Chronic Mouth Sores - Inflammation Throughout Digestive Tract

Jun 6, 2014

I have had an issue of painful mouth sores for well over a year. They appear in my cheeks, the sides of my tongue and my gums below my front teeth. Today my tongue feels very raw. I have seen a Dentist, Periodontist, Endocrinologist, Rheumatologist, Oncologist and gastroenterologist as well as my family doctor over the past year. I have GI problems that have led me to some of these doctors but I have discussed the mouth problems with every one of them and no one can help me! On Tuesday I had a CT scan of my abdomen and pelvis looking for a tumor because of some troubling results from numerous blood tests. They did not find a tumor but found spots on my liver. I will return on June 24th and 25th for an MRI of my kidney and pancreas plus a test where they will put a tube with a tiny camera down my throat to look around. I was told that I have inflammation all throughout my digestive system. It is the oncologist that is ordering these tests because he's still concerned in spite of the good CT scan. He is the only doctor that I didn't really discuss the mouth sores with and I'm wondering if all the GI tract issues that I have couldn't be the same thing that is causing my mouth sores? Like some acid or something my body is producing that is causing it. Oh, I left one doctor out, I don't even remember his specialty but he did a biopsy on my mouth and that was clear. Do any of these symptoms together ring a bell with anyone? Also has anyone had a successful prescription or home remedy to heal or at least relieve the pain from these sores?

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Appendicitis Surgery :: Digestive Tract To Be Altered After Peritonitis - Normal?

I had Peritonitis 8 days ago so had my Appendix removed Laparoscopically. It took 5 days for me to have a bowel motion...if you can call it that! For the 1st couple of days when I guess my bowels were 'waking up' was getting really sore cramps. Now after I eat I have the sense of urgency to go, and then have some pains which go after I have been to the toilet. Is this normal and will it get better, or is my digestive track in turmoil like IBS? It's only early days so I'm hoping it's all normal and will get better with time.

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Lupus :: Mouth Sores?

I'm not Dx but a quick history-for 5 yrs I've had flares of neuropathy-stinging bee sensations that jump around, muscle twitching all over body. Also beau's lines on nail and blood lines under fingernails. At times I get livedo reticularis on my thighs when in hot sun. Also have bouts of mild pancreatitis. Not sure if its related.

Lately I've been getting little sores on the back of my cheeks-usually one or two a week. they don't hurt but I find it odd

Does any if this sound like lupus?

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HIV :: Recurrent Mouth Sores?

I had an exposure around 3 months ago, I got a rapid blood finger-prick test at around six weeks and a little more, and it came back negative. However, starting from this month, I kept having mouth ulcers in my mouth,they are small, I'm getting a new one maybe like a week or so, then it goes away about a week. It's been a month and i have a new mouth ulcer each week after the old one heal.

My question is, how much can I trust my 6 weeks rapid test?  I know its not conclusive and I'm getting another test soon, but just really wanna know its accuracy.

Also, is keep having mouth ulcers related to HIV?? is it damaging my immune system and cause such situation?

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HIV :: Lip Kissing And Mouth Sores

Kissed a girl from her lips. i realized then, i had a small mouth sores inside my mouth. this sores is not bloody.

this kiss was not a hard kiss, and the girl i kissed  has clean teeths. there was no blood in her mouth.

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HIV :: Fingered And Kissed A Stripper With Sores In Mouth?

Last night I fingered  a stripper's vagina for 30 sec. I felt wet. I don't know if it is blood or vaginal fluid.I have big nails.She is around 46.then she sucked those fingers. Then Started deep french kiss for 15-20 mins. Then I washed my hands and spitted after 10 mins. I drove back home and used a hand sanitizer. Then i saw anulcer on my upper gum.It is sore. PLease tell me level of risk I am at. I don't have time to wait for 6 months as I am going to marry in 2 months. I don't want to put my partner's life in risk.

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Ulcerative Colitis :: Frequent Mouth Sores

I get mouth sores quite frequently, and observed that whenever I get them it ends with some specific stomach conditions, ultimately when that condition clears by passing stool with large amount of mucus, sores start shrinking, and keep on drinking water and urinating, sores literally vanish in ours.

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Liver :: Hepatitis Transmission Due To Mouth Sores?

Can I get hepatitis due to sucking of breast that could be bleeding not noticeable but may be. Also kindly explain the chances of transmission due to sores in mouth. I have dark greenish light brown combo urine in the mornings but rest of day it is light diluted colorless green due to drinking water, I am taking also b complex tablets.

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HIV Prevention :: Mouth Ulcers/canker Sores?

about a month ago I messed around with a guy who was HIV positive and newly diagnosed without medication since then I been freaking out. I never had unprotected anal sex and I never will. What I did with this guy was deep kissed he had chapped lips I gave him a blow job no ejaculation on my mouth but I'm sure there was precum he rimmed for like 7 minutes and also grind me hard felt hard pressure & was with brief underwear I want to know my risk my mouth became sore 4 weeks after my exposure.

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Herpes? Infected Mouth And Sores On Vagina

Two weeks ago I had sex with this guy, and gave him a little oral, surprise surprise he never called me back again. Then on Saturday I had sex with this guy a couple times and I have him oral, and he gave me oral, down to my anus (tmi).

