occurrence of the symptoms was seldom, but now since i was in senior high school, it started to occur more often. sometimes it will attack several times a day but sometimes it will attack after several days had passed.

the symptoms are pierced-like pain in lungs, heart, or liver. sometimes it happen in my stomach but i assumed that it was because i eat something. sometimes a shortness of breathing happen and i coughed a lot, i didn't cough blood though. can you help me?

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19 Yo With Chest Pain - Should Go To ER?

19 year old male chest pain?

I need some advice. I was just in Urgent Care on Friday, for chest pain they did ekg and said everything was normal, but the next day which was yesterday, Saturday, i woke in the morning with really bad chest pain, it was like a pinching sharp pain, but at the same time it feels like if someone is is grabbing their pointer finger and poking me on the left side of chest. This pain lasted all day yesterday and did not go away, but i did not go to the ER because of the fact that i had an EKG the day before the chest pain started. (Btw this is not the same chest pain i felt when i went to urgent care). So i waited it out and today Sunday i woke, and it was completely. But i am still worried of what could this have been. I do have slight asthma but i did not have asthma symptoms with this chest pain, no tightness. Just had shortness of breath, dizziness and tachycardia along with the chest pain. So i don't believe it was my asthma. Nor do i think it was anxiety or acid reflux. And i have been having chest pain since june of last year on and off, but not this type of pain, this one is different. And i can't tolerate exercise neither because meanwhile i am exercising or right after exercise, i get dizzy shortness of breath and a sudden fast heart rate that makes me feel like i am going to pass out. I have seen a cardiologist but he said i was Good. Before any of this started i was a very active kid and i just want to be normal again and exercise normally like before. All my siblings and friends can exercise with no problems but not me, and i feel left out and i get so pissed off because i can't figure out what is going on with me. It is a very scary feeling when this happens, especially when doctors won't take it seriously. So what could this have been? and what happens when i exercise ? What is going on with me?, should i go to the ER? Or see my DR.? And here is a link to a photo that shows where exactly am i having pain.

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General :: Joint Pain, Back Pain, Chest Pain, Fatigue

I'm a 17 year old female and I'm hoping somebody can help me out. I've been sick and out of school for over a month now. It all started with severe back as chest pains that were diagnosed as pleurisy. We later found out that I did not have pleurisy though. Through a series of blood tests my ANA came back very positive (I took it twice just to be sure, 2 weeks apart from each other) so my doctors were looking at lupus. Those were my only symptoms at the time though. Starting this past Sunday I've been having joint pains particularly in my wrists up my forearms to my elbows and in my hands. When I move my wrists they keep popping too which is strange to me. I'm always exhausted now which is so unlike me. I play lacrosse and am an in shape teenager but everything seems to be spiraling downward for me.

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Teen With Chest Pain Comes And Go

I'm a Teen and I have been getting sharp faint chest pains on the left side of my chest which makes my left arm weak and uncomfortable. The pain sometimes happens in my left shoulder blade as well. It happens at least twice a month. I went to the doctor and he said it is nothing but I'm worried about it and he won't listen.

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GERD (acid Reflux) :: Causing Daily Chest Pain And Arm Pain?

i been having daily chest pain under my armpit left side and chest pain left side and the pain goes into my arm and i get arm tightness i have had tons of ekg tests done this year going to the hospital blood work x ray and so on and everything comes back normal i notice a lot of the time during the week acid comes up into my throat area so i'm thinking this can be acid reflux.

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