Generic Carbimazole - More Palpitations

Jul 12, 2015

My Neo Mercazole has been changed by my pharmacist to a generic form of Carbimazole and I have been having more palpitations on this new medication.Has anyone else had this problem.I know that they are supposed to have the same quality but I certainly don't feel that they work as well.

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Carbimazole :: Stopping Carbimazole - Started To Gain Weight

I have been on Carbimazole for only about a month and have started to gain weight. I was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism at Easter and am seeing the endocrinologist tomorrow. I am coming off the stuff as I'd rather be dead than fat and will tell him that. I'm 51 and work in the media. Weight gain could cause me to lose my job and it's just out of the question to be overweight. People in my industry are being made redundant everyday and my job is really at risk.

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Generic Viagra Really Works?

I am interested if generic Viagra really works. I see that the price is much lower than brand one. Any good experience with it?

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Is There A Generic Cheap Viagra Available?

I am 46 and my girl is 23-I have no prob w/ an erection but sometimes she wants 2 or 3 a day and I just can't do that anymore-is there a generic (i e cheaper)"viagra out there?

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Synthroid - Generic Vs. Name Brand

I was recently switched to the name brand of Synthroid after taking the generic for 20 + years. I really didn't notice any side effects from the generic but since switching to the name brand I have begun having hot flashes and night sweats (I'm WAY past menopause) and I feel anxious, moody, my foot is constantly moving when I'm sitting and recently I noticed I'm clenching my teeth. Has anyone had this experience when going from the generic to the name brand?

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Cymbalta To Generic Duloxetine - Crashed

I have been recently changed from Cymbalta to generic duloxetine.  Whilst on Cymbalta, I was able to cut down from 120 mgs daily to 90 mgs daily.

Now I have had to go back to 120 mgs as I have a terrible depressive crash very close to 3 pm every day.  I have always taken my full dose in one dose in the morning.  Now I am splitting it to avoid the 3 pm crash.  I asked my psychiatrist for Cymbalta specifically as in the US it is prescribed for fibromyalgia which I also have.  I had seemed to be improving on that front too and was hoping to get back to part time work but I have been more or less bedridden for the last two weeks.  Anybody else had problems with the switch over?

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Hepatitis B :: Viread Generic Or Brand

My doctor let me have Viread. I checked online at pharmacy checker. Tenofovir Disoproxil Fumarate Tablet and Viread Tablet, are they the same in treatment wise? I went to CVS store, it cost 1000 USD to 30/300mg for Viread Tablet. is it too expensive? The staff there told me generic tablet is not available. But why I see it online as I said earlier?

What happens if I take brand and then switch to generic like a year later? Will the generic medicine do the same?

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Hepatitis C :: $5 Copay For Generic Harvoni And How To Get It?

I have been written a prescription for Harvoni or generic. I've found generic at Gandhi Medicos for $1140 US.

I am in US and I'm wondering if anyone has any dealings with this Co. also.

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Uterine Fibroids :: Medicine / Generic Name Of Esmya?

Anybody tell me the generic name of Esmya?

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Gout :: Lipitor Or The Generic Atorvastatin For High Cholesterol?

I am aware that us folks with a gout flare-up are taking many different types of medications but I wanted to know if any of the folks in this forum are also taking Lipitor or the generic Atorvastatin for high cholesterol?

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Urocit-K And Thiola :: Tons Of Kidney Stones - Any Generic Available?

I was diagnosed with sever kidney stones & have had numerous surgeries & lost my right kidney to cancer. I'm currently on Urocit-K Thiola to control my stones. I still have tons of stones & currently have a stent into control blockage.

Anyway, does anyone know if there is a generic for those two medications? I'm currently paying $200 for a 30 day supply

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Hepatitis C :: Ordering Generic Harvoni (HEPCINAT-LP) From India

My aunt has some liver problem and doctors said that they need Harvoni to solve the problem. Since it's price is insanely expensive we decided to buy HEPCINAT-LP one from India. I found some companies that i can order HEPCINAT-LP but don't know if i can trust them or not.

I've no chance to publish those companies .....

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Contraception - Aviane 28 (generic Alesse) :: Dizziness / Nausea On First Dose

I'm a first time user of birth control and was recently prescribed Aviane 28 (generic Alesse). I took my first dose earlier this evening (about 7PM) and was feeling peachy keen until after my shower (about 9:30PM). A wave of incredibly bad nausea and dizziness sidelined me when I stepped out - I could barely stand, my head was swimming and the feeling was so intense, I had to lie down on the bathroom floor and wait for it to pass. I'm planning on seeing my doctor tomorrow but in the meantime, has anyone experienced something similar while on their first dose?

