Heart :: Stress Test - ST Depression Was -2.2

Feb 9, 2016

I'm a 43yr old male with no history of heart disease, though I do have low HDL cholesterol and mild hypertension (130's/90's) and am on half a Benicar 20mg pill daily. I lost 100lbs 5 years ago and have kept it off with regular exercise (I run 5-7 days per week) and heavy weight lifting (2-3 days/week), plus a much better diet than I ever had while in my obese days. I'm still overweight at 210lbs, 6'2", but in a much better place, I think, and continue to drop a pound every month or so!

Recently, due to a chronic issue with abdominal discomfort that sometimes migrates into my chest, I had a treadmill stress test and echo at the local county hospital and would like to know if I should ask more questions about the results of the stress test (echo still pending).

An echo was performed before the treadmill portion and then ASAP after I hopped off the treadmill (within 10-15 seconds at most). I had zero trouble with the treadmill test, reaching my heart rate goals after about 18 minutes of continuous increases in speed and incline. No discomfort, dizziness, etc. and blood pressure didn't do anything weird, nor did there appear to be any arrhythmia.

The result published by the attending doctor (my regular GP) are as follows:

"... initial EKG was a sinus rhythm ... maximal ST depression was -2.2. However, he was asymptomatic and the depression was in one lead only. This is an electrically and symptomatic negative exercise stress test ..."

I've read that this amount of ST depression is significant, but is it true that a single-lead depression is a negative result? Should I at least inquire about which lead was negative? The tech did have some trouble getting one of my leads to read at first, but seemed to get that worked out before I hopped on the treadmill - I should've asked which lead that was; located on left side rib cage under arm.

I have digestive issues that often present with chest discomfort, fullness, jaw or esophagus tightness, etc. and that leads to anxiety, as you might imagine. Perhaps I'm being overly anxious about this, too...just want anyone with experience or knowledge of these tests to weigh in on whether I should probably just let it go or follow up once the echo comes back in a few more days.

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Heart :: Stress Test - Increased Workload And And Circulation Problem

My doctor's office called and told me I need to see a cardiologist. My doctor not sure what it showed , maybe normal but wants cardiologist to tell us .. Result was " may have problem with circulations with increase workload " not sure what this means,, have appt sept 10.. I had no chest pains with the test, I was just out of shape and winded.. But completed whole treadmill test..

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Heart :: Stress Test - Left Ventricular Ejection Fraction Of 51%

Heart: NM Myocardial Perfusion Rest Stress Test results?

Findings: Mild Wall hypokinesis perfusion defects are identified in lateral wall, inferior wall and septal wall the calculated left ventricular ejection fraction of 51%

What does this mean normal not to worry or exactly what?

Have irregular heart beat and palpitations for 15 years that I know of..

They think I had a svt attack about 3 weeks ago prompting this test. My heart rate shot over 20 bmp and i could not breath and stayed above 160 for over an hour.

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Heart Disease :: Stress Test - Ejection Fraction Of 72% - No Ischemic Changes

Hi, new to MedHelp.  I just got my results on a patient portal from a stress test that I just had done a few days ago.  I don't see my doctor for 2 weeks, but my anxiety just makes me want to know what is going on.  Does anyone know how to interpret these results?  Thank you for any input you can give.


Patient was pharmacologically stressed with adenosine at a
     dose of 48 milligrams. No chest pain occurred during stress. A maximal
     heart rate of 108 beats per minute was achieved.

     Injections of 10 mCi and 30 mCi of technetium 99m Sestamibi were given
     for rest and stress imaging, respectively.

     SPECT images after each injection show normal size left ventricle. No
     fixed or reversible perfusion abnormalities were present. Ejection
     fraction was calculated at  72%. No wall motion abnormality.

     IMPRESSION:    No ischemic changes with pharmacologic stress. Ejection
     fraction of 72%. No wall motion abnormality.

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Heart :: Nuclear Stress Test :: Both Legs Are Full Of Stents

Hubby is supposed to have nuclear stress test, however he has peripheral artery disease and both legs are full of stents, and he cannot walk very far without pretty much pain, was just wondering what is the point of this test if he cannot walk and may not be able to complete it? To make matters worse, we have to pay for the entire test out of pocket as we have a high deductible, I have been reading that the test is expensive. My husband has his cdl, which he does not even use, and they will not renew it without the stress test.

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Chest Pain :: Should I Get A Stress Test?

I am 54yrs of age. Today was the first time I had chest (burn) pain while walking up steps. Cannot jog or run due to MS, so I climb steps for exercise. Along with the chest pain I was wheezing. Do I have a blockage?

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Autoimmune Disorders :: Adrenal Stress Test

I was diagnosed Hashimotos this year.

