Diabetes :: Tattoo With Diabetes

Jun 14, 2016

I'm a diabetic patient and i want to have a tattoo, is it safe for me?

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Pregnancy :: Gestational Diabetes Related To Type 1 Diabetes In Children?

I'm scared that all the sweets I crave and eat throughout the day will cause me to have GD.

but even worse, I'm wondering whether that could cause my baby to be born with type 1 diabetes? what are the effects of GD on the baby?

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Diabetes Risk - Do I Have Diabetes Or Prediabetes

My blood glucose level after 4.15 hours of eating was 123 mg/dl also, I do not have urine glucose. I had eaten at 4.45 pm and the sample was taken at around 8.15 pm. Do I have diabetes or prediabetes

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Diabetes :: T1 Diabetes And Polymyalgia Rheumatica

I was diagnosed with PMR 6 months ago and am currently taking Prednisolone which has a big effect on my diabetes control. I am having a bit of trouble controlling my blood sugar levels and keeping them out of double figures. The levels are not consistent so counting carbs can be a problem. I test before I eat and try to tailor the insulin to the food I am eating but it seems very hit and miss and I sometimes end up with a hypo or a 20+ blood sugar result for no reason that is clear to me. I am eating a low carb diet but not cutting it out completely.

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Diabetes :: Herbs For Treating Diabetes

I am looking for any diabetes patients, or people who know diabetes patients, who are treating their condition with herbs. What I am after is some info for a blog post I am currently working on. I am a bit clueless on this subject - I don't know if treating diabetes with herbs is a realistic approach?

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Diabetes :: Is 80 Considered Low?

is 80 considered low?

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Diabetes :: How Much Metformin ?

I was curious to know about the medication called metformin.  It is for diabetics to help their bodies secrete more insulin. But I heard that patients may also lose weight on it. Yes!  It's true!  I am a type 2 diabetic and I weigh about 260  and I think this medication would be great to have.  I need to lose a bit of weight and this medication can help me two ways -- help me lose weight and lower my blood sugars.  Has anyone else been on this medication and lost a lot of weight?  I hope to lose at least 50 pounds so that I can see my blood sugars go down better.  Maybe I don't have to watch my carbs so closely either. 

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Diabetes :: Does Metformin Really Help?

Does Metformin really help?  I am a diabetic that has done diet and exercise to control my blood sugars and now the doctor wants me on medication.  My friend is on metformin and she still has high blood sugars so I don't want to be on a medication that can mess up my body and have my sugars still elevated.  Has anyone else been on Metformin and experienced how it works for you?  Has your blood sugars gone down at all?  I have another friend that hates taking metformin.  She says she has diarrhea from it so bad that she has made a mess in her pants from taking it.  She quit taking it and she has stopped having loose stools.  I don't want that side effect to happen to me.  Should I ask the doctor if I can try another alternative?  I much rather stick with the diabetic diet and try to control my sugars that way. 

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10 Years Diabetes With Hypertension Now

I have diabetes for 10 years and recently got diagnosed with Hypertension. I am not overweight and i got these genetically.
Can you please suggest how to lead a healthy long life with these two deadly diseases.

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Successfully Dealing With Diabetes 2?

How many people have input on successfully dealing with diabetes 2?

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Certain Way To Eat Fruit Can Reverse Diabetes

The researchers say a certain way to eat fruit can reverse diabetes Read Here ....

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Erectile Dysfunction :: Due To Diabetes

i am diabetic and now having problem of erectile dysfunction

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Anxiety Can Cause Diabetes And Hypertension?

I heard that anxiety can cause diabetes and hypertension.

This makes me just thinking all the time about it and I'm trying to not do alot of exposures therapy because of this idea.

I'm 30 and have no medical condition.

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Diabetes :: Become Extremely Thirsty Lately

I've started to become extremely thirsty lately. I've also had an issue with having to pee a lot, which has been happening for a much longer time than the thirst. The troubling thing is that I had a fasting blood test about 1-2 months ago, and also did a bunch of self-tests, and they were all normal.

Not sure how exactly I should approach this - My doctor wants another fasting blood test, and that's a whole other issue. It's hard to fast, as I feel extremely bad if I have to go without sugar, especially with the driving/waiting to take the test/etc...But like I said, that's another issue.

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Any Advice Regarding Gestational Diabetes ?

So, just found out i have gestational diabetes. How many of you moms have this and do u have any advice?

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Pregnancy :: What It's Like To Have Gestational Diabetes?

So just found out i have gestational diabetes. Can anyone who has had this tell me what it's like?

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Diabetes :: Drinking Beer

So I am type 2 diabetic and I want to know if I can drink beer.  I usually go out on the weekend and drink cola but I'd like to drink a beer or two.  Would this be ok or will this mess me up?

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Cystic Fibrosis And Diabetes

I was diagnosed with cystic fibrosis when I was just a little girl. I have been on medication and a special dietary regime all my life. Now the doctors say that I have developed cystic fibrosis related diabetes and that I will have to take additional medicine. You can imagine how delighted I was when I heard this. I am a twenty five year old, but I feel like I am fifty. I would like to avoid any new injections and drugs because the therapy I am under is already too demanding. Is there some other way for me to treat this cystic fibrosis related diabetes?

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Diabetes :: Alogliptin Better Than Metformin?

Just had my annual  type 2 diabetes check up and the Doc has changed my Metformin medication to Alogliptin / Metformin combination tablet. He says it is a new drug with good results reported. Anybody else have any experience of this ?

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Diabetes :: Coming Off Metformin?

I wanna know if anyone come off metformin at all?  I want to get off of this junk because it makes me sick.  Worried if I can't and have to have  it for the rest of my life.  Yuck.  I hate being sick all the time.  Maybe insulin would be better than this.  Can I ask my doctor about going on insulin instead of being on metformin?  This would be a great thing to get off the prescription pills all right. I am ready to get off of them now.  Is there any advice for me to get a different med or anything?? Would like to have my life go back to normal and feel good and not feel sick.  There's got to be a better way.  I am wanting to be able to eat good again. Can someone tell me what to do and what I can do? 

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Diabetes :: After Metformin And Before Insulin

I've been on Metformin for several years now and my doctor is thinking about putting me on insulin but he says there are other drugs he can administer before we get to insulin. So, my question is what comes after Metformin and before Insulin? I've been really comfortable with Metformin and I feel rather awkward about taking in new medications. Has anyone had this happen and what did you decide to do about it. I'm really scared about insulin cause I've heard some bad things about it.

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