Eyes :: Visual Floaters - Ocular Migraines, Anxiety And Panic Attacks

May 11, 2016

A little history on me: I'm 21/F. I have generalized anxiety, panic disorder,  depression, PCOS, TMJ, and IBSD. These are all issues I have been dealing with. Medication list: Prozac (20 mg). Vitamin D (5,000 IU). Vitamin B12 injection (once a month). Iron (324 mg). Birth control. Ativan (.05 as needed).

My vision has changed since the beginning of this year. I now see small, clear halos when looking at bright, solid surfaces (such as the sky, walls, etc). I also see an odd wave, jelly-like substance when looking at similar surfaces. When I squint my eyes, I see a line of 20 small dots. All of the floaters I have mentioned move in an odd way, like they're falling. When I try to focus on them, my eyes make the floaters "jump" back to the top of my vision, only to begin falling again. These always look different (never the same spots or lines) and occur in both eyes. When I am focusing on something, such as the TV, I see random dots in my peripheral vision, but when I look in that direction there is nothing there. Went to the eye doctor, said everything looked fine, I am nearsighted, and any disturbances were ocular migraines. I have had three ocular migraines, where I can very clearly see rainbow lines in my vision. These occur when I have gotten very worked up/anxious and only last a few seconds. The floaters I have previously mentioned occur ALL the time. I can look at the sky at any time during daylight, and see them. Brought these issues up to my general practitioner and said this was nothing to worry about, but keep an eye on it. 

When looking down or look around quickly, I feel a visual dizziness and off-balance. 

PLEASE, if you have any information on what the possible causes of these disturbances/floaters could be, let me know. My doctors aren't worried, but I 100% am. I'm young, why am I having eye issues? I don't wear contacts and only wear glasses when driving. 

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Anxiety :: 6 Years Of Light-headedness, Panic Attacks And Visual Distortion

I have suffered with a so called anxiety disorder now for about 6 years. It started when I was on the train home from university and all of a sudden I lost some of my vision, felt very light-headed, pins and needles all over and thought I might pass out. This was the first time I had ever felt like this and before this incident, I was a very outgoing and independent person. However, since this I have has 6 years of constant, 24/7, light-headedness with severe panic attacks. I cannot go out, I cannot be left alone so my life is basically non-existent.

I have had every medical check there is - bloods, MRI, EEG, ECG - and all sorts of differing meds - citalopram, sertraline, lamotrigine, pregabalin and the list continues. All tests have come back negative and none of the meds have made any difference really. I have also had many diagnoses - depression, GAD, depersonalisation disorder, agoraphobia and even an inner ear issue. I have had counselling, CBT, hypnotherapy and all haven't made a difference.

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Pregnancy :: Anxiety And Panic Attacks

So my hubby took me into the hospital last night. Since Thursday I had been having a hard time breathing and yesterday my chest got really tight and no matter what I did just couldn't catch that breath... so of course I started to panic. It turns out it's just he baby really pushing on my chest diaphragm. Apparently I have serious anxiety. I didn't realize how much I don't sleep and eat until they gave me meds to sleep and I got a full nights rest. I woke up this morning SO HUNGRY and ate like I hadn't eaten in ages. Before I was eating little at a time. So even though this trip to the hospital was pointless... it actually is helping me in the long run!

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Anxiety :: Gabapentin For Panic Attacks ?

The doctor prescribed me gabapentin 300mg 3x a day for panic attacks instead of klonopin... there are tapering me off .. does anyone know how this works for anxiety if you have had success. . I have severe anxiety.. heart palps all day constant anxiety.. I'm getting on effexor xr 150mgs now it's been 2 weeks since I've upped from 75mgs. Feels like anxiety is getting worse.. hopefully this ad will kick in soon.. any positive thoughts about this medicine would be great.. I need some support I've been trying everything to get this anxiety under control..

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Anxiety :: Xanax 0.5 For 15 Years - Panic Attacks

i've had panic attacks for 15 years and take xanax 0,5 for 15 years i started at 3 a day now 6 a day but its not better i get up in morning it starts i'm afraid my wife sees me like this so it seems to get worst what to do?

