Damages Of Self Induced Occasional Vomiting?

Jul 18, 2014

I know it isn't good to make oneself vomit. I know it can become a habit and can cause long term health problems. Theoretically, if one was able to limit themselves to once a week, is there likely and PHYSICAL danger in doing so? What, specifically, could happen to someone who only vomits once a week?

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Possible Damages Due To Vitamin D Deficiency?

I wanted to ask about vitamin d deficiency and possible side effects of it .

I am a 25 year old male , and my vitamin d level was very low (7ng/ml)

compared to the one I tested a year and a half ago that was 25 ng/ml.

The problem is that I had very little or even no sun exposure the past year and half because of medications I was taking for my acne including accutane , I wanted to test my levels six month ago but my doctor basically said that there was nothing to worry about , now that I know that my vitamin d levels were this low , I want to find out what is the possible damage that was caused by a year and a half of deficiency ?

and should I urge my doctor for more tests like calcium levels or bone density?

I'm just really worried that I've done damage to myself

of course now I'm taking supplements and I can also go back in the sun so I hope my vitamin d level will become normal , but it's very important for me to know if I need to have more tests done or what kind of damage may have been caused ?

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Pregnancy :: Smoking An Occasional Cigarette?

How bad is it actually to smoke an occasional cigarette? What are risks? What can happen? Found out I was pregnant at nearly 2 months was smoking heavy before I knew I was prego. Now I'm mainly weaned off them..but still. Is it true it can increase chance of premature birth?

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Heart :: 67 - Calf Pain And Occasional Sweating?

I am writing to ask you about my father. I am a Family Physician from India. My father is 67 years and is having diabetes from the past 10 years. His sugars are in control, recently cut down the medication to 1 tablet of (Sitagliptin 50 + Metformin 1000), earlier he was taking Metformin 1000 additionally. PPBS is reaching 200 now. He complains of occasional sweating while walking and during at home as well. Says he has pain in the calves during morning. BP is under control 130/80 mmHg and cardiac tests including ECG, echo, TMT done last year and normal. What is this calf pain and occasional sweating attributable to? Today, he complained of sweating while walking. BP, Sugar and Pulse (104 after walking) same as mentioned earlier. No chest pain or breathlessness on exertion, had some giddiness. Kindly advise.

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UTI :: Overactive Bladder And Occasional Urge Incontinence

I am 50, male, and I have been poorly for a few weeks following a severe UTI, although I feel much better now than I was. Without going into the whole story, the pain I had was so sudden and severe that I had to be taken to A&E in an ambulance. I wondered if I had kidney stones, but I've now had a follow-up ultrasound scan of my kidneys and abdomen and this was clear. Had already had PSA blood test back in June which was also OK, so I don't think it is my prostate. I have no idea how the infection occurred and it is seems as if it was just one of those things.

I do have overactive bladder and occasional urge incontinence but I have never had a UTI before.

Other pre-existing conditions are high blood pressure, overweight and high cholesterol, also history of peptic ulcers and duodenitis,  as well as mental health issues, but nothing you would think would cause this specific condition.

I just wondered if anyone out there reading this post have had something similar or can help. I know UTIs are rare in men & I don't think I've quite got to the bottom of things yet. Has anyone else had any other tests other than ultrasound, and I wondered if they revealed anything more?

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Hysterectomy :: Bit Of Swelling And Occasional Internal Vaginal Pain

I'm just over 7 weeks abdominal hysterectomy, I'm pretty much up to normal activity during the day ( no heavy lifting or hoovering yet), however about 6pm i'm about knackered and start to experience general discomfort, bit of swelling and occasional internal vaginal pain....I have others at this stage experienced similar symptoms?

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Cardiovascular :: Heart Palpitations And Occasional Blood And Protein In Urine

during normal annual physical doctor found protein in urine. ran tests for diabetes-tests were negative. he re-checked 3 months later and protein was not present, but blood was. about 10 years ago another doctor found blood in my urine and i went to see a urologist and had a cystoscopy which came out normal. he told me that rarely there are people with traces of blood in urine for no reason. since then i have had regular physicals and no mention of abnormal urine test results have come up. now, out of the blue not only is blood coming and going(not visible to naked eye)but protein shows up and the numbers that show my kidney function are a little bit out of average range. doc sent me for kidney ultrasound and CT scan which came out clear. i have an appointment with a urologist, but am still curious about this problem. also, in reading stories on this website, i found an odd similarity in stories about having urinary problems and heart palpitations(which i have not mentioned to my doc). the palpitations started about 6 mos. ago. i thought they were related to anxiety since i have lost both my parents suddenly(they did not pass away together) and my job of 17 years in less than one year. i see a shrink on a regular basis for depression and he prescribes lorazepam and klonopin to me. when these palpitations escalated to having pressure in the center of my chest i tried taking anywhere from 2 mg. to 6 mg. of lorazepam and 1 mg. of klonopin to ease the pain and attributing symptoms to anxiety, but the meds did not help. i have not had any other heart related symptoms like pain in arm, jaw, or shoulder. could these two sets of symptoms be related? like i mentioned before, just reading other stories where both things were mentioned struck me as so odd!! perhaps someone could shed some light on this situation for me.

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Hemorrhoids Or Fissure? Painful Bowel Movement And Occasional Blood Spotting

I delivered 5 weeks ago and ended up with very bad anal pain.. Not sure if it's hemorrhoids or fissure...