I had no symptoms or anything until this past Monday when my clitoris started itching and my butt was sore like when I wear thongs too much. Then it started burning and I went to the doctor and I have a UTI and blisters amd ulcers down there. Possibly herpes.. Also, my monroe piercing in my mouth got infected Monday and I had to take it out. My lip is swollen with pus and I have a white bump on the side of my tongue and a sore throat.

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Rheumatoid Arthritis :: Mouth Sores From Actemra Injections

I skipped my twice monthly injection of Actemra because now the mouth sores are on my tongue not the roof or gums. I just did my shot for the first time in three weeks because now my TMJ is back. So have tried dental paste and now using lidocaine for sores. Any advice for this problem.

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Rheumatoid Arthritis :: Tongue / Mouth Sores For Three Weeks

I have had tongue sores for three weeks. Skipped a shot now did one. But now just got back from dr and i have an ear and throat infection. Never had this before. Anyone else have this problem on Actemra twice a month.

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Breast Cancer :: Chemo - How To Manage Mouth Sores?

My best friend is going through this ordeal of BC, you all are very brave and I admire you very much.

Would any of you have any suggestions about how you manage mouth sores?


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Viral Infections :: 3 Years Old Has Mouth Sores, Bad Breath And Temperature

I have a 3 year old girl she has very bad mouth sores bad breath and a temp what could it be

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Other Drugs :: Mouth Sores From Zicam Oral Mist Spray?

Has anyone ever gotten mouth sores from using Zicam oral mist? I used it for three days plus one morning, and that night I hate some really hot food, I thought I burned my mouth. But when I looked the next day they looked more like sores. I think maybe the hot food was just the final straw and that perhaps the zicam really caused the problem. I also changed my invisalign aligners that day, so a lot going on. So I'm just wondering if anyone else has had this side effect from Zicam. It's on my back, upper gums, right where I was spraying the oral mist.

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ENT :: Ulcer Type Sores Covering My Mouth, Patches Of Bleeding

I have ulcer type sores covering my mouth, random patches of bleeding on the inside of my mouth and behind my lips and white marks on my mouth cheeks. I am concerned this could be mouth cancer, but I am only a teen. How can I determine whether this is an infection or an abnormality?I am currently on no medication,

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NSAIDs :: Reaction To Ibuprofen - Blisters,and Mouth / Tounge Sores

I developed severe blisters, toothaches tightness of the throat and mouth and tongue sores after taking this drug.

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Hallucinogens Addiction :: Adderall Causing Mouth Sores And Swollen Throat?

So I am no stranger to adderall. I first got prescribed it when I was in high school (I am almost 23 now), but I have only taken it on and off, never more than maybe a couple months at a time. I'm really bad at staying consistent with medications. I started a new job a month ago in which I work 10 hours and have to be able to focus at all times so I went back to a psych and got prescribed adderall again. I started out at 20mg and it was just too much, it was giving me horrible anxiety. So I got reduced down to 10 mg, which was fine and all but it wasn't lasting as long as I needed it to, so I asked to get switched to 10mg time release capsules. Those have been great, and I only take them on days I work, although again I have been kind of on and off with it. I have taken it about 3 days in a row now and I've noticed my throat feels kind of swollen (doesn't hurt though), sometimes it is hard to swallow when I am laying down and my tongue has that feeling like after you burn it from drinking something really hot (but I haven't burned it from what I can remember). I've also noticed the inside corners of my mouth feel a little tender. Could this be caused by the adderall? I tried to do some google research and it said it could be allergies and the changing of the weather but I've never had something like this happen before due to allergies.

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Digestive Disorders :: Bloating? Probiotics? Digestive Enzymes?

Hey everyone! I have had an ongoing problem that I have tried multiple things to fix with my bloating issues.. To start I am petite and not overweight.. In the morning my stomach looks good and flat than any little thing I try to eat it bloats up and continues to through out the day until the next morning. This is a very stressful thing for me and I am on the path to try to resolve it. I have tried probiotics quite a few brands like Align, as well as others.. I have also taken digestive enzymes again a few different brands. I take fiber tablets and started taking peppermint oil caps and drinking lemon water every day. Nothing really has seemed to help. I did go to a doctor almost 2 years ago and they ran tests and said well nothing seems to be showing in your blood work have a nice day kind of thing. I get when you eat a large meal that this sort of thing can happen but its small things too like a banana, apple, a couple crackers, a piece of chicken.. basically anything.. I am wondering if anyone has had the same type of issues they may be able to give me guidance on.. Also, I do have an appointment set up for a gastrointestinal doctor in August maybe they will be able to help but this problem is really annoying and makes me very self conscious...

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Oral / Dental Health :: Cold Sores / Canker Sores

I get cold sores  3 times a year and  2 canker sores a year. Why do they hurt so much. I think it's because they are infected. Why do they last so long too ? Should you pick at the cold sores on your lips just to get the scab to heal ?

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Urinary Tract Or Yeast Infection?

For about a week now, I've experienced a slight itch and sometimes a strange smell with my urine. However, if I drink a lot of water, my urine is normal despite the slight itch that stays there after urination. Nothing is unbearable. I'm not super uncomfortable. I've been drinking a ton of water, so I'm not sure if my frequent urination is due to water consumption or a possible UTI. My gyno has told me that I do produce a more than normal amount of yeast, but I've never had a yeast infection. I've also never had a UTI.

I feel fine. No cramping. No pain. No nausea.

Is this a UTI or yeast infection? Could it be something else?

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