Hemorrhoids :: Small Lump On My Anus Which Is Extremely Sore

Dec 9, 2013

I have a small lump on my anus which is extremely sore. I was hoping to get some advice of a diagnosis and treatment required to get rid if it. I have recently had anal sex. It's almost like a swollen blood vein that has popped out.

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Hemorrhoids :: Small Spot Like Lump Next To My Anus

I have a small spot like lump next to my anus and I have no idea what it could be. I am so embarrassed to go to my doctor straight away and was wondering if anyone could be of service?

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Hemorrhoids :: Small Lump Right On The Opening Of My Anus

I have discovered a small lump right on the opening of my anus.

It is about the size of a pea and looks almost blue or black in colour.

It feels exactly the same as a pea - solid behind the skin covering it.

I am extremely worried as I don’t know what it is. It is very sore, especially when passing stools.

Initially it wasn't painful at all and now it is. Yesterday I got it little open using surgical blade and small amount of blood came out.

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Hemorrhoids :: A Small Painless Bump Outside My Anus

I Don't drink soda, Only water every day. But I do Have constipation, but it's not painful. I also don't bleed when I do use the restroom. I Do Exercise often (Army JROTC pt) but I have a Small bump on the outside of my anus. (it's not painful)it also doesn't hurt when I sit down, but it is visible. Do you think I do?

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Hemorrhoids :: Small Pea Size Nodule At My Anus

i have internal hemorrhoids. but now i found a new small pea size nodule in my anal opening that nodule bumps.

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Hemorrhoids ? Swollen Anus - Now Pea Sized Lump On Opening

I have had a swollen anus for about 2 months now, it was painful to begin with and then settled down but now there is a little pea-sized lump on the anal opening that is tender. I can push it back in and it usually come out on the toilet along with some swelling. My knickers are wet today, also with slight urge to itch anal area. What could this be? Is it haemorrhoids? How should I treat it?

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Hemorrhoids :: A Lump/cyst Looking Thing On The Opening Of My Anus

I am a 28 year old male. I have a lump/cyst looking thing on the left opening of my anus. It was red in color yesterday and very sore. Today when I got off work, I found that half of it is black. It bleeds very little ( only when wiping) and I am not sure if it leaking some clear fluid or not. It is about the size of a quarter. Is there any diagnosis you could give me. Or possible home remedies to try and fix the problem.

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Hemorrhoids :: Flesh Coloured Lump At The Opening Of My Anus Hole

I'm 14 i had for about 3 days now!!! I don't know what to do when i sit it hurts but only when i sit it's almost covering my whole anus hole, I'm embarrassed of telling any one, I don't wanna trouble my parents either, should I pop it, what should I put on it, can I use hydrogen peroxide. This lump I have is pea size skin colour unnoticeable even when I poop( I know don't judge) only when I sit down, what are the procedures, how can I avoid this or is it permanent......

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Hemorrhoids :: Small Fleshy Lump?

Today after passing a stubborn stool I noticed a small, soft-ish fleshy lump outside of my anus. From what I've read I think it might be a hemorrhoid, but I don't know for sure since it seems like those are supposed to be hard. There is not bleeding, it is painless and is most noticeable just after using the bathroom or straining, and I suspect will retreat entirely if I leave it alone and go back to my usual diet. (I ate horribly today because of the holiday. I am prone to digestive issues and what I find I need to avoid persistent abdominal pain and stubborn stools completely includes 4-6 servings daily of fruit, 3-5 of veggies, and yogurt a few times a week. I ate almost none of those things today or yesterday.) Finding a lump down there has me really nervous, and I wanted to make sure it will be okay if I don't rush off to the doctor to get it looked at immediately. Obviously if it becomes painful or bleeds I will go ASAP. If it doesn't go away in a few days would it be safe to just leave it for two weeks while I finish my classes? If it does appear to go away should I still be concerned?

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Hemorrhoids :: Small Lump And Cancer Scare

Dr has assured me that it is one pile but after a bowel cancer scare, I worry about anything abnormal! It is just inside my anus and no pain, itching or blood. The ointment has had no effect after 10 days or so. It could have been there for much longer, I just might not have noticed it. I did strain when I was able to have bowel movements again after the tumour was removed but usually they are quite soft. I think I panicked and overdid it in case there was another blockage. How long before they disappear? I am worried that it is not piles but the beginning of another cancer problem.  I just wish it would go away! 

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Men :: Extremely Small Testicles And Small Flacid Penis

I am 30 years old.

Well as the topic mentions i have really small testicles, so small that when my penis is erect they most likely go in me. 

My penis is extremely small when flaccid , prob 2-3 inches top if its a good day, but when erect it is about 6 or so ( apparently what they call a grower)
Now i have been suffering from this since i can remember, It has taking a huge amount of my life away, i feel as i would of been a more successful man if i didn't, i avoid at all cost going OUT yes it sucks that bad, i go out only when necessary. 

Here is what is weird i guess the good part? i have never been ashamed in the sex act, i mean i wouldn't pull it out until my penis was erect but never had a problem besides a girl saying i had small testicles.

Now i am married and have beautiful children, apparently extremely small testicles does not affect this :) Grateful for that, as in the back of my head i was always concerned if i was going to be able to produce children.
Ok so the problem the big huge problem....

The bulge in my pants... yes many of you might think this is stupid but this is the reason i tend to hide from public. I have considered shoving a sock or something down there but i think it would be worst or maybe it is just the fear of looking funny.