Here are my adrenal stress test results:

Sample 1 - 3.4 (12-22)
Sample 2 - 6.1 (5.0-9.0)
Sample 3 - 4.8 (3.0-7.0)
Sample 4 - 3.2  (1.0-3.0)

DHEA:Cortisol Ratio - 2.62 (within range)

Latest thyroid function test results:

TSH - 2.50 (0.2-4.2)
Free T3 - 4.6 (3.9-6.7)
Free T4 - 15.7 (12-22)

Apparently my doctor says these are normal, yet when I am taking the Levothyroxine my Free T3 drops and my hypothyroid symptoms return. Am I missing something or am I the only one in the world with this problem? I presume the latter.

I am currently dairy and gluten free and my fatigue and constipation have cleared up since on the diet, however I retook my Levothyroxine and within 2 hours I was constipated. The only change I had made was retaking the Levothyroxine but I did increase my fluid intake, too. The reaction I had from the medication is making me doubt the benefits of it. Or could I be undermedicated at 125mcg? The nurse taking my blood last time said 125mcg is a lot for a little person like me to be taking!

So, in order to wipe the slate clean and start afresh with my care, I have since changed doctors and will be asking for the following at my first appointment:

Sex hormone profile - not just the testosterone, FSH, LH and prolactin my endocrinologist carried out but I would like to include the ones she has *missed* - the oestrogen, estradiol and progesterone. I am sure there are others in there...

Full mineral/vitamin profile - but excluding the folate, Vitamin D and Vitamin B12 which were done recently and including a full iron panel.

Repeat thyroid test - why oh why am I experiencing hypothyroid symptoms AFTER I take the Levothyroxine? When I reported this to my previous doctor they have told me they will end my script for Levothyroxine since they are under the impression I get no ill effects without the medication! Are they right?

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Cardiovascular :: Procedure Of Thallium Stress Test?

I went for a walk with a close friend of mine yesterday, we usually take our dogs together for a walk through the park and play with them. Anyway, he told me yesterday that he has to do this Thallium stress test. He seems so cool and calm about it that I can't really understand how is he managing to stay calm, I would freak out. I mean, I know it is a cardiac test and that it has something to do with the heart, therefore it is probably dangerous. Since I don't know any details, can someone describe this procedure to me?

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How To Get Rid Of Depression / Stress

The best and most foolproof way to remove stress is through laughter. Find something you enjoy, spend some time with a loved one, or walk around the block with a neighbor. People, love, and laughter always do the trick!

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Chiari Malformation :: Blood Pressure 236/51 On Stress Test

Today I had a ECG stress test on a treadmill and after only two and a half minutes my BP went from 140/67 to 236/51. Has anyone heard of it being so high and with such a difference in systolic over diastolic? The diastolic actually dropped while still exercising. I am told to get an echocardiogram stress test now to determine if it is extreme hypertension rather than CAD. Has anyone else had this? Could it be chiari related. I am thinking my problems are heart related rather than chiari related now, but lucky me, it could be both I suppose.

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Measuring Ejection Fraction - Echocardiography Or Nuclear Stress Test?

Diagnosed with dilated cardiomyopathy, had an echocardiogram and my ejection fraction was 25, had a nuclear stress test and it was 38, which is a more reliable test? Dr said sometimes you see a difference in numbers but rarely this much of a difference.

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Blood Pressure :: Stress Test - Hyperkinetic LV And Hyperdynamic LV Systolic Function

I am a 31 year old female who was diagnosed with POTS in 2008 at that time I had a normal stress test and has always been able to tolerate my heart rate going up however over the last month I have become short of breath and have been developing chest pain with minimal activities such as showering. I had another stress test on Friday and I was only able to walk 3 1-2 minutes and became short of breath and developed chest pain also my heart rate was 98 at the start and got up to 164 then it took 2 hours to recover that's right 2 hours not 5-8 min and they had to give me iv fluids then I was sent on my way. The report showed hyperkinetic LV and hyperdynamic LV systolic function. All the dr said was it was essentially normal.

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Heart :: Student With Sore Arms ? Stress From College?

I've been having some concerns about me having a heart attack I'm 18 years old male, no history in heart problems, but I feel my left or right arms kind of sore in a way and sometimes feel a stabbing pain under my left breast and on the left side of my back, should I be concerned ? I was thinking this might be stress from college as this is my first semester of my freshman year ?

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Heart Disease :: Are Nuclear Stress Tests Truly Safe?

In the past, I have had chest pain walking up hills. So I told my doctor who said "you need a Nuclear Stress Test. We discussed it, it seemed fine to me and  I had one scheduled.

The procedure seemed relaxing enough, I was told to relax in the  Gamma Cam while the radiopharmaceutical they injected me with had a chance to circulate. Then the Gamma Cam did its thing for about 15 minutes and  I was on my way home. Easy? No problems.

