Eyes :: Squint Operation - No Improvement

Nov 11, 2015

I'm 30 yrs old and i have a left-eye amblyopia. I undergone squint surgery last year's August. My eye barely improve and i really feel very down because i was expecting my eye will be at last okay but it didn't. The surgeon said it will require my right eye (which is okay) if i want further improvement in my left eye. I want to know what's will be the downside once my right eye get operated. Please help! My surgeon doesn't talk too much aside from telling me what else i need to do. I really wanted my left eye to be aligned correctly as greatly as possible. I suffered too much.

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Eyes :: Squint - How To Correct My Eyes Appearance

The squint(left eye) had been developed at an age of 3 or 4 years I think... A cataract was also developed in it.. It had been ignored by me as I was not able to focus on it while seeing things... Cataract was recently removed(At an age of 18) by a laser treatment... But after the treatment also I had not get my vision back for my left eye (lazy eye).. I'm not able to see with that I now... Can I improve my left eye's vision...? If I can't.. Then how can I correct my eyes appearance... My left eye is little outwards from it's actual direction.

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Eyes :: Squint And Itchy Eyes

I have this squint since childhood. My eyes move outward. It happens a lot when I'm tired or try to look quickly at something, It was diagnosed early and I was asked to do a regular exercise with pencil. I had to Keep pencil in front of my nose and look at it and then slowly move the pencil forward and repeat it several times. The later I was given glasses and it improved it a little but then again it got as it was earlier. My vision is 6 by 6. But its just I don't have proper control over the muscles. They seem to be aligned but when I'm tired or move eyes they go outward. I wanted to know how it can be permanently corrected. It just disturbs me and I always feel a stress on my eyes. I have this irritation over eyes too and itching which makes it even worse. How it can be treated or it can be operated? I guess it would be easier with operation and I would go for it but I was asked to do exercise and told that it will stay but will get better, It was 30 degrees.

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Eyes :: Squint From Birth - Eye Exercises

I am 29. I have squint from birth. I squint my right eye occasionally to focus far objects. I can see the near objects without squinting. I have 100% vision in both my eyes. In my childhood I had my one eye patched to strengthen the muscles. Also I had some eye therapy. Since I was a child I did not take the therapy seriously. So I still squint. I was thinking of getting a surgery to correct this. Now after reading these comments I have decided against getting a surgery and search the internet for some eye exercise.

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Eyes :: Had My Squint Surgery 4 Weeks Ago

I had squint surgery nearly 4 weeks ago I also suffer from dry eye so I am still on all my drops .years ago I had my eye lids raised as I had a lazy eye lid so squint is taking longer to heal but today I am in pain in my eye does anyone know if this is normal.also my eye got infected the day after the op.

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Eye Disorders :: 2D Vision And A Squint In Both Eyes

I was born with 2d vision and a squint in both eyes. Also have monocular vision.

I have had 6 operations, 3 on each eye to correct eyes.

I believe that my right eye is getting worse. Vision wise, and squint too.

I only had my glasses changed last November, then only 2 months ago. And Already is my right vision with my new glasses getting worse again. That's only 2 months.

I am seeing someone this Tuesday about it as my optician thinks it's to do with my squint and hitting my head as to why my vision is getting worse.

I was just curious as I am struggling with stairs. If I don't know the stairs I have to hold on and go slow. Like yesterday was in a shop and the stairs was all the same wood, I thought I was going to fall down them as I walked up to them but didn't prepare myself, the feeling is horrible feel like you're on the edge of a cliff. If I know the stairs and they are not too wide. But also my question is, can I drive? I drive now, but have always said I struggle.

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Eyes :: Squint Vs Poor Vision

Actually my 8 months baby girl started squint her left eye inward from last 2 months. In start she do this rarely but now it's increasing day b day specially when she focus on far objects. Today i visit to Dr for her checkup and the Dr suggested her nearsighted glasses. 

I am actually confused that her squint is due to her poor vision? or due to poor vision she squient her eye?

I mean poor vision and squint are two different things as i know. right?

Why she only squint when she focus on long distance objects?

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Eyes :: Daughter Born With Squint

My daughter was born with a squint, the eye's surgeon operated on her 5 days ago but since then she suffers from double vision, she is 9 years and six months old, can anyone advice me whether the double vision is common after such surgeries or that means she might need further treatment.

