Chiari Malformation :: Bowel Movements After Surgery

Aug 13, 2014

I have always had problems with bowel movements with my chiari before surgery but this is intense. I am going five days with no urges to go at all ever since my surgery, so every five days I go. I am doing laxatives to go at every five days. It is getting painful. Is this normal? I know that constipation is normal with pain pills but usually there is an urge to go and you just can't. But the feeling to go has completely left. I'm worried. My stomach is swollen I look pregnant and is nearly as painful as my recovery from surgery. I am taking everything they told me- stool softener, miralax, benefiber, milk of mag, and suppositories. The pa said to avoid enemas if I could. Has anyone else had this problem?

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Chiari Malformation :: Another Decompression Surgery?

I had my decompression surgery and a cranio-cervical fusion about 8 years ago. I started to have headaches, dizziness and numbness again. I had an MRI and it shows a significant decrease in the flow to the back of my lower brain. Has anyone had this happen? Does it involve another surgery?

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Chiari Malformation :: Decompression Surgery Will Fix Vision And Hearing?

I have a child recently diagnosed with chiari malformation type 1.  His age is 4.  It started with vision and hearing issues, then breath holding spells when hit in the head.  All started at age 2. He has strabismus with esotropia. Recently started having spells where he will drop to the ground and cover his eyes (photosensitivity) complains of spinning, they last 2-4 hours followed by 24 hours of vomiting.  The neurologist believes this is unrelated to the chiari. I have scheduled a second opinion with a neurosurgeon.  He also is constantly smelling everything. Any thoughts on that part?  I was wondering if this is all related to chiari and if he has the decompression surgery will it fix his vision and hearing?

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Chiari Malformation :: Breathing Trouble

Over the years I have been having issues breathing as well as chest pains and a host of other symptoms. I was diagnosed with another condition however recently doctor's at discovered that I indeed have Chiari Malformation 1 and not what I was previously diagnosed with. The past two days my breathing have been terrible, I feel as though I am struggling to breathing, which makes me light headed. I also find that I have to take deep breath in-between speaking. I also have been having mental lapse as well. Is this normal with Chiari?

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Chiari Malformation :: Reduction In CSF Flow

Opinions please, from people diagnosed with a reduced CSF flow. And from those who have had surgery because of it. Or anyone who had advice.

I am 61 years old. My Chiari is only 1.5 mm. My last MRI said I have a mild reduction in CSF flow. No syrinx.

I am finding it increasingly more difficult to concentrate and wonder if the mild reduction in CSF flow could be the reason. Or, am I just getting old? I need to make a living, yet I have so much brain fatigue and overall not feeling well, that I am not succeeding.

I am not being productive and even though I need to care, I don't have the energy to. People, like my GP, try to convince me it can't be the Chiari (though I have not talked to him yet about the reduction in CSF flow). Maybe he will change his mind. But it is to the point that I doubt my judgement, wonder if it is mostly depression or just aging.

I am not begging my doctor for pain medication so he is concluding it can't be hydrocephalus. I understand that may be so, since that would have shown on the MRI too, but can the mild lack of CSF flow be causing problems anyway? If so, how?

I have learnt to put up with headaches and don't like meds stronger than Tylenol with codeine, which doesn't work. I do not want to end up dependent on more medications. Can't afford the ones I take!

Sometimes I have the headaches and neck pain for weeks. But even when that goes away I feel in a fog, and get double vision. It is both too hard to take in information and too hard to see. I only read on the computer or iPad now. Reading print is too frustrating to be a pleasure.

I hear words but my brain is usually too slow to process it. It's scary. I keep rewinding the TV and asking people to repeat themselves. This is life changing because I don't like to socialize anymore. It's embarrassing!

Throughout my life I have had periods where I feel in a fog and periods where my head feels relatively clear. I went through times of relatively good health, but never knew what kind of a day it will be. I failed grade nine because I couldn't concentrate but later got a university degree.

So I think I am intelligent, but am afraid that with a lifetime of blocked CSF flow there is brain damage. I don't have a bad gait, urinary problems or numbness consistent with hydrocephalus, thank goodness! But I just feel that my thoughts are too slow to function the way I need to, among other symptoms.

