Chickenpox :: When To Use Calamine Lotion? After 3 Days?

Nov 12, 2015

When should i use the calamine lotion?some people says i should apply it after 3 days of my chicken pox. I would like to know is there any duration or when I should apply because it's itching badly...

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Chickenpox? Rashes And Blisters For About 3-4 Days

My younger sister, aged 13, is suffering from what possibly looks like Chicken Pox. She has had rashes and blisters for about 3-4 days now. The rashes are prominently on the face, some of them are on the arms, torso, and waist area. She also has fever, bodyache, and physical weakness. I have not consulted a doctor yet due to certain religious beliefs of my family, related to this disease. Is it Chicken Pox or something else?

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Urticarial Rash :: Cetirizine / Loratadine Or Animen (Calamine) ?

I've just been diagnosed with Urticaria - oh joy.   Initially I had it just on the lower back but it gradually spread and now I get it over my entire back, front, neck, buttocks, back of thighs and knees.   The Dermatologist gave me a script for Cetirizine and another for Loratadine.   I am first to try the Cetirizine and if that doesn't work the Loratadine, 4 x 10mgs per day.

When I first noticed it I started applying 1% Antroquoril cream.   It kept the itch away but the rash spread.   I saw my GP who prescribed a 2% solution which does basically the same.   Biggest problem is it only lasts a few hours and then the itch returns.   I've been on the Cetrizine for 4 days now and aren't seeing any relief.

I've found animen (Calamine) tends to relieve the itch longer but tends to rub off during the night so I use that during the day and the Antroquoril during the night (twice).

Interestingly, I also have had PMR for the last few months and have been on Prednisone, it was after going on Prednisone I came down with Urticaria.

So now I have two maladies with no known cause, no known cure and will probably stick with me for a few years if not for life, ain't life grand.   What's next I keep asking myself, all these pills plus being a diabetic I guess I know what's coming - dialysis.

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Pruritus Ani :: (steroid) Dermol Lotion Worked

been given trimovate cream to apply twice a day (steroid) dermol lotion to wash the infected area twice a day. zinc and castor oil cream to act as a barrier. started this friday night and today i have no itch and the whole area looks a lot better. no idea how long it will last once i'm off it all though.

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Pregnancy :: Stretch Marks - What Cream Or Lotion?

My stomach hasn't really started itching until now in less then couple hours I'll be 11 weeks . what cream or lotion do anybody recommend I really don't want stretch marks I wanna try everything to not get them .

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Penis :: Abrasion Due To Cheap Lotion For Masturbation

It happened by using "lube" when masturbating but it was obviously just some cheap lotion so it didn't work very well. I was doing it quite often until i could feel the skin start to kinda burn off so I stopped doing it. I looked down and there was a lot of skin removed, there was NO redness no blood or anything like that. It was simply the skin being removed. I never really let it heal, but I did notice it start healing in the week that I didn't self-pleasure. I tried to heal it again, this week actually, I haven't beat the meat since monday and I am noticing no noticeable change or skin coming out. Did I damage my penis forever? and, I use vaseline, and occasionally some moisturizers, but I don't really notice anything. Is this something that's gonna take a long time to heal? Am i prone to std/sti's? Honestly, I am also a "self sucker" so I did a bit of that while the abrasion still existed...

Any tips? aside for lay off the whacking (which I am) , am I prone to std/sti's? , Is it safe to have sex with this abrasion (unprotected)?

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Lichen Sclerosus :: Dermol 500, Cetraben Lotion And Then Clobetasol

I am a little confused because the doctor that I had seen (I am in the process of finding a new doctor) had briefly told me to put on Dermol 500 lotion, Cetraben Lotion, and then Clobetasol- in that order? Is this correct? Also, she did not mention how long I should wait in between each application. If anyone could provide me with some advice on that- it would be very helpful! 

A few days ago I posted about feeling worries about applying clobetasol cream on what I have left of my labia. Since the skin is thinned out, should I still apply the ointment on this area. I have been applying clob on the skin that has fused over my clitoris. I had sent the doctor I had seen a few days ago about where I should EXACTLY be applying the clob and her response was 'on the affected areas' (that was extremely helpful)...

