Constantly Lightheaded - Is This Heart, Anxiety, Or Vertigo?

Feb 14, 2015

I am 24 and female. Lately, I have been getting lightheaded when I get out of bed in the morning, or lay down. Occasionally, if I am lying in bed reading or watching TV I will feel disoriented or lightheaded, near greying-out. I put my hand above my head, like putting my hair up in a bun, I feel dizzy. A few times, my friends or It's Always Sunny make me laugh really hard, I feel lightheaded. It is winter in New England and when I go indoors from walking outside, I feel like I could fall over. This also sometimes occurs in the bath or shower. If I am laying down and I adjust my neck, sometimes I get what feels like a headrush. I have minor jaw pain, that comes and goes, and is probably unrelated. I am overweight (I have always struggled to lose weight), but I am in good shape. I ran a half-marathon a few months ago. This isn't constant, I would say this happens about 60-70% of the time. I feel better when I push fluids, but it is markedly worse when I am menstruating. It's not debilitating, but it is worrisome.

I went to see a nurse practitioner and she ran a few blood tests - iron, metabolic, and thyroid - they all came back normal. She also listened to my heart, and told me that sounded normal. My blood pressure is typically in the 103/61-64 range. The NP wants me to see an ENT, but I do not think it is vertigo.

(I have always had strange bouts of medical mysteries that have all be chopped up to anxiety. As a child, from about nine to ten, my earlobes, throat, and feet would swell for seemingly no reason. At seventeen, my left pupil would hyper-dilated. Never figured out why any of that was happening. Last summer, I was admitted to the ER for having chest and left arm pain. That was determined to be muscle spasms.)

Does this sound like anxiety, or something else? I'm sure it is nothing, but my mother is a nurse and she is decidedly concerned. Thanks for any help.

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Vertigo :: Lightheaded, Dizzy, Anxious

I'm 20 years old.

Right now im lightheaded, dizzy, anxious for one one week. I think it maybe had something to do with my fall, but im not sure. I was drunk that night, was walking and lost balance, falled on right side of head, no vomiting, no memory loss. Just the next day i felt like crap, not only hangover, but my head was hurting so bad on the left side. It was in July btw.. Then after that i felt weirder, had episodes of lightheadedness and i knew something was not right, i never had these things before. Then about 8 days ago it all started, i was working and just felt like i have weakness in body and lightheadedness, i felt terrible, my ears kinda "closed" for some 15 seconds, horrible feeling. That they i went home and slept all that day and from that day i feel like crap, my left side of head feels like pressure in there and behind eye. I was sleeping for 2 days and felt worse and worse. It was so bad i couldn't walk out off bed few steps, that was last drop, my mom called paramedics, I was taken to hospital, they did blood test, ct scan to my head, I had to wait like 6 hours until they told me results, and there was moment when i was sitting and felt worse condition in life, i was about to pass out, they then put me in bed, and i felt better within hour... After waiting for 6 hours they told me everything is okey, ct scan good, blood test good. Then some ear doctor came to see me, she said it could be bppv, so they sent me home with some medications. I had to take Medrol for 6 days, the first day of it was just horrible, my heart was pounding, couldn't sleep, i felt worse then before. So i consulted my family doctor and she told to stop taking them, so i took them for 3 days after that i felt terrible side effects, my headache was so bad, the worst ever, i felt my whole body was weak.No Onee told what I have, i dont think its BPPV maybe im wrong. I kept reading online about my symptoms and possible things that i could have, i was just getting more and more anxious, scared, just feel soo bad. I gotta say, before that i did 3 x rays to head, neck, all good, and i did ultrasonography to head, all good.

On 21 october i went to neurologist, she told me that everything seems okay, that i need to relax and only think positive, she asked me questions what I wanna do in future and things like that, that helped with my anxiety, but not with my dizziness, vertigo. Right now I'm waiting for 29 october, i got visit otolaryngologist, for consultation and audiogramm. It seems so far away, and i can just guess whats wrong with me... Right now symptoms are: vertigo, dizziness, when i move my head side to side its much worse and start to feel pressure in head, if i hold my head straight, almost no dizziness, im sensitive to light, i cant sit long time to computer or smartphone, max 1 hour, if i sit longer i get weird feeling and dizziness, i hate going to sleep now, when i lay in bed i feel like falling, everything is spinning, if i lay on any side it gets even worse, like my head is spinning, but others thing stay in position, plus if i lay on sides i get more head pressure. What helps me walking and making myself something to eat is medical head holder, its used for neck injuries, but it helps me!! Well the dizziness is less with it and im taking betahistine 24mg 3 times a day and it makes dizziness less. And i got some pain around heart, but that could be from anxiety and all time that i sleep on my back. I just wanna get back to normal life, its so hard with dizziness, can't do basic things, im listening to motivational speeches and videos that is what helps me everyday. I was thinking maybe its like message from higher powers, that i need to change, because i really need to had some bad habits, drinking, smoking and things like that. Right now im making something like diary, i write down how i feel everyday and i wrote things that i need to accomplish, when i will feel good I will start doing them one by one!

