Frozen Shoulder :: Pain Pattern - Left Sided Chest Pain?

Jan 9, 2015

i've just been diagnosed with FS. severe shoulder/neck (left side and back of neck) pain with very little arm/shoulder movement range.

however, can anyone say, if it's 'normal' for FS to cause left-sided chest . chest pain that radiates to shoulder blade, down (L) arm, elbow, wrist, palm of hand, up the left side of neck, ear & face culminating in a hemi -cranial headache?

whilst i know the scapula, elbow,wrist & palm are pretty classic of FS, however, i'm worried re the chest pain/left sided neck, ear pain & headache. it fluctuates throughout the day and is worst in the pm & at night. i did have an ambulatory ECG some 9 ago. it was considered within the normal limits. that was before to-days diagnosis. my GP made a v. quick diagnosis based on 3 arm movements this evening and wasn't interested in the chest pain aspect.

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Heart :: Chest Pain, Left Shoulder Pain And Jaw Pain

I saw a cardiologist in september of last year and he assured me everything was normal. I see a cardiologist every few years to check on my arrhythmia that has been a pain in the butt for years.

I am 28 year old female. I have been having pain in my left chest, left shoulder and right jaw for about 5 days now. Yesterday, I went to the ER because it felt like someone was stabbing me in between my shoulder blades and I couldn't catch my breath.

They did a rapid EKG and a blood test when I walked in the door. The nurse said, I doubt anything is wrong with your heart its probably an ulcer or something. So they took me to a room and got me settled in. The doctor comes in a tells me my blood test showed that I either had a heart attack or I am going to have a heart attack!! Really?!?? Totally started freaking.

They re-ordered the blood tests twice after that. They came back normal. Both of my EKGS were normal and a CT scan with contrast of my chest came back normal. They sent me home.

I am still freaking out. My left arm/shoulder is really sore. I am trying to re-assure myself that nothing is wrong or else they wouldn't let me leave, right?
I just need re-assurance to trust the doctors and not let my mind go to that place....What could be the problem?

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Shoulder Rotator Cuff :: Frozen Shoulder - Constant Pain

I have a 'Frozen Shoulder'.

This was caused by an inoperative Humerus shoulder fracture because the orthopedic surgeon found an infection in my bone during surgery. ( I fell back on 10/6/14) Doctors were baffled how I ended up with an infection since I had no cuts and was in perfect health before I fell.
Surgeon put a drain in and closed me up. I was in a sling for 2 1/2 months and on IV antibiotics for over a month.

Dec 14 I started Physical Therapy, 3xs a week. Along with exercises at home. I have little ROM. Very stiff. Extreme tightness.

I have constant pain from the back of my shoulder to my elbow, bicep. muscles. The little knots are quite painful. I push, squeeze to ease the pain. Massaging the shoulder / arm eases it just for a bit.

Due to the infection that was found in my bone during surgery, three ortho surgeons said they will not operate on my shoulder.
Intensive therapy is all they said I need.

Ortho surgeon will not prescribe pain medication.

My primary care physician prescribed 10mg oxycodone which I cut in half. I only take a full pill when I have physical therapy. Scared what will happen when I run out of pills. Doubt my Dr will refill the prescription. (sad face)

I have tried Aleve, Excedrin, Advil, which doesn't help the pain. I even mixed them with benadryl to sleep. But that didn't help either.

Do to Medicare amount allotted for physical therapy, I can only go a certain amount of times. Which now, I only have a few more visits to go.
Been going to PT for about 3 months and haven't seen any improvement. This is really horrible!

PT said he will teach me what I can do at home and that I could pay $30 a visit if I wanted to.

But personally, I feel it would be wasting my money since I would be paying him just to rub my arm for 10 minutes since I do the same exercises at home. I bought a door pulley and therabands.

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Frozen Shoulder :: Nerve Pain - Forearm Hand Aching Pain

i can't cope anymore with the pain! All my nerves hurt neck scapula biceps pain all the way down arm forearm aching hand aching does anyone else have the forearm hand aching pain.

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Frozen Shoulder :: Pain After Acupuncture

I have been treating my frozen shoulder with traditional physical therapy.  About three weeks ago I started acupuncture.  After the first session my calves started to ache.  They do not put needles in the back of my legs.  I was doing exercise in the doorway that would put stress on my calves for 2 months prior to acupuncture.  At that time my calves did not hurt.  I find it strange that the calves began aching with acupuncture.

