Depression :: If I Stop Taking Nortriptyline After 4 Days Will I Get Withdrawal?

Feb 27, 2016

I've been taking nortriptyline 25 mg a night for 4 days. Will I get withdrawal if I stop now?

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Birth Control :: Taking The Pill - Non Stop Bleeding For 16 Days

I had my implanon removed the beginning of October and immediately started taking the pill. I have now been non stop bleeding for 16 days. Should this be happening even while taking the pill? I would think the bleeding would be stopping or at least slowing down at this point, but it's not!

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Migraine :: Withdrawal Information On Nortriptyline?

I was on Nortriptyline for a year for migraine prevention.  I found it was making me extremely tired and my heart race.  I unfortunately stopped it two weeks ago abruptly.  Does anyone know how long withdrawal symptoms last for.  Still feel jumpy, brain zaps, insomnia and headache.

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Depression :: Nortriptyline - Increased Heart Rate, High Blood Pressure

Has anyone taken nortriptyline a period of time and decided to stop taking it due to it's side effects with success? The side effects I'm experiencing are increased heart rate, high blood pressure, hair thinning/loss and muscle twitchings/spasms.

Brief story about me: I was never a headache person or a migraineur. I only got these headaches after a lumbar puncture 7 months ago. Needless to say, it has changed my life as I am having headaches 50-100 times a day. I'm currently taking 10-20 mg nortriptyline to keep the intensity down, but the side effects is giving me a lot of problems (increased heart rate and hair thinning/loss are my biggest problems). I'd like to hear from anyone who has a similar story to mine.

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I Want To Stop Taking Citalopram

I'm so fed up! I don't see how my life can go from so good, to this complete isolation within a couple of weeks. I'm constantly anxious about my future, and what lies ahead for me. I feel so insecure, and feel like i'm living my life day by day, to survive. Citalopram is just making me tired at strange times of the day, i have NO motivation to do anything at all. I tried to see friends yesterday, but didn't enjoy it at all, i just wanted to be at home, this is not me? I feel like i've got someone else's personality.

Work is so hard, to just be in. I feel like there's no one there for me other than my Mum.

I seriously don't know how i'm going to get through this now. I'm so scared.

I'm seeing my counsellor later today, its the only thing thats keeping me going today.

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Mirtazapine :: How To Stop Taking It?

I have been on Mirt for about 5 weeks now.

I started on 30mg but the side effects are horrendous for me - it started with just a few aches, that gradually got worse by the day until every muscle in my body hurt (even my fingers and toes) and had put on almost a stone in weight. After 3wks on 30mg I had a follow up appointment with the Doctor, after mentioning all the problems I was having, he decreased my dose to 15mg and said a reduced dose would help with the side effects - it did for a few days, but the past week all of the above side effects have returned and are again getting worse each day.

I am going to stop taking them. Yes - I do feel I need something for my low moods - but my Doctor was reluctant to change the medication and the side effects are making me feel terrible physically.

So without the lectures of 'go back to your dr' etc etc, I am after some advice on how to stop taking this medication? Do I just stop? Do I lower my dose again, or take the dose every other day and over how long a time period?

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Amitriptyline :: Taking 25mg - How To Stop It?

Ive been using 25mg amitriptyline for migraine headache, i was told by dr that it will block headaches from coming.. for 4 days i've been taking this med. & it has me sluggish, tired, dry mouth, & delusional thoughts ( is this normal) Although the few nights i have taken it, i haven't had a headache, i just feel tightness & delusional thought in my mind, feels very scary, want to stop taking them. Everyone around me says, im not the same person i once was.. feeling sad/ very emotional..

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Can I Stop Taking Prednisolone Without Tapering

Can I stop taking Prednisolone without tapering

I have been taking 20mg per day for six days for gout but I'm experiencing bad side effects, headaches and very blurred vision.

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Orlistat :: Any Feedback When You Stop Taking It?

I have lost a large amount of weight. Blood sugar good, blood pressure amazing, jeans back on. I still have a way to go, and I hope I will do that. I can put on weight with very little effort though and I worry that when I stop taking orlistat my weight will rocket back up. I know to eat sensibly and exercise - really I do, my doctor mentions this quite a lot. I wonder though if any of you have experience of life after orlistat and how difficult it is going to be.

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Alcohol Withdrawal Get Worse Every Time You Try To Stop?

Do withdrawals get worse every time u try to stop?

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Pregnancy :: Stop Others If You Are Taking Prenatal VITAFUSION?

When your taking the prenatal VITAFUSION you stop taking the prenatal your doctor gave u right?

