HIV :: Serum Control In Western Blot Test Is Positive

Nov 30, 2015

serum control in Western Blot test is positive. what does it mean?

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Lyme Disease :: If On Abx Will Lyme Show Positive On Next Western Blot Test?

I read somewhere if on abx for about 3 weeks and then take another Western Blot test that is would show up positive if you have Lyme. Can anyone confirm this?

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Herpes :: HSV 1 Swab Positive Means Western Blot Positive?

I have read that in 99% of cases people who swab positive for hsv1 show positive for western blot. Does that mean wb is 99% accurate for hsv1 3 months after exposure ?

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HIV Prevention :: P24 Positive - Should Take Western Blot?

If p24 test comes positive, should a person wait for ELISA approval of positiveness then western blot, or can western blot test be taken after only p24 positive?

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HIV :: Rapid Antibodies Test And Western Blot Test At End Of 8th Week

I am male 30 years old Indian. Had a protected vaginal sex with one girl with unknown HIV status during 11th of August 2013 for 3 times after that I had a foreplay without protection keeping pennis on her vagina without Inserting / penetration into the vagina for 5 minutes but during that event my foreskin pulled back. I am totally convinced on my protected vaginal sex and bit worried on my unprotected foreplay and believing that some of the vaginal precum fluids may entered through my urethra. My anxiety starts since I got mild fever (38 degree) on September 9th 2013 exactly 28th day evening which exists for one night after putting antibiotic injection after two days I faced fatigue exists for 2 days and after 2 days I had mild sore throat with dry mouth exists for one day and after 3 days I faced diarrhea 2 times a day and exists for 3 days.. all these days I got small red spots rashes 10 - 20 no's which on my shoulders and mild night sweats which only on my neck and hand elbows 1 hour after I slept. But I never faced fever on these days expect the day -1. Never faced swollen glands and swollen lymph nodes up to now.

I am totally worried and got anxious and had a Standard HIV antibody rapid test for HIV -1 & 2 on my 53 th day ( i.e.: Oct 4th 2013 - 7.5 weeks from my possible exposure date) and it came as non-reactive,

I took western blot test on my 58th day again it came as negative..

But from Oct 5th I am getting small rashes on my hand and in shoulders and in legs and some of them in legs are itching...

1) Kindly advise me will my 7.5 weeks standard antibody negative & negative western blot test at first day of my 9th week (ie : 9/10/2013) will likely to change positive on my 12th week standard antibody (HIV 1 & 2) testing.

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Herpes :: Western Blot - Possible False Positive?

I have been diagnosed with HSV 2 via western blot. I know it's the best test for diagnosing this virus.

But my question is this, are there any cases of a false positive with this test?  I really can't find much online. I have had zero symptoms. I'm not sure how long I have had this, but I'm guessing at least 4-6 months. That's how long it's been since my last ready came back negative. And my ex had admitted now he has it and it's been more than 3 months since we last had sex. So I'm guessing I caught it in that small window of time. I know he was cheating on me.

But could past history with having chicken pox, shingles, mono and HSV 1 also contribute to a false positive?

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Herpes :: Negative Western Blot And A Positive IGg?

What makes the western blot test different from the test they give us when we go to the doctor? Has anybody had a negative western blot and a positive IGg? My result was 2.4 IGg. Should I retake the IGg?

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Herpes :: Western Blot - Positive For HSV 1, Negative For HSV 2

I think I may be overly paranoid . But to make a long story short, I had a positive hsv 2 herpeselect 2.55 gig . No symptoms or a reason to believe I had the virus . Just routine testing . I was encouraged to get a western blot in which I did and came back positive for hsv 1 but negative for hsv2. I'm soo happy.. The last time I had sex was two years ago unprotected , with someone who is suspect (don't know their sexual history ).. But I'm still paranoid after the western blot!! I know it's a great test for confirmation, but that lingering thought of me hovering hsv 2 is in my head?

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HIV :: Indeterminate Western Blot Positive - No Sex Or Blood Transfusions?

