Dental :: Wisdom Tooth - Pocket Developed On Gum Line

May 31, 2015

I have one partially erupted wisdom tooth on the upper left side. None of the others have erupted. It has the flap over the back half that hasn't erupted. I had worked very hard to keep it cleaned out as it didn't become painful when it stayed clear of debris. Now I no longer have to worry about the flap, but a pocket that has developed on the outside of my gum line in the tissue next to the tooth. As if where the cheek connects with the top of the gum line. It is quite painful and produces a foul taste in my mouth, especially in the morning. Has anyone had this happen before? What is it and what should I do?

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Dental Abscess :: Adjacent Tooth Decay Caused By Wisdom Tooth

If you check the x ray (where i circled in red), I have a tooth decay because of wisdom teeth coming close to my last tooth. My options are to do a root canal on the decayed tooth and eventually get the wisdom tooth removed OR get the decayed tooth removed and let the wisdom teeth occupy its place. 

And my wisdom teeth is partially erupted, so it is not out fully. 

I have asked around for a few suggestions and everyone is suggesting to go for option 2 which is removed the decayed tooth and let wisdom tooth partially take its place. 

Can anyone suggest if that is a good option. As you can see all my teeth are healthy and I just had bad luck with the wisdom tooth coming at an angle! 

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Dental Health :: Wisdom Tooth At Age 48

At age 48 i had a root canal done my bottom right molar, with a filling. The filling never felt quite right even though the dentist tried to correct it. My bite changed and I began feeling the breakthrough of my first and only wisdom tooth on the top right side. Over the last several years(now age 51) these two things have caused my teeth to shift and i now have a gap in the front. is it appropriate to have the wisdom tooth removed(it have out) and get braces?

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Dental :: Broken Wisdom Tooth By Trauma

Last sunday, i broke the back wisdom tooth on the upper jaw caused by trauma to the face, I went to an emergency dentist that night and had my tooth repaired ( required a big filling as most of my tooth broke off and was very close to exposing the nerve) the dentist prescribed me with painkillers and antibiotics to prevent a possible infection. I'm still in quite a bit of pain, the pain is a sharp shooting pain that's going into my ear, temple and down the side of my neck. I've been taking the pain relief and applying ice to my face but the pain has not improved. I'm going crazy from the pain, what should i do?

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Oral And Dental :: Gum Growing Over Wisdom Tooth?

So on my back right wisdom tooth, furthest one back, the gum is visibly moving over the wisdom tooth. I've had this before quite mildly, but at the moment I appear to have irritated it further and so now every jaw movement I can feel the tooth scratching the gum which causes pain.

I'm not sure what to do about it, my electrical toothbrush in that area obviously irritates it so thinking I should avoid touching it at all for now, is this just swelling or inflammation which will go down eventually? Anything I can do to speed it up or soothe, a particular mouthwash or a DIY remedy?

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Dental :: Swollen Tonsil With A Black Dot On It - Wisdom Tooth?

Hey, I just want to make sure that I don't freak out about this. But I have a swollen Tonsil for some months now and there is also a black dot on it.

Is this a normal reaction because my wisdom tooth is coming out?

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Dental Health :: Impacted Wisdom Tooth Removal

I'm 16 so my first Wisdom tooth is coming in and from what I've researched it's "impacted". My tooth is half grown and is growing towards my gum. It's absolutely throbbing and it's a Sunday meaning my dentist isn't open. I can deal with the pain until Monday but honestly I'd rather not because I'd miss college.

I know a dentist that's open on Saturdays but I'm unsure how that would work cost wise as I'm under 18 so I should be covered by the NHS but I d'no if I have to prove that I am so if anyone knows that would be helpful. Also, is my wisdom tooth an urgent issue? Yes, it's painful and gets worse but other than that is it urgent? Finally, does an impacted wisdom tooth guarantee extraction and do you need to take a parent to the dentist with you as i'm not currently at home?

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Dental :: Wisdom Tooth - Grey Color Where It Would Grow

Wisdom tooth really scared?

Ok so today I noticed that in the back if my mouth where my wisdom tooth would grow out, it's a different color. I just noticed this today. It's like grey and idk if that's the tooth coming out. To me it looks like a sore like when you brush too hard but idk. It was hurting a little bit today but no debilitating pain. I'm a hypochondriac so I'm freaking out. My dentist did say that I would eventually have to get it taken out but that was 3 years ago.

It's a little soft when you touch it.

What if it's infected I don't wanna die.

My docs did 2 set of blood work about 2 weeks ago for other reasons, but if I did have an infection in my blood wouldn't it be in the results. My results were normal.

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Dental Health :: Advisable To Extract Wisdom Tooth?

Is it advisable to extract wisdom tooth.

