Developed Septic Arthritis After Joint Replacement

Apr 20, 2016

Had knee replaced 2009. Last year developed cellulitis and septic arthritis one day prior to having other knee joint replaced.

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Temporomandibular Joint :: Total Joint Replacement - What To Expect?

So I have been advised by 2 different oral surgeons I need total joint replacement of both joints.

For those of who have gone through joint replacement, I would really appreciate knowing:

1) what questions I should be asking the surgeons about the surgery, about the outcomes; about post-op care; risks;

2) what your personal exerpience was - just want to know what to expect.

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Arthritis :: Severe Joint Pain

I have had moderate to severe joint pain since April, and was recently diagnosed with Parvovirus B19. Apparently the virus can cause severe Arthralgia that lasts upto 9 months.On good days my pain level is at a 3. On bad days it will go upto a 6/7. Yesterday I stepped on a metal wire and it got stuck in my foot. The urgent care center recommended I get a tetanus shot, since I have not had one in over 10 years. I asked what the side effects were, and they said my arm would be a little sore.

Well, " a little sore" does not quite describe it. My arm was in excruciating pain all night and still really bad today. I can't even lift it more that a couple inches. Also,  all my joints on my left side ( side I got the shot) were in excruiating pain 8-9. I just sat in bed and cried last night. I took 3 tylenol arthritis's and an extra Meloxicam that I have for joint pain and it did nothing, My arthritis continues to be really bad today. I called the urgent care and asked if I could come back in to get some medication to work until the pain stops. They said they could not do that, and that the tetanus shot would not aggrivate arthritis.

Let me know if anyone else has experienced worsened arthritis symptoms after a vaccination or shot. I wanted to get the flu shot soon, but I am scared now. Can the Flu shot make me hurt this bad as well? Let me know If I should tell the doctor and ask for additional pain medication. Or if the doctor will just tell me " No".

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Bio Pro Thumb Implant For Arthritis Of The CMC Joint?

I have just read about a new procedure for surgery of the CMC joint in the thumb. It's a much smaller infusion, doesn't involve removal of a whole bone and is supposed to have a much faster recovery time and little loss of strength. It involves an implant called the Bio Pro thumb implant. 

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Arthritis :: Synovial Effusion But No Joint Damage ?

I am 22 years old. I have just read all the symptoms of Osteoarthritis and it matches to what i have been facing from 3 years. I have a consistent pain in my Right Hip joint it is felt when I move my leg. Im facing Limited range of motions in joint and my joint have also become weak i don't have strength in right leg to lift any weight with that joint. 

I have been diagnosed with all possible lab blood tests including (T spot and TB gold test) , Xrays, Mri and Bone scan. 

The report of MRI tell that there is some Synovial Effusion found in the joint and the open biopsy is recommended. Furthermore from X Rays and MRI its clear that there is no damage happened to the Hip Joint so far.

I want to get to know if there is no damage happens to Joint if its possible that its osteoartritis? 

If no what could be possible disease I could have with the same Symtoms like ie limited range of motion of hip, Loss of strength in the leg, Pain when you move it. 

Doctor thinks it could be tuberculosis but the blood tests (TB gold, T spot) to check TB are clear. Bone scan is clear. Lungs X rays are also clear.

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Bone / Joint :: Arthritis Tingling Temples

I have a problem and need advice! My family is known to have history of arthritis. I am 34, male and I am afraid I have this disease too. I feel tingling in my temples. Is this a symptom of arthritis?

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Total Knee Replacement - Developed A Knee Effusion And Pain After 2 Years

I have now developed a knee Effusion and have tremendous pain.  Put onto Celebrex.  Do I use crutches again or strap knee?  Doctor says i need to rest it as much as possible

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Toe Joint Replacement - All Is Not Well

I have had a toe joint replaced - all is not good.  Has anyone had this done that I could speak with?

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Total Jaw Joint Replacement - Not Doing Well

I had total jaw joint replacement a year ago. This was a last resort that resulted from trauma that happened 40 years ago. I am not doing as well as I hoped and suffer from chronic pain. Is there anyone who has had this surgery who could share their post surgery results?

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Psoriatic Arthritis - Knee Replacement

I have had psoriatic arthritis since age 30 and I am now 67.  I have the usual patches on the knees and last year in June I had my left knee replacement operation and they were able to do it without cutting through the psoriasis.  I have now been on the operating list 8 times for my right knee replacement and it has had to be cancelled but nobody (Surgeon, Dermatology Dept) can clear my knee for me from the psoriasis.  I am desparate for the replacement knee as from my knee my right leg goes out to the side about 12" and I am two inches smaller on the right side which aggrevates the arthritis in my spine and gives me terrible pain. I cannot sit most of the time and have to lay on my side.  Can anyone help.  I am using Dermovate Ointment 0.5 mg clobetasol and going on a sun bed.