But then I had some curiosity about radiation, so I got out my Geiger Counter. I held the probe near various parts of my body and was able to absolutely peg the meter on the highest setting - 50 mr/hr. I called the Nuclear Stress Test technician and cancelled part two of the study, the treadmill test. I then called my doctor, told him about the gamma-ray radiation levels and he convinced me to go ahead with part two of the test.

The next day, the Nuclear Stress Test. technician tried to calm my nerves by saying "Do you see me running away from you after giving you the radio pharmaceutical ?" and "I run when its Cat-scan time..."

Anyway I completed the day two test, went home and again was radiating well over 50 mr/hr. in Gamma radiation.Knowing the radio-pharmaceutical''s half life was 6 hours, I kept a journal and my radiation hit background level in about 48 hours.

But someone has to convince me that injecting me with a radiopharmaceutical which emits positrons which go and cancel themselves with the closest electron in an anti-matter reaction which emanates two gamma rays 180 degrees apart from each other is entirely safe...

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Technique To Reduce Stress /depression / Anxiety

It's supposed to be a special breathing technique and I tried it and it really did relax me. He says you are creating a "energy circuit" when putting your tongue against the roof of your mouth. Can someone explain in further detail, this interests me majorly...

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Angina :: Ultrasound Of Legs Showed No Blockages But Positive Nuclear Stress Test

I had a CT angiogram and ultrasound of my legs that showed no blockages; however, the chemical nuclear stress test came back positive for something. What does that mean?

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Depression :: Can't Escape The Pain - Heart Physically Hurts

I really am on a low at the moment and really looking for an easy way out as I can't take the pain anymore.  My heart physically hurts and I feel like I am pushing everyone away who is trying to help me.  I have never felt loneliness like it and although it really gets me down, I don't want anyone's company (does that make sense)

I am on anti-depressants and have been for many years.  The doctors tells me it will pass but it never does.  A smile that hides a thousand sorrows and i feel like I'm drowning while everyone around me is living their life.


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Depression :: Zoloft Withdrawal - Hard And Fast Heart Beats

I'm a 38-year-old female.  Severely hard and fast heart beats.  Severe 24/7 head pain.  All ruled out.  I am planning to get off Zoloft, which my doctor had me at 300 MGS - I have been at 200 for a month or so. 

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Depression :: Nortriptyline - Increased Heart Rate, High Blood Pressure

Has anyone taken nortriptyline a period of time and decided to stop taking it due to it's side effects with success? The side effects I'm experiencing are increased heart rate, high blood pressure, hair thinning/loss and muscle twitchings/spasms.

Brief story about me: I was never a headache person or a migraineur. I only got these headaches after a lumbar puncture 7 months ago. Needless to say, it has changed my life as I am having headaches 50-100 times a day. I'm currently taking 10-20 mg nortriptyline to keep the intensity down, but the side effects is giving me a lot of problems (increased heart rate and hair thinning/loss are my biggest problems). I'd like to hear from anyone who has a similar story to mine.

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Adrenal Disorders :: Cortisol Stim Test And Then ACTH Test ?

I was just wondering what comes after a cortisol stim test for diagnosing Addison's Disease ?

I had 2 Cortisol stim tests done one in the afternoon and one in the early morning .

Afternoon test read 2.8 out of 5-15
Morning test read 3.8 out of 5-25 Both low

Do i now have a Acth test done to see if its the adrenals glands or Pituitary or Hypothalamus Producing such low cortisol ?

I have abdominal cramping , hot flashes , constipation . tired , weak and major weight loss 35 + pounds in 8 months .

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Am I Pregnant? :: Positive On Pregnancy Test, Negative On Blood Test

i had my period last june 9 2014, then on june 27 and 28 i had a light spotting.den, i felt something's wrong with me..there's a feeling or slight symptoms of a pregnant woman..a boobs are tender to touch and painful..my body feel hot like i was having a light fever..than july 1 i take a pregnancy test and shows positive but faint line.. then, july 2 to 8 i got again spotting.. and goes away.. july 14 i took another pregnancy test shows again positive faint line.. i went to my ob july 18 just to know her what's happening on me. i had that light spotting again..and in transvaginal ultrasound shows that there was a thickening of the lining tells me that i am positive. 5 to 6 weeks, but i have a cyst considered benign.nothing to worry about she said. she gave me medicine duphaston good for 10 days, and i'm going to come back for a follow up appt. on july 28. again the spotting continues sometimes light bleeding, sometimes full on my liners. another medicine duphaston gud for 5 days she gave me because on the ultrasound she saw only thickening of the linings and the baby wasn't developing. then, this day august 1 i came back for the final appt, i took a blood test and shows negative. transvaginal ultrasound shows again the lining on my ovary.

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