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Anxiety :: Sinus Pressure And Panic Attacks?

i recently had surgery about 8 months ago now and got a severe infection that required emergency surgery to remove the e coli infection.  It took forever to go away and was very sick through this to the point I wondered if i might die.  Then after I was better I was nervous and on edge.  Then now three months ago my aunt that I worked with and have for 21 years was diagnosed with brain cancer.  She had surgery but died from the cancer growing back.  I was devastated.  Since all of this I had my first attack in the middle of sleep one night.  I awoke from a dead sleep with right hand numb , nausea, feeling of death, chest hurt, shaking and crying and went to the ER and heart looked fine and no heart attack.  So they put me on ativans.  I am on wellbutrin also for this time to help me get through my grief.  Since then I have them more and more.  I might skip a night but they will return or in the later day at work when i'm tired and stressed,  Is it normal to have them so much?  Its a feeling of sacredness just to go to bed at night.  I also get sinus pressure during these attacks and dizziness.  Any others with this?

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Pregnancy :: 20 Weeks Panic/ Anxiety Attacks

Does anyone experience panic/ anxiety attacks? Last night I woke from sleeping and very suddenly I felt intensely cold and shivering.  The temperature in the house was normal. I grabbed a blanket and tried to warm up to no avail.  My teeth were chattering and my extremeties cold and rigid.  I had difficulty catching my breath inbetween shivers. The symptoms lasted 30 minutes before I got warm.  I'm 20 weeks and just starting to show. My stomach felt cold and hard too. I am worried about my expectant little one. I have appt tomorrow with a fetal care specialist. I have had this happen before when my house was broken into. any suggestions on what to do? Can these attacks hurt my baby?

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Anxiety :: LSD Induced Panic Attacks With Weed

I took LSD quite a few times and I was absolutely fine, then one night I drop 2 trips and it turned really bad, I was shivering and cold while inside a warm house, I thought everyone was talking about me and I even imagined my own friends were plotting to kill and bury me, I was freaking out and just kept asking everyone to take me home and apparently I kept asking every couple of minutes. My friend told me to smoke heaps of bongs so I would fall asleep and I smoked a whole bowl of weed completely to myself and it just made me worse, they took me home eventually and just left me there alone, from that night onwards I suffered revisiting that 'bad trip' for a few weeks, and I was a heavy pot smoker before the bad trip, but now everytime I smoke weed I freak out, my heart starts beating so fat and irregularly and I honestly think I'm going to die. I quit smoking weed now, but even still, sometimes in certain situations around new people or big crowds I flip out and have to be alone just like I did on the night of the bad trip.. What is this? I'm too scared to goto the doctors, I refuse to take any medication. Has this happened to anybody else?

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Anxiety :: GAD - Panic Attacks, Frustrated With Headaches

I've been diagnosed with General anxiety disorder a few months back. I've always been a little nervous nelly. in the past year its hit a peak. i had my first panic attack in november 2012. sent me to the hospital. and i've been in and out of the hospital ever since. at least once a month. i've had tons of blood work, ct scans. all negative. i wake every day in fear. that something is going to happen to me while im alone with my children. i feel like a bad mom, a bad wife.. i cry every day. because i want to know what the deal is and i have no answers. im very frustrated. i've tried many techniques to stay calm and collected. sometimes they work, sometimes they don't. i wake every day almost sick to my stomach, constant headaches, short of breath, dry heaving.. and now its getting to the point where i just don't want to get out of bed in the morning for fear of physical symptoms starting.. anyone else go thru this?