I recently got a quick checkup test report for applying for a job, everything was fine except for the hiv which came out as "hiv ab/ag raised value and hiv WB indeterminate" no other details mentioned and they then took another sample and I was asked to wait for a week for the final result.

This report along with the noticeable concern of the specialist planted an unbearable anxiousness in me such that i can't eat nor sleep nor anything.

I'm a virgin guy and i had never done blood transfusion, I can't recall any exposure to hiv, haven't been to a dentist either. This drives me crazy,

More than two months ago, i suffered sudden weight loss but i came over it and i eat pretty normally now but still didn't gain my previous weight back. Everybody noticing this weight loss.

I sleep a lot. No fever or maybe had one that lasted very short.

My brother 3 years ago also suffered this loss of weight and lack of appetite but didn't bother to test this Indeterminate only turns negative for pregnant women and this fact also drives me crazy. The specialist scared the hell out of me who said symptoms aren't necessarily to appear. Where i could've picked it up? I'm not even a drug user, I don't drink either, my friends are all good whose tests came back negative at the same time as we all applied for the same job after graduation from high school.

I'm really not ready for this especially when my risk is almost nonexistent and i live where hiv is very unlikely. But still why would the first test react to the virus and western blot is confused?

My mom is also very anxious about it. I feel like I'll die before the last results come out.

Anybody experienced this? How could i have got infected if i have no sex at all.

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Lyme Disease :: ELISA And Western Blot Positive

I am so beyond frustrated right now. I have been dealing with health problems for nearly two years now and finally I might have an answer. My primary care doctor has diagnosed me with Lyme Disease after both ELISA and Western Blot test came back positive. He immediately started me on Doxy for 21 days and refereed me to infections disease.

Problem is infection disease will still not see me. They outright gold me that if after 21 days on Doxy I still have symptoms AND still text positive on the Western Blot, they will re-evaluate my case.

I am having sever symptoms including fatigue, joint pain and swelling, horrible headaches, I've developed a nerve palsy in one of my eyes that is causing double vision, and I am starting to slur my words and having problems with short term memory and word blocking. The last time I had a tick on me was last Spring, so I have concluded on my own that I am in the last stage of the disease and at the very least just want to talk to someone that could answer my questions.

I am going to try and get an appointment with my primary care doctor again to see what his take on the situation is. He has also been frustrated with ID refusing to see me when he first thought I had Lyme Disease, so maybe he will be of some help.

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Lyme Disease :: Understanding Western Blot Test

I just received the results of a Western Blot Lyme Test done by Quest Labs. And I am not at all sure at how to interpret, nor has my research given any helpful clues.

Anyway I test Non-Reactive on all bands except for the following:

Reactive on B Burgdorferi 93 KD (IGG)

My primary physician office called and said the test was Negative, but I am not so sure as I understand this band is quite specific for Lyme.

I am not at all eager to take more blood tests as I am dealing with another health condition that has involved numerous blood tests.

I am not sure how to interpret this or what is the next step.

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HIV :: Test Reactive Elisa - Borderline Western Blot

I found out I have tested reactive to the Elisa test with inconclusive results on the western blot, when the Dr. phoned me up to tell me I am HIV positive back in 2013 I was in shock. I have been married for 10 yrs same partner for 17 yrs with two children. (my DH tested negative at this time we have both been monogamist and neither of us use drugs. I have had surgery and tattoos that could be possible exposure.)

When I received this news I made a point to contact my OB/Gyn as I know I was tested when pregnant with both my children. Apparently the OB/Gyn did not feel it was necessary to tell me that my test was Elisa was reactive back in 2011 when carrying my second child, not sure about the test results from first pregnancy was over 10 yrs ago.

I requested to see a ID dr. but my OB/Gyn insisted to send me to someone he knows an internist he just looked over my results and said your results are false positive wrote a letter to the dr that told me I am positive and that was the end of this diagnosis.