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Frozen Shoulder :: Upper Arm Pain?

I've been dealing with FS since Fall.  That's when I noticed the dull achy pain that I thought was from a new bra strap digging in.  In December I started having the zinger pain that would shoot down my arm with sudden movements.  I saw a Ortho doctor in February who gave me a Cortisone shot and sent me to 6 weeks of physical therapy.  Very painful, still can't raise my arm all the way, but I haven't had that zinger pain in a while so I believe I might be starting to see the light at the end of this long tunnel.  

What I'm experiencing now is an almost constant dull aching pain in my upper arm, like where you would get an injection.  I also have a lot of tenderness in the area around my upper back behind my armpit.

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Frozen Shoulder :: How Long The Pain Will Last?

I had a capsular release and an extensive debridement for a frozen shoulder about a month ago under GA. My ROM is much better but I am still in PT for internal and external rotation. Does anyone know how long the pain will last? I thought 4 weeks post op I would start to feel some relief. I am still waking up every 2 hours in pain and taking pain medication and a muscle relaxant.

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Frozen Shoulder :: How To Deal The Pain?

Just been diagnosed. It hurts so bad. How doyou deal?

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Frozen Shoulder :: How Long The Pain Stays For?

I had a fall a year ago and ended up with a frozen shoulder. Can anyone tell me how long the pain stays for. It is still severe with limited movement and keeps me awake most nights. I would also like some ideas in relieving the pain. 

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Frozen Shoulder :: Neck Pain And Stiffness

Since having frozen shoulder, I have also suffered with neck pain and neck stiffness. It's not the same dreadful, unbearable pain that you get in your shoulders and arm, just a dull, persistent ache. Does anyone else have this? I have been told that I have a slight amount of arthritis in my neck, but that this is 'normal' for someone of my age (53). I never had this pain before I had frozen shoulder - there is probably a connection but I'm not sure if it's the frozen shoulder causing the neck pain or if the neck problem may be the cause of my frozen shoulder!

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Frozen Shoulder :: Nerve Pain In Neck And Arm

I have been off work since last September. when one morning I woke up and thought I was going to be paralysed as I was I the most severe pain in my neck, but actually couldn't move. I was given diazepam to relax the muscle spasms. Already on tramadol but also given cocodamol. Saw chiropractor for 6 weeks. Wasn't happy there though. Slowly regained more movement in my neck but the pain was getting worse and my shoulder and arm in excruciating pain. Can't lift arm up or behind my back. Putting certain items of clothing on causes sudden pain that makes me want to scream out and maybe faint sometimes. I hope I don't offend but going to the toilet is a feat. I feel like a fraud to others as you can't see this and it is the most painful thing ever. I have had 5 children and this is worse. I've seen a spine Physio today and being referred for MRI. She seems to think I have now developed frozen shoulder on top of neck problem too. I'm exhausted from it all. Bit nervous. I feel a fraction of the person I was 7 months ago. Thank you for listening to me wittering on about myself.

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Frozen Shoulder :: Excruciating Pain And Can't Sleep

I was diagnosed with frozen shoulder yesterday and although had heard of it before but didn't really know what it was. Since researching internet and reading this forum am amazed and scared to find that it could go on for years. I am a 60 yr old woman live alone and work 4 dys a wk I'm now terrified of not being able to continue work, or manage at home., I use a keyboard all day and It came from nowhere I woke up early last mon am and couldn't move my left (non dominant) arm was also in a lot of pain my 1st thought was that I had had a stroke as it felt heavy numb (bit like when you've leaned on it and its gone numb and just coming back to life )and hurt from shoulder to finger tips. I have been to work all week and have had to grit my teeth and soldier on until I got docs app last night he tested my arm by moving it about and diagnosed frozen shoulder told me to take painkillers and put in sling for couple of weeks when I said I wasn't happy with that he offered to give me steroid injection and did so there and then said it would hurt more initially but by time i go back to work on tuesday should be lot better. I cannot reach forward neither can I lift my arm out to the side or up or back more than about 6" in each direction. The weirdest thing about is how it happened so suddenly I did ask Dr if it could be connected to a tooth infection I've just had but he said 'No' The reason I asked this as last year I had a root canal treatment and a crown was fitted all was well until couple of months ago when got toothache on that tooth was told it was an infection and given antibiotics he said if it re-occurred I'd have to have it extracted all was fine until 3 weeks ago when i got severe toothache again and was given antibiotics and made app for 2 wks later to have it extracted it cleared up only to return 4 days later was in excruciating pain from tooth got more antibiotics wanted to smash my head off the wall couldn't sleep eat or function properly my face ear neck shoulder everywhere hurt dentist said it couldn't be that bad as had no nerve there wouldn't take it out earlier than my due app although i went to surgery in tears and begged him, when it was finally taken out he apologised and said that I had a severe infection under the crown. I finished the antibiotics and neck and shoulder and face still hurt and four days later woke up with 'frozen shoulder' I can't help but think this is somehow connected having read a couple of other posts about teeth infections. Has anyone else had similiar experience? I feel sure there is some connection. What I do know is the pain is excruciating and it's odd that I cannot lie on my right side my normal sleeping side as pain in shoulder/arm is overwhelming but can sleep in snatches leaning on my left side which is the bad shoulder and it is nowhere near as painful.

