Corticosteroids :: Flonase And Getting Over The Anxiety It Caused

Nov 6, 2012

I used Flonase for 10 days. And I know that it is not a side effect listed by the company by have had really terrible anxiety every since. It started as nervousness then a feeling like I had drank about 20 cups of coffee in a sort time. I could not relax, i was overly emotional - crying... Which is SOOOO not like me. I couldn't eat or sleep...Then my body started tingling all over - especially the feet and legs. All of this is constant... not in waves.... At the ER they attributed it all to anxiety and said that I possibly had a reaction the steroid. That anything was possible. They gave me some good anti anxiety meds and sent me home to ride it out. So the good news is i can now sleep because of the meds but each morning when I wake up I can still feel the tingling starting to come back. And every morning I am hopeful it's just going to be over and I won't have to take more drugs. Can anyone who has experienced the similar tell me how long it was until you felt normal? I stopped it 5 days ago! I'm getting worried I am never going to feel normal again.

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Trimethoprim :: Anxiety Caused By It?

I suffered from anxiety as a side effect of a postnatal thyroid condition - my child is now 18 months old. I was treated with Citalopram and my thyroid condition was treated successfully. After weaning sensibly off Citalopram before Christmas I was feeling fine but still not 100%. I was given Trimethoprim for a suspected UTI infection last week and the next day I suffered a full on anxiety attack whilst at the shops. I seemed to get more anxious by the day, and my physical symptoms got worse - raging thirst, swollen and white furry tongue, aching limbs but numbness all down my right leg, numb fingers, clumsiness, tearful and felt slow mentally - my speech even became affected. The lower back ache that prompted the urine test got more persistent and I now have a pain in my left hip socket. I thought I was suffering from MS which only heightened my anxiety. I didn't really connect it with the antibiotics. I then looked on this website and saw a LOT of negative comments regarding this drug. I stopped on day 5 and went to the doctor yesterday feeling very tearful. I was then given 20mg Citalopram and some painkillers and was told it was probably a trapped nerve and not down to the antibiotics. The worse thing was that my urine sample had been normal so needn't have taken it in the first place!! I took one Citalopram yesterday and was completely spaced out and felt sick. Luckily my husband took a day off work but I can't function like that as a full time mum to a toddler. What I would like to know is has anyone had an experience like this and should I wait a few days to see if I feel better without the Citalopram, in the hope that the anxiety was caused by the Trimethoprim. Ideally I don't want to start Citalopram only to go through withdrawal etc. We also want to add to our family at some point so ideally want to be drug free. Am considering a more herbal approach if the anxiety presents itself again like St Johns Wort

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Anxiety :: Severe Cramping Has Caused Agoraphobia

Has anybody else had their life put on hold due to cramping. I used to get foot cramps and calf cramps and could cope... but two years ago i went to stand up and my left thigh went into a massive cramp and my right thigh at the same time... its impossible to try to walk when both are gone. the pain was extreme and after 20 of scalding hot shower water it then went to my calf and then my foot and then my other calf and then my other foot... almost two hours of agony and i was exhausted and just wanted to end it. yes it got that way i was yelling out to god to take me... i was waiting for my heart to go due to the massive anxiety and pain i was in... I managed to get driven to the doctor and he has put me on tablets they use for parkinson disease as it is supposed to stop the brain's signal to cramp. COLD WEATHER IS THE WORST. At night when it begins to get cold i feel one coming on and its the worst feeling because if this ever happened again to this extent i  just don't know if i would survive it.  I now have anxiety and this has now caused me to develop agoraphobia as i do not want to leave the house. I wont even go to the doctors as it would require me to leave the house and to have one of these episodes in public would shut me down. I have in the past had foot or calf cramps in public and i went crazy . however the full body two hour episode i can not imagine.  In two years i have left the house about 8 times. I couldn't even go to my nephews wedding or christening..  concerts booked in advance i had to forfeit.   I am the only person who has to wear thick socks and boots in the middle of summer ... even heatwaves ... i have to wear pants boots socks?  How stupid do i look... yes... another reason why i don't go outside.  I have the electric blanket on in summer????   My husband must be pushed to the end with me.... I don't shop... we can not go on holidays.....  I agreed to go away for 4 days recently where i drugged myself up just for the car trip and did not leave the hotel room for the whole time... not even for dinner.