The symptoms are painful bowel movement and pain remains for at least 5 - 6 hours and blood spotting sometimes...

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Pregnant, Vomiting And I Have Diarrhea

I am 32 weeks pregnant I am vomiting and I have diarrhea all at the same time it is coming out of both ends at the same time should I got to the hospital or not and I know it's not the flu.

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Nausea :: Burping Before And After Vomiting

When I feel vomit coming up I run to the toilet/bucket and it feels like vomit is coming up I get watery mouth and try to steady my breathing ready for vomit and then I burp like I burp at least 2-4 times (long slow weird sounding burps) before vomit actually comes up, it's almost like the burp is replacing a "gag" but I still do gag As Well and after I vomit I'll burp more and vomit more the most I've burped in one go before throwing up/in between vomits was tonight and I burped at least 7 long slow weird almost frog sounding burps before actually vomiting what does this weird burping while throwing up mean?

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(Age 18-24) Pregnancy :: Vomiting All Day - How To Ease My Nausea

I've been vomiting all day any one know of a way to ease my nausea ....

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Pregnancy :: Vomiting And Diarrhea After Prenatals

Ever since i  started taking new prenatals (stillman valley  prenatals from walmart  ) I've been puking & right after I get the runs . It's just so disgusting and I want to make it stop , any chance that it might be the prenatals ?

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Pregnancy :: Diarrhea And Vomiting - 36 Weeks

I m 36 week pregnant. And having diarrhea and vomiting . feeling so uncomfortable. Anyone experiencing same situation ? Any solution ?

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GERD :: Bad Flu (diarrhea, Vomiting, Etc.) With Reflux?

Woke up today feeling extremely bad. Had bad diarrhea, and was vomiting every liquid I was taking in - I don't know if I specifically had/have the "flu," but the symptoms of diarrhea, vomiting, muscle weakness/aching, etc. seems to point to that conclusion. My reflux issues most likely worsened the ability to keep liquid down, and, as a result, I almost passed out from dehydration. Luckily, I am with my family, and am starting to take liquids down. I have good health insurance, should I need to visit the hospital if things get really bad.

I'm wondering if I should take any special considerations, or what other things you guys might suggest, as this has been pretty brutal on me today.

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Fluoxetine :: Worst Fear Of Vomiting

40Mg for almost 12 weeks was feeling really good but today felt horrible. So nauseous and flu like.is it normal to feel crappy again? I felt completely awfully when I first started it, and around week 9 I felt better. Now it's awful again. And I have the worst fear of vomiting! Is that normal? What can I do...

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Trimethoprim :: Vomiting And Shaking Within 10 Minutes

My wife had a bladder infection (the second within a month) and was prescribed a 7 day course of trimethoprim. On the 7th day (having taken the last tablet) she began vomiting and shaking - within 10 minutes of this starting she become disorientated and lost her memory. She was immediately hospitalised and given a MRI scan of her brain plus various blood and urine tests but all tests proved negative. For 24 hours she suffered from extreme short term memory lose. She could not remember events that had happened just 10 seconds before hand. Very scary. I have found this web site on the second day and am relieved to see she is not alone and that the events she is experiencing are probably related to trimethoprim. 36 hours later she is still bed bound (now back at home) and has a bad headache and hot/cold sweats, neck pain and diarrhoea. Sleep seems to be the best aid but she is finding it difficult to sleep as her brain is a hive of activity trying to reconstruct the lost bits. The only drug she is now willing to take is paracetamol which helps a little. Thankfully her short term memory is now working again. How this drug has obtained a licence is a question that needs to be asked

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Crohn's Disease And Naproxen - Vomiting

I had my surgery in 98. I've been symptom free for over 10 years. I recently hurt my back at work and was prescribed Naproxen (Aleve) because of the new pain med laws. Well after taking it for a week, I just started vomiting large amounts of blood. I went to the ER and they were shocked to hear that this was prescribed this for my pain since they were aware I had Crohn's. Has anyone else had symptoms like this from Naproxen? Would it be a honest mistake or malpractice?

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Sertraline For Emetophobia (fear Of Vomiting)

I've been seeing a psychotherapist for 7 months now to deal with my emetophobia (fear of vomiting) and it's been very difficult. Lots of issues have arisen and it's been very emotional.

Yesterday I was prescribed Sertraline to try to help with my symptoms as it's all I can take as I'm breastfeeding. I've read through some of the side effects and I'm terrified of taking the first tablet. The first symptom I've read is nausea and that terrifies me because of my phobia. I'm desperate to take the tablets to see if they'll help me but I'm getting myself in such a state about it I'll end up making myself ill whether the tablets do or not!

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Gallbladder :: Gallstone Diagnosed. Now Vomiting

Hi, I have a couple of health issues at the moment and don't know what symptoms are what!!! Been diagnosed with a large gallstone, been getting pain but not unbearable. The Dr has put me on 2 omeprizal a day for 2 wks then 1 a day for 2 wks, I'm in my second wk

The sickness feeling has got worse and today I have been sick twice, my stomach is swollen and pain feels worse, is this normal. Any advice greatly appreciated

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Pregnancy :: Anyone Who Has Been Induced

how does everything go? getting induced in the morning and want to know exactly what to expect

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(Age 18-24) Pregnancy :: Being Induced

I'm being brought in tomorrow morning to be started at 36 weeks, 4 days because I'm a diabetic and the baby has got to big leaving me no room and causing sickness! Anybody know any tips or ways to keep calm or what I can do to help myself?

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