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Vertigo / Dizziness :: Foggy And Lightheaded With Headache

Ok I saw a million posts about these generalized symptoms so don't want to repeat the stories. However, after thousands of dollars and visit to every possible doctors in existence I still have these symptoms daily. Some days worse than others. Can someone please tell me how they were diagnosed and with what? Also did it ever go away alone and after how long?

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Vertigo / Dizziness :: Vestibular Neuritis - Lightheaded And Panicky

It all started when I had a 'funny turn' at work back in November 2013. I'll never forget that day as I haven't felt the same since. I thought I was having a panic attack as I just felt wrong. Strange not really here sort of panicky feeling so I went home and went to bed. I woke up to an even worse fuzzy vision panic feeling and had to lie on the floor while calling nhs emergency number as I didn't have a clue what was happening to me. I calmed down eventually and made my first visit to the doctors who said it was a panic attack and prescribed diazepam. At the time I didn't want to take medication as I felt so unusual. I knew something wasn't quite right. I continued feeling extremely anxious panicky and off balance for weeks on end along with continuous tearful visits to the doctors explaining that my vision was disturbed and my eyes were flickering along with pressure inside my ears. Eventually after about 8 weeks of hell I got an appointment with a balance clinic who did testing and confirmed right ear damage and confirmed vestibular neuritis. I am just posting to see if anyone has experienced the same symptoms as me as when I read posts about VN it seems that I can never find the same symptoms as mine which scares me to death ) : here goes: - I can't think straight, avoid people because I feel I can't hold a conversation because I'm sort of panicky and don't feel like the old me, I have moments of real panic that come out of the blue because I just don't feel right, very small things stress me out like even just someone at the door! I know it sounds silly but I'm just a panicked mess having to put on a front to everyone. The worse symptom at the minute which has gone on for a long while is a pressure in my chest/back that doesn't go. I've read somewhere it's muscle strain due to my balance but I just don't know what to believe anymore. My thoughts are just different since I've had this, I don't know where my old personality has gone. It's like I'm hyper aware that I'm not right. Anyone's advice would be much appreciated, I've had this since November 2013 and I am doing gaze stability exercises 5 times a day. I'm having good and bad times but generally feel a nervous wreck. It's so draining. Alcohol doesn't even relax me anymore, it just makes me more lightheaded and panicky. Sorry for such a long moany post but no one can understand why I have been so weird for months. 

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Vertigo / Dizziness :: Lightheaded Spells, Tingling In Arms And Feet

For the last month I've been getting occasional lightheaded spells - I think that's the best way to describe it, not feeling like I'm going to faint but just my eyes feeling odd and feeling sort of weak. I've also noticed more recently a strange tingling sensation down my arms and feet that comes on quickly and goes quickly but is getting more and more frequent. 

A couple of things I've thought it could be related to - I've been coming off a very low dosage of sertraline (antidepressant) that I was on since early January this year (so not long) have been doing it gradually, one every other day for around 2 weeks and then stopped. I feel fine in terms of happiness, the depression is definitely under control, but have thought it could be causing these funny spells. But I don't know why it would be going on for so long? 

Another thing is, I'm not sure if it's just coincidence, but I'm sure it's been worse on/after nights when I've been drinking alcohol. I don't have much evidence of this as I don't drink a lot but the last couple of times I have it's seemed to be worse the next day as well as on the evening I've been drinking, like when I've been on my way home and got home more than actually when I've been out. Although maybe this is just as I'm tired and it's making whatever the problem is worse?

I'm living abroad temporarily so am not signed up to a doctor, have travel insurance but think it may be an issue claiming if it is something to do with the depression, as I stupidly forgot to mention it when buying the insurance and being asked about existing medical problems (it just didn't come to mind to put it and I've never had to answer yes to that question before!) So I want to avoid unnecessary doctor visits if it is just some kind of withdrawal from the tablets. 

