Fibromyalgia - How To Deal With It?

Mar 5, 2016

Does anyone have any coping strategies that they could share with me. I have to have a cleaner because I'm too exhausted to even wash my clothes and a carer to shower me. My body is killing me with pain from top to bottom,especially in my back. The pain relief isn't working. I feel like bursting into tears. I can't go on like this any more.

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Stress :: How To Deal With It (besides Eating)

i've been REALLY stressed out lately. when i stress out i break out then i stress out even more and i don't know what to do.... any ideas on how do deal with stress (besides eating)?

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Pregnancy :: How To Deal With Nausea

What has helped you ladies deal with the nausea? Lately it has been getting really bad for me. I cant eat at all and i just don't know what to do anymore...

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Pregnancy :: How To Deal With Strong Smells

Has anyone found something to deal with the increased smells? I could barely stand going in a grocery store because I could smell EVERYONE and EVERYTHING. I never realized grocery stores smell like cardboard. Stinky cardboard. Lol I won't even go into the smell at the meat counter...disgusting. I was wondering if I could dab an essential oil under my nose or something to help.

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How To Deal With Viral Vestibular Neuritis?

Long story short I went to urgent care about 5 months ago because I was feeling lightheaded and disoriented. The NP told me I had an inner ear infection and gave me meds.

About 4 days later my symptoms had not improved and I went to the ER. They ran tons of tests and all were clear, then told me they also thought it an ear infection. I was diagnosed with a middle ear infection and sinusitis, told to stop my old meds and take some new ones.

I took a full round of antibiotics to clear the infection and after the bottle was empty i noticed no improvement, and may have felt worse.

I made an appointment for balance testing and an MRI with my ENT. The MRI come back squeaky clean. The balance test revealed that I had sustained "low frequency nerve damage in both ears". I now realize he probably meant vestibular nerve damage.

It's been close to 6 months now, I do feel much better than when this started but I still have constant brain fog and a feeling of imbalance. I also seem to feel worse when I go to stores or busy places. (oddly enough this excludes the gym, it's the one place I feel normal some times, I believe due to the fact working out releases endorphins, i'm not sure). I took an auditory test and they said everything seemed normal which is why I think it is neuritis and not labyrinths, as labs usually also causes hearing damage?

What do you guys think, sound like vestibular neuritis?

P.S. I'm doing some at home vestibular exercises, I meet with my ENT on the 22nd and am going to get him to refer me to VRT. At the moment the hardest thing to deal with is the brain fog, and anxiety it causes. I was thinking about asking to be put on Zoloft as my mother takes this and says it does wonders for her. I'm just nervous that it could make my brain fog worse, or slow down compensation. Do you think either of these could happen?

P.P.S. if you have a success story in dealing with this or know someone who has I would love to hear it. I'm beginning to feel that my life will always be like this and it's <seriously depressing> to be honest.

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Pregnancy :: How Do You Deal With Gestational Diabetes?

I recently found out I had gestational diabetes and it really made me sad . I feel like they're trying to put me on a diet .. I have no clue how I even got it !!!  How do you other mothers cope with this.

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17 Year Old Diagnosed With Hemochromatosis - How To Deal With It

I am wondering if there is someone else who is or has dealt with this condition at this young age. She will be undergoing a series of test in 2 weeks. 

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Frozen Shoulder :: How To Deal The Pain?

Just been diagnosed. It hurts so bad. How doyou deal?

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Atrophic Vaginitis :: How Do You Deal With The Anxiety - HRT?

I think about this almost 24 seven. Some days I just sit around the house trying to avoid symptoms.I feel like i'm stuck as I still don't know how bad it will get,can I deal with this or should I give in and start the many unknowns

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Running With Injuries :: How To Deal With Shin Pain?