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Oral And Dental :: Hot Drinks After Wisdom Tooth Extraction

I had my wisdom tooth extracted under local anesthetic thursday gone. Is it ok for me to drink hot drinks now? I'm missing a hot cuppa!

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Dental :: Still In Pain After Wisdom Tooth Removal - Dry Socket?

I had my wisdom tooth on my lower right jaw extracted on January 31st. I still feel pain throughout the day, but nothing ibuprofen and a nice pack can't fix. It hurts the most at night time, and nothing seems to help me out on that. I feel like I have an ear ache sometimes. The pain seriously isn't unbearable, it's just annoying an discomforting and I want it to stop. I'm afraid of getting dry socket.. I don't want that infection.. Also.. Everyone seems to be getting " scab " like things where the tooth was removed .. I only have a hole. Does that mean I do have dry socket ?

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Dental :: Wisdom Tooth Removed But Symptoms Remain

So about 3 days ago I got my wisdom tooth removed. To be honest nothing has changed. I am washing out my mouth with warm salty water every day and eating soft food. I am taking painkillers and they are doing nothing.

It feels like a never ending throbbing pain. The left side of my mouth is completely swollen. It was a impacted wisdom tooth so they really had to dig in to get it. It was also resting right on the nerve. The tip of my tongue still feels numb as well

I have a horrendous taste in my mouth too that oozes from that area too. It's like a sour taste and it makes me feel sick. What is this? No matter how many times I wash my mouth out it doesn't get rid of it

Can somebody who has had this please tell me what to do. Will it get better or worse? I am in so much pain and it feels like everyday is worse and worse.

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Dental :: Wisdom Tooth Partially Erupted With Flap On Gum

I'm 16 years old and my wisdom tooth (bottom right) is starting to erupt. It hurts A LOT & the ornithologist said it might need to be removed, but there is something odd I see. A flap of my gum is sitting in between the partially erupted third molar and the second molar. It's literally in between the two and can be lifted up. When lifted, there's some redness which could signify blood, but I quickly put it down so it doesn't bleed. It looks like my bottom gum is elongated, but i'm not quite sure how that would happen. Is this normal?

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Dental Health :: Pain In Upper Right Part Of Jaw - TMJ Or Wisdom Tooth?

I'm a 27 year old male with no serious issues in my medical history. A few weeks ago, I woke up with a pain in the upper right part of my jaw that hurt when I opened my mouth too wide or moved it from side to side. The next day, it seemed to be fine. A couple days later, the pain was back, and has stuck around. It doesn't hurt when my jaw is in a neutral position or even really when I eat. The pain is high in the jaw, kind of by my ear. I THINK it has gotten better over the last couple days; I don't seem to have any pain opening my mouth wide (just the side to side movement, etc), though it's possible that this is just wishful thinking and that maybe I'm just avoiding painful movements.

I don't think I grind my teeth, but I do have anxiety and perhaps clench my jaw sometimes without realizing it? I'm not sure, but I've been thinking of it as a TMJ-related problem. Only recently have I considered that maybe it's a wisdom tooth that needs to be removed. I know the only way to truly figure this out would be to get an in-person diagnosis from a medical professional, but I have very bare-bones insurance and limited funds to cover costs. As I understand TMDs often go away on their own, though, if it seems more like that than a wisdom tooth, I'd just as soon wait and see.

The pain isn't having a concrete impact on my life right now -- I'm eating and speaking without any problems. It's just frustrating and always in the back of my mind. There are some clicking/grinding sounds sometimes when I move my mouth, which leads me to think it is related to the TMJ. I also have heard that the pain relating to a wisdom tooth is pretty intense -- really a "you know it when you have it" kind of thing.

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Dental Health :: Dry Socket 9 Days After Tooth Extraction (NOT Wisdom Teeth)

I had a lower molar extracted 9 days ago & was wondering if spicy foods can dissolve the blood clot & result in dry socket? I obsessively check the extraction site & the clot is still there (even though it doesn't look as dark but maybe that's my paranoia) & if you do get dry socket does the pain happen right away or take a day or 2 before the pain starts? I ate BBQ chicken that was a little spicy & was worried I might dissolve the clot. I rinsed with salt water immediately after but have been getting occasional pings of pain since about day 5 but just discomfort & a few times the discomfort went to my ear but it didn't last long. How long does it take till the hole completely closes up? HELP! I'm so afraid the clot will dissolve during the night & it's the weekend! I've read that if you don't get dry socket by day 4 or 5 you're in the clear unless you poke @ the extraction site or something causes trauma to it is this true?

