Dermatology :: Undiagnosed Rash/itching For A Month

Nov 5, 2014

i have had this itching on the backs of my legs (and slightly on one of my upper arms) for a weeks now, its worst at night and comes up all bumpy when i scratch it, i have no idea where it's come from as none of my washing powders/shower gels etc have changed recently and i've changed my bedding and cleaned my living space etc since it's started so i dont think its anything to do with dirt, and as far as i'm aware i have no allergies to anything so i have no idea what this could be caused by or how to solve it. any ideas?

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Dermatology :: Rash On Exterior Of Butt ?

How do I get rid of rash on exterior of butt?

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Dermatology :: Peeling Skin And Rash On Ankles

I have been suffering from a rash on my ankles. The major symptoms I would say are a very itchy rash that waters when I scratch, and more prominently, 'dead' skin forms around my ankle and peels. The skin also seems to be getting tougher (maybe due to the scratching).

I have been to 2 doctors so far. The first felt it was contact dermatitis and gave me a corticosteroid (mometasone furoate) which cleared it up for some months but then it came back again. I've been to another doctor 2 weeks ago who gave me an antifungal cream (daktarin), but after 2 weeks of applying, I can't see any significant improvement to be honest. In fact, the infection spread to the left ankle only after I had started this treatment. I don't know if there's a connection. I would be seeing a specialist next if this treatment fails but I would like to have a good idea of what it might be.

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Low Fever And Rash In The Month After C-section

I was pregnant with my first child when the following happened;

- at 27 wks began to have multiple lymph nodes swollen along both sides of my neck

- low grade fever which was controlled by taking a paracetamol

- dark urine color

- at 28 wks I was admitted to hospital and started to have severe oedema

- blood results showed my uric acid, creatine and alk phosphate, ferritin, c-reactive were high - with WBC critically high

- Hemoglobin, RBC, platelet, Albumin was low

- I had difficulty breathing (constant heart rate of 135), a scan of my heart showed it was lacking liquid

- blood pressure was fine

- Baby was taken out via c-section at 28.5 weeks where my condition worsened before starting to get better

- in the month after baby was taken out I continued to have low grade fever and developed a rash

- My blood work returned to normal in 2 months after being admitted to hospital with steroids

The doctors never found out what the cause was, please advise if you have heard of a similar case?

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Urticarial Rash :: The Itching Is Driving Me Crazy

My Urticaria started in August this year and no-one can be bothered to really help until I had gone through 2 lots of steroids and now 'the strong' prescription antihistamine at night but shop bought I have to take 2 in a morning!!! nothing is working !

Is there a cream to help because Calamine doesn't help at all... At this moment I have it on my right arm on the backs of my legs and my back but the worse is my feet on the tops they are itching like mad and I could cry...

2 weeks ago my right arm was swollen from my wrist to the top of my arm and it felt all stiff...

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Dermatology :: Lump On My Arm

had it for a few weeks then it went down and then I couldn't stop myself picking at it and it went up again, initially was just a spot with pus inside. Any idea what it could be?

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Dermatology :: Bruise On My Arm

I have this strange bruise on my arm. It first looked like a spot then got bigger. I think my shirts must have scratched it open but it won't heal properly or disappear. I also have a general itch feeling on my body with quite a lot of spots (which i normally don't get). First I thought it might be bed bugs but my GP (and some other doctors I asked) said it doesn't look like it. I got an appointment with a NHS dermatologist in about a month but I am really considering going to a private one as I don't wanna wait for that long. What do you guys think?


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Dermatology :: Moisturizer To Stop?

long story short i have body acne and use to have a lot on my face but now its all mostly cleared up.  My face still is red from the acne that was there.  I started using aveeno .5% sylacic acid moisturizer.  i now have an itchy face and few knew zits. Should i stop using it?  I also use 5% benzoyl peroxide wash and on 40mg of accutane once a day.

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Dermatology :: Pimples On Body

I've had these small pimples affect me for several months now. I suspect something std related, but currently my doctor has ordered a blood sugar test so I'm awaiting those results.

They are small pimples, they appear in one area and disappear after a day or 2 and appear in another area sometime. I get few other spots that a bit tougher and bigger, but not often. They can be itchy and also itchy even when there are no pimples, mostly in the thighs. I have had the pimples mostly on the thighs, but also legs, lips, and recently I've discovered some on my face, arm,  testicles and the foreskin of the penis.

Like I said I suspect std, most likely herpes. Herpes I know is a common and untreatable condition,but these pimple(at least on the legs) are continuous and does not herpes happen a couple of times a year?

I've been to a sexual health clinic several times and when they look at them shrug like it's not something they deal with or not recognise and therefore they do nothing. This clinic doesn't test for herpes as procedure, but I did manage a swab test on a pimple on my lip which was negative(however it was a burst pimple i.e. not a good sample). People that look also seem to not think it looks like herpes.

Basically what I'm doing is exhausting all possibilities because I don't want continuous pimples on my body. I can deal with it if I'm going to have outbreaks just not one big one.

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Dermatology :: Large Lump On Leg - Mostly Yellow With Red Outside?

