Does Norethisterone Change Your Ovulation Day?

Mar 5, 2015

Does norethisterone change your ovulation day? I was using the tablets for less than a week to delay my period and came off them and had unprotected intercourse a few days after. If that had been my fertile window before taking the tablets would that still be my window while I was taking them?

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Ovulation :: Severe Ovulation Pain Following Hernia Repair?

Is it possible to experience severe ovulation pain following hernia repair surgery?

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How Many Times A Day To Change Colostomy Bag?

I often find I am changing up to 8 times a day not because the bag is full but because my skin sweating causes the adhesive to break down and the leaks begin. This is worse in hot countries and when travelling as I will need to change to make sure I have an empty bag before queuing up for aircraft etc. I also need to change before driving any distance as the seat belt position can cause leaks. Is there anyone out there with a similar problem 

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Autoimmune Disorders :: Do Your ANA Patterns Change?

So now I feel like a complete hypochondriac. Ladybud (who is fabulous, btw) has helped me tremendously. I am wondering if any of you have had your ANA patterns change. I am having muscle aches, dx with small fiber neuropathy and Raynaud’s, my RBCs and C-reactive protein have been low throughout the last 3 years. I now have been dx with a reactivation of the Epstein Barr virus and alopecia due to “granulomatous Dermatitis” (getting 2nd opinion later this month).

These are my titers and patterns over the years:

10/2011 ANA Titer: 1:320 Pattern: Homogeneous
11/2011 ANA Titer: 1:320 Pattern: Homogeneous
10/2013 ANA Titer: 1:320 Pattern: Homogeneous
5/2014 ANA Titer: 1:160 Pattern: Homogeneous


6/2014 (AVISE SLE 2.0 TESTING (1st time with this test) ANA Titer: 1:80 Pattern: Diffuse fine speckled

Negative on all markers. I am HLA-B27 Positive, but negative for ankylosing spondylitis (AS).

Now my rheumatologist stated all my blood work appears to be normal and I have ZERO autoimmune positivity.

Huh? I feel like such a hypochondriac.

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Diabetes :: Glucophage Can Change Personality ?

almost two weeks ago I was diagnosed with PCOS and the doctor gave me Glucophage and I started it right away

she said that my hormones are normal .. but she tested me the last day of my period (the 8th day)

right after I took Glucophage .. I noticed changes in my personality

I'm not intense as I used to be ... I take things more freely

I also feel sorry for everybody .. not really sorry but mercy? I don't know but I feel I want to help everybody

my sex drive also is up

and some other changes too

and I don't feel like myself .. it feels weird

it feels like there is a difference

I'm wondering can it cause these changes?

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Anxiety :: When People Or Things Change

I get anxiety when people or things change.... even people I do not know.  Today at work I heard that a child who is two years old is on her last days due to numerous problems.  I felt anxiety shoot through my body even though I do not know this child.  I know we all feel sad when we hear something like this but I cannot understand my body reaction to this.  Another example is that there is a house behind me which is now sold and I feel anxiety that they are leaving even though I have never met them and I dont even know their names.  What is this....I don't understand my feelings.

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No Change / Improvement In Hearing After Stapedectomy

I was virtually deaf in one ear and very little hearing in the other ear, have worn hearing aids for 25 years. Recently (all happened so quickly, within 6 weeks) got diagnosed with Otosclerosis in both ears. 6 weeks after seeing doctor, i had the op. I had a stapedectomy/stapedotomy on 04/01/2016. Noticed a faint improvement in hearing when lying on the ward after the op, could faintly hear trolleys being moved about. But nothing drastic...... I've had dizziness, (not room spinning dizziness) which now only remains if i read, do jigsaws, scan shop shelves from side to side etc, weird! I've been through the heart pulsating, creaking, the rain dripping onto a metal plate sound etc.

I've had no real explanation of what to expect, i didn't really ask the surgeon any questions as i wasn't sure what would happen after and was unaware i'd have so many unanswered questions come up.