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Neurological Disorders :: Dizzy/lightheaded Racing Heart

I have been experiencing dizziness and lightheaded feelings every day and night for the past couple of weeks. I already had issues before (for almost four years) but never as bad as recently. On top of that, my face gets flushed easily but I also get cold spontaneously (almost as if I have a fever but whenever I'm at the doc my temperature is ok). My blood pressure used to always be within the 115/65 range but recently it's been around 135/80 resting and can go up to 150/85 just from talking a walk. After walks I usually feel more dizzy, my heart races with any light physical activity (I used to be pretty physically active when I was healthier). To add to the symptoms, I also get visual disturbances at times, as if my eyes can't focus, and I get dizzy when looking down or following faster moving objects (example- I tried to play video games and couldn't continue after 10min). My sleep has been interrupted, every night I wake up dizzy and feeling uneasy, my heart rate always jumps from slight movement. All of these symptoms are building up stress and anxiety, I feel lost and hopeless because I am constantly miserable. My blood work always comes out fine, doctors can't find anything "obvious".

Just wondering if anyone has similar symptoms or would have any suggestions... To add to this, I am 24 years old, non-smoker, don't drink and my BMI is within range.  Doctors have not been able to help me and most of them don't understand that this is completely preventing me from living a normal life. I get light headed and dizzy if I try to exercise, walk up the stairs, go in an elevator, turn too fast or sometimes it happens from just sitting and not moving. Usually my heart rate is part of the symptoms and it becomes elevated spontaneously.

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Anxiety :: Heart Palpitations And The Feeling Of Heart Attack

Has anyone experienced heart palpitations throughout the day and a fast heart beat that wakes you up in the morning. I'm going to the doc to make sure its nothing serious but i have suffered with panic attacks and hypochondria for years this is just new symptoms.

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Anxiety :: Heart Palpitations And Nausea - Heart Attack?

hi for about 8 weeks now i have been having what feels like heart palpitations,i have visited my gp and 2 said they thought i was having panic attacks and 1 thought a stomach ulcer i have ended up in hospital twice due to me going light headed feeling sick and having numbness down both arms and racing heart both times i was watching tv when it happened! its driving me insane i have had 3 ECG's all came back normal i sometimes have pain in my left shoulder or in my upper back around shoulder blades or in my upper stomach both sides, i have sat and taken my pulse when it happens but my heart rate doesn't seem to change, i have another appointment with the doctor on monday but feel like im being laughed at and not listened to!

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Anxiety Exacerbates Vertigo?

I can see from your posts that most of you feel that anxiety exacerbates vertigo, but is not the cause.

I have had fairly severe vertigo for about six months now. It starts with double vision, then jumping eyes/nystagmus where the world is rapidly moving downwards - like a sideways film reel, and then the whole world pitches forward as well and I am sick. At this point it is severe - I can't recognise my own son, or even stand up. Sometimes it lasts the day but often it is gone by late lunch, when school run is over.

The ENT had my ears, balance, MRIs done and they're all clear. I have " undiagnosed recurrent vertigo" and there's little can be done.

It first presented itself last May at a stressful time and at the end of a mild virus which was probably the initial cause. It stayed for five weeks and drifted away over the school holidays (I'm a single mum so holidays are much lower stress). However last year was a hugely stressful one. I have Bipolar and for the first time had to go into hospital for it in late August. This was a traumatic experience and after a few days, the vertigo returned and hit me like a ton of bricks.

I have had it ever since..over six months. For me, the big trigger for it is not movement or lights - it's *having to leave the house*. It starts right before I have to go anywhere, and particularly in the mornings just before the school run. Sometimes closing my eyes helps, sometimes it doesn't.

In desperation some weeks ago I went back to a Physio specialising in vertigo, who had previously told me she couldn't help me. She listened to me and said she thought I had gotten into a vicious circle of anxiety with it. : I need to go out -> causes anxiety -> creates vertigo -> heightens anxiety. And so on.

I have to say it makes sense, and my bipolar makes me prone to anxiety anyway. Funnily enough over two weeks ago I hurt my back and while it was healing, my vertigo disappeared! It was bliss. But it came back with a vengeance last Thursday. Did it stop because my brain was diverted elsewhere?