A couple of hours after going to bed last night I noticed the lower part of my leg was hurting.  I went back to sleep anyway, I'm a bad sleeper at the best of times, and I am almost certain I was concious of the pain during my so called sleep.  Woke up again a couple of hours later, got up and decided to take a look at my leg.  I have a really ugly (admittedly I am really really weak when it comes to medical things) lump on the lower part of my leg (maybe half way between my knee and ankle) that appears to be mostly yellow with a red ring around it.  I had a shower just before bed last night and did not notice a thing so I am guessing it may have just sprung up last night.  Any thoughts on what it could be?  I have spent the past couple of hours on google and am absolutely none the wiser.  Really trying to avoid a gp visit having been there multiple times this year the most recent being just Saturday after finishing a course of antibiotics during the previous week.  My doctor and a family member is really not going to be impressed with seeing me there again.

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Dermatology :: Hard Skin On Finger

I've got a finger with some hard skin on the tip. It does not layer and if you try and bite or pick it off it comes back. I can file it smooth. It seems to have not spread.  Any ideas for a general treatment I can try on it?

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Dermatology :: Red (linear) Areas On My Skin

i have had these read areas for a couple of months near to  the right  armpit and now another one is appearing in the left side. It all started as a small line which got bigger eventually and then 2 others appeared. Now it is happening in the other side. I haven't had any wound or injury in there. Also i'm not allergic to anything. I'm 18 and i haven't suffered any illness. I don't feel any pain but i'm worried from their presence.

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Dermatology :: Pimples On Cheeks For Last 8 Years

I am from India.I have been suffering with pimples for more than 8 years.I have consulted so many doctors but all my attempts were futile. I am getting pretty much depressed and losing all my confidence.            

My condition is getting worse. Now I have small lumps with fluid(Not pus) on my right cheek(lower cheek) and I have been getting them on the same spot frequently and periodically and they are painful and I have pimples on my left cheek too and they are normal.

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Dermatology :: Pimples On Vagina - Herpes?

I first noticed a small hard bump on vagina like near the clit when i was younger (maybe 11-12) i have never had any sexual contact before. Sometime later i got another one and i scratched and it caused a bump like rash that was really itchy all over my vagina. It's been awhile since i've got them again but lately it has started up again. I have started to worry about it being herpes because i have become sexually active. They are single bumps (do not show up in clusters) that may be itchy or tender if i touch them but they have not formed blisters. I have gotten them about 4 times now in the past couple of months. Also i have started to get sores spots on the inside of my mouth

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Dermatology :: Black Stuff Around My Lips

I Have Black Stuff Around My Lips & I Wanna Know How You Get It Off ?

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Dermatology :: Acne Shave Biopsy?

I had this benign smooth small-ish bump on my nose for around two years, then around october time last year my nose got very dry and it kind of scraped/came off. It bled a little but it didn't seem to be full of blood, maybe just a clear fluid. It never bothered me up until it came off.  I was really happy because i thought it had gone. But then it started to come back. it came back even WORSE! it got very red, formed an uneven texture and still hasn't disappeared and we are in March. I have been to a doctor, who prescribed me acne medication, which just irritated it. Then i visited a dermatologist who told me i could have a shave biopsy. Its not cancerous which is good. But i am very very self concious about it. It is not a raised red , uneven bump on my nose. If you apply pressure it will stay down for 5 seconds until it comes back again.

I have been weighing up whether i want to go ahead and have a shave biopsy, i am worried about it scarring badly. It isn't very big, it is about 4mm/5mm, but it still is very obvious ( especially to me ). How long do shave biopsies take to heal? could it come back after the biopsy? and how long after the shave biopsy would i have to wait before wearing makeup?

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Dermatology :: Palm Rough Skin

I've had a small patch of rough skin appear on my right palm on and off for a few months now. I applied over the counter cortistone which would get rid of it but it always returns after a few days. 

Here is a picture. Any idea what this is, what is causing it? How to get rid of it?

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Dermatology :: White Spot On My Scrotum

I few days ago I noticed a white spot on the right side of my scrotum. The spot is no bigger than a dime and when I stretch my skin it doesn't show any abnormal grown and the spot is harder to notice. Another thing I noticed is when my scrotum is relax is harder to find but when it is the tense state is much easy to notice.

I've had jock itch before but it last some weeks max....

I'm in a monogamous relationship for some years now.

So I'm very confuse, it is a fungal infection? or simply a white spot? or something else?

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Dermatology :: Hives? Red Blotches All Over My Back

About 10 days ago I started to get an itchy back. Nothing too serious, as my skin tends to be a bit on the sensitive side especially during the colder months of the year. Then about a week ago I noticed that I had these red blotches all over my back. At first they looked like really bad mosquito bites, but on closer look they were more like a stinging nettle sting-now I have about 15 of them on by back and have started getting them down my front as well. They've also started to appear singly on my legs and arms too. I have been using soothing creams to keep the itching down and have started taking allergy tablets in case that helps. Itching has gotten better and the raised bumps look less angry and red, but they are not going away (in fact seem to be getting more!). I read up on hives, but most sites seem to say they disappear after a week or so unless they're chronic, so I'm wondering now if it's something else? Has anyone else had anything similar and what did it turn out to be?

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Dermatology :: 23 Years Old Had Scab On Fingers Since Birth

I've had a scabby type sore on my index finger and light peel on lip since birth.  My lip and finger were joined at birth.  It has spread slowly and popped up on other fingers. There is also hard bumps covering a small amount of my hand. Sometimes one part of the scab gets pus under it. It goes white and very irritated when i surf in the ocean.

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Dermatology :: Pyoderma Gangrenosum - Alcohol Has Any Effect?

I have pyoderma gangrenosum and I get flare ups if blisters that just come up and then I put my fatty cream on them and they go down. I just need to know does alcohol have any affect on it?

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