Erectile Dysfunction, Finasteride, Lack Of Libido, Herbal Remedies, L-arginine

Jan 24, 2015

After medical review of this for the past 5 years.

---- To rule out cardiovascular disease, for ED is known to be a precursor.

---- Tests showing normal testosterone levels

After my husband's decline in interest intimately for three years preceding that five years.

After venomous denial regarding that the ED was the result of

---- Aging issues, medication (finasteride & HBP meds)

And much emotional hardship, as my husband wanted to truly believe his libido loss was due to one or all of the following:

---- Falling out of love

---- Being in a monogamous relationship

---- Something which his spouse did or didn't do, that he could not quite put his finger on.

Currently, spouse is considering going off finasteride (as a dr suggested) and trying natural remedies for enlarged prostate which includes:

---- Eventually stopping Finasteride (He has to be the one to stop)

---- Taking the following supplements:

Saw Palmetto Extract, Pygeum Extract, Nettles, Pumpkin Seed, Lycopene, zinc

I've just started him on zinc, Pumpkin seed & Lycopene, and will add the Saw Palmetto, Pygeum & Nettle combo soon.

I also plan to put him on L-Arginine which is suppose to assist with erections.

I have scanned the internet and do not see interaction of any of the above sups with that medication, and am tempted to put him on those for a month prior to him consenting to wean off of the Finasteride.

Does this seem a wise course of action, and have any of you gentlemen been on that medication while taking such herbal sups & vites?

Furthermore, have any of you run into other combinations that helped?

My spouse gives up easily, and I want this trial that he has consented to, to have the greatest chance of success possible.

What opened the door to this consenting to try was an 8 year support and sensual support without any demand or expectation from him. I didn't want to shut the door completely on intimacy, so despite insults and hostility, I stayed sensual, supportive and calm.... as I watched out for his physical and emotional health. I Provided massage, tantric touch which included prostate massage, encouragement and the occasional reminder that his erection could still work (when he let me to provide that). **** Ladies, if you can't get his ok, the massage will make him less guarded and then you may have access to provide that sexual release and confirmation he can still orgasm... Massage is great like that.

It's been a very long 8 years. Maybe other people have clearer vision at this point than myself, for I am in an emotional healing recover myself at this point as I continue to offer him support.

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Erectile Dysfunction :: Herbal Medicines Will Help?

My husband is suffering from erectile dysfunction. We saw a sexologist. He has prescribed expensive herbal medicines. Is it curable?  

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Erectile Dysfunction :: Pycnogenol And L-arginine - How Long?

I've been doing lots of research and I've found out multiple studies that suggest that this is a powerful combo for ed.

I found a study where patients took 100 mg of Pycnogenol and 1.7g of Arginine a day for 3 months and the results were of 92% success.

My question would be; taking this combo everyday, how do I know when to stop?

This study was based on 3 months, but is this something that I'll always have to take..?

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Erectile Dysfunction :: Cialis With L Arginine - Safe?

Is it safe to take Cialis 10mg if you are taking Arginmax from GNC (L Arginine) since L arginine is not a nitrate. I only take the Cialis if really needed.

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Erectile Dysfunction :: Arginine, Phenylalanine, Macca Supplements

After reading online about natural ED remedies and dopamine, nitric oxide and testosterone boosters, I bought: L-Arginine, DL-Phenylalanine, Macca and L-Carnitine by "Nature Essential" (spanish brand). I do not plan to rely on these supplements alone, I would surely take viagra or cialis in case of sex. I bought them to improve my erection quality, the sensation, libido and my energy.

I began taking the supplements yesterday and it is way too early to expect improvements. But the problem is that I feel some worsening!

I usually have morning erections, but not today. I tried to touch myself to see how it feels and there was a lack of sensation and I couldn't reach erection or orgasm.

Since I took 4 different supplements, can there be a "conflict" between them?