I actually began running about 2 months ago, starting with a run 2 minutes, walk 4 and trying to gradually build from there (I m a college student, and had been walking quite a lot, around 4 miles, to and from class each day prior to beginning running). Problem is, my shins have been giving me a LOT of problems. I'm not sure what to do and am becoming quite frustrated...I've tried new shoes (currently in nike prestos, I love the shoes, they are the most comfortable things I have ever worn in my life!), gradually building up my runs, stretching, taking rest periods when they start to hurt...and as a result have not been able to increase mileage at all!

Should I run through the pain? I am guessing these are just shin it okay to run through these, do they go away? Is there anything else I can do? If anyone has any advice at all, I would really appreciate it. It is driving me nuts not to be able to run! I am trying to "rest" for the past month and a half have only been running about 2 days a week, with each run only about 15 minutes long.

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Could I Have Fibromyalgia?

I don't know where to start really but I'll give it a go. This may end up all over the place so I’ll apologise now.

6 years ago I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease. 3 years ago I had a fall trying to take my jeans off and had pains in my left wrist. I never had a diagnosis for the pains. I was given a few steroid injections and splint treatment and eventually the pains stopped.

Whilst I was pregnant with my daughter last year, I developed SPD (where the pelvis loosens too much during pregnancy) and ended up being on crutches for the last month of my pregnancy. I had a traumatic delivery with my little monster and ended up with an emergency c section. I was still on crutches for about 2 weeks after her birth and then seemed to end up using her pram as a support whilst we were out and about. If I take her out and about on my own I have to take her buggy as I can't lift her pram in and out of the boot (it's only double the weight of the buggy!) The longest I can stand holding her is 10 minutes before I'm in agony with my back, pelvis, ankles and feet.

Continuing from her arrival I have been getting the pains in my left wrist again and I'm now randomly getting them in my right wrist and the insides of my elbows too. I have even had to remove my wedding ring on the odd day because that causes pains in my finger. My daughter is now 10 months old and I am still getting the pains around my pelvis and back. I struggle to get comfortable at night laying on both sides and wake in agony with my neck and shoulders. I'm also waking during the night with the loss of sensation in my hands and/or pins and needles feeling. During pregnancy and now I get pains in my ankles and feet (I was in and out of hospital at the end of pregnancy over pre-eclampsia fears) to the point where I can only walk around for a maximum of an hour before I'm in agony. Fairly recently I've been getting pains in my jaw where no matter how I try to "rest" it, it hurts. I was given a mouth guard a few years ago as my dentist felt I was grinding my teeth during my sleep.

I should probably also mention that I have been diagnosed with Post Natal Depression (PND) and have been put on a low dose of Fluoxetine. I recently went to see one of our GPs as my hubby was quite worried about the fatigue I have been struggling with. I can't get through the day without feeling tired. Come an hour or so after lunch I have to summon up all the energy I've got to continue with my day, I just don't seem to have the energy to do much at all anymore. The GP just said it's probably a side effect of the anti-depressants and wasn't worried about it. I haven't mentioned anything else as I just feel like I'm over reacting. Just typing this out I've got aches and pains going through my fingers and wrists.

I had been receiving physio on my back from a fantastic therapist, but at the end of my maternity leave we were moved to a new unit. I went to see the physio at my new unit and had an awful session. She basically turned round and told me the only way my back was going to get fixed is loose weight, get back in the gym and get on with things. Not really what someone with PND needs to hear on top of everything else that they're dealing with. I didn't go into any further details about all the other problems I've been having as I just wanted to get out of there as quick as possible. This was 3 months ago and I haven't been back since.

My other concern is that I’m in the RAF. I still have just under 7 years left to serve until I reach my 22 year exit point. I just can't help think that if I do have this condition then I could end up being medically discharged. I wouldn't know what to do if I was. The RAF is all I've ever known, I joined when I was 16.

