Eating Disorders :: Food And Weight Is Always On My Mind

Mar 4, 2015

People say I do but the last couple days maybe a week I have been eating normally, still haven't my weight and exercising but I've been eating, but now I will go back to cutting down because I have so much...

I can't stand my weight, I hate having showers because I can see how fat I am, i once cried in the shower because of my weight,i know stupid, but it happened. I do eat but no more than 1,000 calories or just a tiny bit over and that's a bad day, I like to keep it down to under 900 but I have had a week of eating because I was so hungry but nothing more than the calories I should be eating for my age. I am very tired of always counting calories worry about food, when I have to pick my tea in the night I am there for ages trying to work out what to eat and the calories I do eat junk food but still nothing more than 1,000 calories, we barely had fruit or veg here so I do eat 'bad' foods. Food and weight is always on my mind, it's starting to affect me in school,I think if I'm gunna est in school and it's all the time. I am actually sick of it now but I can't stop, my kind tells me I'm fat but I don't no if it's a voice or me saying it to myself, I am giving up on myself because I think this is going to be my life, I don't see a future in me not worrying and fearing of gaining weight, it has taking me mentally you could say. I hate seeing really skinny people because Ino I'm not like that and it kills me, I worry about clothes fitting me if I have to try something in in front if someone. I am a 16 year old girl, 5'2 and 99pounds I've lost 10 pounds since Nov I had a week of eating and went up to 103 pounds I was just disgusted with myself.

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Eating Disorders :: Tend To Binge Eat Junk Food

I have hypothyroidism too which doesn't help, but when I'm low, bored or alone, I tend to binge eat junk food and my weight is getting to be a serious concern.

The problem is I'm a 31yr old male and I don't think anyone will take me seriously. I'm not sure weight watchers classes, self-help groups and that kind of thing are really going to benefit me, but I'm just not sure what help I can get or who will listen.

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Eating Disorders :: Can't Eat Any Cooked Food And Will Only Eat Chocolates And Sweets

For a while now I've been struggling to eat. I think it's been about 6 months. I won't eat any cooked food and will only eat chocolates and sweets! I spend a massive portion of my time in the bathroom trying to get the food I do manage to eat out my system. I am really emotional lately as well and I don't know why?

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Eating Disorders :: Can't Eat At All - Smell Of Food Makes Stomach Twirl

So I'm really not sure why I've been having this issue but I've been having a lot of problems eating lately. Basically unless I'm really really hungry like, completely empty stomach, growling stomach, hours on end without eating, I simply can't eat. The mere smell of food makes my stomach twirl and feel repugnant/disgust towards eating. If I so much as eat one spoon, my stomach instantly feels like I'm about to throw up and in many occasions where I did force more to try and eat, I ended up actually vomiting, and after that not feeling hungry for another few hours again. So unless I'm actually hungry hungry (which happens twice a day, sometimes only once) I can't eat, or I'll throw it all up, and continue not being able to eat for another few hours. I'm 178cm tall and in the past few months I lost weight, going from 61 kg down to 53kg because of this and I really need help.

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Eating Disorders :: I Hate My Weight So Much

I hate my weight so much, I see myself as fat when others see me as skinny but I don't, I lie when they say how skinny I am of say how am I so skinny I just laugh but inside I feel different, I feel massive, they don't no what goes on inside my mind so when someone says a fat joke to me like I'll be fat i die inside, it's slowly killing me inside, effecting my mind a lot! The last 3 weeks I have been eating some days a lot but not loads and other day not as much. Before I would cut my calories down to under 900 but I can't seem to get back into the dieting mood, today I didn't eat until half 4 as I had my tea then a big bag of m&ms I hated myself after eating it and tried to make myself sick which didn't work so I did a bit of exercise, as I do a little bit after I eat food. It's mot all of it just the past couple weeks it's mentally killing me all day every day is weight and food,I'm terrified of going on the scale as I have eaten. It won't stop. People think I have an eating disorder but after eating so much I don't think I do, do I?