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Eyes :: Squint Surgery And Recovery Times?

My daughter had surgery on Monday for intermittent exotropia. Surgery went well, however as expected Surgeon has over corrected eye. I know this is to be considered favourable but am wondering how much over correction is ok as the pupil is now sitting almost in the corner of inside eye. At our follow up appointment surgeon said let's wait and see how she is in 2 weeks as the eye area is still very tender and she is not wanting to open it at times. I'm ok will all this as I understand it's a big thing for the eye to go through and it needs time to heal and see if it will settle in place over time and allow spasms to stop. My daughter also still has double vision 3 days later how long can this last? and I'm wondering if you would share your child's experience after surgery?

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Eyes :: Squint Clears Blurriness In My Vision

For the last two weeks my left eye has been blurry. I don't remember hitting it or scratching it. Sometimes a do rub my eyes but nothing has come of it before. In the last two weeks I've noticed the blurry vision for objects mostly far away. My 20/20 vision is now a lot worse when I close my right eye. There has been no pain or itchiness either. Today in class the blurriness was bothering me quite a bit, so I started playing around with the skin around my eye moving it left and right. I noticed if I moved it the right way(closer to my nose) my vision would clear up. Then I tried squinting hard with both eyes(right is closed, left is slightly open) and my vision was clear.

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Eyes :: Depression And Lack Of Confidence Due To Squint

My son is suffering from depression due to a squint eye no work no friends as due to being bullied throughout school has no confidence due to this.  I am trying to get this fixed .

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Eyes :: Squint Corrected With Botox - Double Vision?

I've had a squint all my life (30 years) had two previous surgeries that did not work. My right eye turns inward. 

Recently I was referred to hospital for Botox treatment. This was carried out 9 days ago.

My eye is now straight. (Yay) I am however suffering from double vision when I look to the left and what I can only describe as slight 'ghost' double images (not constant) that seems to appear randomly and when looking in any direction, 

Has anyone had Botox and experienced something similar? I'm just looking for reassurance that the double vision will pass and I can continue with the Botox treatment? 

The botox kicked in 3 days after it was administered so I've only had double vision for about 6 days. 

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Eyes :: Sports With A Squint - How It Affects A Child's Routine Activities?

my son is 4 and the hospital told us he will never use his eyes together because of his squint. can anyone tell me how squints affect their ability to play fast moving sports such as football, squash etc.. We were thinking that if he only uses his eyes one at a time, then he wouldn't see someone approaching from the wrong side. Plus he wouldn't be able to judge when the ball was arriving.

We are reeling at present because we have been under hospital care for all 4 years and only now are they telling us he won't use both eyes. the suggestion is even if he has an operation to correct the squint, it will only be cosmetic.

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Eyes :: Geometric Shape Patterns Appearing In Both Eyes

Small but geometric -ish shape. This changes in 1/2 hour or more, the shape gets larger forming a getting larger approximate 'C' shape to the left of center. It is almost like me seeing a crude kaleidoscope . Eventually the thing disappears to the left. The shape seems to be of small triangles squares, anything 'sort of' geometric. I can see past it but still have to see the shape. Whichever eye I close I can still see it; close both I can see it!   It has now cleared completely as  I have not being looking at the sun or any strong light. Is it 'just one of those things' to be tolerated every now and then. I am 75 and in general good health 

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Eyes :: Floaters PVD - Peripheral Vascular Disease Both Eyes

I'm late 5s,have had floaters since my 20s,back then they were small black or clear dots,fast forward,late fifties,now i've had pvds in both eyes,vitreous gel shrinks and pulls away from the back of the eye,now i have these clear to gauzy larger floaters,plus one large clumpy black one and I can't ignore them anymore. PVD is age related. I am just lucky enough to have these awful larger ones that can blur and obstruct vision. How does a person deal with it. Oh yes I also am starting to have dry eyes. Both also can cause hazy vision. Unless you've experienced it,no one else can relate

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Thyroid :: Reverse T3 - Any Improvement In Symptoms?

just wondering if anyone here has a reverse T3 problem and if so, how long did it take before you saw an improvement in symptoms after taking medication?

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Ulcerative Colitis :: Remicade - Any Improvement?