I have booked myself in for CBT with a good practitioner starting next week, and I'm learning to meditate. If you're still reading, thank you.

Has anyone any similar stories to tell or advice to offer? I would so appreciate it. Life is on hold, my default star is frightened, and I am quietly desperate.

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Is My Dizziness / Vertigo Due To Anxiety?

About three months ago, I woke up with vertigo. I visited a doctor who told me there was nothing wrong with me and that the vertigo was probably due to labyrinthitis. That same night, I went to the ER due to a vertigo attack. Once again, I was told that there was nothing wrong and that I was having anxiety attacks. 

In the next three months, the vertigo (spinning) stopped, but I was left with an off-balance sensation, like I was going to fall to one side. I also had a rocking/swaying feeling. 

Those symptoms almost went away completely for a week. However, the vertigo suddenly came back a few days ago. I am feeling off-balance again. I have not visited the doctor, but I am extremely on edge because I am worried that there is something seriously wrong with me. I keep waking up with jaw pain and tense muscles.

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Vertigo / Dizziness :: Due To Anxiety?

Hello, I just want some help with something that's been bugging me the last 6 months... I feel like I'm being pulled down to one side when I walk And I get light headed quite a lot.. this sparked off some serious anxiety problems (which I thought was causing the dizziness) but I've beaten the anxiety for the most part but the dizziness has remained .. I got a migraine yesterday and have been even dizzier and jolt awake quite a lot in the night .. I have no idea what could be causing this.. I can't stand for longer than 5 mins without feeling like I'm about to fall to the side .. can anyone help?

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Anxiety :: Physical Anxiety - Pain And Pressure Around Heart

I've had some really strange physical symptoms. I feel a lot of pressure around my heart. I feel pain in my heart area and fear that it will stop beating. I've had my heart checked out and they found nothing. I constantly fear they missed something. Also feel like my heart twitches at times. But I think it's my chest muscles that twitch. It's really hard to explain. Anyone else feel this?

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Anxiety Causing Vertigo Or Vice Versa?

trigger warning in case you are emetophobic or xenophobic

Wasn't sure to post this here or on the vertigo/dizziness board, but since I know I am diagnosed with anxiety, figured it'd be worth a shot.

From what I have read, my recent symptoms correlate with BPPV: recurring vertigo with nystagmus for about 10-30 seconds which happens when I move my head up/down/etc. Reading these articles I was certain this is what I have, but the causes don't really measure up. It's more common in older people, I'm only 21. It happens a lot in head/ear trauma or migraines, neither of which I have. sometimes BPPV has no real cause and just happens apparently as well

What I do have with absolute certainty, is severe GAD for over ten years now. Not severe enough to be hospitalized, but severe enough that I dropped out of high school. My anxiety attacks often are accompanied and even triggered by feelings of nausea and dizziness. I've been emetophobic all my life. This made me think maybe my fear of feeling dizzy and sick is part of this vertigo that seems to have no other cause. i mean dizziness has always been a BIG trigger for me. I don't like wide open spaces, can't go on planes, just thinking about being on a roller coaster makes me feel sick.

The vertigo attacks will occasionally last a few days to weeks, but often will just occur once and not happen again for some time. It feels like it flares specifically when I think i am having some clear weeks, anxiety wise. Then randomly I'll wake up and the room is spinning. this isn't lightheaded and faint, this is carousel holding onto walls dizzy.

i'm sure others with anxiety can relate to the worry that something is actually physically wrong with you and not related to your anxiety. I guess I'd just like to know something. BPPV isn't curable other than surgery and exercises (that have not helped). It would be nice to be able to just tell myself it's just my anxiety acting up, or to just tell myself I have vertigo and to grin and bear it til it goes away.

I've tried other things too: keeping very hydrated in case of low blood pressure, iron supplements, i count calories already so I know i'm not just hungry and dizzy, propping myself up when i sleep

is it possible to have such a severe reaction to anxiety like vertigo when it relates so closely to your trigger?

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Eye Care :: Vertigo And Anxiety After Cataract Surgery

I am in day five after having my first I done and am experiencing dizziness and anxiety. Could this be from the vision in one eye being different. I feel like I can't  focus on anything. I know I shouldn't  compare myself to others, but my Sister drove and went back to work after 3 days. I would be afraid to try it now.

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24 Hours After Masturbation :: Anxiety, Shaking, And Vertigo Attack

19 year old, white, male.

This is kind of long. But I’m desperate and I need help. Thank you for your time!