I haven't worked outside of the home for five years now, though I do need an income. Been trying to build a career in a field which I prefer not to mention, working from home. But it takes more energy and concentration than I have and I'm being left behind, as usual.

I would like to know if I am obsessing over this Chiari thing, blaming it for my problems when it might be depression and anxiety. Should I just forget about it and leave well enough alone? Or would surgery help me get my concentration and energy back?

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Chiari Malformation :: Lump On Side Of Neck

One week post op.  Anterior cervical disc fusion - 3 levels.  Painful lump on side of neck with incision and Doctor is not answering questions until 2 week office appointment.  What is this ?

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Chiari Malformation Patients Develop Syringomyelia?

I've recently been diagnosed with Chiari Malformation type 1 and  after reading up on the condition I found that lots of people with the condition either already have or develop syringomyelia. Does anyone know how likely it is that this will develop? Also, does anyone know if the symptoms will continue to worsen over time or will they improve now I'm on medication?

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Chiari Malformation With ADHD - A Lot Of Cognitive Issues

I am an adult with ADHD, 15 months ago I had decompression surgery as I had a syrinx almost the full length of my spine and Chiari malformation. The syrinx has reduced massively but is still large. I have had many symptoms following surgery but am wanting to know if any chiari patients also have experience with ADHD as alot of the cognitive issues I am having now are similar to ADHD like lack of concentration and taking in information. From what I can find there is no official info about this so I was hoping to hear from anyone who has a personal experience of this. I don't know if I can expect to return to normal as alot of the cognitive symptoms I already had but on a much smaller scale.

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Chiari Malformation :: Extreme Nausea 80% Of The Time

I have Chiari Malformation and was told I have EDS as well, I'm in the process of getting an official diagnosis.  Besides headaches and other symptoms, one of my biggest problems is nausea!  I had the stomach bug back in January and it seems that ever since I have been extremely nauseous 80% of the time.  I've been tested for GI pathology and food sensitivities and nothing seems to correlate.  Been thinking of possibilities with sugar or salt/electrolyte problems?  It's worst at night, I wake up an hour or so after falling asleep and I'm extremely nauseous, I feel as if I move I will throw up and my body is shaking, like tremors.

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Chiari Malformation :: Blood Pressure 236/51 On Stress Test

Today I had a ECG stress test on a treadmill and after only two and a half minutes my BP went from 140/67 to 236/51. Has anyone heard of it being so high and with such a difference in systolic over diastolic? The diastolic actually dropped while still exercising. I am told to get an echocardiogram stress test now to determine if it is extreme hypertension rather than CAD. Has anyone else had this? Could it be chiari related. I am thinking my problems are heart related rather than chiari related now, but lucky me, it could be both I suppose.

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Chiari Malformation :: Nortriptyline Helpful Or Is It Just Masking Pain For Now?

Was referred to a neurosurgeon to see a physiatrist which then referred me to 2 other drs - a neurotherapist and a neuropsychologist.  also prescribed nortriptyline.  i guess i shouldn't have said i was a little depressed.  but man isn't feeling that way probably normal after a car accident, then chiari diagnosis, then possibly brain surgery, and finally after being told i may never again get to play the sport i love which is hockey because of all this?  been to 3 neurosurgeons - 1st two say surgery is an option and come back when you're ready basically.  3rd one referred me to physiatrist and said basically surgery will be an option down the road.  26mm herniation with a CSF blockage (i had a cine study with 2nd neurosurgeon).  jw if anybody else has been down this road.  feels like im taking steps backward instead of forward...

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Chiari Malformation :: Hearing Screeching And Loud Knocking Noises?

I'm 23 years old, I was diagnosed and had Decompression Surgery at 16. I have had nearly every symptom of Chiari that I have read about and this isn't new. Ever since I can remember I have seen and heard things that aren't really there. Although I always knew it wasn't real, most the time, it startles me. I have been treated with anti-psychotics and anti-depressants my whole life to no avail. Untill now I accepted the fact that it was just psychosis, but in the last year I have weaned myself off of all medication for depression, anxiety, and psychosis and behold! My depression and anxiety have diminished to nearly being non-existent. I AM HAPPY! But when I get a headache, the back of my neck/head swells and when it gets bad, I start hearing voices, screeching and loud knocking noises. It also feels as if there are people touching me, pulling at me, my skin crawls like there are ants inside of me. Also I see flashing lights, floaters, my vision gets blurry and distorted as if I am looking into those trick mirrors at carnivals.