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Eating Disorders :: All I Think About Is Losing Weight

I know I can't be diagnosed through this, but I'm starting to wonder. All I think about is losing weight, I restrict myself all the time- consuming between 0-500 calories, I take 3-4 laxatives a day and exercise as much as I can...

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Eating Disorders :: Started Taking Laxatives To Lose Weight

I've always had bad self esteem and body image issues. But recently since I had my doctor I've started taking laxatives to lose weight. I'll take a whole box or drink a whole bottle of milk magnesia. I've cut back to only one small meal every few days and right now I haven't really eaten in four days.

I have to weigh myself constantly because if I don't know how much I weight I freak out. If I eat anything my first thought is to get it out of me. Food in general has been making feel sick lately. It's becoming gross. Even the sight of it or somebody eating is gross.

I need to eat but the number on the scale just keeps going down and I'll tell myself this is my last laxative. I'll eat tomorrow. But the number will be low and I'll think that if I do it for one more day then it'll get lower.

I'm wondering if I could be developing an ED. I'm not super thin. Infact, ever since having my daughter I'm a little over weight. Would I even be aware of it if I had one?

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Thyroid Disorders :: Hashimoto's With Eating Disorder / Weight Gain

I'm trying to recover from an eating disorder with hashimoto's, and I've been gluten and dairy (among other things at times) free for several years to try to manage the hashimoto's. But all these dietary restrictions are making me crazy and make the eating disorder worse. BUT i'm really afraid to eat gluten again because everyone says it will make the hashimoto's worse and/or cause weight gain and i am already weight restored and NOT keen on gaining more. Does anyone here have hashimotos and maintain their ideal weight while eating unrestrictedly? Are my concerns about gluten causing weight gain all in my head?

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Bowel Disorders :: Nauseous After Eating And Vomiting After Eating Supper

I am what my doctor describes as a perfectly healthy 32 year female. I have a hiatal hernia but that may be beside the point. I had been on Paxil 20 up until September. At the end of October, I began feeling nauseous after eating and vomiting after eating supper. I do not feel better after vomiting and find it almost impossible the eat for 24 hours following. I feel incredibly exhausted after 3pm, and when I feel ill it's at or around 5pm. My blood tests are perfect, not pregnant, and up to this point generally healthy. I am looking for ideas, other experiences, and general info to find out and 'fix' what is all of a sudden wrong with me!

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Eating Disorders :: Starving Myself And Then Feeling Like Puking After Eating

I am having issues with starving myself for days at a time then eating a little bit and having this overpowering need to puke. I dont know what to do anymore. I have been dealing with these thoughts and behaviors along with self injurious behaviors for a little over 13 years, could somone please help me before I go overboard.

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Eating Disorders :: Getting Panic Attacks Due To Eating

I am a 21 year old female, I am 5'3 and weigh around 103-104lb (7 stone 5-6lb).

I used to be just under 10 stone a few years ago and crash dieted to lose the weight. I wanted to be 9 stone, then 8 and a half, then 8, then I was happy bouncing between 7.10-7.12 for a few months. But recently it has dropped, I was fine at 7 and a half, but as it's gone down I've wanted it to stay down. I weigh myself everyday before eating/drinking. If my weight is at 7.5 I'm not too bad, but jf it js at 7.6 I panic that I'm getting fat and will keep gaining. I try not to eat until my evening meal, which I always make sure I have, though sometimes end up snacking before if I start to feel too hungry. I have 2 cups of tea a day with 2 sugars in each to try and suppress my hunger. I also worry that when I start eating, I won't stop. Sometimes I will have a big takeaway, medium pizza all to myself, continue eating it even if it hurts, and then half an hour after, continue eating. I never make myself sick/take laxatives and wouldn't, but I sometimes try not to eat all day in case I lose control and keep eating and eating. I have anxiety/depression/ocd issues anyway and I'm worried I may have some sort of eating disorder too.

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Eating Disorders :: Don't Like Eating Breakfast

I don't like eating breakfast. I don't like anything at all. What should I do?

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Food / Beverages :: Eating Right To Prevent Hemorrhoids

I'm 45 year old mother and I'm really worried for my son. You see, he is only 20 years old but already suffers from hemorrhoids.