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Cerazette (for 18 Years) - Anxiety And Panic Attacks

I have taken cerazette for about 18 years now. I was 17 when I started. I never really thought about it but having read all your stories I am now wondering if this pill is the reason I have been so scared and anxious for that long! I started having bad anxiety/panic attacks that same year. It lasted for a year back then and then kind of stopped. Never knew what caused it but doctors were kind of like 'your mum is very anxious and you are her daughter so it's in the genes' kind of thing. Just the thing I did not want to hear but never mind. I was so stressed out i lost loads of weight that year, I wouldn't go out anymore as I would be terrified of everything... very irrational, i became withdrawn it was awful. At 22 i fell pregnant despite being on cerazette and i remember being all over the place, my anxiety was back with a vengeance! Unfortunately at the time I had to have an abortion. Since then my anxiety has never properly left. It can disappear for a year or a few months but it always comes back!! Furthermore, i have put on weight too, i have lost my libido big time which is obviously causing issues in my relationship, very tired, feeling really low at times for no particular reason, have become mega sensitive to noise... it's literally ruining my life. I have been on citalopram for 15 years for my anxiety but when it's properly there the medication won't help at all. Could this all be due to cerazette and I just never realised?! I've stopped it last night after reading so many stories about it. I do need help as this is stopping me from doing so many things. I now associate my parents house with the bad memories of my 17th year and I rarely go back there or see them because of it. I love them dearly but this is how bad this anxiety disorder is affecting me. What do you think? Could it be the reason or just pure coincidence? I guess I'll see how I feel in the next few weeks, I guess only time will tell but if you have a similar story or any advice please let me know.

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Early Puberty Anxiety And Panic Attacks At 13

Until I was about 13, I was mentally fine. One day, I had a massive panic attack for literally no reason and for a few years afterwards I did nothing but have random, bad panic attacks and I had very bad OCD. I saw a variety of councillors who all basically told me I have to deal with this for the rest of my life and it will never really improve. I turned 21 a few weeks ago and in recent years, my panic attacks have improved but I still have anxiety, depression and OCD. I recently had a nexplanon implant fitted and it was a nightmare, my anxiety and depression increased dramatically. I had it removed 5 days ago and am seeing slight improvements. This has lead me to wonder if hormones are a possible cause of my anxiety? Maybe I am being naive and stupid but part of me hopes that there is something I can do because even though I am much better than when I was 13/14, I cannot bear the idea of living the next 50-60 years like this.

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Hypothyroidism :: Extremely Bad Anxiety And Panic Attacks

I would be grateful if anyone could offer me advice. I am 27 years old and was diagnosed as having an overactive thyroid at the beginning of March which was due to having Graves disease. Since then I have been on 20 mg of Carbimazole alongside beta blockers. However apart from a few days I have not felt well since then. I am exhausted every day, I have heart palpitations and often feel dizzy. I feel like I am constantly living in some sort of fog, I know that sounds strange! I have extremely bad anxiety and panic attacks, which is the prime reason I first went to the doctors as they came out of the blue.

These have still not gone away and it makes getting out of the house very hard, although I dont have the energy to do so anyway!

I saw a consultant last week, who had no time for me and seemed to be in a hurry, he didnt ask me any of my symptoms simply checked whether my hands were shaky and then told me to have a blood test.

He then e mailed me to say that I was now under active and to take Levothyroxine as well as Carbimazole. I just want my normal life back I was constantly on the go and now I barely leave the house! I am at the end of my tether I feel like its all in my head Has any one else been similar to this?


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Anxiety :: Paxil With Xanax For Panic Attacks

I would like to hear from someone about taking paxil and xanax for panic attacks.

I would like to hear the pros and cons.

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Pregnancy :: Glucose Test - Anxiety And Panic Attacks

Has anyone else that did it feel like they were gonna pass out or got an anxiety/panic attack? i did then threw it up now i gotta do it through an IV

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Anxiety :: GAD With Multiple Sclerosis -crying / Panic Attacks

I suffer from GAD, I have been managing it for several years but the past few weeks have been a nightmare. My dad suffers from MS and around a fortnight ago I decided that i had it for no reason whatsoever!! Since then I have been experiencing pins and needles in my feet and hands and sore muscles etc and when I went to visit my doctor he straight away made the connection to my anxiety.

