Dental Health :: Abscess After Tooth Extraction And Bone Graft - Implant?

Nov 18, 2015

I recently had a fractured tooth extracted.  I had previously had a root canal and crown on the same tooth. After the extraction, a bone graft was done. We are in the process of waiting to get the implant done.  Today, however, I noticed a little mound in the space where the tooth was extracted. I popped it  and the liquid was consistent with previous abscesses I had. I immediately cleaned it with hydrogen peroxide and water.  Seems like these pop up a little bit more when I have sinus issues.  My question is whether not I should wait a little longer before getting the implant. Do I also need to go back to my oral surgeon and let him know? Not sure if this is normal or not.

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Dental Abscess :: Tooth Extraction - Small Bit Of Root Left In My Gum

I had a small bit of root left in my gum so dentist did extraction today as an abscess showed up on x ray. I am keen to avoid antibiotics as they severely affect my other health issues. I can still feel the abscess ....will it start to come away naturally now the source of infection has gone ? How long will this take..I expected it to have gone once the tooth was removed.

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Dental Health :: Sensitive Tooth, Abscess

Recently, I visited a dentist , and my teeth were cleaned. I was asked to be repeating that every six month. However, after the visit, a tooth became very sensitive to anything that touches it, whether hot or cold, or even ordinary water, a kind of pain sends me jumping.

I went back to the Dentist and he directed for an X-ray on the affected tooth. The X-ray showed a hole in between the teeth(an abscess). Some drugs were given to me( Amoxicillin 500mg; Flagyl 400mg; Cata? 50mg) which I have taken for some days. The pains are still there, and the dentist says the tooth will have to be removed, which I do not like at all! Instead, I have decided to to start brushing my teeth twice a day using Sensodyne toothpaste, and Listerine Mouthwash, twice a day. Doctor, will the alternative procedure that I have prescribed for myself eventually save me from the removal of the tooth, which I very much detest?

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Dental Health :: Dry Socket 9 Days After Tooth Extraction (NOT Wisdom Teeth)

I had a lower molar extracted 9 days ago & was wondering if spicy foods can dissolve the blood clot & result in dry socket? I obsessively check the extraction site & the clot is still there (even though it doesn't look as dark but maybe that's my paranoia) & if you do get dry socket does the pain happen right away or take a day or 2 before the pain starts? I ate BBQ chicken that was a little spicy & was worried I might dissolve the clot. I rinsed with salt water immediately after but have been getting occasional pings of pain since about day 5 but just discomfort & a few times the discomfort went to my ear but it didn't last long. How long does it take till the hole completely closes up? HELP! I'm so afraid the clot will dissolve during the night & it's the weekend! I've read that if you don't get dry socket by day 4 or 5 you're in the clear unless you poke @ the extraction site or something causes trauma to it is this true?

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Dental Health :: Pain In Nearby Teeth After Wisdom Tooth Extraction

It has been 5 days since I got two of my upper wisdom teeth extracted. The right extraction does not bother me and feels like it is almost back to normal. The left side is in pain. The pain has gotten worse and is located on the two teeth closest to where the wisdom tooth was extracted. I also have pain in my ear, eye and a sore throat. I saw the dentist yesterday and she did an xray and examined the sockets and ruled out dry socket. She said the socket is healing fine. The pain in the two teeth she said is coming from a root canal on my bottom tooth (same side). Apparently, the pain is shooting from the root canal to the two top teeth. I am confused. Is this just a coincidence that the teeth that requires a root canal is causing pain to my upper teeth near the extraction? The tooth that needs the root canal is not painful. She has given me antibiotics and pain meds, however, I have not seen any improvements. The two teeth that are in pain do not have cavities. Has anyone experienced this before?

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Dental Health :: Tooth Abscess Worse Taking Amoxicillin

I need some advice from someone who's had a tooth infection.

I just went to see a dentist today. He put me on antibiotics (amoxicillin), and gave me some painkillers (hydrocodone). I've been keeping up so far on taking my amoxicillin. But instead of the pain getting better, it feels like it got worse. The bottom of my face is sensitive, sore, swollen, and tender to touching and cold.

Before I got this stuff, I could lie down in an elevated position and fall asleep alright, but now if I lean back at all, pain comes rushing to my jaw and infected area, causing me to become alert and loose my progress on sleeping. I only feel comfort when sitting straight up or standing, I'm at a loss.

Is this normal? Does it get better from here and just an unfortunate first night symptom?

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Dental Abscess :: Adjacent Tooth Decay Caused By Wisdom Tooth

If you check the x ray (where i circled in red), I have a tooth decay because of wisdom teeth coming close to my last tooth. My options are to do a root canal on the decayed tooth and eventually get the wisdom tooth removed OR get the decayed tooth removed and let the wisdom teeth occupy its place. 

And my wisdom teeth is partially erupted, so it is not out fully. 

