Groin And Leg Numbness

Jun 11, 2015

I'm a 60 year old male. The past 2-3 weeks I have been having off and on numbness in my groin/rectum and either right or left leg. It does not go numb if I'm up walking around but only when sitting or laying in bed. I have a lot of arthritis and mild disc bulging. This did not start until I had a colonoscopy about a month ago. I also have a pain pump and CT Scans show that the catheter in my spine is in place and not broken. I've been going to a chiropractor the past week or so, about four visits and so far it has not helped. I also have a dull aching pain in my testicals when I urinate. My local doc did a rectal exam and it said the prostrate felt normal. Anyone have a clue as to what may be going on? It hit suddenly and I've not had any falls.

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Undiagnosed :: Numbness In Groin And Lower Legs

I've been having numbness in my testicle and groin area since having a colonoscopy about three weeks ago. The groin will get so numb I can barely feel my rectum area and occasionally I have numbness also in left or right leg from the knee down to the feet. I also have a dull pain in the testicles whenever I urinate while sitting. When either leg is numb it actually affects the way I walk. I had a CT Scan last week and it showed bulging disk. Doc wants me to do another CT Scan tomorrow of a different angle. Any clue to what might be going on? I also have arthritis in just about every joint.

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Hip And Groin Pain

i have been suffering from pain in my hip for a number of months now. it started like sciatic pain in my right which affected the hip and made me limp after sitting. this then improved and the left hip started to hurt. it started just on the outside feeling sore and now is so painful after sitting and trying to then move or on a morning its stiff but always aches like toothache into the hip joint, behind and the groin which sends shooting pain down the front of my leg. i am limping most of the time and the pain is worse after resting but never truly goes away. doc has sent me for a hip xray and given me anti inflammatory meds which i take alongside co codamol. to be honest this does not really touch the pain but dulls it a little. whether this is anything to do with this a few years ago i was told i might have fibromyalgia because i am very fatigued most days have pains in neck and shoulders ( now not too bad) which resulted in electric shock like pain in head and numbness. I was also told i had inflammation in my bowel after a camera (requested due to some bleeding) but they did not know what it was and then decided ibs :/. there is a number of things going on but at 42 the hips are really starting to get me down.

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Gay Tingling Groin When See A Guy

Hi there! I have a problem with my best friend. He thinks he is gay. This thought is obsessing him so badly, that it influences his every day’s life-even more that it should. I think that girls haven’t interested him that much, but just because he hasn’t met a right girl yet. He is only 18 years old. He explains this by saying that he gets tingling in his groin whenever he sees a good looking guy and therefore he believes he is attracted to him. I am almost sure he is not guy, but I don’t know how to reassure him.

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Lymphadenopathy :: Lump In The Groin

I noticed a lump in the groin area which has grew to 3 cm it is not on myself it is on my 5year old daughter i am really worried about her and would like to know that it's not anything serious..

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Men's Health :: Lump Under My Groin

every time after my shower, i dry off and use powder on my groin area. about a week ago i noticed a good size lump under my groin. I am wondering if this is serious or will it go away in time. should I see a doctor about this..

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Lymphadenopathy :: Lump On Groin

I've noticed a small, pea-sized lump on my right groin - near the where my leg joins my hip. I first noticed it about three weeks ago, it isn't painful to touch, it is hard, doesn't itch, no redness and is under the skin.

Obviously, when you find a lump you think the worst, so I thought I'd see if anyone had any advice as to what to do next. Doctors being doctors, they can't fit me in for a while, so I wondered whether it was worth a visit to the emergency duc just in case it's something worth checking out ASAP.

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Lump On Right Groin. Could It Be Lymphoma?

I went to bed last night, I felt a lump on the right side of my groin. I immediately began to panic (still am 12 hours later!) and have convinced myself I probably have cancer. The lump doesn't hurt, is hard, and doesn't move when I touch it. I'm too scared to tell anyone, especially my mum because I know she'll start to freak out.