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Pregnancy :: Stretch Marks - Applying Cocoa Butter Lotion

32 weeks and I'm starting to get stretch marks and look worse by the day. I been applying cocoa butter lotion don't think it's working? Any of you have stretch marks at this point and what are you ladies using ?

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Periods Heavy For 2 Days, Medium For 2 Days, Then Light For 1-2 Days

Please tell me is my period flow normal. I used to get 5-6 day periods, heavy for 2 days, medium for 2 days, then light for 1-2 days until it tapered off and ended. It was this way even when I was on birth control.

For the past few months now, I have been getting 3-4 day periods, where the first day is really just some spotting indicating my period is going to be starting. The second day is my heavy day. The third day is medium light. The 4th day is light. I'm still on birth control. I am 30 years old now.

Also last month, my period color was dark brown and I also had some black colored clotting during my heavy day. I know some blood clots are normal during menstruation, I had them all my life. But this blood clot was black. Again this month on my heavy day, I had black colored clot. It was a dime size clot. Size was not large. Is black color clotting anything to worry about? I do not see red blood these past two periods like I am used to seeing. I am seeing mostly brown and/or black.

And how can I increase my menstrual flow. I am worried that my endometrium lining is thinning and can cause a problem when I do try for children.

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Pregnancy :: Stretch Marks - Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula Massage Lotion

I'm 37 weeks and have been putting palmers lotion on my tummy since I found out I was pregnant. It wasn't till about 28 weeks I started to get stretch marks and now they're so awful. My tummy looks like a train wreck. I'm still continuing with the lotion although it clearly isn't doing much. I was wondering is there anything I can do from now till baby comes or after to make them not look so horrible?

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Menopause :: Feeling Out Of Sorts - Good Days / Bad Days

For the past year i have had many strange symptoms in varying degrees, good days/bad days, good weeks/bad weeks.

Here is a list of my symptoms

Lack of energy, Extreme tiredness/fatigue,feeling faint (although never fainted),dizzy on and off but always dizzy up to a week before my period,  one very bad period of 4 months vertigo. Jelly legs,shaky inside, feeling weak as though I've had the flu or something but I've not even had a cold this year.Palpitations, feeling detached, feeling like i'm about to loose consciousness (very odd feeling) the feeling you get just as you are about to go to sleep, Brain fog.Sensitive to light, eyes often become bloodshot. Headaches/migraine. Sometimes feel so cold inside & cannot seem to warm up.Periods of insomnia, bladder irritability especially in week before period, episodes of what i now call bladder fizz where bladder so irritable it feels like i have fizzy liquid in my bladder cannot sleep through this sensation sometimes accompanied by the feeling of a red hot needle going up the urethra (would be interested to know if anyone else gets this & any remedies please? A pain I get on either side low down about where pubic hair begins pain seems to radiate to back & sometimes down into the thigh on the side of where the pain begins, doesn't seem to coincide with ovulation & randomly happens (ibuprofen usually takes it off after a couple of hours) Bloating & times of excessive wind.Monthly cyst like spots on jaw line, hair sprouting on chin & upper lip (invested in a home laser scanner) Hair beginning to thin at temples.

Food cravings for something salty & chocolate particularly before period.

I am almost 53 so after reading forums on here have come to the conclusion that its menopause & not some mysterious illness, thought I might have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, just didn't realise there were so many different symptoms of menopause.

Last year I did have very bad night sweats & hot flushes but they have reduced greatly, I take vit 6, eat plenty of fresh fruit/veg/salads, chicken, fish, flax seeds/chia seeds.

I'm so pleased to have found this forum & to find i'm not the only one suffering through this and not going mad, hope this might help someone else.

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Chickenpox :: Age 37

Ive just caught it off my two young daughters (who both still have it). I paid to have a private jab £125 to vaccinate me against chicken pox as soon as my girls developed it. Anyway, a week later i felt very tired, spent all of wednesday in bed, temperature of 37.9c, went work on thursday, hot and sweaty (thinking it was the jab), friday, got up feeling rough, covered in spots (jab was too late).

Id say i had about 1-2 thousand spots, my head was one red carpet. My body, back, arms, and tops of my legs are all covered, tho not as dense. My doctor gave me a sick note for two weeks (but thats only after i told him i didnt want to self cert). But thats all he gave me. No pills, lotion, nothing.