Just wondering how long it took people to get any kind of improvement in their colitis symptoms with renicade. I had my first loading dose today and the dr said it would take some time to see any kind of result. 

Also did you experience any itching or headaches after? About two hours after i started expiencing itchy eyes and started to get a headache, now 8 hrs after the infusion finished my hands, arms and face are itchy. My eyes are still itchy and my headache is still there. 

I had an allergic reaction to 6mp but it was far more intense itching  than this. 

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Rheumatoid Arthritis :: Any Improvement With Antidepressants?

I've reluctantly started Zoloft (SSRI antidepressant), being encouraged to do so by my GP due to the depression of diagnosis and the possibility I also have fibromyalgia.

(Pain isn't just limited to joints and fatigue is crippling) ie: I've slept 18 hours of the last 24 and still so very tired.

I'm having awful start up side effects which I understand will pass and understand there will be no benefit until 4-8 weeks, if at all.

I've tried Lexapro a while back with no real success.

Has anyone had any improvement at any level with ADs? I really hate mucking around with my brain chemistry.

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No Change / Improvement In Hearing After Stapedectomy

I was virtually deaf in one ear and very little hearing in the other ear, have worn hearing aids for 25 years. Recently (all happened so quickly, within 6 weeks) got diagnosed with Otosclerosis in both ears. 6 weeks after seeing doctor, i had the op. I had a stapedectomy/stapedotomy on 04/01/2016. Noticed a faint improvement in hearing when lying on the ward after the op, could faintly hear trolleys being moved about. But nothing drastic...... I've had dizziness, (not room spinning dizziness) which now only remains if i read, do jigsaws, scan shop shelves from side to side etc, weird! I've been through the heart pulsating, creaking, the rain dripping onto a metal plate sound etc.

I've had no real explanation of what to expect, i didn't really ask the surgeon any questions as i wasn't sure what would happen after and was unaware i'd have so many unanswered questions come up.

I assumed, and read some on the internet, and was told by a friend who'd had it done, that once the packing was removed, i'd be able to hear. Had packing removed 6 days ago, i'd built myself up SO much, that i stood and sobbed when i still couldn't hear! Surgeon looked a bit puzzled, but he said he wasn't worried at this point and to see him again in 6 weeks and that it'd be fluid behind my ear. He said i need to have some popping before i'll hear.

So, here i am now, with no change in my hearing for the last 6 days. I'm sure when i swallow, i sound as if fluid is in there? I also get like a thunder noise mainly in the morning when i wake up and my throat moves. But what's worrying me most after reading up on the internet again, is when i put headphones on, i can hear the music, (have to have it on loud to hear it), but the loud thumps/beats in the music make my ear crackle like a loose wire on a radio. I read last night that this is because the op hasn't worked and the prosthesis needs tightening/shortening/revising. But then on the other hand i've read that this may be normal?

If i go to do a burp movement when i have music in the headphones, i get a millisecond of a loud noise, but then it goes again as my throat can't seem to hold the noise open if you get what i mean. I have soooo many questions but don't want to bore you with them, maybe later. So, should i be hearing by now, is the crackling loose wire sound normal, and if you have any other advice that might stop me worrying please. I'm just sitting waiting day by day thinking today might be the day that i hear.

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Bladder Disorders :: Trimethoprim 300 Mg For 7 Days - No Improvement

The doctor prescribed me Trimethoprim 300 Mg for 7 days. I am having it since last 3 days now but nothing has improved.

The dipstick test showed blood in my urine...though I have been having some other health issues as well...but this medicine was prescribed when the urine sample had blood.

I am worried that I might be having the wrong medicine, as nothing is improving.

I need to understand, how long should I wait for the improvement signs. I am worried. I feel dizzy after this medicine, and my health is getting worse.

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Amiodarone 200 Mg For Atrial Fibrillation - Marginal Improvement

I have taking Amiodarone 200mg for about 35 days  for my AF .However, I still get irregular occasional especially after taking hot food. The improvement to my condition is marginal. Can anyone advise me if I should continue with Amiodarone. Also,I have been on warfarin for the past 3 years . Due to the interaction of Amiodarone with Warfarin, my doctor has reduced my Warfarin dosage from 4.5 to 3.5 to maintain my INR between 2 to 3.

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