Or maybe the "culprit" for this lack of erection and sensation is just one of the supplements? Now I'm trying to isolate the culprit.

I'm not an expert, but since DL-Phenylalanine is (among other things) advertised for pain relief, maybe that's the problem?

Also, these supplements are advertised as giving more energy, motivation and as sort of anti-depressants, but I don't feel an improved mood. I feel kinda "numb". Like, not much interested in anything, just neutral. I can just sit all day not doing anything.

I'm thinking about putting aside phenylalanine and see what happens, but this is all experimenting, I feel like a guinea pig. I need a more informed opinion. Maybe the "culprit" is another supplement.

Note: I took DL-Phenylalanine on empty stomach (as it was specified on the box) before breakfast. The rest of the pills I took after eating. Not all pills at one swallow, but one by one. I take DL-Phenylalanine and L-Arginine once per day and Macca and L-Carnitine 3 per day, one with each meal.

I also want to buy Pycnogenol, but I cannot find it in the pharmacies near me. At least not in it's clean form, but only as a part of a multi-antioxidant. I don't know how much % of pycnogenol that product contains and is it worth it. The producer is AquaSource (UK, I think).

Background: I suffer from ED for years, so it's not because of my age (late 30s). I had problems even in my late teens and 20s when i had my first sex experiences.

I talked to some friends (doctors), I explained them that I have morning erections and I can make myself excited, so they thought that this is psychological (I always have some stress in life). But I have never checked myself properly is the cause for my ED physical or psychological. Or maybe a bit of both. I have morning erections (but not regularly) and I can achieve an erection when masturbating. The problem is how to keep it.

At some point in life I discovered viagra and it helped me (50 mg). Once I tried 100 mg, but I felt a bit bad, dizzy etc.. Anyway, it helped me. Later I discovered cialis (the max. dose of 20mg), which worked well with no problems. I prefer cialis, cause it has long effect, so if I'm on a date with a girl, I'm not in a hurry to get her to bed while the pill is working, as it is with viagra. I have never tried levitra.

But recently, I had sex on cialis with two different woman (not at the same time) and in both cases I couldn't feel sensation. Note that this was before I began taking any supplements. I bought the supplements to solve this problem.

It felt like their vaginas were "loose", "wide" and very lubricated, so I couldn't feel anything (except at the beginning). Due to the lack of sensation, I would become soft and I would slip out of them. Even a blowjob without a condom didn't make me very excited. In both cases cialis couldn't help. I have a problem maintaining an erection without constant stimulation. And it seems that I lost sensitivity.

Note that I had a good and constant sexual life only when I was in a long relationship, but after we broke up, I got sex only occasionally (like one-night stands here and there). Some people say that you can develop a "resistance" to viagra or cialis. I don't think that my body developed such a "resistance", cause I wasn't talking these medications so often. There were no opportunities for sex so often.

I've read about porn induced ed (PIED), so I stopped watching porn half a year ago. And even mild erotica, women in bikinis and such things. I don't know if the PIED theory is proven, but better safe than sorry. I guess that I have to rewire myself to get excited by real women, not by pixels. In the past, sometimes I had to watch porn when having sex to get truly excited, to get that "dopamine rush" (as some websites are explaining it).

Now I do masturbate, but without porn, just fantasies about real women. When I see a hot woman on the street or in a shop, I'm trying to concentrate on her, but I can't get a spontaneous erection without touching myself. Of course, that would be inappropriate in public

I also can't get a spontaneous erection when just kissing with women like it once was. When we kiss or dance, they get close to me with their bodies to feel my erection, but nothing happens. It's so embarrassing. We must go to a private place first and then they must give me a b-job or a h-job, so I can become hard. Then, I must put on a condom very quickly and get inside them, cause I may loose the hardness.