In, Aug 2015 I found out I am expecting our third child and again the routine blood work was performed, and again the results came back reactive Elisa and Borderline western blot. I am yet again being sent back to the same specialist for further testing.

My question is if this has happened to anyone else and what can cause reactive Elisa and a borderline or inconclusive result several times of being tested? Should I be requesting a infectious diseases dr who is dealing with HIV patients regularly to confirm this is a false positive result instead of seeing and internist?

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Lyme Disease :: Western Blot Test Could Be False Negative After ELISA Negative?

I have the symptoms of lyme except for the characteristic bull's eye rash - chronic pain, numbness/tingling, fatigue, bad memory.

The ELISA test came back negative, I am thinking of getting the Western blot test done. Can the Western blot come back with a false negative?

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Herpes :: Western Blot For HSV 2

Okay.  Last week my doc told me I tested positive for HSV 2 with a score of 1.3.  I plan to get a Western Blot and called the Quest Lab in my area and they say that they offer the Western Blot.  My doc is willing to order the test for me but I just WANT TO BE SURE this is indeed the Western Blot that I need.

I won't take the test for a few months just to make sure the antibodies aren't playing me.  I want to be sure if I have it or not. How long should I wait?

So what is my question?  Do I need to contact the Univ of Washington to get them to order the Western Blot to the Quest Lab in my area or do I get my doc to put in the order for the test #34534 at Quest?

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How Accurate Is The Western Blot For Lyme?

How accurate is the western blot for lyme? It was sent to Igenex by my LLMD. I am just so scared I'm gonna get another negative like with the ELISA when I know for a FACT I have Lyme. So anyone know how accurate it is?

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Lyme Disease :: Western Blot At .97 ISR

I have had some troubling symptoms the past few weeks/months. I am just going to post a timeline here. I am going for my first visit to a rheumatologist on Wednesday so I need this for them anyway.

Fall 2013:

Began having ice pick headaches all day, everyday for a week. Thought it was hormonal. Took Evening Primrose Oil for it and it seemed to help. Ice pick headaches would return once a month in Oct, Nov, and Dec. During the fall I noticed lack of energy and fatigue. Was having trouble with herniated disks in L4-L5-S1. Began having spinal decompression treatment at the chiropractor. Discontinued decompression treatment in Jan 2014 as back and leg pain subsided.

Late Dec 2013:

Developed a head cold that included pink eye. I took a lot of antihistamines for this. Advil Sinus and Benadryl. Took antibiotic drops my mom had when she had the same cold/pink eye. Pink eye resolved but turned into dry eye syndrome. Eyes would become very dry and painful to blink starting every night around 8:30 p.m. Waking up at night with eyelids so dry it was difficult to open eyes. No tears, however sometimes I had 'flooding tears' (emergency tears) from such severe dryness.

Jan 2014:

Went to my eye dr about dry eyes. He suggested I may have an underlying disorder such as lupus or thyroid problems. He recommended Restasis but suggested trying OTC drops at first. Began using preservative free OTC drops which helped relieve dryness only momentarily.

March 2014:
Went for annual GYN visit and he prescribed restasis for dry eyes. He was not concerned about an "underlying disorder" and did not test me for anything. Began taking Restasis drops twice a day and dry eyes have improved but not perfect. Take drops once per day now and OTC drops as needed.

Last 2 weeks of March 2014:

Developed a head cold with sinus congestion, big sneezing, mild cough and post nasal drip. Was afraid it was turning into another sinus infection but it ended up clearing on its own. The first symptom I noticed besides the runny nose was a mild sore throat. I had an ulcer on my tonsil that may or may not have been infection. I thought it was a tonsil stone and tried to poke it out with my finger (as I usually do) but it just irritated it so I left it alone. I could not take antihistamines for my congestion due to dry eyes. Throat was still irritated but I used salt-water rinses and honey. By the end of March the cold had cleared up and I was feeling some better. During these 2 weeks I experienced occasional bouts of abdominal cramping and watery, explosive diarrhea. Blamed it on something I ate as I had no fever and no one else was sick.