I assumed, and read some on the internet, and was told by a friend who'd had it done, that once the packing was removed, i'd be able to hear. Had packing removed 6 days ago, i'd built myself up SO much, that i stood and sobbed when i still couldn't hear! Surgeon looked a bit puzzled, but he said he wasn't worried at this point and to see him again in 6 weeks and that it'd be fluid behind my ear. He said i need to have some popping before i'll hear.

So, here i am now, with no change in my hearing for the last 6 days. I'm sure when i swallow, i sound as if fluid is in there? I also get like a thunder noise mainly in the morning when i wake up and my throat moves. But what's worrying me most after reading up on the internet again, is when i put headphones on, i can hear the music, (have to have it on loud to hear it), but the loud thumps/beats in the music make my ear crackle like a loose wire on a radio. I read last night that this is because the op hasn't worked and the prosthesis needs tightening/shortening/revising. But then on the other hand i've read that this may be normal?

If i go to do a burp movement when i have music in the headphones, i get a millisecond of a loud noise, but then it goes again as my throat can't seem to hold the noise open if you get what i mean. I have soooo many questions but don't want to bore you with them, maybe later. So, should i be hearing by now, is the crackling loose wire sound normal, and if you have any other advice that might stop me worrying please. I'm just sitting waiting day by day thinking today might be the day that i hear.

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Stoma Bag :: How Often Is Necessary To Change Colostomy Wafer?

I had total colectomy and ileostomy five weeks ago and even though I do have some help from my ostomy nurse, I’m now left alone to take care of my stoma bag and I immediately ran into one simple question – how often should I change the wafer? I’ve been changing the bag every three days and when I changed it last time I noticed skin underneath the wafer is reddish, so I’m wondering if I’m changing the wafer too rarely, or am I doing something else wrong? I do first put the protective powder, then the wafer then the pouch, but like I said, the skin underneath the wafer is red and maybe I’m supposed to change it more often?

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Eyes :: Macular Pigment Change

So I went to get an eye test today and when the optician viewed the image of the back of my eyes she said there was a small change in the pigment of the macular. She said it can lead to vision loss. She looked at my eyes, did the vision tests and my vision seems okay, apart from being short sighted. She said not to worry, it may have been there all the time but due to my age (35) they don't really look for it but I am to go back for an eye test in a year rather than two. 

Well I did the worst possible thing and googled it which of course came back with macular degeneration and loss of central vision, although all I can find is age related macular degeneration but I'm freaking out. Has anyone else had experience of this, is pigment change something that can always have been there without any degeneration? I suppose if it was serious she would have referred me but I'm wondering if I should make an appointment with the GP?

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Degenerative Change Is Present In The Thoracic Spine?

The doctor said the lung tissue is possible (mild) pneumonia. I'm less concerned about that, and I'm being treated with antibiotics. However, I have no idea what "degenerative change is present in the thoracic spine" means. He said nothing about that, but he's an allergy/asthma specialist, so it's not really his field...

Here's what the whole thing says:

"Minimal linear infiltrate is present in the left base. The lungs are otherwise clear. The cardiomediastinal silhouette is normal size and configuration. No pneumothorax or pleural effusion is identified. The pulmonary vascularity is normal. Minimal degenerative change is present in the thoracic spine."

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Arthritis :: Fibrocystic Change In The Greater Tuberosity?

Findings: -

AC Joint: There is mild AC joint arthrosis present.

Osseous Structures and Articular Surfaces: The glenohumeral cartilage is normal. There is fibrocystic change in the greater tuberosity. There is normal signal in the glenoid.

Rotator Cuff: The supraspinatus, infraspinatus, subscapularis, and teres minor are intact. There is no retraction or atrophy. No fluid in the subacromial/subdeltoid bursa.

Labral-ligamentous Complex: The biceps anchor is intact. No definite labral tear present.