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Hypothyroidism And/with Fibromyalgia

Have had hypothyroidism for 10 yrs. 2 yrs ago started with lots of joint/pain/tenderness and extreme tiredness. Had blood tests to check thyroid function - told that my symptoms were because I was on too high a dose of levothyroxine (125mcg). Told to reduce to (100mcg). Done this. Symptoms lot worse now and just been diagnosed as having fibromyalgia but I am so tired etc. and my symptoms are very much like when I was hypo and was awaiting a diagnosis - very dry skin, hair loss etc. (I have no record of my function test results so I cannot gauge what the pattern has been) Anyone else who has hypo and has been diagnosed with fibromyalgia? I cannot help but wonder if my symptoms are more to do with inadequate treatment for hypothyroid than fibromyalgia. Any ideas please?

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Are These Fibromyalgia Symptoms?

I have these symptoms for over a year and each time it's a little different.

1. I get burning back of head usually back of left side neck at the base of my head then it goes up to my top of head.

2. I get dizzy or drunk like feeling, usually with a bowel movement.

3. confused feeling, lots of gas.

4. My back of the left side between my should blade and spine has a constant pain.

5. I crack in weird places I never used to. Example, the back of my head makes a clicking noise. Sometimes my chest will pop. 5. Burning in my abdomen, sometimes.

6. Pain by my heart or breathing, usually when I have to poop or pee.

7. Feeling like I have poor circulation when I sleep or awake in the morning. I will often wake up because of numb body parts.  

8. jaw pain or jaw burning.

9. I will get like heat or burning in chest to face then, I sometimes break out in a rash? I get red bumps on my skin, often. This comes usually with my hot face feeling. It kind of prickly.

10. tingling in hands of both. 11. I get weird beating or heart beat beats faster sometimes.

12. I feel nauseous when I drink water, often. Or when have to poop, sometimes.

13. short of breath at times.

14. Floaters in the eyes.

15. head pressure or eye pressure.

16. Tired arms, usually left arm.

17. If I push on my chest with my fingers at the right time, it will hurt so bad MORE than normal with just a push.

18. I bruise so easily on my legs.

19. twitching in different areas more than norm.

20. I find pain in certain area of my body that should not hurt.

21. crawling skin on head at times and, muscles moving or slightly tightening for no reason on my upper body.

22. Tooth pain all of a sudden, then goes.

23. I feel different in my mind.    

I have been to the E.R. a lot, it's annoying. They usually do not find anything wrong. I went to my Doctor she said nerves and I have ibs irritable bowel. I have a heart ultrasound looks good. I have bad tooth decay. I had a bad tooth infection 1 year or 2 ago. I used to drink a lot of energy drinks and WAS addicted to painkillers for about a year. All my basic blood work came back normal. I had an allergy test my Doctor said I don't have any.  Of course I was diagnosed with anxiety. I say of course because, it seems like a trend that most people have.

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Fibromyalgia? Flu And Aches All Over

I was looking for some help a couple of weeks ago i felt really ill like i was gonna get the flu aching all over only lasted about a day and a half but last weekend the same thing happened again was in tears with the pains and it lasted about 2 and a half days this time but now when i have the chance to get to docs i feel fine but am worrying its gonna happen again.

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Fibromyalgia What You Have To Share?

For the past year I have had what appears to be fibromyalgia. I have had bad luck getting info from doctors so I am wondering what others who have a diagnosis might share.

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Can You Have Fibromyalgia Without Pain?

I have been ill for around 4 years, mainly with persistent fatigue, episodes of intense sleepiness and episodes of lightheadedness on exertion. I have had probably hundreds of blood tests that have ruled out everything from thyroid to diabetes to iron etc etc. I have also had sleep apnea ruled out. I went to a rheumatologist yesterday as I have coeliac disease (which is under control) and wanted to rule out the possibility of other autoimmune conditions. Anyway the rheumatologist prescribed me vitamin D tablets as I am vitamin D deficient but he said if that didn't improve things his next option would be fibromyalgia. However (and I told him this) I don't have any pain! None! I was under the impression you can't have fibromyalgia without pain? I have already been to see an ME/CFS specialist and chronic fatigue syndrome was ruled out as I don't have enough other symptoms, ie I have fatigue but no memory/concentration problems, I don't have periods of feeling worse after periods of activity etc.