I don't have a serious illness, I don't take any harsh medicines, I don't drink alcohol for a very long time (not even a beer), I do not take any drugs (even soft ones), but I just smoke normal cigarettes with coffee. I try to eat well, I avoid fast food and I always have soups, vegetable salads, fruits etc. Also I'm walking in nature on fresh air. Note that I'm not a vegetarian and I've read that phenylalanine should not be taken with proteins, I don't know if there's a link here.

During a certain period I tried to give up smoking, to work out (fitness), to improve my diet, avoid fried stuff etc. but it didn't have a significant impact on my sex life. Actually, in the past, when I would have a glass or two of red wine and some cigarettes, I felt more relaxed and sex seemed to be a bit better. There're people around me who go to clubs until early in the morning, they drink a lot, they take recreational drugs, they live unhealthy lives, but they have good sex. I don't get it.

I was also thinking about trying out that Muse / alprostadil urethral suppository, but can't find it in shops near me, i'm embarrassed to order it and finally, if sex happens, when will i have a time to put it into me (like saying to the partner: excuse me, i'm going to the bathroom and then putting it in and waiting for the effect). it's seems to me that it is impractical, I don't know.

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Bisoprolol :: Lost Libido And Erectile Dysfunction Caused

I have been informed that my ED (erectile dysfunction) could be caused by this drug. I am a heart patient having had Angioplasty on 3 arteries.

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Penis :: Pain In Coccyx Area (Prostate) - Erectile Dysfunction - Loss Of Libido

I am having some troubles since a while and I don't know what's happening, I am a 35 year old male and these are the symptoms I got:

- Loss of sex drive/desire and erectile dysfunctioning(I tried some pills like Cialis or viagra, it does help but the sex drive is not there all the time)

- Pain in my left lower back when sitting which irradiates in the thigh, testicles and groin

- Kind of throbbing pain around the coccyx (Prostate?)

- Last week and while defecating, I pushed a bit and I got a severe pain in my lower abdomen. I was sweating and felt very bad for about 10mn

- Numbness or slight loss of sensation in my hands and feet (More in the right side)

- Strange sensation in the rear of my neck or the low back of my skull

- Kind of lost interest in everything in life and I feel depressed and tired all the time also with a permanent slight headache.

I checked my PSA and got a cystoscopy 2 or three years ago but nothing was revealed. I also got a Varicocele embolization because we thought that was the reason of this uncomfort but it is even worst now.

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Sexual Dysfunction :: L-ARGININE Or Viagra

I have consulted two urologist one gave L - ARGININE and another viagra i have weak erection which one to take any on tried L - ARGININE with success on erection.

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Erectile Dysfunction :: Vitamins For ED?

So I've been having partial E.D and I looked up vitamins to help. I wanted to know if taking these all together were bad. If so which should I stop. Which will help. I got vitamin c 1000 mg, vitamin E 1000 IU, zinc 50 mg, magnesium, B1 250 mg, saw palmetto 900 mg and super b complex. Is that to much to do once a day?

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Erectile Dysfunction :: Due To Diabetes

i am diabetic and now having problem of erectile dysfunction

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Erectile Dysfunction :: Sex Mood Had Been Down

I'm a male age 40. Recently my sex mood had been down & it is difficult for me to get aroused. My erection also are very poor & only once in awhile i'm getting a moderate erection & even that was only for a short duration. I do not have any pressure or diabetes.

How do i can get back into the mood? Is it true a man can achieve an erection up to the level where the penis is heading towards to the person's head as shown in the blue films? Is blue films is one of the reason for this problem?

What medicines or changes that I need to do to get back into the mood & have frequent & quality erection?

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Erectile Dysfunction :: Can't Get A Boner

Me and my gf are teens and we are both virgins and we tried to have sex and she was sucking my penis and stroking it and I was fingering her and eating her out and I didn't have a boner at the time and I could not get one. It made me so disappointed at myself because I can get one alone. I have a 6 inch penis and it was only about a 3 when we was in bed. She thought it was her fault and everything and it's not bc she turns me on like there no tomorrow. I've got a boner with her before but we wasn't going to have sex or anything. (That was when we started dating) we've been dating for 6 months and we desire to have sex and I can get a boner. I haven't even wanted to have sex since then but it's only been a few days.