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Cannabis Addiction :: Anxiety Caused By Marijuana Abuse

I'm 19 years old and began smoking weed back when I was 16. It all started for fun and the first 2 years of the weed use were pretty normal, you know smoking a few times per month but no dependency or any abuse from the drug. Within time I began smoking more and more until I got to the point of smoking every single day on every single occasion. I began abusing of weed back in October 2012 and kept increasing my drug usage within time. I smoked every single day.. From monday to thursday I would usually smoke every night and on weekends I would smoke all day long. I kept this habit for around 6 months. (Some days I would smoke in the morning and all day long). Anyway, I began feeling paranoid on my last months of using weed. It all changed back in June. I was in the car on a long road trip together with my brother and my mom. My mom was driving and I was not high at all.. I had smoked a little in the morning from that day but nothing to worry about. Anyway, when we were traveling in the car, I began feeling pretty scared about a thought that came in to mind. The thought was about me punching my mom, although I love my mom with my entire life and would never do anything bad to her. I didn't know what a panic attack was at all, I didn't know what the symptoms of anxiety were and didn't know what the hell was happening to me. Anyway, I began to feel very very scared. We got to the hotel and I tried to forget about that scary thought my smoking later on that day. On the next day, the thought was still in my mind and I kept fighting with it until I researched and knew I suffered from a panic attack. I never in life had experienced anything similar to it and never had any type of anxiety issues. Since that experience, I decided to quit smoking pot so I did cold turkey. I also quit smoking cigarette and reducing my alcohol usage. Later on, I began experiencing the withdrawal symptoms. Extreme anxiety, panic attacks every day, and began to feel weird around my parents since I got that scary thought. I coped with it and the symptoms reduce their intensity one month after. I was feeling pretty good a month ago, coping with a little anxiety but everything seemed ok. But two weeks ago my anxiety was raised and worsened again. Now I'm feeling very scared because I'm not sure if I'm still experiencing withdrawals or if I really developed and anxiety disorder because of my weed use abuse. I get anxious every time I remind myself that I'm anxious, I'm scared of feeling this way my entire life and scared of thinking I screwed my life up. Has anyone experienced anything similar to this and cured from it????? Was my anxiety caused by my drug abuse or am I only experiencing withdrawals? Any recommendations? I pray everyday and try to keep myself positive every day. I'm a normal guy.. Some days I feel well but some days are the hell to me. I don't have social anxiety and I keep living my normal life.

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Corticosteroids :: Excessive Urination With Cortisone Injection

I had a shoulder joint cortisone injection 5 days ago and now I have excessive urination. Called the Doctor and they said this was not a side effect, but when I looked it up it states that it is a uncommon side effect. I have been peeing every 45 minutes for 4 days even though the night. I am sure I did this the last time I had this injection. Does anybody have the same reaction or the same problem?I am not diabetic.

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Prostatitis Caused By Having A Vasectomy?

Can prostatitis be caused after having a vasectomy?

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How To Get Rid Of Fluid Caused By Humerus Break

My husband humerus was broken six weeks ago on left arm.  Doctor is trying to heal with brace.  He has stopped wearing the sling, and his hand and arm are extremely swollen.  Is that normal? What can he do to reduce the swelling.  How long before the brace comes off?

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What Caused Scars On Your Lungs Just From A CT Scan?

Is it possible to tell what caused scars on your lungs just from a CT scan?  Do different causes look different?

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Menstruation :: Cramping Caused Me To Faint

I have been experiencing extreme menstrual cramping since my sophomore year of high school (I am 19). It usually occurs the first two days of my period, accompanied by nausea and gas. I have been prescribed ketorolac by my GYN, but it has not been working lately. Last month, the cramping caused me to faint twice and be sent to the local hospital. The emergency room doctor (after the pain went away) told me to ask my GYN for an ultrasound of my uterus. I was not able to schedule an appointment, due to my college being in an extremely small town. Now my period is about to come around again. Is there anything I can do? What should I ask my GYN when I see her? And if I faint and vomit again, should I even bother going to the hospital again?

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Kidney Stones :: Caused By Topamax?

I have a kidney stone 1 mm. I have been taking Topamax (Topiramate). I wonder if this may cause it?

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Acid Reflux Caused By Gabapentin

Only been on Gabapentin for 2 weeks and at a low dose but I have developed acid reflux. I have been off this medication for 6 days so I was hoping the acid reflux would go away. It hasn`t. My doctor told me to try Zantac but that hasn`t worked. I fortunately do not have heartburn but the bitter taste in my mouth constantly is just taking it's toll.  I'm cutting out dairy and changing my diet but of course I am in the early stages so have just not got into this sudden dietary change.  I read so much on the next I would have thought there was a prescription drug or over the counter drug that would help.