I have asked around for a few suggestions and everyone is suggesting to go for option 2 which is removed the decayed tooth and let wisdom tooth partially take its place. 

Can anyone suggest if that is a good option. As you can see all my teeth are healthy and I just had bad luck with the wisdom tooth coming at an angle! 

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Jaw Bone Infection? Post Wisdom Tooth Extraction

Started amoxicillin a week ago from infected wisdom tooth area. It was impacted - half in, half under gum, and coming in diagonally towards my other tooth. After 3 days on it, I went to a free dental van and the dentist pulled it. It was a difficult extraction, she had to drill out a lot of bone in order to pull it.

As soon as local wore off the pain started. It has continued to get worse since. Pulled on Tuesday, it's now Friday night. Severe pain often and I'm taking 10mg hydrocodone & 400 mg ibuprofen every 4 hours just to make it tolerable.

Dental van closed today so I went to urgent care, he said definitely bad infection going on and gave me stronger antibiotics. He also prescribed me dilaudid, which is stupid cuz I can't take that - which I told him - because I have to watch my 2 toddlers. Anyways.

Symptoms :

Severe pain. Worse than dry socket I had last year. Pain in jaw, gums, teeth, cheek, neck, up to my eye and ear.

Swelling. Inside mouth, jaw, cheek, glands under my jaw (salivary glands).

Headache that won't go away. I'm so incredibly tired and drowsy but that could be from all the medicine. My body is weak. Severe nausea, but I suppose those could be from meds too?

I think it might be an infection spread to my bone in my jaw,since she drilled into it and it's had a bad infection for a while. I'm sorry my head just feels like it's going to explode.

Any help or advice is appreciated. If it's still getting worse tomorrow after 24 hours on new antibiotics, I'm going back in.

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Dental Abscess :: Tooth Removal?

I'm in head splitting agony with an abscess on my back tooth. went to dentist today and she told me I have to have to badly abscess teeth out. Was then given antibiotics and told to keep taking nurofen and paracetamol which do nothing. Why couldn't they do it now ?  I won't be able to take the pain much longer.

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Oral And Dental :: Hot Drinks After Wisdom Tooth Extraction

I had my wisdom tooth extracted under local anesthetic thursday gone. Is it ok for me to drink hot drinks now? I'm missing a hot cuppa!

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Dental Abscess On My Tooth Second Time In 6 Months

I'm 20 years old, I suffered an abscess In October last year, it was the most painful experience of my life, I finally got a root canal in my tooth and I thought that was it all done, it's flared up again the other day started throbbing I knew straight away what it was, I went to the dentist today they took an x Ray and he even said it looked like it did before I had my last root canal, so was again infected, I've been put on antibiotics again until Tuesday but if it's not better I'm being referred to a Leeds specialist, can anyone tell me why it's come back so soon? I'm scared I suffered from this once before years again on the other side. What will happen now? I never want another one again and just want it sorted once and for all.

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Dental Abscess :: Dental Abscess - Antibiotics Or Root Canal?

Diagnosed by dentist yesterday as abscess. Put on antibiotics. Given choice...root canal treatment @ £850 (Cannot afford) or extraction. Is this really necessary...will the antibiotics not clear up problem.

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Dental Health :: Gum Inflammation Around Tooth

I am 33-year old healthy woman with an extreme fear of the dentist. A few months ago, I had a horrible toothache that resulted in a root canal and crown. I have a temporary crown right now and go in for my permanent crown tomorrow. About a week ago, I started having some pain on the side that I have had a root canal on and have a temporary crown. My dentist was on vacation, but I was able to get in with another area dentist. He said he saw nothing wrong other than possibly cement or something stuck between my crown and gums. He removed whatever it was he saw. That was over a week ago. Yesterday, my gums on the inside of my teeth (not the cheek side) felt like I had burned the roof of my mouth. I tried to look with a mirror and the gums around the tooth in front of the crown look red. They are a tiny bit sore and seemed to get irritated if I eat anything salty of drink anything carbonated. I flossed and rinsed with mouthwash. I had my husband look and he said the gums are not swollen and there is no pimple like sore. He said the gums are just red. I am in complete freak-out mode. If I had an abscess, wouldn't things be getting worse instead of better?

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Dental Health :: Possible To Straighten Just One Tooth

My teeth aren't perfect... They're far from perfect. Grew up poor and family couldn't afford braces... Now that I'm older I still can't afford them..

Anyway my biggest insecurity is one of my front teeth.. I have a gap in my front teeth... The gap never bothered me.. But one of my front teeth has always bugged me.. this tooth tilts to the left about 15 degrees. It's flaws are noticeable... My smile would be 300x better if that tooth was just straight.
Is it possible to straighten the one tooth?

About how much will it cost?

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Dental Health :: Wisdom Tooth At Age 48

At age 48 i had a root canal done my bottom right molar, with a filling. The filling never felt quite right even though the dentist tried to correct it. My bite changed and I began feeling the breakthrough of my first and only wisdom tooth on the top right side. Over the last several years(now age 51) these two things have caused my teeth to shift and i now have a gap in the front. is it appropriate to have the wisdom tooth removed(it have out) and get braces?