First of all, a brief history of my medical issues.

6 years ago, I started having chest and back pains.

* Visited many doctors: Cardiologist, General Physicians, Chiropractors

- Figured out it was skeletal issues

* Found an osteopath who was able to "adjust" me every few weeks. Good temporary relief.

Began seeking out a more permanent solution.

* Heard of The Yardley Institute - a specialty chiropractic center that focuses on the Atlas bone

- Turns out my atlas bone was twisted 5.5 degrees, and was pinching my spinal cords, causing all kinds of pain

- They were able to adjust it, making me feel normal again.

- Unfortunately, the adjustments haven't really been holding, and I've been having to be adjusted every week or so.

Naturally, this has caused me some stress. I am constantly tired and unmotivated to do anything. I find myself short of breath, and in pain when simply standing. I loose balance, as if I were out at sea - my legs feel like they’re swaying underneath me. It’s difficult to walk very far because of this.

A month or so ago, I began having these strange attacks:

- Heart rate elevates significantly

- Excessive shivering/shaking. (Feels like adrenaline throbbing throughout my entire body.)

- I get clammy and cold to the touch

- Short of breath

- Pressure in head, like blood isn't escaping

- Pressure in chest and shoulders

- Naturally, very fearful of death.

- Absolutely no energy. I can barely move without being exhausted.

- Very dizzy + a lot of vertigo.

The first time it happened, I went into the ER, fearing heart problems again. They tested heart, blood, lungs, and did X-rays. Everything came back perfectly fine. They gave me some anti-anxiety medicine via IV in the hospital which seemed to calm me down and made me feel normal again. They dismissed me from the hospital without any medication because they didn’t want to say it was anxiety without more proof.

A few weeks later, I saw my life-long physician. He seemed to think it was anxiety, and gave me some minor anxiety medicine: Fluoxetine Tablets USP (10mg). I take these once a day, and they seem to calm me down overall, but do not prevent the attacks.

ALSO, I think the attacks I’m getting now that I’m on Fluoxetine are different than the attack I had which put me in the ER, even if they were extremely similar.

Over the last couple of weeks, I’ve noticed something a bit concerning. Exactly 24 hours after I masturbate, one of the attacks happen. I notice that it originates in the back of my head, right where my neck connects to my skull. It always happens as I’m trying to fall asleep. Everything tenses up, and I feel as if I have to clench every muscle in my body in order to relieve this throbbing, dizzying sensation. It hits hard at first, causing me to jolt up, as if I wasn’t in control of my muscles, and then settles into the shaking, pressure, and clamminess. It comes in waves, each wave lasting 5+ minutes until it works it’s way all the way through my body after 3-5 cycles. I often have to hold someone’s hand or have physical contact with something sturdy in order to feel stable.

It is absolutely miserable and terrifying.

The last time I felt one of these attacks coming on, I was able to stand up, clench a pillow, and walk around for 4 hours, which prevented the full attack from kicking in. I was able to sleep eventually, but as soon as I woke up, all the symptoms came back, and the attack hit me. It’s was like I was able to hold it back long enough to sleep, but it HAD to get through my system, so it did so as soon as I was conscious again.

As far as diet and exercise: I do cardio nearly every day as well as take multi vitamins, fish oil, D, and C. I haven’t had alcohol or a smoke since my ER visit, but I hardly ever drink or smoke anyway. I’ve also avoided caffeine except for the occasional soft drink. I eat healthy, especially of late. I try to limit cheap, processed food, as well as sugar, just because I feel like it only makes my symptoms worse. I have been tested for allergies and anemia, both of which came back negative.

Some more - possibly helpful - information:

1. Throughout all these skeletal issues, I have had my neck cracked and twisted in many ways by doctors and myself. I try not to crack it, but sometimes, It helps reduce tension that builds up.

2. Occasionally, I get muscle twitches. My tricep, under my eye, my neck, etc. They don’t go away until I wake up the next morning.

3. For the last 6 months, I have been trying to find work and a car. On top of this, I am hung up on a girl. I want to ask her out, but I am unable because of all these physical and work/car issues. Spiritually, I am constantly terrified and confused. Basically, I have major worry about my future, and I can’t fix it.

4. My anxiety and symptoms always get worse near the end of the day. Sometimes, I can’t focus on anything during the evening’s without feeling vertigo/dizziness.