On Friday March 28 a stray dog showed up at our house. We have a border collie already but this one was a golden lab puppy. (can you be allergic to one breed of dog and not another?) A few days later my crazy symptoms started.

On Tuesday April 1:

I walked around outside around 5 p.m. for 15 minutes or so while my kids played in the yard. I am an active person and stay busy with cleaning for my grandmother, yard work (had just planted bulbs and trimmed bushes a few weeks ago) and exercise such as P90X when I'm feeling up to it. So I am used to more strenuous activity and spending time in the sun. That evening when I came inside I noticed I had a streaky rash on my sun exposed arms. I thought maybe the dog had scratched me when I was playing with it.

Wednesday April 2:

I rode the riding mower from 9 am to 10:30 a.m. Most time I have spent out in the sun all year, however I regret I did not wear sunscreen. I wasn't worried though because I have been out at that time of day before without sunscreen and have only gotten a few freckles or very mildly pink. By that afternoon the streaky rash on my arms were more intense. There were red vertical streaks on my shins that were exposed to the sun. My chest became red with splotches and small pink bumps (similar to the allergy reaction I have had to erythromycin). The rashes on my arms and chest slightly itched (like a tickle itch) but it was tender to scratch it so I did my best not to. I took Benadryl that night in hopes it would help make the rash go away. The rash stayed.

Friday April 4:

I went back outside that evening between 4 and 5 pm for about 15 minutes and threw frisbee with the dogs. Picking up the frisbee, I guess I squated more than I normally do. But I felt fine that night.

Sat April 5:

Sometime during the day - not sure when - I noticed my thighs were sore when I would go up and down the steps in my 2-story house. I blamed it on the 15 minutes of frisbee but I thought that was really weird that I would hurt so bad with so little workout! Frisbee? Really? I usually have very strong and defined thigh muscles.

Monday April 7:

At this point my thigh pain has become more severe. It has become so difficult to walk up and down steps that I was brought to tears. The pain seemed to spread down my legs into my calves, but the thigh pain was unbearable. I did not experience any pain at all when at rest. Only when using my muscles to walk or go up and down steps. Moving from a sitting and standing position was also unbearable. It was as if I had worked out extremely hard and had maxed out or injured my muscles. I was very confused how throwing a little frisbee could create so much pain, when I have done P90X workouts without any problem before.

Tuesday April 8:

Went to visit Dr. Ashley to discuss dry eyes and muscle pain and rash. He performed blood tests and all was normal. Except a few slightly off results:
Bun/creatinine ratio 20.9
MCHC 31.8
Sed Rate 25
other CMP and CBC results normal
TSH, Free T4, RA factor, ANA panel and sjogrens all normal.

Friday April 11:

Went to chiropractor for 1 hour massage and adjustment. Was nice but didn't help.

Saturday April 12:

By this time the muscle pain has spread from my thighs, well into my calves, my lower back is sore and my abs are sore when using those muscles as well. I woke up Friday night with fever between 99-100 and chills. My muscle aches seemed more intense. By this time the rash on my chest has become more red and spotty with bright red/purplish spots. It does not itch at this point but it is unsightly. The rash has spread to my face and neck and is red splotchy with red/pink bumps on my face and neck. I am concerned about the rash and the possibility of something other than auto-immune. I visit the express clinic and they test me for strep (negative) and put me on antibiotics (a cephalexin I believe) to treat me for strep anyway. Blood was drawn for RA and sed rate and results were considered "normal" although I don't know what they are exactly. I was given a cortisone shot and prescribed 800mg ibuprofen for pain. He said my iron and WBC were low.

I continued taking the antibiotic and ibuprofen and felt better on Sunday only because the fever broke. However rash and muscle pain/weakness persist. By Sunday night I felt I could not walk down the stairs due to pain and weakness so I was having to slide down the stairs on my hiney.

Monday April 14.