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Dental Health :: Face Swelling Due To Abscessed Tooth

At the start of 2012 a week before school started I began getting a shooting pain in what felt like in my gums and right in between my teeth. I endured almost sleepless nights of drooling because the pain was so much that I wouldn't dare move my face. I couldn't eat either, over the counter medicines didnt work. My face then began to start swelling. It was the right side. Parents finally took me to the dentist. Did some tests determined had some sort of infection in the tooth. They did a root canal and the guy cleaned out the inside of the tooth the best he could with antibiotics they said. After that they gave me some more antibiotics to take for about a week or a little more after. Majority of swelling went down. Even after all that and now years later I'm trying to figure out if I still have swelling in my right side from this infection. I heard the infection in these cases usually still resides or even grows if not fully eliminated. I will write three scenarios that raise my suspicion for this all occurring some time after this previous story. I started getting bad acne, the right side of my face looked like it was swelling according to my mother to where she was getting concerned (i was also slightly aware of this). They put me in some sort of antibiotics for all round body that must have been related to treating acne infections. During this time I do remember a short period of time a few weeks into treatment where swelling subsided so I stopped taking meds again. Another later occasion I and my brother were arguing and he called me out making fun of my right side being "swollen". This raised insecurities and I later asked him you think my face is uneven like that? He told me truthfully that my right side has gotten fatter and been that way ever since I got that infection in the tooth.

So I guess what I'm asking is that is the infection from the tooth abscess continuing to cause some recurring swelling in my right side? Are there any tests to determine this? Do you think I should try taking the same antibiotic I did when I had acne and see if any swelling goes down again?

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Dental Health :: Pink Red Lump By The Base Of Tooth

I have this lump on my gum right by the base of the tooth where it goes into the gum. It does not hurt at all it was bigger at first but now is smaller but sometimes it pusses never randomly bleeds unless it pusses first. Now this too the is right beside two teeth that I got pulled because of an infection. Its the same color as my gums a pink red. If I knew how to post a picture I would do so its not very big at all and like o said its gone down in size but now it seems to be remaining this size its been on my gum for maybe 2 weeks.

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Dental Health :: White Spot - Decaying Tooth

When i last went to dentist to get my decaying tooth out, they pulled the wrong one out and recently i have had a white spot next to the tooth.. which i popped today....

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Dental Health :: Impacted Wisdom Tooth Removal

I'm 16 so my first Wisdom tooth is coming in and from what I've researched it's "impacted". My tooth is half grown and is growing towards my gum. It's absolutely throbbing and it's a Sunday meaning my dentist isn't open. I can deal with the pain until Monday but honestly I'd rather not because I'd miss college.

I know a dentist that's open on Saturdays but I'm unsure how that would work cost wise as I'm under 18 so I should be covered by the NHS but I d'no if I have to prove that I am so if anyone knows that would be helpful. Also, is my wisdom tooth an urgent issue? Yes, it's painful and gets worse but other than that is it urgent? Finally, does an impacted wisdom tooth guarantee extraction and do you need to take a parent to the dentist with you as i'm not currently at home?

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Dental Health :: Advisable To Extract Wisdom Tooth?

Is it advisable to extract wisdom tooth.

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Dental Health :: Pain In Upper Right Part Of Jaw - TMJ Or Wisdom Tooth?

I'm a 27 year old male with no serious issues in my medical history. A few weeks ago, I woke up with a pain in the upper right part of my jaw that hurt when I opened my mouth too wide or moved it from side to side. The next day, it seemed to be fine. A couple days later, the pain was back, and has stuck around. It doesn't hurt when my jaw is in a neutral position or even really when I eat. The pain is high in the jaw, kind of by my ear. I THINK it has gotten better over the last couple days; I don't seem to have any pain opening my mouth wide (just the side to side movement, etc), though it's possible that this is just wishful thinking and that maybe I'm just avoiding painful movements.

I don't think I grind my teeth, but I do have anxiety and perhaps clench my jaw sometimes without realizing it? I'm not sure, but I've been thinking of it as a TMJ-related problem. Only recently have I considered that maybe it's a wisdom tooth that needs to be removed. I know the only way to truly figure this out would be to get an in-person diagnosis from a medical professional, but I have very bare-bones insurance and limited funds to cover costs. As I understand TMDs often go away on their own, though, if it seems more like that than a wisdom tooth, I'd just as soon wait and see.

The pain isn't having a concrete impact on my life right now -- I'm eating and speaking without any problems. It's just frustrating and always in the back of my mind. There are some clicking/grinding sounds sometimes when I move my mouth, which leads me to think it is related to the TMJ. I also have heard that the pain relating to a wisdom tooth is pretty intense -- really a "you know it when you have it" kind of thing.

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