HIV Risk Assessment - Which Week The Test Shows Up?

Sep 21, 2013

1. I had a HIV test done that came back negative. Not sure which one but I had blood drawn and found out my results around an hour or so. Any clue what gen that is?

2. With that test is it safe to assume anything I did 8 weeks previously to have gotten HIV May not show up but anything 8 weeks and on would be conclusive?

3. My only exposure in the past 8 weeks was unprotected oral, 25 days before the test in the window period, with a woman (both ways) whom I had done this act with multiple times before in the past year. Is this a concern?

4. Do I need to re-test based on this information?

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HIV Risk Assessment - Protected Sex With A Female CSW

28 days ago I had sex with a female CSW. I'm male. Oral then vaginal then oral again. Used one condom for first oral and the vaginal (which, by the way, was extremely short-lived). A second condom for second oral. Both condoms were on before and after and remained intact. No obvious tears, rips, breakages, etc. Most concerned about the vaginal sex. As I said, it was protected, but I can't stop thinking about "what ifs." Also as I said, the condom was on when I inserted and when I pulled out. I don't think it slipped (I'd have noticed, yes?). And, as I also said, it was intact after.

Oraquick in-home tests were negative at 21 and 24 days post-exposure (if you can call it an exposure). I plan on testing again this week (now that I'm four-weeks down the track).

I understand symptoms are not diagnostic, but I have had a few: white tongue (from about 2 weeks after it), maybe a rash on my face and small parts of my thigh but not sure (from about 3 weeks after it). No fever. No sore throat. Nothing else.

What do you think? Was this a no risk situation? How much weight can I put on these negative test results (even if it wasn't no risk)?

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HIV Risk Assessment :: 10 Weeks Negative But Still Concerned

i was in a relationship with a guy and we had unprotected sex (vaginal) a few times. when we broke up i found out he was a lot more promiscuous than i initially believed. i was tested for everything 10 weeks after our last unprotected vaginal sex. everything including HIV came back negative. i had however performed oral sex on him without ejaculation one time after last having sex. that would have put me 3 weeks out from that for my HIV test. i don't know if i had a 4th or 3rd generation but i called my dr and she said if i had HIV it would have shown up. i gave her all the details as well. she said i could come back next year for another test if i was still concerned so that made me nervous she had no idea what she was talking about because everything i've seen says 3 months is conclusive with most people showing positive by 6 weeks. i do plan to be tested one more time bc i have severe anxiety over this and its the only thing that will put my mind at rest but until i can get in for another appointment here are my questions:

1. my 10 week negative is a good indicator i did not contract HIV from the unprotected vaginal episodes correct? i know not technically conclusive until 12 weeks but everything i've read says that is HIGHLY unlikely to change

2. when i performed oral on him i had had a tonsillectomy 6 weeks prior. my throat was healed as far as i remember. i do have bleeding gums occasionally. no sores or STDs. does that increase my chances from oral? i know the stance here is no risk, did not know if the previous tonsillectomy would change that.

also i've asked him many times if he was free of STDs mainly HIV and he swears he is clean but i doubt he has been tested anytime soon. i do know he use to give plasma on a regular basis, not sure if he still does that since we are no longer in contact.

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HIV Risk Assessment :: Oral Sex, Pre-Ejaculate Exposure

I know my question may have been asked a million times before but I want to get a first hand assessment of my potential risk with HIV based from the series of events that acquired during that night. I was firm to believe that oral sex is safe - up until I read some articles on the internet. Some websites say it's low-risk. Some say it is moderate risk. I do not know which claim is more true than the other

So how this is my last sexual encounter went:

- So I met guys
- I did brush my teeth lightly.
- We basically did give and receive oral sex. No anal sex was done .
- One of the two guys did finger me.
- The whole act last around 30 - 40 minutes
- he ejaculated 5-10 minutes after through masturbation. He "unleashed" it in my legs or in my chest.
- About a minute or two, I gargled water
- We had a small talk after the deed. I was kind of hesitant to believe that he was negative although that's what he did told me. Aside from that, he told me that what we did was a low-risk activity.