Am I right in thinking that I don't have fibromyalgia?

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Fibromyalgia And LDN For Two Weeks Now

I've been on LDN for 2 weeks now. Started at 2,5mg increasing 0,5 a week, now at 3,5. I see some improvement.  Anyone's taking it?

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Steroids :: Prednisolone And Fibromyalgia

I have been taking Prednisolone now for 6 weeks now for Fibromyalgia and i have been fine with every thing, but there is one problem i have been having and that is sweating very badly iys like my whole body is like a tap it happens as soon as i get warm or when i am doing housework or even walking the dog.

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Sarcoidosis Along With Fibromyalgia And Asthma

Just been diagnosed with sarcoidosis of both lungs. Also have Fibromyalgia, Asthma and various other medical problems.

Had bronchoscopy and biopsies on Tuesday, felt every one taken from my right lung was in complete agony. Had x-ray 2 hours later and was told there was no pneumothorax and sent home.

On Wednesday I was in a lot of pain, but as I was seeing my consultant on Friday decided to wait to see him and it had subsided somewhat by then. Told him about the pain and he sent me for another chest x-ray which confirmed I had a pneumothorax, which he said would heal on its own.

I have to go back next week for another x-ray to see if it has healed.

He said that he wouldn't prescribe steroids at the moment and will be sending me for another lung function test in the next 3-4 months to see how things are going.

Just feeling very tired and slight pain from the pneumothorax.

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Fibromyalgia - Have 16 Of The 18 Tender Points

I was just diagnosed with fibromyalgia. I have 16 of the 18 tender points, I'm tired, I have headaches, my muscles and joints ache and, occasionally, my fingers and toes get tingly. Oh, and I'm cold all the time. The only actual test I had done was a blood test, which came back perfect. The problem is, my lymph nodes are sore. Not swollen, really, just sore. My doc told me it's from the fibro, but I'm not finding any info to support this online. Also, sometimes I wake up with a headache. Is this normal? I should add, my left side feels IDENTICAL to my right. The pain, lymph node soreness, etc...It's all perfectly symmetrical. Is this normal for fibro? I am 36 years old. I would really appreciate any advice from someone who actually HAS fibromyalgia. My friends/family think I must be dying with all these symptoms, and that fibro can't really cause so much discomfort. My doctor, who is generally on top of things, is certain it's fibromyalgia. He said the tender points are what really tipped it off for him. I should add...this is causing me a lot of anxiety which seems to be making the symptoms worse.

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Ankylosing Spondylitis Or Fibromyalgia?

I'm 30 years old and have suffered back pain and knee pain to an almost debilitating stage and the fatigue can be immense. I've had this since I was 17 ish. Quite often out of nowhere my knees will 'pop' or 'crack'. This can be when I'm walking, starting to sit, try to kneel or even stand still! Sometimes the pain is horrendous. I've also noticed my back has become less flexible over time (in fact my whole body). My calves feel heavy and my feet hurt like crazy. I find it hard to sit for very long without my spine hurting. My wife has tried massaging my back, but she hates it because she sees the pain I'm in. I have been to a Chiropractor, but I seemed only to get worse! I have been to the Dr and they seem to only want to look at one thing at a time rather than collectively. However, I do get some violent jolts or shakes which has been diagnosed as Myoclonus. It has been suggested by one Dr that I may have Fibromyalgia, however, I read through the literature and although some of it sounds familiar I'm not so convinced. By chance I then read an article in my local newspaper drumming up awareness of AS. I'd never heard of this before so I googled it and I would say the symptoms described struck a chord with me. I'm yet to discuss this with my Dr. Has anyone else found the same awkwardness in regards to getting to the bottom of what their suffering from? I'm convinced my mother also had it, although it was never confirmed. I can remember how much of a struggle daily life was for her. One Dr even tried telling her she was a bored housewife and that she needed to get out of the house more! Unbelievable. Anyway thanks for reading this, just trying to build up more of a picture of what it is I have :'

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