It is all from his all day sitting in front of his computer.

I don’t know what to do about all this.

We have even took him to see some doctors and one of them told us that this could be even worse if he continues like this.

Not only that he should change some of his nasty habits but he should change his complete eating habits.

That’s why I'm interested to hear more about this “right eating” to prevent hemorrhoids!

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Food / Beverages :: Getting Sleepy After Eating Fruits?

I'm a 23 years old male living in Iran. Recently, I've been experiencing a very strange problem with fruits that has led to me stop eating them. The problem is after eating almost any kind of fruits, specially melon, I immediately feel sleepy. A few days ago I couldn't resist a fairly big piece of melon and after eating it I fell asleep for more than 8 hours (from 8 pm to 5 am). last night I decided to see if it happens again and after eating two tiny pieces, almost immediately it all came to me but this time it went away by eating some chocolates.It seems that, if I can survive not falling sleep, taking some sweets will make the sleepiness go away.Banana, Cucumber, Water melon, Pomegranate and a few others have also caused the same symptoms but nothing like the bloody melons.This also happens ,although rarely, after daily meals.

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Oraquick After 45 Minutes Of Eating - Food Particles Affected The Test?

I took an Oraquick home saliva test about 45 minutes after eating. The test was negative, but when I took the strip out after 20 minutes to throw it away, I noticed a food particle on the test pad (from some chips I had eaten an hour before) that had apparently been stuck to my gums and swept up by the pad. I know I am being paranoid to begin with by even testing (I have some issues with anxiety/OCD, which I freely admit), so not sure I want to invest in another test kit. My question is then, how likely is it that this food particle would actually affect the results? Would it be more likely to make the test falsely negative or falsely positive? I did get a control line, if that counts for anything...

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Weight Loss - Intentional :: Cant Keep Any Food Down

Had my band fill last week! Not sure what's In it as they can't find one of my files ! I think it's to tight because every time I eat I'm bring it back up or bring loads of water up !

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Pregnancy :: Eating Constantly But Major Weight Loss?

I am now 27 weeks with my first baby girl and originally weighted 185 lbs when I got pregnant since then I have lost 15 lbs and now have gradually gained it back but I am only 187 lbs..... will this affect my little girl? I eat constantly to try and gain weight but it seems I can't!

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Eating Disorders :: 10 Laxatives Before And After Every Meal

I am wondering whether I have an eating disorder? I am currently diagnosed as having Borderline Personality Disorder with Psychosis.

I go through stages of starving myself, then bingeing, then repeating for quite a while, but now I have started to take 10 laxatives in the morning before breakfast, then 10 laxatives before eating dinner, then 10+ laxatives before bed. I am starting to get worried about what this could do to my body, but I can't seem to stop myself from taking them.

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Eating Disorders :: Treatment For Bacteriophages?

Has someone heard about treatments of bacteriophages? It seems they kill the pseudomonas.....

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Mirtazapine :: Dose Effect On Food Craving And Weight Gain

Could anyone advise me if reducing Mirt down from 30 mg will have any effect on food craving. 2 stone overweight which seems to be the norm. If I could lose half of it it would help.


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Bowel Disorders :: Undigested Food In My Stool

I am a generally healthy, 22 year old male. However, I have a persistent problem with my digestion, particularly my stomach.

The issue began when I was 16. I would often have to do a poo multiple times a day, and I had some cramps. My stool was often undigested food. My doctor diagnosed IBS.

This continued off and on until I was 20, when I went to India and got two intestinal infections: one was a bacterial infection, which cleared up after a week of antibiotics (although I continued to have bloody diarrhea), the other was a parasite, which also went away after a week of an amebicide. However I continued to have issues with my bowels, with a black stool.

This has continued up till now. I find I often have pain in what I assume is the stomach area (the area of my top two abdominal muscles). I have frequent bloating, I burp a lot, and discomfort after I eat. I have a lot of trouble digesting vegetables, and if I eat them raw I can see them in my poo undigested.

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