Now for my questions:

- Let' say he was indeed positive, what are the chances of him passing the virus on this one time incident?
- From what I have read over at the internet, saliva has a capability to deactivate the virus once any fluid comes contact to it. Is this accurate? Does brushing one's teeth lessen this saliva's capability?
- Is pre-ejaculate just as infectious as semen or blood?
- Would brushing my teeth before or after the act really create cuts/bleeds deep enough that some pre-ejaculate may come in contact with my bloodstream?
- What about deep throat oral sex. What are the risks say he had pre-ejaculate if I was doing it to him?
- Let's also assume that he had a soaring viral load, will this affect my chances? Again, some websites argue that the higher the VL, the higher the risk one is exposed to.
- What are your thoughts about fingering. Is this safer than say, oral and anal sex?
- where I live we have Rapid ICT for testing. How conclusive is it on 6, 8, 10, 12 weeks of testing? Should I be tested after 12 weeks for it to be definitely conclusive or 12 weeks is more than enough?

I know that the only way to know my status is to get tested. It was only been six weeks since the act happened and my anxiety has been killing me to death regarding this incident. I do not want to be the first person documented to have contracted the disease through oral sex.

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Herpes :: Risk Assessment - Oral Going Both Ways

So, 13 days ago I had an unprotected sexual encounter with a family friend. No actual sex but there was genital to genital touching and oral sex going both ways. Since that time I have been a nervous wreck to the point that I'm barely functioning because I have convinced myself I am going to get herpes. I have not had any of the flu like symptoms and no rashes or  bumps that are obvious but I am obsessively checking myself multiple times daily. I know I am likely creating most of this anxiety in my head. What ia the likelihood that I was infected and just not showing symptoms yet?  

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HIV Risk Assessment :: At Which Time The Tests Are Reliable?

I had unprotected sex with a female of unknown status. (i'm male) it was a one time occurrence.  I went in and had an RNA test at 10 days which came back negative and a antibody test at 26 days which came back negative.  How confident can I be in those results?  It seems that 3 months is the mark but there is some updated news that findings can be given with high confidence earlier than that.  

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HIV Risk Assessment - Did Fingering With Cut / Abrasion On My Finger

I had a small risk with a high risk woman. There was nothing that happened but a little fingering on the surface level (nothing deep) but my finger had a 2 mm sore/abrasion on it (surface as the type you get when you scrape your knee). The cut had happened about 20 hours before. I immediately stopped when I remember after three seconds.

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Herpes :: Risk Assessment - Multiple Unprotected Possible Exposures To HSV-2

I regrettably had multiple unprotected possible exposures to HSV-2 with a guy i was seeing at the time, i do not know his status at all and we are not in contact anymore. I have only ever dated 1 guy before him and that was a long term relationship. We were both each others firsts so we were positive we didn't have anything. After we broke up i ended up seeing this new guy. I would confider him promiscuous, he told me he's had 15-20 partners so far. He's 24 and I'm 21. The last time i saw him was at the end of November and I'm really worried that i might have gotten asymptomatic genital herpes from him. I have never had a cold sore and have not observed any signs/symptoms thus far. I never noticed any on him either when i was seeing him.

I also got tested for other STDS and everything was negative and conclusive. I thought i could move on but now I'm so nervous, i don't know what to do and i feel terrible for even having sex with someone in the first place so fast. What are my chances? I wanted to get tested but turns out they don't do type specific testing in Ontario.

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STDs Risk Assessment :: Protected Vaginal Sex With An Escort

2 days ago, I had protected vaginal sex with an escort. She also gave me protected BJ, but she licked my testicles as well which were not covered.

The girl had a lot of "old' bumbles in her back and cheeks as if they were teenage acne marks, but nothing at all down there and nothing at all around her lips. Therefore, I didn't care about them and still kissed her in her back and kissed her in her lips and cheek.

After one hour I felt kind of dizzy and my throat started to soar a little bit. Now, my throat started to hurt me again (very very mild) with a little bit drowsiness.

I'm really worried that I could've gotten something from her
What are my risks of getting any STDs? and what are they?

Thanks in advance

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Hiv Risk Assessment :: Handjob At Asian Massage Parlor (cut On Hand?)

Got a handjob at asian massage parlor week ago. Concerned specifically about hiv as well as other stds.

My worries lie on possibility of masseuse having a cut on her hand, vaginal fluids or semen from a past customer coming into contact/crossing with my urethra as she performed the handjob. My confusion is that i read that urethra is one of the modes of transmission but when this question has been asked on dr. And hiv forums they say no risk, no need for testing and very low risk of stds. What is the difference between unprotected vaginal/anal and hanjob where the urethra is concerned or any small cuts, nicks, etc. On either participant? Thank you so much for you help in this matter as i eagerly await your expertise. Again specifically if fresh blood from a cut on hand made direct contact with the urethra (top of penis) is there a risk and why? Or why not?