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Hytrin / Generic Terazosin To Help Urine Flow? Alternative/natural Remedies?

Got a couple questions for the board; have any of you been prescribed Hytrin or the generic Terazosin to help urine flow?

My Uro calls my condition bladder neck dysfunction and want to do a TRUP (send chills hearing that...yikes) to alleviate the weak urine flow I've had for about 3 -4 years.

The meds (Hytrin) does help but it makes my heart pound. I don't want to be on meds for this my whole life and I do NOT want to have surgery! I'm trying everything under-the-sun before going that route!

I'm 53 and eat vegan, otherwise good health, not overweight, work out 3 times a week and drink lots of water...well try to.

Considering acupuncture...but hoping for some tried and true other solutions?

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Anxiety :: Heart Palpitations

So I just got back from a ER a few hours ago. Why? Well I'll tell you. About 3 days ago or so I started getting heart palpitations while laying down after I took my Seroquel to get ready to sleep. They would last about a half hour to a hour and 15 or 20 so palpitations I would eventually fall asleep. I thought nothing of it but then it happened again the next night and the next ect. I started developing panic attacks cause I was concerned that I had a heart problem or something was wrong. I couldn't tell if my anxiety was causing the palpitations or the palpitations developing the anxiety ugh. So tonight I started getting them and they just wouldn't stop and then I went into full panic mode. I thought oh god im gonna have a heart attack I know it. So I begged my dad to take me to the ER and they assessed me and my vitals were about 60-70 BPM when I got there and then they took some blood and I got a EEG or EKG? Not sure I've never had one before but it was the one with the cords they put on your chest, legs, sides and it literally takes 10 seconds and it came out perfect and so did the blood work. The doctor said because of the propanol that I take which calms the heart down during a panic attack that I'm having "extra beats"  because of the calm when I take my propanol. I asked him why this came on all of a sudden and he doesn't know it just happens. He said they're usually benign but to make a appointment with my GP to get a heart monitor to wear for a week just as a safety precaution. I asked him what causes this and he said caffeine, sugar, smoking ect. I asked him what about not eating and drinking enough because I haven't been doing much due to my IBS being pretty bad recently. He said that could be it as well but to still follow up with my doctor. I'm still scared cause im still having them (well I had 1 since I got home) i keep constantly checking my pulse and worrying when the next one will come that it's making my anxiety sky rocket. Has anyone else encountered this problem? I'm still afraid even though I was told it was ok. My anxiety brain is saying that the tests were wrong and they missed something ect. Ugh I hate anxiety. It seems like it's one thing after another. Id love to hear what you guys think of this. Thanks.

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Anyone Evaluated For Palpitations During Menopause?

Are there any individuals here who are being evaluated for palpitations during menopause?

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Ramipril :: Palpitations, Difficulty Breathing

My wife was prescribed 10 milligrams/day dose of ramipril and nearly passed out in town, palpitations, difficulty breathing and pain in the chest. She was admitted to hospital with a view that she might have had a heart attack. They put a camera up her femoral artery but her heart was clear, no problems.

her blood pressure was 90 over 45. we stopped her taking the Ramipril and all her symptoms disappeared. It was as if the tablets were producing the palpitations and the chest pains which she was taking more and more tablets for.

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Trimethoprim :: Red Rash On My Chest And Palpitations

I was given Trimethoprim (on its own) to treat a water infection and a cough, and about 20 minutes after taking it, my top lip swelled up and my mouth went numb. I also had blotchy, red rash on my chest and palpitations.

Turns out I am actually allergic to Trimethoprim...this was the first time I had ever been prescribed it. A few other people I have spoke to, also said that they have had bad reactions to this medicine.

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Cardiac Arrhythmias :: Palpitations Due To Anxiety?

I'll get straight to the point. I have been suffering from Vestibular Neuritis for almost a year, to summarise it, its an inner ear problem which affects your balance and can take years for the brain to compensate for it.

It has multiple side effects, the most common and most problematic one being anxiety. At the start I had too many panic attacks, I couldn't even leave my room. However, by doing things like yoga, meditation etc. I managed to recover a LOT in terms of ANXIETY. Medication didn't help and as my anxiety got under control along with my brain compensating for the lack of balance, I started to feel better, but all symptoms were still there 24/7 to a lesser degree.

