Diverticula :: Lack Of Iron

Aug 10, 2014

could i ask other sufferers of D.D If they are suffering from iron deficiency due to drastic change in their diet ? Due to not eating vegetables and other iron producing foods ,and would it be wise to take an iron supplement?

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Can Diverticula Become Inflamed Without Infection?

Over the past two months I've had 2 colonoscopies and a sigmoidoscopy. The sigmoidoscopy found diverticular,( I wasn't surprised). Routine biopsies were taken at the time which came back normal. The first colonoscopy following this found no diverticular, it was completely clear and no biopsies were taken. Because of this I queried whether other things could have been missed ( I've had mild rectal bleeding for months). Because of this they decided to do a second colonoscopy which I had yesterday. Apparently I was in so much pain that I asked the doctor to stop the procedure ( I can't remember as I was sedated). The report I received after said diverticular disease noted and routine biopsies taken. The nurse also mentioned inflammation (which wasn't on the written report). I'm just wondering if the diverticular could have been inflamed and caused the pain? My last two procedures weren't painful at all. Guess I'm scared of IBD, but thinking that this would have been picked up before?  I've had lower left pain intermittently for years but never sought any treatment as it usually lasts for a few days the resolves. Can diverticular become inflamed without becoming infected? I'm really confused as to what is going on

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Diverticula Diet :: What To Eat And Avoid?

I have now had diverticular disease for the last 12 years and have a flare up every 6 months. I have apparently 6 pouches in my colon. I still do not know what foods to eat and to avoid. I have from my own experience stopped eating certain foods. I do not eat anything with seeds in ie some fruits have seeds so the only fruit I eat is melon pineapples bananas. The doctors say you should have a high fibre diet then they say do not eat seeds. I have just discovered that I should not be eating rice. How about baked beans should I eat these or not? Please could someone tell me as at the moment I am going mad not knowing what I should be doing.

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Diverticula :: Exploding Abscess In A Pouch?

Has anyone had an exploding abscess in a pouch,? Did the medicals

tell you why and what caused it. ?,Or did you get the Mushroom treatment ?

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Diverticula :: Anyone Tried Raw Garlic And Cranberry Juice?

I'm just trying to recover from a flare up and as I'm quite new to this horrible disease I am making some mistakes along the way. I've been on a low residue diet for two weeks & have been ok & felt fairly normal at the weekend, but then yesterday felt a bit constipated & bloated so I started taking my psyllium husk supplements & a spoonful of Aloe Vera juice, I only took two PH but this morning felt very sick again & had to rush to the loo so many times. I don't have any pain & the only way I can describe it is that my tummy feels very tender, so I think I've tried to rush things. I've been reading SO many different versions of how long it takes to recover & what you should be eating? I think I am fairly confident that I have been eating the right things so not sure why I ended up constipated? A few people have said that cranberry juice is really good & also that you should eat raw garlic as it acts as a natural antibiotic. I have read posts on here saying that you should avoid garlic.

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Diverticula :: Is Aloe Vera Good?

Has anyone heard of Aloe Vera helping diverticular problems?

I saw a very convincing article on the computer about its benefits for all gastric and diverticular etc

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Diverticula :: Prevacid Could Cause Diverticular Colitis?

I went for my 2nd opinion today with another Gastroenterologist. The Surgeon had referred me.

He said he wants to do a gastroscopy and also a sigmoidoscopy. He also told me that one of the medications I have been taking for years for my hiatus hernia called Prevacid could cause diverticular colitis.

Has anyone had diverticular colitis?

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Diverticula :: Abdominal Pains For Over 20 Years

I have had left side abdominal pains for over 20 years. Initially doctors thought it was IBS but now it has gotten worse with the same symptoms there most of the time whereas in the past they would come and go. Now the thinking is diverticular disease. I have had prunes with my breakfast for years and have for the last week increased my intake of fibre though it does not seem to have had an effect in relieving the pain yet.

Pain usually begins in the left lower abdomen and then seems to move lower down and ends up as a tight, cramping feeling around the left side near the kidney area.

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Constant Abdominal Pain - Diverticula?

I've been having constant left side abdominal pain and dodgy bowel movements since around May this year. Also constant peeing. My GP went down the gynae route and sent me for a scan of uterus and ovaries. All normal, as was all the blood work done. I then went on to pass blood in a bowel movement, maroon coloured with fresh blood about 8 weeks ago. This lasted about 24 hours. Have had nothing since but awaiting a date for a colonoscopy. My GP has mentioned Diverticular but obviously I am concerned re cancer. I have had no weight loss and still have s good appetite despite a bad case of acid reflux hanging about. My bowel movements tend to be soft but never diarrhoea but I have noticed there are small hard lumps of darker coloured stool mixed in. Is it possible that these small lumps are stuck in the diverticular pooches but are flushed through by the looser stuff? Also is constant low grade pain a usual symptom? I do get the odd hot flush and dizziness but on the whole generally feel well. I would appreciate any help/advise from anyone with this condition.

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Diverticula :: Food / Diet - Do's And Dont's

Returning from a hospital session of Drips and Deprivation (food) I was handed a Low Residue diet to follow. Scant in products,and information what to do with said products, I searched the web for more information, 

only to find contradictory eat and don't eats, so I thought that WE the sufferers of food deprivation should start our own Divi Diners club and see if we can throw some light on the subject.

I Love mushrooms,but cannot find any info about them. How do we achieve our five a day if we can't eat fruit? Is it O.K. to take the skins off?

Can we have chips or roasties,or fish with batter on? Spices, do any of you use spices. and what do you put on spaghetti?