Additional Findings: No mass lesion in the quadrilateral space or suprascapular notch.

I   was in a  bad car wreck Feb 15th , luckily i didn't get hurt to bad, just banged up pretty good with alot of bruising , i really didn't have pain in my shoulder until 2-3 days later i started feeling a sharp stabbing pain in my collar bone,  i kinda ignored it and went about my business thinking ok its just from being banged up. I then went to work on a saturday and noticed that the pain started to get worse and noticed a bulge in between my collarbone and shoulder , i proceeded to put ice on it and just kept working, then i went into work sunday and still same thing but i started to feel very weak and ill . so i told them sorry i am unable to come back to work the next day and made a doctors apt .  he scheduled an MRI   i got it done and that was in march 9th  , he said they didn't see any tears or broken bones, but i do have Mild ac joint Arthrosis , he sent me to an Orthopedic surg. and i have been doing physical therapy since then and he did give me some shot in the shoulder. the pain in my shoulder is a deep ache pain with a burning sensation in my upper arm, then i lift my arm or turn it it pops, clicks , crackles and crunches,  the pain stays mostly at a lvl 3 and some days can go to a 5 . If this ac joint is causing all this  my god i just want it to go away . I already have degeneration in my spine with herniated and bulging discs in my lower back .  Mild  bone spurring in my middle back and neck . he wanted me to do 4 more weeks of therapy but so far its not helping the burning sensation seems to be getting worse I also feel like i have a tennis ball in my shoulder (scapula) area when i sit in my car or lean back in my chair . the areas are very tender to touch . I am taking diclofenac for the inflammation .  i am supposed to be going back to my DR. may 24th to possibly have him clean and scope  my shoulder to see what is causing all this !

also what does this mean ?  The glenohumeral cartilage is normal. There is fibrocystic change in the greater tuberosity. There is normal signal in the glenoid.

" There is fibrocystic change in the greater tuberosity." ?

I am just wondering if anyone else has had the same problem with there ac joint doing that ?

bc i am to a point  lifting anything real heavy, sweeping and mopping my floors, drying  or combing my hair , mixing or stirring anything with that arm  ( left ) side .. just makes it worse !  i've heat it iced it , but it gives a very short relief

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Change From Citalopram 25mg To Sertraline 50mg

I'm 35 years old and have been on citalopram (10 to 25mg) for about 13 years. It has helped me in general but never stopped my panic attacks completely. When I had a bad time I had to increase my tablets which always made me feel worse before better. What I find is that I feel emotionally numb. I don't get excited about things like for ex going on holiday. Instead I see it as a hurdle like I have to spend hrs on a plane which I really dislike, what if people are going to be loud, moving my seat... And what if I feel totally awful whilst I'm there... That kind of thing. I start shaking, freaking out, vomiting, can't eat, function, terrified.... I saw a doctor a while back who said that she didn't think this medication was working for me anymore and that it could be normal as I've been on them for so long. It is now affecting my relationship as my other half always says I'm not happy or if I am I'm not showing it. Anyway, I decided to see my GP yesterday who told me to try sertraline. However, i have been on 25mg of citalopram for the last 5 months and have not had any severe panic/anxiety attacks but I can tell that it's still there waiting to erupt. Now, I am petrified to change my med!! What if I'm gonna feel worse or awful like I did last year! anyone here changed cit for sertraline after a long time? Am I gonna get withdrawal symptoms from cit before I get used to sertraline?? If you have been through it I would be very grateful if you could tell me how it went... I just want to be happy and live life to the fullest. I feel I haven't been able to in the last 15 years. I'm supposed to take my last citalopram tonight and go straight to sertraline tomorrow.

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Vitamin B12 Deficiency - Injections But No Real Change

I spent two weeks in hospital over Christmas and new year 2013-2014     My symptoms were numbness in my feet, legs, stomach and hands and I am type 2  diabetic. Neurologist diagnosed vitamin B12 deficiency and nerve damage. Waiting for results of colonoscopy due to stomach problems.having b12 injections but no real change,trouble walking and balance affected.