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Started Taking Lithium And Want To Stop Mirtazapine

Hi is any1 taking lithium with an antidepressant? I want to stay on the lithium bt desperately need to stop the mirtazapine.

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Bruise Below My Knee - Should I Stop Taking Imuran?

I've started taking it for about a week now and it's like I've been feeling feverish and today I woke up with a bruise below my knee. I'm currently on 100mg of it...

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Blood Pressure :: I Want To Stop Taking Coreg

Hey everyone I been on Corey for about maybe 3 months and I want to stop taking it because it's making my Diabetes worse I'm a type 2 Diabetic and I'm taking Coreg 6.25 MG's twice a day 12 hours apart I don't like it at all it's making me feel cruddy when I eat I only take it for High Blood Pressure How do I safely stop taking it I'm a young man no heart disease just got put on to slow heart rate I used to get normal sinus tachycardias due to anxiety they recently up my dose to 6.25 from 3.125 because my blood pressure was 150/110 but I was barely getting off lisinopril 5 mg after being on it for several months

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Omeprazole :: Warning - Serious Side Effects, Stop Taking It

For those of you who are just starting to take omeprazole, please stop and find other alternatives!!! I have endured so much agony from this medication since I first started taking it last year. You might feel better initially but if you take it for longer than 2 weeks, you will find it extremely difficult, if not impossible to get off of it because the rebound acid is a killer.

On top of that, I've experienced some horrible side effects (which I've never had before):

- exercise-induced tachycardia: extremely fast and uncontrollable heartbeat (over 200 bpm).

- heart palpitations and irregular heartbeat

- anxiety

- chest pains

- extreme fatigue

- depression

I am a healthy, physically active 34 yr old female and was prescribed omeprazole for a mild stomach irritation or suspected ulcer. I stayed on it for several months with few symptoms at the time. However, going off of it was another story. Because these pills stop your stomach from producing acid, it burns and hurts enormously when you try to go off of it. As well, after I managed to wean myself off (I had to go through a juice fast in order to do it), I started developing digestive issues I'd never had before like heartburn and reflux. I believe it is these pills which have caused it as I'd never had heartburn until taking it.

And now, having been on it a 2nd time, I've developed the list of symptoms above which have caused me endless grief!

I've read other stories of people having the same symptoms as well as a host of other problems like osteoporosis because it drains your body of calcium.

More people need to know about the dangers of this medication. I read about people staying on this for years and developing even more conditions!

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GERD (acid Reflux) :: How To Stop Taking PPIs

I'm on 60mg Lansoprazole twice a day. This dose has had to gradually increase and I think the tablets are just causing my body to make more and more acid. I want to get off the wheel, but how?

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Birth Control :: Did Taking PlanB Stop My Period?

Can Plan B stop my period? I had unprotected sex Thursday night (3 days ago) and I started my period Saturday. I had purchased planB that morning and decided to go ahead and take it anyways just in case because I was bleeding abnormally little (my first/second day of bleeding has always been the heaviest). I continued to lightly bleed throughout Saturday, but now (Monday) my period has been completely stopped for over 24 hours. My period is always 5-7 days, heavy at the beginning, and has never stopped this early on or stopped and then started back up. I'm concerned it has stopped because I am pregnant and am freaking out a bit

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Birth Control :: You Get Pregnant When Stop Taking Pills?

how true that when you stop taking pills it will get you pregnant? is pills are safe to take even without a married for 5 yrs ..regular period..since then until now no baby.

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Narcotic/Opioids Dependence :: Have To Stop Taking Cocaine

Ok well I'm sat up as I'm typing this, I've been a heavy cocaine user for the past 2 years. Put been using for 15 years. Sat here now my eye is weeping water I've bad headache side of my face is in sore.

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Stop Taking Pravastatin - Joint Pain And Lost Of Libido

I am a 51 year old male. My cholesterol was 256 and my doctor convinced me to take a statin in Jan 2013. I started simvastatin but my joints got so stiff I couldn't walk down stairs.

I switched to pravastatin ..only 10mg. I felt my joint in shoulder stiffen constantly (little league pitcher) but Dr said take if I can tolerate. Since I had chest pains for a few prior years I continued on the statin. MY Total cholesterol has slowly went down. I had no activity until 2014 when I pick up ice hockey.
However it is my belief my testosterone sank to only 400 along with my sexual desire. I will monitor my mood which has been very low for a few years, erectile dysfunction, testosterone level and total Cholesterol.

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Stop Taking Cyclizine And Report It Via Yellow Card Scheme

If you feel your symptoms are due to taking Cyclizine or any other drugs, then you may wish to report it to the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) via their yellow card scheme.


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