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Weight Gain Caused By Zocor?

after I had TIA stroke, or mini-stroke 3 years ago I’ve been on Plavix, together with Zocor (I’m taking the generic simvastatin since last year). Even though I’ve completely changed my eating habits and I try to be as active as possible, I seem to be gaining weight constantly. I’m now some 20 lbs heavier compared to when I had the stroke.

Is it possible that Zocor is contributing to my weight gain? And if that’s the case what can I do about it?

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Sertraline :: Zoloft - Caused Chest Pains

I was taking Zoloft for about 3 weeks or so. I had to go off of it because it caused chest pains. I asked the doctor will I have withdrawals. He said no! I am so sick everyday now. I have nausea so bad. My head hurts, I have to lay down during the day. I feel like I have fever. I don't know what to do? I am busy planning my wedding for August. I can't feel like this everyday. Can please anyone help on what I can do to make myself get better.

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Sarcoidosis :: Caused Enlarged Spleen And Liver

Due to Sarcoid I have an enlarged spleen & liver. It seems that other sufferers have the same problem. Question; has anyone found a solution to this problem. I have not heard any discussion on this topic ever?

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Lipid Lowering :: Atorvastatin Caused The Diabetes?

In November 2011 I had a heart attack despite never having had raised cholesterol.  I now take a myriad of drugs that the hospital gave me one of which is ATORVASTATIN.  I am now told that I am border line type 2 diabetic and that I should alter my lifestyle!  I am normally a very fit, slim, recently retired 62 year old lady.  I do not take sugar in beverages (use a leaf extract sweetener) I hardly ever eat biscuits or sweets as I prefer savoury flavours and I am busy most of the time (a little less now that I've been diagnosed with Neuropathic pain (ouch).  People are astounded when I tell them that my blood tests are showing borderline diabetes and I am wondering how many other people have been given this borderline diagnosis since taking ATORVASTATIN.  

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Uterine Fibroids :: Esmya Caused More Bleeding

Having had heavy bleeding for 6 months from fibroids, with mirena coil unsuccessful,I started Esmya couple of days ago. However, despite also still being on tranexamic acid, my bleeding is now worse than ever with lots of lower abdominal pain. Can esmya make symptoms worse before they get better? Also, possible option for future treatment is ablation. Has anyone had this done or can tell me how bleeding is after this?

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Fibromyalgia Caused By The Lack Of Blood Flow?

Has anyone else considered that a lack of blood flow, either to the joints themselves or the part of the brain that controls pain sensors, may be a cause of the condition? Even before being diagnosed with fibro, my hands and feet have been ice cold year-round (poor circulation/ blood flow).

I started researching this topic and asking my rheumatologist about the possibility after I made a list of the only things that have helped me feel better- learning that each of these activities increases blood flow... massage, yoga, hot tub usage.

My doctor said he thought I was onto something, but there's not a safe medication to prescribe that would increase my blood flow significantly enough to make a difference.

Does anyone else think blood flow is worth looking into further?

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Statins Therapy Caused Erectile Dysfunction?

Anyone feel that statin therapy has caused ED?

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Bisoprolol :: Lost Libido And Erectile Dysfunction Caused

I have been informed that my ED (erectile dysfunction) could be caused by this drug. I am a heart patient having had Angioplasty on 3 arteries.

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What Has Caused My Kidneys To Reduce Uric Acid Removal

I have had gout since I was 48 years old and now at age 53 the flare-ups are more frequent from every 4-6 months to every other month. my diet is eat whatever I want and beer, changing my diet has been in progress for that last couple of years anyways. stopped drinking colas and diet sodas (lost weight and do not miss it) eating a lot less red meat is a good thing eliminating beer is a tough one. In the early years of gout I started with Indomethacin,piroxicam, colcrys and a couple others that I forgot the name, these meds worked fine in the beginning then their effectiveness has reduced to "not much help" I have lately had great luck with a 60mg injection of Toradol. my GP wants me to start taking a daily 300mg of Allopurinol (which I have long term doubts of) I am 5"7" 185 lbs and mountain bike 2-3 days a week for 20 years.

My question is: what has caused my kidneys to stop filtering out the Uric acid? or is changing of the diet helping the kidneys be more effective? a friend wants me to talk with an acupuncture doc, I do not have renal failure or history of diabetes.

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Reactive Arthritis Caused Prostatitis And Vice Versa?

I notice lot of people talk about treating arthritis but does anyone here have prostatitis due to reactive arthritis or arthritis caused by prostatitis?

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