I am scared of being labeled depressed and psychotic by doctors so I don't say anything. I have been dismissed by the only neurologist I have seen since my surgery, she even said I was 'cured' by the surgery. ARE these symptoms of Chiari or AM I crazy?

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Chiari Malformation :: Optic Neuritis? Blurriness, Flashing Lights, And The Black Letters

I am not diagnosed as of yet. I do know that I have a chiari malformation 1.  About 7-8 days ago I started noticing some visual changes in my left eye.  I do notice intermittent pain/ pressure to my left eye and forehead.  The best way I can describe the visual changes are as an ocular migraine- everything looks really bright, some blurriness, flashing lights, and the black letters on the bright white screen of my phone look a little dull- however these symptoms come and go over the day, they are not constant.  I do notice that the symptoms come on with activity, bright lights/colors, heat.  I did have a sinus infection 2 weeks ago and continue with the sinus pressure.  I saw my eye doctor who completed a dilated eye exam and said all was normal.  Has anyone else had these symptoms with optic neuritis?  These symptoms are very concerning to me- didn't feel the eye doctor took me very serious.

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Irritable Bowel Syndrome :: Intestinal Noise And Bowel Movements

Hope right forum at end of post its about ibs. So few years ago started having ruq pain, Dr said lung xray clear ultrasound small liver cyst, alt slightly elevated, no doubt drinking, thinks stress, went on, bowel movements from normal, loose, some days 3-5 times, some days none, but never more than a day or two constipated, Er visit a few months ago for stomach virus, full blood panel because of history normal, abdomen palpation normal. Pain persist on daily basis more last two ribs both sides front and back doesn't seem deep, lots of bowel sounds and gas, worse in evening, worse sitting, better standing or laying down.Got nervous went to walk in clinic, nurse practitioner(I'm in USA) said probably cirrhosis with my history, gi appointment in 3 weeks, paniced and went to Er next day, Dr said no way cirrhosis, this muscular or ibs, his blood work said normal alt 52, good to him, but walk in NP said alt 55 other symptoms, no jaundice, no blood anywhere, gassy, occasional bloating and the pains in front sides and back come and go. Have a lot anxiety issues. Lots of intestinal noise and bowel movements, losing my mind. any Thoughts. Ibs?

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Bowel Disorders :: Painful, Odd Bowel Movements

I have had IBS for 20 years, and have been treating it with fiber therapy pretty successfully. In the last few months, i've had some odd bowel movements. the first one i noticed was long and thin and tough, like an elastic. i thought tapeworm, but my stool tested negative for worms. i can't explain it, but after wiping and checking it flings itself off the toilet paper a fair distance. I'm afraid to ask my doctor because he scoffed at me when i told him that i thought i had worms. i had a colonoscopy for my 50th birthday in august and everything checked out. Any idea as to what's happening?

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Frequent Bowel Movements

I am not constipated as stools are soft and formed but my problem is incomplete bowel movements. I can go at eight o'clock in the morning and then get an urgent desire about one hour later and then again and all this before lunchtime. It causes difficulties for me with keeping appointments and my bowels rarely feel empty for very long.

I am wondering if adhesions could be the cause of this phenomena as I have had four lower abdominal operations over a period of years.

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How Many Bowel Movements Per Day Is Normal?

I have heard anywhere from 3 times a day, to 3 times per week is normal. What is it? I usually have 1 movement right when I wake up in the morning, especially if I snack later in the evening. And I always have a movement while or after I drink my morning coffee. So I have two BM's in the morning close together usually. But I do not go again during the day, unless I eat a huge lunch or dinner, and then it is a very small movement. I am 46 years old now, and have yet to schedule my first colonoscopy. So are my bowel movements normal for a man of my age?