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Erectile Dysfunction Due To Adderall

Wondering if anyone else has had this issue or has suggestions on how to treat it. (It sounds strange, but it's true and troubling.)

I took Adderall regularly from 2011-2013 and had no ED issues, but delayed ejaculation. Since then, I've switched to a different antidepressant medication, and when I restarted the Adderall, I had ED.

I would watch porn and masturbate for up to 30 minutes before I could get an erection. When I did, I would have some pre-ejaculate (which I never had before). Once I got an erection, because it took so much work, I didn't want to lose it! So I would put on a c*** ring and edge for up to an hour before ejaculating. Even if I only took the Adderall a few days a week, these side effects and the subsequent cycle continued daily. I've stopped the Adderall, but I still have to masturbate a flaccid penis for up to 15 minutes before it gets erect, and like before, there's eventually pre-ejeculate, I get very hard, then can masturbate normally and eventually ejaculate.

I feel like the aggressive type of masturbation I used to produce an erection when I was taking the Adderall has completely altered my penis' reaction to stimulation. Now, 15 minutes of stimulation + porn produces pre-ejaculate and then an erection. Stimulation from a partner does nothing to arouse me. I now have to go through this process to get an erection.

I've never had ED issues before, or any trouble getting an erection when masturbating or with a partner. Now, after all the aggressive masturbation caused by the Adderall-ED issues, my penis' response is so drastically different, I'm worried and don't know what to do?

Will an ED med get me back on track? Do I have to avoid masturbation and porn for an extended period of time and then my arousal cycle will return to normal? I feel like I've literally retrained my penis on how to respond to stimulation, and I need to retrain it back to normal, but not sure what to do.

Has anyone else experienced this or have suggestions?

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Diuretics :: 65 Bendro Causes Erectile Dysfunction?

I have been taking Bendro now for about five years for high blood pressure, and have problem with erectile dysfunction for about 18 months now, which is getting worse. When I skipped Bendro for 36 to 48 hours I get my erection back again, and I am almost 65!

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Erectile Dysfunction :: Something Blocking Me To Have An Erection

I'm a 26 yo man. I'm eating healthy and i am very sporty.

The problem is that when i am with a girl, something is just blocking me to have an erection. I try, she tries, we tries. Nothing to do. And when i have a (semi-erection i am usually ejaculating after not even 5 seconds (really!).

When i'm masturbating I don't have any issues. I can have a good erection and it can last a while. Sometimes I masturbate 2-3 times a week, sometimes not for 2 weeks.

I discovered this problem with my first girlfriend when I was 20. It took us 4 months to have fairly good sex.

We thought it was because o the stress I had at that time as a student. But now I m travelling and have no stress at all. Still, not possible to have sex.

When i was younger i thought sex was like bicycling. You just have to train it to become better. But now, every time I "fail" in bed feels like I have to start to climb a mountain from the bottom again, and I never really get near to the top of it.

I tried a lot of stuff. Special "aphrodisiac" food, taking baths to relax, special gels, vitamins, even ayahuaska in Peru (drug to purify body and mind in the inca culture), talking to people, Talking to the girl about it before the sex or just the opposite (don't talk about it and try not to think about it), but nothing works.

Because i don't have any issues alone, it must really be something in my head.

I m sure you can understand the frustrations I have ! I love girls ! I never tried to have sex with a man, but I don't really want to. I don't see this as a solution.

There where "normal" man can have sex without any problem, i can't. My friends told me sometime they just need a little "tickle" and they have and erection, as for me it will take ages or it will never come.

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Erectile Dysfunction :: 40 And Smaller Orgasms

I am 40 and just recently I am having trouble keeping an erection. I am also having trouble ejaculating. Even when I do ejaculate I don't feel the same release, and they seem smaller orgasms.

