Diabetes :: Side Effects Of Metformin?

Jun 12, 2013

Anyone out there use metformin if so what side effects r u feeling currently taking metformin 1000 mg once a day 

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Diabetes :: Metformin - What Are The Side Effects?

I was diagnosed type 2 Diabetes in May this year and given Metformin straight away 2x 500mg a day as my fasting Glucose level was 22!!

Shortly afterwards I started having symptoms of what I now know to be Anxiety and Panic disorder and by July I had stopped taking Metformin, and after a disasterous few days of taking Fluxoteen (Prozac) which made me feel suicidal I was given Diazepam just to get some rest.

To cut a long story short I cut down the Diazepam little by little and now take nothing and have just started back at work on a phased return. Now that I am facing things again I realise that |I must take control of the Diabetes and need to start taking Metformin again and looking at my diet as I had a couple of months when I hardly ate and I am now eating far too much fat/sugar/carbs.

My problem is that because my anxiety problems started around the same time I started the Metformin I cannot bring myself to take them again as the fear of being in the grip of anxiety and panic scares me so much. I know that the Metformin are unlikely to have contributed to me being mentally ill I would just like to hear from people with experience of Metformin and any side affects they had and how long it took to get used to them.

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Diabetes :: Metformin - Terrible Side Effects

I have been prescribed this med called Metformin and I hate it!  It's worse than the diabetes!  I have diarrhea so bad that I can be sleeping and then wake up to a mess in my bed!!!!  I was horrified when I found I messed my sheets and my husband was sleeping in bed as well!!  I ended up rolling the sheets up and while he was sleeping, move him over them to get the nasty thing from the bed.  I am glad he didn't question why our sheet was missing!!  I also feel sick on this medication and it is something I  just don't want to be on anymore.  Has anyone else been on Metformin and had this happen to them?  Have you had any terrible side effects like losing control of your bowels?  What other side effects can occur on this dreaded stuff?

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Diabetes :: What Are The Side Effects Of Metformin 500mg

Hi, My friend has been diagnosed with diabetes type 2. His doctor recommended metformin 500mg as the first line of treatment. I must admit that I don’t have enough information about this medication, so I need more information about this. What are the side effects of this drug?

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Diabetes :: Metformin - Bowel Effects

Just took my first 500mg metformin..a little nervous about tummy effects, praying they aren't too bad..sugar is running high and next stop is insulin. Dr. wanted to start me with 1,000 but I decided not to do that..I figured that would be shooting myself in the foot, so to speak, as I tend to be sensitive to meds. If I do ok, I'll jump up in a few days to 1,000..his ultimate goal is 2,000 which I know for me, is just a bit too much since one of the meds I'm on actually enhances metformin's activity.

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Diabetes :: Differences Between Metformin And SR Metformin

So I was talking with a friend of mine who has diabetes like me and I told her that I was taking Metformin.  She said she takes SR Metformin and I asked her what it was because mine doesn't say SR.  She showed me the bottle of the prescription and sure enough it says SR Metformin.  Does anyone know what the SR is in this prescription Metformin?  Is it something that is new on the market?  I wonder if I should be taking it too? 
She doesn't seem to get the diarrhea like I do with Metformin.  If that is the reason, I want to start taking it because I don't like some of the other side effects I get with it. 

I hope someone can shed light on this.  I would like to know more about it from other people .  It is hard to know how pills act from reading the list of side effects that are listed on some websites.  It is better to know first hand by other people. 

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Diabetes :: How Much Metformin ?

I was curious to know about the medication called metformin.  It is for diabetics to help their bodies secrete more insulin. But I heard that patients may also lose weight on it. Yes!  It's true!  I am a type 2 diabetic and I weigh about 260  and I think this medication would be great to have.  I need to lose a bit of weight and this medication can help me two ways -- help me lose weight and lower my blood sugars.  Has anyone else been on this medication and lost a lot of weight?  I hope to lose at least 50 pounds so that I can see my blood sugars go down better.  Maybe I don't have to watch my carbs so closely either. 

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Diabetes :: Does Metformin Really Help?

Does Metformin really help?  I am a diabetic that has done diet and exercise to control my blood sugars and now the doctor wants me on medication.  My friend is on metformin and she still has high blood sugars so I don't want to be on a medication that can mess up my body and have my sugars still elevated.  Has anyone else been on Metformin and experienced how it works for you?  Has your blood sugars gone down at all?  I have another friend that hates taking metformin.  She says she has diarrhea from it so bad that she has made a mess in her pants from taking it.  She quit taking it and she has stopped having loose stools.  I don't want that side effect to happen to me.  Should I ask the doctor if I can try another alternative?  I much rather stick with the diabetic diet and try to control my sugars that way. 

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Diabetes :: Alogliptin Better Than Metformin?

Just had my annual  type 2 diabetes check up and the Doc has changed my Metformin medication to Alogliptin / Metformin combination tablet. He says it is a new drug with good results reported. Anybody else have any experience of this ?

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Diabetes :: Coming Off Metformin?

I wanna know if anyone come off metformin at all?  I want to get off of this junk because it makes me sick.  Worried if I can't and have to have  it for the rest of my life.  Yuck.  I hate being sick all the time.  Maybe insulin would be better than this.  Can I ask my doctor about going on insulin instead of being on metformin?  This would be a great thing to get off the prescription pills all right. I am ready to get off of them now.  Is there any advice for me to get a different med or anything?? Would like to have my life go back to normal and feel good and not feel sick.  There's got to be a better way.  I am wanting to be able to eat good again. Can someone tell me what to do and what I can do? 