One month ago, I relapsed. I assure you, I did nothing different and have no idea why everything came back. As you can imagine my anxiety sky rocketed again. It took me about 2 weeks for the dizziness to calm down as brain compensated for it again. However my anxiety seemed to be there, I tried yoga etc. again (as it was so successful last time) but it did nothing. I have also noticed for the past 2-3 weeks, my bowels have been very irritated- without going into too much detail, I will just say that the frequency of my toilet visits per day shot up. I assumed (and still assume this was anxiety related) so I continued yoga etc. with not much improvement. I changed my diet to eat only bland, simple food...still not much luck.

My latest problem, and this is the one I need MOST help with. Three days ago, as I was trying to sleep, I started getting palpitations which really scared me- I have never had them before. NOTE: I had EKG, ECHO, Holter done 6 months ago and all was normal, so my heart was fine then and is fine now as I had another holter done last week - HOWEVER this time around it was clear that I had ectopic beats but the doctor said this was normal.. This has really made me feel anxious especially because I never had this symptom last year when my anxiety was at a peak.

Yesterday, the palpitations got really bad, I had to take a 4 hour ferry and then drive 4 hours. iI had a fairly greasy burger on the ferry and about 90 minutes later I started feeling ill and had palpitations again. This was the most scared I have been, I felt the urge to go to the toilet a lot and everytime I went, I felt like I was going to faint. My 4 hour drive later was scary too, I almost stopped at a B&B because I kept getting palpitations. The palpitations I had yesterday was different to the ones I've had for the last 10 days...instead of a 'thud' at the end, I had a sense of radiation warm sensation from my chest to my stomach which was really scary and moments of a feeling where you feel like youve lost consciousness for a split second before being 'shocked' into reality.

Has anyone experienced this? Do you think its anxiety related?- If yes, why has it started to happen all of a sudden?

Or do you think this is something to do with GERD? I seem to burping more and feel more 'wind' and also seem to want to go to the toilet more.

I also feel dizzy because I'm eating less because I get scared to eat any amount as the palpitations are triggered!

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Propranolol For Palpitations And Erratic Heartbeats

Hi over past 12 months have been having loads of palpitations and erratic heartbeats, last visit to A&E on Tuesday, heart was going from my normal 72 to 108 within seconds and I could feel constant banging in chest over the weekend.  Had blood work, ECG, chest X ray all normal. Doctor said she thinks it may be my thyroid and whilst waiting for results have been given 40 mg propranolol per day to slow heartbeat.  I am also being sent for 24 hour heart monitor.  My question is will it make my heartbeat too slow, I already feel woozy with heart racing so am a bit concerned to be taking this.  No explanation was given apart from that it will not hurt me, take it for 2 weeks and see what happens. I read the leaflet and actually cut the pill in half because it does say for thyroid related problems 10mg - 40mg 2 - 3 times per day so wanted to start on the low side.  You know what it is like, I took the pill 30 mins ago and am sitting here waiting for something to happen, especially after reading the problems with stomach as I suffer badly with GERD.

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Heart Palpitations And Rapid Rate

Anyone who suffers anxiety knows what heart palpitations feel like. About 2 months ago, I was having them non-stop for days went to ER. They could see them on the monitor but said EKG looked okay and blood tests were normal. I still get them almost daily. They are scary and incredibly annoying, but I just try and cope with them. Well anyways, today I got to work and right after doing shift change, the phone rang and I needed to go assist a resident up on third floor. I don't like the elevator we have so i walked up the stairs. By the time I got up there I was so short of breath I could barely talk. And my heart rate was 144 and I could feel and literally see my heart beating. After sitting down and resting for about 5 minutes the pounding just stopped. I still have the palpitations though. The shortness of breath I am wondering if it is even related. I am 5months pregnant and I know that with my uterus expanding it can cause that. but something like this has never happened before. Last year I went to a cardiologist who did and EKG told me I had a sinus arrhythmia which is not serious and sent me on my way. I have smoked for a bout 7 years now, sometimes heavy others not so much. I have stress on a daily basis, and I do consume probably too much caffeine. I am 21 and otherwise in good health. Major anxiety though. Anyone have this happen before and turned out fine? I don't mean to sound like a hypo but I have two daughters already and it scares me to death to wonder where they would end up if anything were to happen to me.

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