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Frozen Shoulder :: Again! Pain Will Eventually Subside

I am on my second frozen shoulder, now in my right arm. My left arm still does not have full movement.

My only relief is knowing that the pain will eventually subside.

The sleepless nights, the difficulty dressing, brushing hair, putting on seat belt, reaching for anything are all getting me down.

Every day I am hoping for it to be a little better.

I tried physio and cortisone injections with my first shoulder, but eventually gave up with it as there was no improvement. I have decided to let it run its course this time.

Have been suffering only 5 months so far and I remember the pain lasted for about 18 months before, so have a long way to go yet!

No one seems to sympathise and you look like you are making a fuss about nothing. But it is very painful, sometimes if I catch it funny it is such agony I cannot move for a few seconds while the pain subsides.

Sometimes the pain also travels down my arm and into my hand.

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Frozen Shoulder :: Bilateral (left And Right)

I have bilateral frozen shoulder - idiopathic.  Several professionals have stated my left is "severely affected".  Right is manageable and seems to be on recovery but full ROM is not there yet.  Ortho is considering MUA with a scope to clip any scar tissue on the left.  I'm wondering what is the true pain level of this surgery?  How soon after were you to "functioning"?  I have 3 kids (9, 6 and 3). 

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Can Chest Pain Be Linked To Shoulder And Back Pain?

can chest pain be linked to shoulder and back pain?

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Frozen Shoulder :: Days Of Constant Pain, Even At Rest?

I'd like to know if others share some of my symptoms and which ones?

1) Days of constant pain, even at rest?

2) Pain in the upper arm, often in the inner upper arm?

3) Pain in the back of the shoulder?

4) Pain when laying on the scapula of the affected shoulder?

5) No increase in pain while doing therapy exercises? But, an increase sometimes afterwards?

6) Mostly bad days, but some random low-pain days? And, often no clear reason why I have those low-pain days.

7) Pain that seems to move around. Sometimes arm pain, then back of shoulder pain, then arm pain again?

8) Typically either arm pain or back of the shoulder pain, but typically not both at the same time.

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How Do You Cope Frozen Shoulder? Nerve Pain After Neck Injury

how do you cope?  One year ago I fell downstairs (vertigo) fractured my neck and had severe pain in upper left arm, felt like a very bad bruise and a swollen but not broken wrist.  Neck healed, pain in my upper arm remained and could move it but not do up bra etc without severe pain.  Had an injection in my shoulder - made it worse. 11 months on I fell down a shorter flight of stairs (return of vertigo!) on to same bad shoulder/arm.  Now frozen and pain from neck to finger tips all the time and even worse at night.  Can't take oral pain relief tablets has anyone tried pain relief patches?  The pain is so bad I can't do anything and I am getting seriously depressed and being driven to despair, its like being in constant childbirth labour!  constantly having to massage my arm including from elbow to wrist and palm of hand into fingers.  Given conflicting advice by every medical person seen so far.    Seems it is likely multiple problems but still no MRI, xray shows no broken bones in shoulder.  Read most of the discussions, not many triggered by injury unless I have missed those.  Any support groups locally in Cornwall where we could at least cry openly!