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Can Minoxidil Contribute To Erectile Dysfunction (ED)?

Can minoxidil contribute to erectile dysfunction (ED)?

Recently, I noted I can't have proper erection. I get my organ filled with blood but it quickly gets flaccid if mechanical stimulation is stopped. I do not have any morning erections either. It started to happen more or less 2/3 months ago (that's when I started using minoxidil 5% for hair growth). This is the only medication I'm using presently (and didn't use anything else for more than a year). I don't smoke, almost no alcohol, don't have any blood pressure problems or diabetes, no pornography, definitely no stress recently.

Interesting thing I read is: "Minoxidil is a vascular dilator. During a normal erection, the tunica and base of penis is constricted in a way not to allow blood to flow out. Minoxidil causes blood not to be able to stay in penis because it dilates the base of penis. This results in impotence or temporary erectile dysfunction."

Is it possible? Can stopping minoxidil help? What to do? I'm 23 years old.

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Erectile Dysfunction :: Erection For Less Than A Minute

when i have think sexual think or watching porn movie ,precum will come out .but i aslo mastrbution for last 1 year.but now problem is that it does not hard as 2 week before does erection for less 1 min and becomes soft. s it normal or what i can for this problem

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Erectile Dysfunction :: Due To Alcohol And Masturbation?

I am 36 years old, I masturbate and drink alot of alcohol, I am having issues now, once I get erect and about to insert my penis into my girlfriend,I just loose erection.and would have to rub my penis over and over to get erected and my girlfriend would quickly sit on my penis so that I don't lose the erection fast

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Erectile Dysfunction :: Erection On Masturbation But Not In Sex

What is the cure and cause of SEMI erectile problems? I stressed on SEMI because that is exactly my problem. I get a full erection when I masturbate and I do that daily; but during sex I don't get hard enough to enter. Is masturbation the problem, if yes then how can it be cured?

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Erectile Dysfunction :: Never Been Able To Hold An Erection

30 years old, somewhat overweight but not in terrible shape, occasional drinker but not more than that, busy lifestyle (work a desk job and moderate exercise). No other biological issues other than that I suspect my father had/has been treated for low testosterone at some point. I sometimes feel like my sex drive mentally isn't what it should be as compared to other men, but I do think about it albeit with some apprehension at this point. I don't struggle with feeling attraction to women at all. I take a daily vitamin so I should be fairly well covered there.

My problems? My erections come slower than molasses and when they do come, I struggle to maintain them and they usually fade away within a couple of minutes, even while actively engaged in sexual relations. It is not for lack of confidence as I have been told that I am quite good in my bits and spurts, but I have never gotten off during sex despite desperately wanting to. I am capable of getting very hard but it rarely lasts long enough to have any kind of meaningful sex.

I also struggle with masturbation. I can make myself get hard by thinking about it, playing with myself, but the same problems occur - I can't get myself completely lost in it and my erection goes from very strong to non-existent in the span of a couple of minutes. There is one exception, however (and this isn't much fun to admit, but I figure it's the only way I can get help for my condition) - if I lie on the floor and rub myself against it as a form of masturbation, I can get quite hard and ejaculate just fine within a couple of minutes.

I'd like to have a normal and active sex life, because this has destroyed or at least undermined every relationship I have ever been in since I was a teenager (this has gone on since I was 1. I don't think there is anything drastically wrong with me physically since I still feel a semblance of sex drive and can ejaculate, but the blood flow and maybe the "immersion" in the moment just doesn't seem to be there.

I (FINALLY!) have an appointment with an urologist coming up in a couple of weeks, but I am in a relationship where I am mentally and physically ready to have sex, and I am dreading the same old of trying to take it to the next level and failing spectacularly. Does anybody have any idea of what might be afflicting me? Is this ED or is it possibly something else? I'm thinking about trying something like yohimbe (very small dose) or gingko as a short-term remedy, will these help me at all?

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