Can we blitz veggies, as stews and casseroles are forbidden?

Pastry is allowed, but no mention of which type.

So. can we help each other ,then at least when ,or if we ,dine out, we can order something from the menu.

I cannot eat boiled potatoes ,eggs (is it O.K to have a fried one?) jelly and rice pudding for ever. .

So please join in and share your doe's and dont's. mushrooms eaters.

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Diverticula :: Sharp / Stabbing Pain In Abdomin

I was diagnosed back in May 2014 with diverticular disease because I had a sharp pain in my lower left abdomen but recently I have had a pain in my lower right abdomen and am waiting to go for another colonoscopy. has anyone else experienced this with diverticular disease as the doctor doesn't think the pain is caused by my diverticular am worried as it feels like a stabbing pain.

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Diverticula :: Wheat, Lactose, Sugar Intolerance

i was diagnosed with significant diverticular in jan 2013 each time I have a flare up I require augmentin antibiotics these flare ups seem to be every 2/3 months now hence I am left with horrendous ibs due to the antibiotics .  Today I went to a natural fitness centre as I could not convince my gp I thought I had food intolerances now. I biofeedback scan was done on me and the results were wheat intolerance lactose intolerance and refined sugar intolerance!!!!!! My question is my ibs is not constipation or diarrhoea just the need to have BO a lot especially after meals but I have been told by drs I need a high fibre diet to prevent the pouches becoming infected how can I have this type of diet if I am intolerant to wheat ?

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Diverticula Surgery :: Undergoing Colon Resection?

Can anyone share their experience of undergoing colon resection? Does it make a difference if you have IBS?

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Irritable Bowel Syndrome With Diverticula - How To Manage Both?

I'm having a hard time at the minute because I'm having one of my flare ups that happen about 4 times a month.

I have been diagnosed with IBS-d and diverticular disease. I'm confident with the diagnosis as I've had all the tests. But IBS-d is managed by FODMAP diet, yet this cuts out so many sources of fibre that the flare ups are most likely the diverticulitis...massive bloating, cramping and diarrhoea.

Any thoughts or successful tips on how I might be able to better manage both?

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Diverticula Diet? Fruit, Vegetables, Cooked Only?

In the past, I have spent quite a lot of money getting advice from a private Nutritionist.  She advised me not to eat any raw fruit and vegetables but to eat them cooked only.  Also not to eat salad as lettuce in particular can take a while to pass through the digestive system.  Also she said that wheat is not a good form of fibre but Rye is better but Rye bread is usually heavy, more like a house brick.  Rye crackers are O.K. sometimes but won't make a good sandwich.

Yesterday, when I had a bad flare up, I thought that I have got to rethink my diet yet again.

I have been eating wholemeal bread but it seems to make me really bloated and uncomfortable.

I am going to start taking probiotics again but not sure which ones are best.

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Diverticula With Gastric Bypass - Diet Advice?

I have been diagnosed with Diverticular Disease but I get a lot of pain in my right side' also at the bottom of my tummy it feels like I have pebbles rolling around. I have also had a gastric bypass 5 years ago so eating bran is something I can't do and to be honest don't need as I go too much as soon as I eat I am in the loo and I am so scared when I go out because I know if I get a little anxious I need the loo and I won't eat out because of the same reason. It feels my life revolves around the loo day and night and I am getting so drained and tired by it all. Can anybody help please my doc don't seem to know what to do Thanks for reading x

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Diverticula :: Severe Bloating - Baggy Tummy

Why is it ,that I have been eating fresh air and boiled potatoes for six days, I look ,and feel as though I have eaten three Sunday  dinners? "BLOAT""   .I understand is part of a  Flare side effect. What  causes it,? it's not food, or poop. It's not painful. just unsightly Mebeverine will flatten it out for a while ,but it returns  ,so it's baggy sweaters to hide it .that makes me look as though I've eaten four sunday dinners .  Any suggestions  how to flatten it, without using drugs?


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Diverticula :: Pubic Pain - Cramping And Bouts Of Diarrhea

I was diagnosed 2 years ago .  After complaining of left sided pain .

Since then I am having pain left sided going over to the pubic bone area . Does anyone else have this ??

I admit I am also have lots of  cramping and bouts of diarrhea  and constipation but keeping pain  under control with paracetamol only .

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Diverticula :: Smoking Making Pain And Bloating Worse

does any one who smokes find that it makes the pain in your tummy worse and get more bloated?

i know it's bad for u but it's easier said than done to give up!

be interested to hear the positives and negatives.

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Diverticula :: Antibiotics Killed ALL (Good And Bad) Bacteria In My Intestines

Has anyone encountered this ? I was on Ciprofloxacin for 10 days for Diverticular attack that I had on Thanksgiving I still had some pain as the 10 days was ending so my GI put me on Metronidazole for 7 days - 3 days in I was sicker then with the Diverticulitis- My intestines were on fire and I loose stool in large amounts - I went back to the Dr he said the medicine had wiped all the good and bad bacteria from my intestines and now we had to rebuild it - that was tuesday he told me to take Probiotics and 2 yogurts a day . Poops are now normal and my pain is starting to subside but it goes in spurts - I definitely feel like i am on the mend but hoping to feel better soon - i was wondering if anyone else had any experience with this ?

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Diverticula With Colitis :: Aloe Vera, Manuka Honey - Probiotics?

Report from colonoscopy which states that both are now present.  As most are aware have been using Aloe Vera and Manuka Honey plus Acidophilus, we have been sent a prescription now advising to take the drug Budesonide (budenofalk) has anyone had any experience of being given this to use and can this be combined with probiotics?


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