Anyway, most days have been spent in bed with brief periods with the screaming girls. My wife has been wonderful, coping with it all, just giving me space and making sure i drink!

Oddly, the big spots have got bigger and the small ones seem to be retreating, but it just looks like really bad acne. I have also found that the areas i didnt put calmine lotion on are much more comfortable and a lot less inflamed... I left my chest alone altogether and ive hardly noticed it.

Wish id never put any on my face and head.

Im taking lemsip twice a day and any old painkillers i can find before i go bed.

I cannot see that i will be in any shape to go work in 10 days, not unless they start scabbing over soon.

I spent the first few days really worrying about the scars i may get on my face, now i couldnt care less, i just want it over asap, i want to be able to eat without pain, sit, lie down, blink without feeling the huge blisters on my eylids touching, pick things up without the blisters on my fingers screaming.

Other than that im starting to feel ok, im going to go round the house later and remove all the mirrors.

My advice, only put calomine lotion on if you need to, keep cool - avoid sweating if poss. And avoid reading stuff on the internet, this site is the exception, i want to hear from someone on day 14...

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Chickenpox :: Age 49

I have just come back from the Dr. and told it 'may' be CP. On Sunday (2 days ago), I noticed two spots and thought they may be bites. Thought nothing of it, but on Monday, these spots turned into 6 different blisters around the same area. I have been given calamine lotion.

It doesn't help that, as I going through my menopause, I get the odd flush (which of course could be temperature change re: CP)

I have been generally feeling unwell, but we had a hectic few days a couple of weeks ago for a big event at work and put it down to that, along with the change of weather.

It also doesn't help that I take medication for blood pressure and therefore, the odd headache may be due to that, or it may be due to CP.

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Acyclovir For Chickenpox?

I caught this awful chicken pox from my daughter who has now fully recovered,i saw my first spot on sat,so took myself to the gp first thing monday and he gave me Acyclovir which i started taking right away,i'm abit worried as he told me it should have been started with in the first 24 hours for the full effect,but my spots didn't start showing until monday ,i only had the two prior to that would it still work? now i'm covered in them and i feel like crap,has anyone gone through this if so how was it and how long did it last for?

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Chickenpox And Pregnancy

I was wondering if it's safe for me to be around my 13 week pregnant friend as one of my other friends child has chicken pox? And I've spent alot of time with him this week?

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Chickenpox - Can Take Bath And Go To Sea?

i wanna know if a child has chicken pox he can take bath and he can go to sea ?

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Vaccine For Chickenpox Available?

Am i right in thinking that there is a injection available for chickenpox.

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How To Get Rid Of Chickenpox Marks?

i had chicken pox 2 months ago, and the marks is still on my skin and im trying so hard to get rid of it but their not going you know anything or anyway on how to get rid of chicken pox mark?

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Chickenpox :: Need To Keep My Other Child Away?

My son has terrible chicken Pox, he has it everywhere & so aggressive too!! tried virasoothe which helped, now using Poxclin which seems much better! 

I'm I'm unsure if I should keep my 6month old away from others in case she has it but it hasn't come out yet?

can anyone advise?

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Psoriasis :: Can I Get Chickenpox Again Within 6 Months?

I got the chickenpox 6 months ago for the first time at the age of 21. I have Psoriasis but they were dormant until the chicken pox, it took me near enough 6 months and still ongoing, to get rid of them by UV Treatment. Now my brother has chicken pox, and i was wondering if can i get them again within 6 months of the last time ?

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Chickenpox :: 49 - How Long It Lasts?

I am 49 and have contracted chicken pox from goodness knows where. Having been teaching for 10 years and already having it as a child I am flabbergasted to have caught it again and seem to have caught it during half term away from children! There is only one child in our school that seems to have been off with it recently but apparently according to my doctor, it is rife in our local area at present!. I am into week 5 and still coming out in spots!! I am depressed, fed up, worried about my job and totally wiped out!! Has anyone out there had spots coming out after 4 - 5 weeks? I thought it was all supposed to be over in 3? I am now on antiviral tablets but they just make me feel sick and don't seem to be doing anything!

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