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Is It Normal For Menstrual Cycle (periods) To Change

is it normal for your menstrual cycle to change. my period is usual at the middle of every month but now it came early but it's not the same as my other periods its heavier, less pain and the normal signs that i use to get to tell me that my period was coming i did not get them this time around. is it normal or is there something wrong with me.

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Cervical MRI :: Multilevel Degenerative Spondylotic Change

Clinical Notes: Radiculopathy.

Findings: Reversal of the cervical lordosis associated with a 2mm grade 1 degenerative anterolisthesis at C3/4. Multilevel disc desiccation, loss of disc height and degenerative anterior marginal end plate osteophytic spurring. Multilevel facet joint degenerative arthropathy. No suspicious bone marrow signal abnormality. No paravertebral soft tissue abnormality. The cervicomedullary junction is normally sited with the spinal cord of normal signal and volume down to the most visualised level at D4/5.

C2/3: Moderate left facet joint degenerative arthropathy with mild left foraminal narrowing.

C3/4: Anterolisthesis, a small superiorly pointing central disc extrusion, moderate bilateral uncovertebral and marked left plus mild right facet joint degenerative arthropathy, the latter associated with effusions bilaterally. Moderate canal stenosis with mild cord flattening. Severe left and moderate to severe right foraminal narrowing with impingement at both exciting C4 nerve roots.

C4/5: Broadbased disc bar, moderate right and mild left uncovertebral plus moderate canal stenosis with mild cord flattening on the right. Severe right and mild left foraminal narrowing with impingement of the exiting right C5 nerve root.

C5/6: Small broad based disc bar and moderate left uncovertebral joint degenerative arthropathy. Mild to moderate canal stenosis with mild cord flattening on the left. Severe left foraminal narrowing with impingement of the exiting left C6 nerve root.

C6/7: Small broad based disc bar and moderate bilateral uncovertebral joint degenerative arthropathy. Mild central canal stenosis. Severe bilateral foraminal narrowing with impingement at both exciting C7 nerve roots.

C7/T1 to T2/3: Posterior disc contour is normal.

T3/4 and T4/5: Moderate right facet joint degenerative arthropathy with moderate right foraminal narrowing and impingement of the exiting right T3 and T4 nerve roots.

Conclusion: Multilevel degenerative spondylotic change as described. Spinal canal stenosis associated with mild cord flattening between C4/5 and C6/7. Compressive foraminal narrowing seen bilaterally at C3/4, right at C4/5, left at C5/6, bilaterally at C6/7 and on the right at T3/4 and T4/5.

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Cervical MRI :: Mild Discogenic Degenerative Change At C4-c5

CT c-spine Findings: There is postoperative change related to previous c5 c6 interiors fusion spacer with anterior retention hardware placement. There is no evidence of hardware fracture or loosening, alignment of the cervical spine is maintained. There is no findings of acute fracture or subluxation. Craniocervical junction is intact. C1-C2, C2-C3,C3-C4 no disc bulge or disc protrusion. No central canal stenosis or neural forAmina narrowing, within limitations of ct. C4-C5 small posterior disc osteophyte complex partially effaces the thecal sac without significant central canal or neural foraminal. C5-C6,C6-C7,C7-T1 no disc bulge or protrusion.

Impression, postoperative change at c5,c6 fusion. No evidence of hardware failure or acute fracture or subluxation of the cervical spine.

MRI findings: There is susceptibility artifact at C5-C6 related to intermediate fusion and cervical retention hardware placement.

C2-C3, C3-C4 , No disc bulge or disc protrusion. No canal stenosis or neural foraminal narrowing.

C4-C5 there is a 3 mm central disc protrusion with superimposed posterior endpapers osteophyte which partially enfaces the thecal sac. AP diameter the central canal measures 1.0cm. There is no significant central canal or neural foraminal narrowing.