5. I’ll often wake up with symptoms, but they’ll go away as soon as I eat breakfast.

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While Driving / Speeding - Anxiety Dizziness Vertigo Headache

I was diagnosed with anxiety after getting physical symptoms. My stomach was disturbed my heart beat was high and facing all physical symptoms I check all with physician and test but found nothing after eating Xanax I become normal I told my doctor and he diagnosed with anxiety due to stress . it's all started after I lost my relationship of 5 year the girl left me and marry someone else but now I forget her and move on because I love my life. I was fine for 6 months when I went to physiologist he kept me on lower dose of alp 0.125 mg per day for 5 months around and i felt great and all things gone vertigo and fear and everything. Last 3 weeks back I am feeling lightheaded vertigo dizziness and panic attack while driving and when I accelerate my car I feel like floating and fear and like I am floating in boat due to which I don't drive fast or keep the speed more than 60 km usually i feel when I am on bridges or going down on taper from bridge . please help me I went to doctor again he give me headache medicine and alp 0.125 mg per day for 30 days. Headache medicine is nimesulide when needed . please guide me i was anxious before but never feel anything while driving or any panic attack while driving or speeding my car.

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Anxiety :: Heart Palpitations

So I just got back from a ER a few hours ago. Why? Well I'll tell you. About 3 days ago or so I started getting heart palpitations while laying down after I took my Seroquel to get ready to sleep. They would last about a half hour to a hour and 15 or 20 so palpitations I would eventually fall asleep. I thought nothing of it but then it happened again the next night and the next ect. I started developing panic attacks cause I was concerned that I had a heart problem or something was wrong. I couldn't tell if my anxiety was causing the palpitations or the palpitations developing the anxiety ugh. So tonight I started getting them and they just wouldn't stop and then I went into full panic mode. I thought oh god im gonna have a heart attack I know it. So I begged my dad to take me to the ER and they assessed me and my vitals were about 60-70 BPM when I got there and then they took some blood and I got a EEG or EKG? Not sure I've never had one before but it was the one with the cords they put on your chest, legs, sides and it literally takes 10 seconds and it came out perfect and so did the blood work. The doctor said because of the propanol that I take which calms the heart down during a panic attack that I'm having "extra beats"  because of the calm when I take my propanol. I asked him why this came on all of a sudden and he doesn't know it just happens. He said they're usually benign but to make a appointment with my GP to get a heart monitor to wear for a week just as a safety precaution. I asked him what causes this and he said caffeine, sugar, smoking ect. I asked him what about not eating and drinking enough because I haven't been doing much due to my IBS being pretty bad recently. He said that could be it as well but to still follow up with my doctor. I'm still scared cause im still having them (well I had 1 since I got home) i keep constantly checking my pulse and worrying when the next one will come that it's making my anxiety sky rocket. Has anyone else encountered this problem? I'm still afraid even though I was told it was ok. My anxiety brain is saying that the tests were wrong and they missed something ect. Ugh I hate anxiety. It seems like it's one thing after another. Id love to hear what you guys think of this. Thanks.

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Anxiety :: Enlarged Heart

I had a ecg and they've referred me for an echogram because they think although the ecg said normal they think I could have an enlarged heart and I'm literally so scared. Can you live with an enlarged heart? I heard that it causes cardiac arrests I'm literally so scared I'm gonna have a cardiac arrest any second

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Anxiety :: How To Differentiate It From Heart Issues?

I have had quite a few ECG's and blood tests but doctors say it is just anxiety but when you're experiencing symptoms without a panic attack how do you really know it's anxiety and not an underlying heart problem ?

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Trimethoprim :: Racing Heart And Anxiety

i've recently been given trimethoprim for water infection i also take citalopram 1st time i took this antibiotic had racing heart and anxiety 2nd day same again and jittery feeling light headed and weak went back to drs told 2 stop taking them as they might affect the dosage of citalopram it is just like having withdrawal symptoms not very nice as any 1 ad same reactions.

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Anxiety :: Phobia Of Having A Heart Attack

For about the last 8 months or so I have developed a phobia of having a heart attack. I have heard of and know some people who have had them and one was a close cousin of mine who was only 41 years old when she died from it. She also had other medical problems also. Just the other day I had my annual check up with my primary doctor and found out I suffer from high cholesterol. This is new for me so of course now I'm really scared. I have already changed my diet to lower it but still the thought of a heart attack won't leave my mind. Always afraid that any minute I may have one.

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