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Kneecap Arthritis - Not Old Enough For Replacement (42 Years)

My husband is only 42 and is suffering badly from arthritis in his kneecaps. He has seen several doctors and specialists and they have told him nothing can be done for him- they won't operate because they say it won't help and won't give him a knee replacement because he is too young. My husband can't sleep at nights because of the pain and is taking multiple painkillers just to get through each day. It is affecting his quality of life already and will only get worse. The doctor has told him in a few years he will be unable to work. We are both devastated.

Basically what I am asking is is there anywhere we can go where we can pay for a knee replacement or some treatment which will alleviate his pain? Surely he cannot just be expected to suffer for 20 years until they deem him old enough for a replacement?

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Big Toe Joint Replacement? Review / Feedback?

Anyone know about Big Toe Joint Replacement recovery time? Any successful ops?

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TMJ Joint Replacement? Review? Feedback?

Background. I've had symptoms of Condylar Resorption for 6 years. Well technically I have not had ANY condyles for the last 2 years. I'm not in extreme pain. I have maybe 4 or 5 days a month where I can't function well from headaches, jaw, tooth, basically all over pain from the neck up. The rest of the time its livable but constant. I've been in two different jaw splints but since the last one broke two years ago, I have not wanted to invest in more as they are quite spendy. My pain is not extremely bad but if you press anywhere on my face it does hurt. Only my back teeth touch, my chin has receded, I can't breathe through my nose and I can fit my tongue through my front teeth. I'm concerned about my teeth not touching because my dentist said it would cause problems down the road if they continued to not touch. I'm also wondering if my top and bottom jaw just banging together is going to cause problems too. I have small children and having a major surgery that could make me permanently worse is not something I want to do to them. I am also getting this surgery done by Dr. Larry Wolford if that has anything to do with it. The first "TMJ Specialist" I saw thought his splints would miracle cure it. The last two I have seen have both said my only option to fix my bite and joints is surgery but I have not talked to one since the splint broke 2 years ago.

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Foot / Ankle :: Considering Toe Joint Replacement

I am only 41 and have terrible foot pain and limited mobility. I had bunion surgery in 2010 but had terrible scarring issues and have had 2 since surgeries to remove scar tissue, which haven't helped but made it worse. And now I am told there has been tendon damage due to all the scarring and the bones are rubbing together and my options will be fusion or joint replacement in the future. I am very active and don't know the right option for me. It is very upsetting and impacts my life every day. My doctor is the head of podiatric surgery at the hospital so I feel he made the right decisions but I don't know where to turn for a second opinion.

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Bilateral TMJ Joint Replacement For 24 Years Old

My 24 year old son was diagnosed with TMJ Arthritis and the surgeon wants to do a bilateral TMJ joint replacement. That seems extreme to me. I would like to know if anyone has had a jaw joint replacement and if you have had jaw problems post surgery.

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Big Toe - Fusion Of Bone OR Replacement Of Joint?

Saw an orthopaedic consultant yesterday who confirmed, after an xray, that the osteoarthritis in the big toe joint is getting worse. He suggested two different types of surgery: a fusion of the bone or a replacement of the joint. I am leaning towards the latter although I don't know much about it and the consultant admitted the success rate isn't great! Has anyone had it done or know more about it?

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Can People With Osteopenia Have Joint Replacement?

Can people with OP have joint replacements?  Do the joints 'Accept' the new joints?  Is a diagnosis of -3.5 serious, or just average?

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Big Toe Joint Replacement Operation? Experience?

If so, I would like to hear how you are getting on. I had the op 10 weeks ago, I am still in pain and have tendonitis. I go to physio and can bend my toe which is great but the pain is still as bad as before the op, hoping its because its still early days after a joint op.

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Big Toe Joint Replacement - 10 Weeks Post Op, Still Pain

I had Big Toe Replacement Op 10 weeks ago, I am still in pain and also have Tendonitis. I go to physio and can bend my toe, but the pain is no better than before the op.

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Temporomandibular Joint Replacement? Success Stories - Anyone?

I've had TMJ/TMD issues for 33 years after a dog bite at 12. In total I've had 5 surgeries on both sides of my jaw with a 6th to repair an ear canal and eardrum that a surgeon cut into while in surgery. The last time I had surgery it was a 10 hour surgery with 2 doctors, one on each side. So needless to say I'm not looking forward to any more.

I seem to grow bone in the left joint space (my disk and ball joint are long gone) and the right side my body absorbs the tissue they put in and I', bone on bone. Therefore I'm living with daily chronic pain for the last 20 years.

I've heard that the joint replacement has gotten better. It doesn't take away all pain, but it's a different pain.

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Scared Of Outcome - TMJ Total Joint Replacement Surgery

I've done extensive surgery and am terrified to have this procedure done. I'm only 23, and feel that it might lead to years of complications.

I do need a surgery to fix some jaw problems I'm having. I was told that I am bone on bone, and that the fat graft I had put in is no longer present. Does anyone on here have experience with this?

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