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Frozen Shoulder :: Pain Management - Morphine, Naproxen And Paracetamol

In 2007 I had true frozen shoulder in my left (non-dominant shoulder). After freezing and while waiting for arthroscopic release I spent five months on dihydrocodeine and tramadol and didn't sleep. Nosleep. None. I don't really remember much about 2007, I was 42. I continued working, but like a zombie.

I had the arthroscopic release and was off all pain meds within 2 days – was magic.

Surgery performed by Mr Cameron Hatrick in Sussex on the NHS.

However I had severe muscle wastage and was very unfit, so months and months of physio followed before I regained full movement and fitness.

Exercises I found particularly useful was being able to windmill my arm – simulating swimming movements in addition to the other recommended exercises.

In October 2014 I suspected the onset of frozen shoulder in my right arm. I completed as many of the exercises I did post op last time, as possible and went to gp and physiotherapist.

I maintained mobility much longer but had pain when sleeping and lying down, so disrupted sleep.

In late January I lost all mobility within 2 weeks, much more rapidly than last time, but I assumed it was because I had been keeping the strength and mobility exercises up. Up till this point I was coping with just paracetamol.

I was referred to Mr Hatrick again. In the meantime, while waiting, I was back on the dihydrocodeine, then back on the tramadol too. I also used heat patches – the kind that last 12 hours and you wear on clothing, not skin. Still managing sleep in 2 and 3 hour spells to add up to 6-8 hours a night.

However I felt my whole health was deteriorating with the use of the dihydrocodeine and tramadol, as they made me an idiot and I was in a new job and trying to impress. (Well at least look professional).

When they recruited me in February I explained about my condition and that I was waiting for keyhole surgery and would expect to be back at work in a few days. The new job was great because I could go by train as I had given up driving as could open and close the driver's door or use reverse gear.

Before seeing the consultant, I returned to my GP and he wrote a letter to point out how this was adversely affecting my mental health, recommending the procedure be done quickly. I saw Mr Hatrick on March 30th and had the op on April 1st in Brighton.

However, this time the discharge included notes and graphic images and explained the complications encountered. I did not only have arthroscopic release and manipulation under anaesthetic. As I had inflammation ++, impingement ++ and a thickened bursa, I was given a nerve block and had bone shaved.

I went home, tried the dihydrocodeine and tramadol and suffered. Went to the gp twice, spoke to the gp twice, saw the nurse to have my stitches removed and returned to the hospital for examination by a duty registrar. I saw the physiotherapist for an assessment who looked at my discharge notes and said I had had two real extremes of experiences of easy and complicated. I then had a follow up with Mr Hatrick on day 17, who said in 14 years he had never recommended a steroid injection any sooner than 4-6 months post op as there was a risk of infection. However, he recommended it as urgent and on day 20 I had a steroid injection under x-ray.

Now it is day 22 and I am still suffering and am still off work.

Since day 5 I have been on Morphine, Naproxen and Paracetamol. Since day 17 I have also been on Gabapentin. This cocktail will sometimes mean I get 3 or 4 hours sleep. I certainly have better mobility since the release, but pain is still awful, despite the meds and plenty of ice.

Given up taking one day at a time, I now take every 4-6 hours at a time.

No idea when I will be able to return to work.

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Shoulder Pain Lead To Chest Pain

My brother got Shoulder pain then chest pain with sweating and get unconscious. What symptom of disease is it?

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Cardiovascular :: 22 Yr Old Male Chest Pain/left Arm And Neck Pain

I'm 22 years old 6 foot 150 pounds..3 days ago I started having chest pain on left side and my ribs are sore to touch, feels like a knife if u push on them, about 3 hours later my left arm and neck started hurting (my arm feels heavy) and really sore below my left collar other symptoms except maybe lack of energy..I've tried ibuprofen..aspirin with no help..4 years ago I had a stress test and ekg and they found a mild case of mitral valve prolapse and I was put on 25mg of atenolol...what should I do? I don't have insurance so I don't want to rush to er if it's not life's been going on for going on 4 days

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Chest Pain :: Shoulder Pain And Arm Pain

Last 1 week i am feeling shoulder pain and left arm pain some time slight pain on chest but not in fix please some times left side some time right side and some time in center of chest.? i tested ECG and blood test report became normal, only cholesterol was high. please tell me any thing to be worried. i am 30 years old and i m not smoking. please give details i will be always thanks full for this regards.

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