Gestational Diabetes Can Hurt Your Baby

Aug 4, 2014

So I went to see the specialist today and let me say first off I was devastated when I found out I had it last week Wednesday ftm @33wks bc it doesn't run in my family and I never had it before. But listening and talking to the specialist it's not that bad and my scoring wasn't bad at all either just by a couple points but I realize that if you just go by the diet and that the things they give you that everything will be ok. But I didn't realize that having high sugars can literally make the babies heart stop at no matter what week you are she's seen it at happen to a lady at 38wks :( that hurt my heart. Bc I don't understand how mothers to be can't follow and do what they have to do for the time being of your pregnancy in order for you  and your child to remain healthy . But I pray daily so I have confidence . Everything will be ok !

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Gestational Diabetes Results In Big Baby?

Has anyone had gestational diabetes? I was diagnosed with it and everyone says I'm gonna have a big baby. Is this always true? I've only gained in my belly. I'm all belly pretty much. I think my size is normal for 35 weeks. I'm close to what I was with my first and I was all belly with him.

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Pregnancy :: Gestational Diabetes - Does It Affect My Baby?

I went to my 28 week checkup yesterday and received a call today that my sugar was high and I have to go back for the 3 hour test. In nervous. I didn't have health issues before the pregnancy. What does this mean for me after the pregnancy? Does this affect my baby?

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Pregnancy :: Gestational Diabetes - Risks For Baby And Mother?

I did my glucose test at 28 weeks. I'm now 31 weeks and got a letter from my OB saying they want to talk to me about my results and she said they wouldn't contact me unless something was wrong. What are the risks for my baby or for me with having gestational diabetes?

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(Age 25-34) Pregnancy :: Long Term Effects Of Gestational Diabetes On Baby?

diagnosed with gestational diabetes and I'm freaked out. I know that it is manageable and can be treated. I am just worried about any major long term effects on the baby? Does anyone know if this will adversely affect the baby?

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Pregnancy :: Gestational Diabetes - Induced Early? Baby Birth Weight?

Being diagnosed with gestational diabetes? How did you deal with it? Did your baby have a high birth weight? Did you carry full term or be induced early? Just curious about the topic all around.

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Pregnancy :: Gestational Diabetes Related To Type 1 Diabetes In Children?

I'm scared that all the sweets I crave and eat throughout the day will cause me to have GD.

but even worse, I'm wondering whether that could cause my baby to be born with type 1 diabetes? what are the effects of GD on the baby?

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Any Advice Regarding Gestational Diabetes ?

So, just found out i have gestational diabetes. How many of you moms have this and do u have any advice?

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Pregnancy :: What It's Like To Have Gestational Diabetes?

So just found out i have gestational diabetes. Can anyone who has had this tell me what it's like?

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Pregnancy :: What Happens In Gestational Diabetes Test?

What does the doctor do? And what time do I need to stop eating and drinking? He told me I could drink water but I can't remember what time and all that jazz...

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Pregnancy :: How Do They Treat Gestational Diabetes ?

I'm 29 weeks, and just failed my glucose test. According to my sono the baby is almost 4lbs already. Is that high? And what is the likely hood that I have gestational diabetes? If it turns out that I do have it how will they treat it?

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Gestational Diabetes - What Is Considered High And Low ?

Anybody with gestational diabetes when do you know when your sugar is to low or to high...what are the numbers I should stay in between to be good

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Pregnancy :: Gestational Diabetes - Can Cause Stillbirth

What can I eat? I heard it can cause stillbirth! I'm beyond terrified. Does anybody else have or been through this? My midwife and sending me twice a week to do stress tests what is that about? Does it help?

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Pregnancy :: How Do You Deal With Gestational Diabetes?

I recently found out I had gestational diabetes and it really made me sad . I feel like they're trying to put me on a diet .. I have no clue how I even got it !!!  How do you other mothers cope with this.

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(Age 18-24) Pregnancy :: Any Information On Gestational Diabetes?

I had a doctor appointment today and I tested over so I might have gestational diabetes I have to go into another clinic to get a 3 hour test for makes me nervous but my mom is a nurse and says you mainly just have to maintain your sugar levels...does anyone have information on gestational diabetes?

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Pregnancy :: Measuring Big - No Gestational Diabetes?

So I went to the midwife last week and she said my little boy is measuring quite big (I'm 31 weeks today) on the chart in my maternity notes he is way of where he should be like 5cm bigger than he should be was showing I was 32 weeks when I was only just 30. She sent me to an emergency appointment at the hospital the day after for a glucose test and to be re measured for a second opinion. The results showed I didn't have gestational diabetes so that's not the reason of him being big but they wouldn't re measure or scan me and said I have to wait till my next midwife appointment so she can measure me again. Do t understand why my midwife got me in the day after if they think it didn't need doing.

I am at the midwifes again on Tuesday for my 31 week app not sure what tk do if she measures me again and he's even bigger?

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Gestational Diabetes Glucose Test Necessary In Pregnancy ?

Is a gestational diabetes glucose test necessary in pregnancy? I am 31 weeks haven't had one yet or told by a midwife

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Pregnancy :: Gestational Diabetes - What Type Of Diet

I'm 17 weeks and I have gestational diabetes and it is getting worse , what type of diets are out there that I can take?

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Pregnancy :: Gestational Diabetes - Have To Take A Shot At Night

I'm 11 weeks and 3 days and have gestational diabetes .. I have to take a shot at night because my fasting sugar levels are high.. anyone else have this problem. . Was your baby okay

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Pregnancy :: Gestational Diabetes And Insulin Shots?

Is there anybody that knows anything about gestational diabetes out there?  I am 36 weeks pregnant and was told I have gestational diabetes so I have to take insulin shots for it.  So what is wrong with me ?  I don't have any insulin production going on anymore?  Will I be diabetic for the rest of my life?

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Diabetes - Gestational :: Failed 3 Hour Glucose Test - What Happens?

I failed my 3hr and I was reading slightly on it. I'm scared and distraught. What happened to you guys when you found out you failed?

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