I awake again with low grade fever and feeling worse. Muscle pain and weakness have increased and spread to my back thighs and hiney. My left arm begins to feel somewhat painful when using it similar to the leg pain.
I visit my GP again and he prescribes Prednisone pack starting at 60 mg. He says to continue antibiotic. He tested urine and stool samples for infection and parasites...normal. He tested blood for Lyme disease, trichinella antibody, rocky mt. spotted fever, and mono.

Wednesday April 16 - The rash and muscle pain continues. It is at this time that I realize that the antibiotic is a close cousin to penicillin. I phone the pharmacists who suggests I discontinue the antibiotic because my rash became worse after taking it. The dr. at the express clinic had prescribed it to me before and assumed I could safely take although i'm allergic to penicllin. But my mom reminded me that he had prescribed that before when I had a sinus infection but we called the dr office and they suggested not to take it and prescribed something else instead. So I was not sure if this rash is getting worse due to the new antibiotic.

Thursday April 17:

Went to chiropractor for decompression therapy. This helped relieve some tension in lower back, but back remained sore when using muscles.

Between Monday April 14 and today Monday 4/21 my thigh pain has decreased but I still feel leg pain and weakness. My calves are still sore to walk (feels like I am about to have a charlie horse but I don't). My lower back remains sore and tense. My left arm is weak and sore, and slightly in my right arm. Doing things like drying my hair and holding things is difficult and painful. My hands feel unstable sometimes like I don't have full control of them. Like a weak feeling. I get out of breath at the simplest tasks. Like coming in the house from the car is exhausting. I am not able to go get groceries or do my usual activities (cooking and cleaning) without frequent breaks and feelings of exhaustion. My rash is severe and intense at this point. Over the weekend (4/18-20) my rash began to itch but it is too tender to really scratch it. I haved tried oral benadryl, hydrocortisone and found some leftover betamethasone I use for excema. The betameth seemed to help relieve the redness, pain and itchiness until after I had my shower. I did not put more on today as I had my appt and wanted him to see how severe my rash had become. It has spread more on my face and is even more red now. It is spreading to my back and back of neck. The skin on my v-neck is very irritated and the skin looks damaged although I have tried not to scratch. I lightly rub the skin instead. I have also used vaseline on the rash to keep it hydrated so it wouldn't dry out.

Monday 4/21:

Received results from tick and parasite tests.All were normal except Lyme Western blot was .97 (equivocal) meaning it was not negative nor positive. He wants to retest in a few weeks. In the meantime he Rx doxycycline in case this is Lyme. He is testing for dermatomyositis and my creatinine levels. I will see a rheumatologist on Wed 4/23. He also prescribed a cream to use for the rash.

Since this all began in April I have noticed that I have something going on with my mouth, but I'm not sure exactly when it began. Maybe around the time I was having fever. My tongue feels tender on the tip and I have lost some of my sense of taste. My sense of smell is not as it used to be when I got the head-cold in March. But the sense of taste is troubling me. I have a constant dry, bitter, salty taste in my mouth. It makes me want to drink more water to 'flush' the taste out, but water tastes horrible and bitter to drink. I did burn my tongue on Wed 4/16 when tasting homemade spaghetti sauce that was too hot. But I believe the mouth problem had started before then. I thought it was due to the medicines I was prescribed at the express clinic.

Other things of note - I feel strange like I'm in a dream. Not sure if it's the prednisone affecting me or what. It's a "is this real life?" feeling that is hard to explain.

I have also lost my appetite. Not sure if it's because my taste and smell are not up to par, but I have a hard time eating. My jaw muscles get tired of chewing. Although I have had minor TMJ troubles in the past I thought the TMJ was bothering me again due to maybe grinding my teeth from being in pain? The jaw muscle hurting when chewing seemed to start as soon as my leg pain started. Depending on what I eat, they may or may not hurt. Chewing meat makes them sore, but eating a banana does not, for example.

I have also gained 10 pounds since Dec'13. I contributed it to being sick and resting my back more due to the decompression therapy, but it may be related to everything else I have going on. I normally weigh right at 170 and have weighed that for around 8 years. I am 5'-8" and 35 years old.