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Diabetes :: After Metformin And Before Insulin

I've been on Metformin for several years now and my doctor is thinking about putting me on insulin but he says there are other drugs he can administer before we get to insulin. So, my question is what comes after Metformin and before Insulin? I've been really comfortable with Metformin and I feel rather awkward about taking in new medications. Has anyone had this happen and what did you decide to do about it. I'm really scared about insulin cause I've heard some bad things about it.

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Diabetes :: Metformin And B12 Deficiency

I am 70 and  have had diabetes for 21 years.  Almost from the time of diagnosis I was prescribed Metformin as well as eventually going onto two types of insulin.   Over the years I had been feeling tired, lethargic, no appetite which I just put down to old age. I have never been overweight, being 9 stone when I was diagnosed but  over the last three years I have lost weight as my appetite was very bad.  At one time I was 67 kgs and now I am 57kg.   I saw a doctor and had some blood tests done and I am "borderline B12 deficient".   I have found out that Metformin is given to overweight women as it is an appetite suppressant, something I hardly needed!  Metformin is one of the main causes of B12 deficiency.   Those side effects they talk about on the information leaflet that comes with the tablets doesn't actually mention B12 but gives a lot of the side effects, one of them being tinnitus, something I've had for years.  Vegans and Vegetarians can get B12 deficiency as you get it from animal products but  obviously from drugs as well.   

A week or so ago I took it upon myself to stop the Metformin and instantly my appetite came back, I actually felt hunger pangs for the first time in years!  I have had to increase my insulin slightly to keep my sugar levels down but  just being able to eat more makes me feel better.

Today I am starting a course of B12 injections, one every other day, five doses in all and hope that this helps with the deficiency symptoms. Another case of having to take one drug to counteract the effects of another drug. If anyone is on Metformin it may pay them to look up Metformin and B12 and see if anything they are experiencing could be caused by taking it. 

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Diabetes Type 1 :: Using Metformin

I just wondered if someone could give me some information on taking metformin with type 1 diabetes? I’m currently using lantus and everything seems fine with my bloods and I’ve got good control, but one of my friends is also type 1 and just started using metformin as well as her insulin. I’m just a bit confused cos I thought that was for type 2’s and wondered why she was taking it? Also, if she’s taking it, should I be? Or is it just specific people. If it means I’ve got less chance of getting other problems with my diabetes I’d take it, it’s just that no-one’s ever mentioned it me.

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Diabetes :: Once On Metformin - For Life On It?

I have been on meformin for about a year now.  I became diabetic about 5 years ago but was able to do the diet and exercise thing until I was put on metformin.  I asked the doctor about getting off of it now that my sugars have been doing good.  He said that once diagnosed with diabetes I can never come off of meformin???  I cannot believe that.  He can't be for real.  I don't want to be on metformin for the rest of my life.  I would like to be able to get off of it and just control my diabetes on my own.  I did it before so I would like to do it again.  How do I convince him to let me go off of metformin?

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Diabetes :: Metformin ER - Morning Or Evening?

I take the metformin ER 500mg once a day. My sugar is only up of the morning. Has anyone ever just taken it of the evening meal ? Do you think it would make a difference if I switch to evening meal ?I've been taking it of the morning.

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Diabetes :: Metformin - Nausea And Diarrhea

It seems I have come to an impasse with my metformin. Can't do it any more! My system can't seem to handle 1000 mg a day. I have have nausea and diarrhea. I've even taken generic forms and it appears that I'm allergic to them. My doctor has suggested going to insulin at this time but it will be a couple of weeks before I do. In the meantime, I'm a bit nervous about this whole situation. Has anyone had problems with taking metformin and then switched to insulin? I understand there are different kinds of insulin. How do I know what kind I need?

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Type 2 Diabetes - Mum Getting Lows Although On Metformin

My mum is a recently diagnosed type II diabetic and although she's tried to control it with her diet she's still ended taking metformin. She takes them with her meals like she’s been told, but she’s still getting sugar lows and feeling dizzy and shaky. She doesn’t drink that much and I can’t don’t know enough about it.

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Type 1 Diabetes And Metformin Along With Injection?

I have type 1 diabetes and take insulin for this. I have had diabetes for a long time and I am very use to my injection regime. My doctor has now said that I need to take metformin alongside, but I thought metformin was for type 2 diabetes.

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Metformin In Type 1 Diabetes? Along With Insulin?

I’m a type 1 diabetic and have been since I was 10. I got it after I’d had a virus so have been using and injecting different insulins since then. But recently my doctor has suggested that I start taking metformin cos I’ve had a few problems keeping my bloods okay over the past few months. I thought you didn’t need metformin if you were a type 1 diabetic – I thought it was just for type 2’s?

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Diabetes Type 1 And SR Metformin Along With Insulin?

I have a doctor who wants me to take SR Metformin . I am a type 1 diabetic and I already take insulin.  When I was 6 I developed it.  I have taken shots since then.  Now that I am 25 my doctor wants to see of Metformin will help me.  I am a bit overweight and not skinny like I was in childhood.  He thinks I will benefit from this pill.  What do u all think?  Is it a good idea to be on a pill along with the insulin I take?  I don't know if anyone else who is type 1 does this too.  It would be nice to know if I can be ok on both.  What is SR?  I have heard of Metformin but never with the SR in its name.  I hope someone knows about this.  I have a friend in Maine that has type 1 but doesn't need any pills to go along with his insulin. 

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Diabetes Type 2 - Best Time To Take Metformin?

I am still "technically" considered pre-diabetic. I take 500 mg of Metformin a day. Can anyone tell me what is the best time to take it? I have read several post that say to take it with the biggest meal of the day, is that the general consensus? Is there anything else I should consider?

Yesterday, I took my dose at the usual 6 o'clock, but I wasn't able to eat until around 8 (I know this is not ideal). My bg was still 143 until around 1:30 am.

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