C5-C6,C6-C7,C7-T1 no disc bulge or disc protrusion. No central stenosis or neural foraminal.

Impression: mild discogenic degenerative change at c4-c5. No significant central canal or neural foraminal seen at any level. Postoperative change c5-c6 anterior fusion.

I thought I was doing better from the first surgery. Pain, tingling, and numbness subsided, as well as migraines. Few months thst ago I get excruciating pain in my neck and shoulder with headaches again. I've seen my neurologist, but he says to go back to ortho. I go next thursday. I was hoping to get English what this means. My first mri and ct before surgery was quite obvious, and my pcp gave me the basics. The pain meds now im on aren't helping, in fact not even touching tje pain. Oxycodone 10/325 every 4-6 hours for breakthrough pain.

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Had Sex On The First Day Of My Ovulation, When Can I Test?

My husband I decided to try for a baby. so we had sex on the first day of my ovulation and currently on the 3rd day of ovulation. what are my chances of pregnancy and how soon can I test to find out if I am?

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Tried For Baby On The 1st And 3rd Day Of My Ovulation

My husband I decided to try for a baby. so we had sex on the first day of my ovulation and currently on the 3rd day of ovulation. what are my chances of pregnancy and how soon can I test to find out if I am?

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Penis :: Less Stiff Erections Due To Stress? Environment Change?

I'm soon to be 19 in a few days. Ever since starting college last fall, maybe about 6 months ago, my erections started getting less stiff - to which now they only ever get about half, sometimes three quarters as hard. I cum a lot quicker as well, albeit without really feeling much pleasure when I rub myself.. I used to get really hard ever since I had erections, sometimes lasting long whiles back in highschool.

I'm still a virgin. I haven't really had any girlfriends here in college, I'm quite shy if this plays into it at all. I also have a roommate, so I just do my "business" in the bathroom or shower, since I don't have privacy in my room like I did back at home. And even when I returned home for break for 4 weeks, or just occasional weekends, I still wouldn't get as hard as I did before college, nothing would change. I don't even get as excited as I once did in public when I see really attractive girls and such either. This has me having crazy stress and anxiety right now, making all my college stress worse.. I questioned if college stress could be a cause, but figured I've also been stressed in high school before and never had this issue.

It gives me a total lack of confidence, and I'm not sure what I'd do if I managed to meet a girl here and I had to explain this. I eat just well, always trying to have a banana sometimes, special K cereal every morning along with waffles, sandwich or such for lunch and soup and turkey/potatoes or a burger for dinner. I always drink water. Occasionally I'll drink milk for breakfast. I've never smoked, I don't do drugs. I've taken vitamins and antihistamines for allergies, but have stopped those almost a month ago with still no change. Please help with any possible answers.

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Gallbladder Removal :: Will Change My Diet And Life ? Anyone Experience ?

I was diagnosed with gallstones and I been eating the same way I was before the symptoms went away, until today, I am really worried on how my life and diet will change? And positive thoughts on your experience?

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Raynaud's :: Colour Change On The Lower Part Of My Fingers

so I went to my doctor since I've suffered pain since February 2012 following an injury in pe class. At the time it was put down to a not bad sprain, worsened by not using the affected wrist. I finally persuaded my mum we should do something since it hadn't cleared up after all this time. He said its raynauds, wear gloves, you'll be fine, etc etc. however, the pain has only worsened since then, the temperature of my wrist and hand has continued to decrease, the pain spreads towards my elbow/shoulder at times and I'm noticing a definite decrease in ability to use my affected wrist. It is difficult to write, open things, turn pages, and most seriously of all my daily journey on the bus is near impossible due to the pain of holding on to the bar. Is all this a consequence of primary raynaud's or is my doctor wrong?

I'm experiencing some colour change on the lower part of my fingers too, which I know is a definite sign of raynaud's.

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