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HIV Risk Assessment :: Tounge Bite (blood) While Deep Kissing

I had a risky encounter with high risk girl 7.7 years ago which looked protected as I wore two condoms and one condom seems to have broke and second one looked intact, since then I didn't had sex, I recently fell in love with one girl and we did a frottage followed by heavy deep kissing and which was then followed by oral sex on her ,

I guess during the process of our deep kissing she probably might have bit my tongue a little and in the process of lovemaking I didn't realised that.

After I performed oral sex I realised..there might be some blood on my tongue which might facilitate HIV infection to her, Although I myself don't know whether I am infected with HIV, but with the assumption I am HIV infected , is it possible she can get HIV infected from these route??'s been eight months I am avoiding to be intimate with her and been total paranoid about HIV infection for her.

After exactly 22 days post that incident ,she was down with bad sore throat, chills, lost weight a little bit.

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HIV :: Rapid Antibodies Test And Western Blot Test At End Of 8th Week

I am male 30 years old Indian. Had a protected vaginal sex with one girl with unknown HIV status during 11th of August 2013 for 3 times after that I had a foreplay without protection keeping pennis on her vagina without Inserting / penetration into the vagina for 5 minutes but during that event my foreskin pulled back. I am totally convinced on my protected vaginal sex and bit worried on my unprotected foreplay and believing that some of the vaginal precum fluids may entered through my urethra. My anxiety starts since I got mild fever (38 degree) on September 9th 2013 exactly 28th day evening which exists for one night after putting antibiotic injection after two days I faced fatigue exists for 2 days and after 2 days I had mild sore throat with dry mouth exists for one day and after 3 days I faced diarrhea 2 times a day and exists for 3 days.. all these days I got small red spots rashes 10 - 20 no's which on my shoulders and mild night sweats which only on my neck and hand elbows 1 hour after I slept. But I never faced fever on these days expect the day -1. Never faced swollen glands and swollen lymph nodes up to now.

I am totally worried and got anxious and had a Standard HIV antibody rapid test for HIV -1 & 2 on my 53 th day ( i.e.: Oct 4th 2013 - 7.5 weeks from my possible exposure date) and it came as non-reactive,

I took western blot test on my 58th day again it came as negative..

But from Oct 5th I am getting small rashes on my hand and in shoulders and in legs and some of them in legs are itching...

1) Kindly advise me will my 7.5 weeks standard antibody negative & negative western blot test at first day of my 9th week (ie : 9/10/2013) will likely to change positive on my 12th week standard antibody (HIV 1 & 2) testing.

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Driving License Test With Cannabis In My System From A Week Before?

I smoke cannabis regularly,but do not drive under influence, and am not addicted as can go without easy had medical for drivers licence need advice.

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Small Pimples Under The Skin - Shows Up In Light

I have small pimples all over my face. But the problem is you only see them on strong lights or sunny place s. They are kinda under the skin. And when I wear makeup they tend to look so ugly. I don't know how to get rid of them. And I really wanna what causes them. They appeared almost a year ago.

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Ovarian Cyst :: Myometrium Shows Multiple Fibroids

Uterus normal in length 10.8cm.  Combined endometrial thickness 8mm which is normal.  there is 10mm heterogeneous focus involving the fundal endometrium.  the myometrium shows multiple fibroids including 30x30mm fundal mural fibroid, 30x26mm posterior mural fibroid, 23x22mm anterior mural fibroid.  Some fibroids are partially calcified.  

Normal right ovary.  Left ovary  shows 3 fairly simple appearing cysts which measure up to 23mm.  In addition there is 39x30mm tubular complex cystic structure in the left adnexa which may represent complex separated cyst or hydrosalpinx.

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Heart Rhythm :: Ischemic Narrative Shows Significant ST Changes

This problem is a heart electrical issue more than a rhythm one, but I'm guessing some of you might know more about this issue, too, and these changes weren't mentioned in the initial report.

I had a 24-hour holter, and the report said normal, but when I requested the actual data, I found the ischemic narrative shows significant ST changes, both elevations and depressions, and for longer durations than 1 minute. The ST elevations occurred while I was exercising.

From my understanding, ST depressions or elevations of 1 to 2 mm that last for at least 1 minute can be clinically significant and warrants further patient assessment. Is this not the case? Should I be concerned that no follow up is being done, and that this information wasn't even included in the report?