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Irregular Bowel Movements

Okay so I think I've been putting this off for long enough trying to ignore it. So here's the thing -- I never poop. It might be once every 4 days. But even then it's odd occurrence. I say odd for a couple reasons. First of all, I'm into bodybuilding but I'm not an ignorant meathead. Some quick info I'm about 180 pounds not much over 10% body fat at the moment, I'm a nutrition major, so I eat very healthy. No fast food, no sodas, my carb sources are for the most part complex ones, I.e. Vegetables and fruit. So I get plenty of fiber (at least 25-30 grams a day). I also drink a lot of water, 1 1/2 - 2 gallons a day (roughly a liter per hour during my work hours), and I also take a probiotic supplement to help gut flora. So back to why it's odd when I do poop: because even then I feel like I need to but I feel like I'm forcing it when I do. It can also be very gut-wrenching at times. I know common sense tells me I'm obviously very constipated. But I've looked all over the Internet trying to find answers and all I see is... Take more fiber and drink more water. I'd like to think I consume much more water and fiber than the typical American so I'm at a loss. Just wondering if anyone has any answers before I schedule an appointment with a gastroenterologist.

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Multiple Bowel Movements - Every 2 Hours

I've been experiencing a ton of crazy symptoms lately and I was hoping someone out there could help advise me while I await my colonoscopy date next thursday. So here it goes...

For years I've always had multiple bowel movements a day - I have always had a high fiber diet - eaten a TON of spice (like ghost chili status) - and have indulged in too many beers on too many occasions. I usually had a bowel movement within an hour or two of waking up - then another 1 or 2 movements throughout the day. Pretty healthy and normal right?

I noticed over the last few months that at night before bed I was SUPER gassy - and in the morning I was noticing my bm was becoming more urgent - I attributed it again to my diet and the 2 cups of black coffee I would drink on my way into work.

Anyways - last month I was diagnosed with early testicular cancer - very early - I had it removed and multiple doctors told me that it was all gone - had a clean lung x ray and a clean ct scan---- what the ct DID show was some possible thickening of my bowel wall. From the time of the discovery of the lump on my testicle - I have had a gurgling stomach bouts of discomfort underneath my ribs - close to my chest - and frequent BM's - like 5-6 a day. The early morning ones are pretty solid and as the day progresses they become looser.

At points I have had no appetite - my weight hasn't dropped dramatically - shifted a few pounds up and down but between 252 and 259 most days.

I had 2 weeks of cipro and flagyl antibiotics and had a bunch of blood tests due to the original t cancer diagnosis. all my blood work was spot on (no signs of anemia). The antibiotics did not help my problems....

over the past week I have noticed that my upper back between the shoulder blades has had a nagging dull ache - as if muscle is tight....

I did see my GP and a GI doctor who told me he was 80% convinced it was IBS - but I have never heard of IBS dramatically becoming this bad. Furthermore - the fact that I had one form of cancer makes me afraid that now I have colon cancer as well that has been brewing in my system for years and is now hitting its final stage - I am 27 years old my wife is 4 months pregnant and I am deathly afraid that I wont be there to hold her and our newborn baby in may.... I cant sleep - I cant think - I cant focus - I can barely get off the couch and its killing my effectiveness at work - I am a teacher in my first year....

Has anyone had similar issues to these? I feel that I am doomed for a colorectal cancer diagnosis next thursday and I cant take it anymore...

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Unusual Urge - Bowel Movements

Well, i have been taking PPI for last 1 year or more, and been having a constant battle with my BM, some days its fine,. some days its not.

Of late, around 30 days back i was super constipated, i had to strain so hard, i started developing chest pains. Lack of appetite, and intake of food is very scanty.

So to overcome constipation i started taking laxative (Himalaya Herbolax) , All well for few days. but things started getting weird , first movement as soon as i wake up is normal, then after an hour i have my cup of tea and breakfast, then urge to move again. I go in , little watery stools.

After 45 mins urge again, watery again. And i have to strain to move the watery stools too.

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(Age 18-24) Pregnancy :: Loose Bowel Movements

im 36 weeks pregnant and for the past couple of days I've have loose bowel movements multiple times a day. I also have increased vaginal discharge. Does this mean labor is nearing?

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