So that's my story...If I think of something else, I will include it.

Any thoughts? Is this typical Lyme disease? I am more concerned about dermatomyositis. We live in a wooded area and usually find ticks on us during tick season. I can not remember if I did or did not have any small deer ticks on my last year, but I know I have found them before. Over 15 years ago I stepped into a bed of the bitty deer ticks and they were covered/crawling all over my shoes. I showered and tried to remove as many as possible. We have a dog that has tested positive for tick disease although she does not show signs of any problems with it. She takes flea/tick/worm medicine regularly and goes to all her check ups.

Throughout this April illness I had also experienced lymph node pain around the time I had low grade fever. I have always experienced shooting random pains in my body when I get sick. That is always a sign to me that I'm getting sick or am sick with something. Once the fevers stopped, the shooting random pains stopped. They are like shooting pains beneath the skin (not muscle or bone). Sometimes in my side, my arm, my leg or my neck under ears.

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Lyme Disease :: Western Blot Results?

I received my WB results from IGenex and have an apt with an LLD on the 21 of Oct But wanted some input. Here are the results:-

Lyme IgM WB
18 -

Lyme IgG WB
28-30 -
**31 ind
**39 IND
**83-93 -

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Lyme Disease :: Reactive Bands On Western Blot

I have been feeling unwell on/off for quite a while. After developing muscular pains that was so excruciating my dr decided to test me for Lyme. After he got my results back I was told I'm healthy and Lyme was questionable but they have came to the conclusion that I in fact did not have Lyme. A year later I seem to be getting worse as far as my symptoms go and had a very hard time caring for my infant and begin to develop palps...I visited my dr again he took blood and sent me off to the rheumatologists who also ran blood test and also tested me for Lyme and again I am told all is well. After visiting countless of dr's and er visits I finally seen a cardio doc due to the palps....she tested me for Lyme and called me back a week later to tell me a few bands came back reactive. I brought that to my dr's attention and gave him a copy but he was no help and assured me that it was a false positive test. I had decided to see another physician who would be willing to listen to me and test me again and band 23kd(IGM)=reactive, band 41kd(IGG)=reactive, band 45kd(IGG)=reactive. The dr suggested I see a ID doc so he can help me further.....anyway I went back to my old dr and requested to have my copy of the blood work he has taken from me over the past 2 years and I see my first test only band 23kd(IGM) was reactive and the other bands were not reactive. The second time band 23kd(IGM), band 41kd(IGM), band 45kd(IGG) reactive...meanwhile 3 years has passed I am feeling awful to the point I have developed very serious anxiety and my dr tells me all is well....obviously it isn't.  Now the most recent test that I had band 41kd(IGM) is no longer reactive, but the other bands I have mentioned are still reactive. What does this all mean, if someone can explain or even have any answers to this?

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HIV Negative Or Positive? The Serum Level P24 Antigen 202 Pg/ml

the serum level of hiv p24 antigen 202 pg/ml is negative or positive ?

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Lyme Disease :: Interpreting / Understanding Western Blot Results

Hi all,

I have had mysterious symptoms for over a decade (continual sinus infections, TMJ, muscle twitches, joint pain that comes and goes, fatigue, headaches, new food allergies, IBS, new onset of anxiety..)

After becoming entirely fed up with treating each of these ailments individually, I began to put the pieces together of what could be going on.

An ENT suggested Lyme testing and I have now been working with a LLD. She ordered Western Blot though Igenex and these were the results:

IGM-"Negative" but the following came up:
**23-25 IND
**34 IND
**39 IND
**41 +++
58 +
66 +

IGA Negative except 41++

My LLD was very brief and said no Lyme...taking a closer look and doing my own research I am now concerned about the amount of activity and INDs that came back although the test is still negative.

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What Is An Ac Anti HIV Duo Test Serum/plasma Eclia ?

What is an ac anti hiv duo test serum/plasma Eclia ? What generation is this test and how reliable it is at 62 days after last exposure ?

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