For background, this cardiologist was a new patient appointment. He did not listen, spent less than 5 minutes with me, the blood pressures and heart rates taken during my appointment are not in my chart, and the two that are in there don't list the correct heart rates, as the heart rates are the same both lying down and sitting -- I have Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome (Dysautonomia), hence the high avg HR, and it's impossible my heart rates were the same, my blood pressures rise with sitting and standing (I have orthostatic hypertension, hyperadrenergic POTS), but who knows what the heart rates were. Over half of the notes from my appointment were completely incorrect, my family medical history is missing, and he actually invented past medical history that I've never had and now refuses to change the notes, despite the fact that he essentially diagnosed me with a past disorder that I've never had.

Clearly, I need a new cardiologist, but in finding a new one, in my experience, if this information about the ST segment changes is not in the actual report, no one will see it, & therefore it doesn't exist. Too many things have been missed due to errors like this for me throughout my entire life.

I have Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, which I had to find myself, after finding POTS, as all my doctors missed both. I'm still waiting to be seen by a geneticist, but I've been diagnosed with "generalized hypermobility of joints" by a Rheumatologist and "whole body pain" and "chronic migraine" by my neurologist. My symptoms overlap with multiple types of EDS, including hypermobile, classic, and vascular. I have both velvety and translucent skin with visible veins. 9/9 Beighton, though my elbows and knees subtly hyperextend, I didn't even know they did.

Age 29, F, 5'3", 120 lb, white, have had chest pain since age 7, Scoliosis, Acrocyanosis, Raynaud's, Livedo Reticularis, Hypersomnia, & many more. Likely have some form of neuropathy, my feet that sometimes fall asleep after I stand and the tingling I feel pretty much constantly all over thinks so, despite the fact that no doctor has yet to pay attention to these symptoms. Grew up in southern US, do take Adderall & Vyvanse for ADD (which likely came from POTS itself), and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

Just hoping to get a better understanding of these results, especially since they weren't mentioned at all in the report I received.

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Ovary Shows Small Multiple Follicles Arranged Peripherally

I have missed my periods and its been 3 month to my marriage. now its been around one month as i had last periods on 10 may. i don't want child so early and got little tensed and with the reference of a doctor which is a friend of mine i took MT PILL without any confirmation of pregnancy after taking MT PILL i had minimal bleeding but when i took 2 misoprostol after 48 hours then my bleeding stops. after this i have done strip pregnancy test which was negative. in ultrasound scan my uterus size is 6.78x3.1x3.8 cm and endometrial thickness is 7.2 mm. both the ovary shows small multiple follicles arranged peripherally. PCOS nature. i dint get periods yet, i am very much afraid about all that please guide me accordingly. is anything serious in this matter

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Adrenal Disorders :: Cortisol Stim Test And Then ACTH Test ?

I was just wondering what comes after a cortisol stim test for diagnosing Addison's Disease ?

I had 2 Cortisol stim tests done one in the afternoon and one in the early morning .

Afternoon test read 2.8 out of 5-15
Morning test read 3.8 out of 5-25 Both low

Do i now have a Acth test done to see if its the adrenals glands or Pituitary or Hypothalamus Producing such low cortisol ?

I have abdominal cramping , hot flashes , constipation . tired , weak and major weight loss 35 + pounds in 8 months .

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Am I Pregnant? :: Positive On Pregnancy Test, Negative On Blood Test

i had my period last june 9 2014, then on june 27 and 28 i had a light spotting.den, i felt something's wrong with me..there's a feeling or slight symptoms of a pregnant woman..a boobs are tender to touch and body feel hot like i was having a light fever..than july 1 i take a pregnancy test and shows positive but faint line.. then, july 2 to 8 i got again spotting.. and goes away.. july 14 i took another pregnancy test shows again positive faint line.. i went to my ob july 18 just to know her what's happening on me. i had that light spotting again..and in transvaginal ultrasound shows that there was a thickening of the lining tells me that i am positive. 5 to 6 weeks, but i have a cyst considered benign.nothing to worry about she said. she gave me medicine duphaston good for 10 days, and i'm going to come back for a follow up appt. on july 28. again the spotting continues sometimes light bleeding, sometimes full on my liners. another medicine duphaston gud for 5 days she gave me because on the ultrasound she saw only thickening of the linings and the baby wasn't developing. then, this day august 1 i came back for the final appt, i took a blood test and shows negative. transvaginal ultrasound shows again the lining on my ovary.

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Oraquick Home Test - Few Sips Of Water Prior To Test

I have a question I took a oral swab home test today 5 year post exposure condom broke. The exposure was anal sex. My question is i had a few sips of water prior to the test due to dry mouth is my negative result false or not conclusive?

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Pregnancy :: Glucose Test - What's Next Failed 1 Hour Test

What happens when you don't pass the 1 hr glucose test, they just called me and told me I didn't pass it and have to go back again next week...

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