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Laminectomy Still - Hip/groin Pain

I am just past the 7 week status of my Laminectomy, and am still uncomfortable. K can walk around my house all right,but as soon as I went out to walk down my street ,I can't walk it hurts.I do have an appointment with a hip specialist in a few weeks, but the pain in my groin area is non stop and I am wondering if.

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Lupus :: Rash In Groin?

I was first diagnosed 19 years ago. My rashes are becoming more intense. Is it possible or has anyone experienced lupus rash in the groin area? If so, what did you use to lessen the 'fire' feeling.

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Herpes :: Can HSV 1 Cause Groin Pain?

I have herpes type 1 and i have been experiencing groin pains. I haven't have sex with anyone since i got tested and I didn't test positive for HSV2. This my first outbreak, should i be worried?

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Groin Agitated - Pee Maybe Anywhere From 15-30 Times A Day

I'm a 28 year old male. I pee maybe anywhere from 15-30 times a day. I find that my groin feels agitated all the time, it's not really pain, it just kind of feels pinched or stimulated a lot. Only directly after I pee does it go away. If I smoke weed or do something exciting like go to a concert or listen to music, it feels very agitated and makes me feel the need to pee constantly. I can't really enjoy myself.

I don't have medical insurance or any money to see a doctor, so I'm not sure really what to do, but it kind of ruins anytime I go out and it's depressing.

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Women's Health :: Lumps In Groin

I have been getting these lumps for a few years now every time I go to the doctors they put me on antibiotics the seem to go in a few weeks but then they come back .....

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One Testicle Stuck Immobile In Groin

17 year old son has one testicle stuck immobile in groin on side he had inguinal hernia repair surgery at age 3...will this increase risk of testicular cancer? He's been checked & testicle is normal size & feels's likely sat in his groin most of his life...We've been told another surgery would most likely result in loss of testicle.

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Pregnancy :: Ache In My Groin Both Sides

I just found out I'm pregnant, baby #2 i'm currently 4 weeks and 4 days. I've been having a very dull ache in my stomach since Sunday and now I've got an ache in my groin both sides. I got my bfp on Tuesday. I was just wondering if anyone else had these aches and pains and everything was alright?

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Betamethasone Not Working - Eczema In Groin

my 16 yo boy has been dealing with eczema the last 5 months. It was very bad, but it's getting better. Now I find out he also has in the groin area but the ointments are not helping in the specific area. Does anyone have any experience or idea?

he started with hydrocortisone 1%, then 2.5%, then betamethasone. He's tried several moisturizers and now using aveeno.

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A Lump On The Inside Of My Thigh, Right Beside My Groin

I have a lump on the inside of my thigh, right beside my groin. It's not painful. It is under the skin, rounded and has a rubbery feel to it but quite solid. It's about 2cm in diameter.

Does anyone know what this can be?

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Vaginal Health :: Groin Smells

My groin smells sometimes, I think it is due to me sweating but I am not sure. Any suggestions on what I can do to treat and prevent this?

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Cancer :: Lump In Groin After Toe Amputated Due To Melanoma

I was diagnosed with melanoma in 2006 and had to have my toe amputated. I have been fine since, however I have been worried about a lump in my groin. The thing is....this morning it's now a bit smaller. Should I assume it's nothing serious since it has reduced in size, and no need to get it checked by dermatologist?

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Sexual Health :: Painful Lump In Right Groin

I'm a 23 year old male and a few days ago I noticed a painful lump(around 0.5x1.5cm in size) in my right groin. Its very smooth, but also very painful to touch. Skin above it seems normal. I also seem to have very mild fever(37.0 C) for which i'm not sure if it's relevant or if its a fever at all.

A few days ago I also noticed some smegma built up below my foreskin which I washed right away. I also have a very mild knee injuree from around 10-14 days ago.

Could this be an infected lymph node? An infection without a high fever?

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Prostatitis? Pain In Right Testicle - Spread To Groin

For about a month now I have had pain in my right testicle that spread into my groin and hip area. Also, occasionally I feel pain and discomfort in my upper right abdominal near the liver. This all started the morning after having unprotected sex but I went to the doctors and std test came back negative as well as the urine test came back negative. I have been having trouble getting solid erections since this day as well. What could be causing these problems?

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