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Dental Health :: Pain In Nearby Teeth After Wisdom Tooth Extraction

It has been 5 days since I got two of my upper wisdom teeth extracted. The right extraction does not bother me and feels like it is almost back to normal. The left side is in pain. The pain has gotten worse and is located on the two teeth closest to where the wisdom tooth was extracted. I also have pain in my ear, eye and a sore throat. I saw the dentist yesterday and she did an xray and examined the sockets and ruled out dry socket. She said the socket is healing fine. The pain in the two teeth she said is coming from a root canal on my bottom tooth (same side). Apparently, the pain is shooting from the root canal to the two top teeth. I am confused. Is this just a coincidence that the teeth that requires a root canal is causing pain to my upper teeth near the extraction? The tooth that needs the root canal is not painful. She has given me antibiotics and pain meds, however, I have not seen any improvements. The two teeth that are in pain do not have cavities. Has anyone experienced this before?

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Wisdom Tooth Removal - Can You Get Eye Problems?

Is their any problem related to eyes if you get it (wisdom tooth) removed ?

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Anxiety :: Fear Of Getting Wisdom Tooth Out

Ok so I haven't went to the dentist in about 3-4 years. Our dentist a while back was giving us problems, like basically bad customer service. And the main guy was just an a-hole. So I stopped going to them and then after like 2 years I said to myself damn this is really unhealthy I really should go, but our insurance end up canceling, and I finally got back insurance this year about 3 months ago.

Now I'm like terrified of going back. I know I have to get my wisdom tooth extracted because it's been hurting, it's coming out and my mouth has no space. I have health anxiety and I read A LOT of stories online of people who died after getting their tooth extracted. Like I read about how this girl had a stroke, this guy choked on gauze, and someone had this procedure done and a piece of their tooth broke off and made it to their brain.

I've had surgery before and when I had it a few years ago I did my car or really think,about the side effects I just went in and got it done, but since my anxiety has been so bad (all thought better than before) I look into every possible (mostly bad) situation.

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Wisdom Tooth Extraction Or Operculectomy

My story started with sever pain after my root canal treatment a month ago, then I started to feel something is swollen in my throat, moving up towards the part where the root canal molar treatment took place.Accordingly, I made several visits to general dentists & an oral surgeon,  got different opinions, but a common ground answer was that it is probably my wisdom tooth that is causing all this & a less doubt that the molar with the root canal may need to be re-treated again. Anyway after several  x-rays & 2 rounds of antibiotics due to abscess in the infected area (which still exists btw), I was told that the wisdom tooth needs to be removed by a surgery knowing that there is a high risk that my lower lip can numb for a few months or for lifetime & honestly that freaks me out!!  Another alternative was recommended by another dentist is to do operculectomy, knowing that the wisdom tooth is not in a normal position with roots curved & has decay in it & causing decay in the molar next to it. My question what is the best option in my case, the extraction surgery or the operculectomy?

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Trigeminal Neuralgia And Wisdom Tooth Removal

I have been diagnosed with trigeminal neuralgia, I had severe pain in my right side of face pressured head, sore mouth and sore nose on and off for 4 months.

Originally was prescribed 2 doses of antibiotics for sinusitis which didn't help at all.

I don't like dentists so was avoiding them until I got a lump in my neck which said could be tooth abscess. I went to the dentist for an x ray and he said he wanted to take my wisdom tooth out which could be the reason for all my pain. Also he said the lump was nothing to do with him and I need to see my doctor.

3 days later with my wisdom tooth out, I am still in pain from the injections, still have a headache.

I don't know whether I actually have TN or not. I don't want to keep pestering the doctors.

So has anybody else had problems like this? Can TN cause the lymph nodes to swell?

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Pain After Days Of Wisdom Tooth Extraction

I had 4 Wisdom teeth extracted on 12/3/2012. I initially went to get one tooth extracted due to the impacted tooth causing pain. The oral surgeon talked me into getting 4 extracted (I wasn't even aware that  I had them as they caused no issues)

I am on day 11 currently and I am in SO. MUCH. PAIN. I have been experiencing pain since about day 5. I had a follow up on 12/10/2012. The oral surgeon looked in my mouth for all of 2 minutes, told me that everything looked fine, and that basically showed me the door. I asked him questions about all of the pain  was having and he advised me that I probably clench my teeth when I sleep. I told him I don't really sleep because of the pain, and he didn't really say anything...The only extraction site that hurts is the one that the problem tooth was extracted from. The pain actually resembles the same pain I experienced before getting the tooth extracted.I have a very high pain threshold, but I can't knock this. I take two ibuprofen every 8 hours and It still leaves me basically paralyzed to the point I want to lay in my bed in Fetal Position. Could it be possible that surgeon slacked off on the check up and missed something? Warm water rinses leave me in discomfort. Using the syringe is critical, as food gets stuck in my sockets. When I use it, there is nothing that can stop the intense radiating pain that I feel for the next 30 minutes of my life. I have even tried not using so much pressure while irrigating with the syringe.What should I do?

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