I completely understand why he did this, MS doesn't really work like that, one day i decide that i probably have it then the next day i wake up with all these symptoms. I cry every night when i get home from work and all throughout the day I drive myself crazy thinking about what my life would be like if i were diagnosed with MS. Dad isn't great, I am his sole carer and for a 24 year old it can be difficult to juggle this, work and my own health issues. My relationship is suffering badly too, I don't want to lose him but when i sit on the sofa at night sobbing he feels useless.

I have been on 75mg of Chlorpromazine a day for a few weeks now as before the obsession with MS I was having major panic attacks which actually stopped me from working and the doctor put me on 150mg Trazodone last week to sedate me at night and to fight this depression but really i'm just looking for some reassurance...

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Cannabis :: Panic Attacks And Bad Anxiety - 5 Weeks Off Weed

Long story short: I smoked weed on and off for 10 years. I however smoked it nearly every day for over a year. I quit 5 weeks ago and the first 3 weeks were horrendous (typical withdrawal symptoms: insomnia (up for 55 hours at one point), throwing up, shaking, chills, digestive problems, no appetite. All of those symptoms have gone but now I am experiencing panic attacks and bad anxiety. I have managed to get my breathing together so I seem to be able to calm myself down, but I am just wondering when the panic attacks will subside? They just come on suddenly. I get this horrible feeling over me, heart races, don't feel like myself. I haven't been out on my own in 5 weeks because I'm too scared.

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Cialis Side Effects :: Panic And Anxiety Attacks

I've had panic/anxiety attacks on and off for 2 years now which makes me very scared about taking anything. But my wife and I want to have another child and the last few months I cant seem to keep an erection through intercourse. I'm not in the best of shape which I am sure is a cause of this and I know I should see a doctor about it but I hate doctors and very embarrassed to talk about it. I found a guy on craigslist selling Cialis 20mg and bought some. I'm nervous taking them so trying to do some research on whether they may cause me some more panic/anxiety attacks. We have a sitter tonight and i'd really like to satisfy my wife as well as myself. I am guessing i'll try breaking one in half and see how I feel.

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ACE Inhibitors :: Lisinopril Anxiety And Then Panic Attacks After Cough

I started this a few months back I was on it once before years ago with a different dr and my new dr has all my charts from my old dr who moved out of state. Anyway I have had this horrible cough from day 1 then I developed anxiety and then panic attacks. It makes me cough and cough I switched to taking it in the morning and I just felt out of it all day and some days I just itch. I called the pharmacy and was told told these are rare side effects well I'm allergic to just about everything medicinewise. I have bradytachycardia anyway. Then I was given the choice of a water pill which I've tried before and actually made me fall to the ground. I already have GAD and it was under control until I started this lisinopril and I'm too the point I'm just stopping I'm only on 5mg. I've also lost all interest in being intimate with my wife since day 1 of this taking this and it's strained our relationship.

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Lisinopril Side Effects - Anxiety And Panic Attacks

I have been on lisinopril for a few months and I also have anxiety and panic attacks which was controlled with Valium but since I started lisinopril within a few days my anxiety came back along with the cough headache and now it's tearing up my stomach. I also get lightheaded and feel off balance.

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Anxiety / Panic Attacks - Mind Going To Explode Due To Thoughts

I'm 17 years old, I'm absolutely going mad, my anxiety is going to make me crazy, i only think, and think and think, feeling like my mind is going to explode. Feeling that I'm living a dream, not my real life, And i'm absolutely scared of going crazy, I want to get back to normal, and be me. Since last year i started facing panic attacks and anxiety, I faced all kind of anxiety and moved on, but this kind, I can't. I've seen my doc, did everything, my buddy is absolutely fine, having my medications, that it usually helps, but nothing is getting better. Please if anyone faced this kind of things.

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Cannabis Withdrawal After 2 Weeks - Severe Anxiety And Panic Attacks

i've stopped smoking for 2 weeks now and the most serious symptom i am facing is anxiety i had two panic attacks so far. Can anxiety be permanent for me now?

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