Please do not say people do not look or don't notice because believe it or not they DO, some are even loud and shameless to say "did you see that guy"  some stare and some laugh, this goes without fail every single time i am out.  Well i will not drag any longer, simply saying that i am suffering in this body i was giving. I wear baggy clothes ( don't like them but have no choice)

Please please !!!! Any solution is welcomed , i have tried using... pumps, stretchers, pills etc nothing does the job, you might be thinking im stupid for trying any of these things put i am desperate and willing to try it all.  Sadly i was thinking in my head while someone was staring and laughing that i would gladly give an arm for a normal package ( i know that sounds extreme but it is true)

So again any help? i can not seem to find much information about the subject , i guess my main goal is the testicles since this would give me the bulge i want.

Money wouldn't be a problem, and surgery is very acceptable if it is an option, like i said there is just not enough info about anything.

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ENT :: Extremely Sore Throat

Okay so I've been having a extremely sore throat for about 4 days now, and it wasn't that bad at the start but now it's extremely painful! My throat is red but there are white things around my throat as well. It's pretty swollen and there are also small white bumps at the back of my tongue. It's extremely painful when I swallow even when just swallowing my own saliva. Please can someone tell me what this is because I am in a tremendous amount of pain

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HIV Prevention :: A Small Cut / Fissure On Anus After Fingering

About 5 weeks ago (i'v already submitted blood for testing) i met a guy who fingered me. What concerns me is that i noticed a small cut on my anus (on the outer pink area), but i'v never noticed it bleeding or anything.

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STDs :: Small White/yellow Spot Around My Anus

Last 2 nights I had protected anal sex, unprotected oral and fingering with a stranger I met through an app. Today I noticed a small white/yellow spot around my anus. It is not painless but i kept touching it and now it starting to itch. Have I contracted any STI/STD? And how long should I wait for check up?

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Painful Lump On My Labia Near My Anus?

I am 17 years old, and am sexually active. I recently discovered an unnatural lump on my labia, near my anus on the right hand side. I have been looking into what it could be, but haven't found anything conclusive. Over the past few days (I discovered it three days ago) it seems to have gotten slightly larger and painful. Today I am uncomfortable sitting down, and am worried about it getting worse. I am unable to take a bath, only shower, and am trying to find a reliable gynecologist in the Pittsburgh area.

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Hemorrhoids Or Swollen Anus?

The other day I felt a sting in my buttocks. Upon further inspection there appears to be at least one definite purple lump around the anal hole but if I push like I would during a bowel movement the whole anus gets purple and puffy with the same looking lumps as the original one. Pain and itching is accompanied to this. Is it actually hemorrhoids? Should I go to the doctor even though it's embarrassing or is it really even embarrassing?

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Hemorrhoids :: Dwellings Around The Anus

I have some dwellings around the anus ... They are just at the entrance. They aren't painful and there isn't any bleeding .. I'm ... I guess naturally worried as to what it is but I'm scared to go to the doctors as I've had a couple of bad experiences.

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Hemorrhoids :: Pea Like Growth Outside My Anus

This is sort of an embarrassing question...Recently I found out that there is something unusual just outside of my anus. It has grown like a pea. When I touch it, it is sort of hard but smooth red colour,and it hurts a bit. What should I do ?

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Chronic Gastritis :: Constipation And Lump In Anus

I'm 21 and no stranger to digestive issues. I suffer from anxiety and depression which I think helps contribute to those problems.

I was just recently diagnosed with Chronic Gastritis after an upper scope was done. I was also diagnosed with IBS about a year ago which is my main issue.

So lets skip to my more recent problem-

My IBS fluctuates from Diarrhea to Constipation. Mostly constipation anymore...

I get constipated for weeks. Just recently though I've noticed it getting worse and me pressing harder and harder to get it out. I knew that wasn't a good idea when I started doing that, but it's easy to strain. I know this is gross, but I developed severe itching down there about 3 weeks ago and naturally started thinking it was a hemorrhoid (internal). The only thing that would make me go for a little while was preparation H suppositories. So I used those and ignored it. There's still pain up there when I sit down. I still don't know what it is. I felt up inside and felt a lump about the size of a golf ball (maybe smaller) about an 1.5" up. This really scares me and makes me extremely depressed going through all the things in my head it could be.
What do I do?

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Sore Throat :: Swollen Tonsils, Lump In Throat, Clear Mucus, Sore, Headache

My tonsils have been swollen for over a month, until last week they were painless, but now I have flu symptoms. Its quite scary, it affects my swallowing and I have a very very dry mouth, even when I drink loads of water all day. Hasn't affected my breathing as of yet, but feels like a lump in my throat is blocking it off.

This has been going for three days now.

Doctor said I need a blood test for glandular fever, which is next week.

I mentioned that I think I can feel my epiglottis swollen, and she laughed and said that is all the way down by my adam's apple and would have a job feeling that... even though i've seen many cases online where it's visible above the tongue and often can be felt.

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Hemorrhoids :: Someone Was Jabbing A Knife In My Anus

For about a week I've been having a hard time passing stool. It all started last Thursday when I came home from school and sat down to use the toilet. When I pushed i felt excruciating pain and it felt like someone was jabbing a knife in my anus. Also it burned. The burning came from an excessive amount of hot sauce intake (I love hot sauce and eat it with everything). Friday through Sunday was horrible. I drank tons of water and ate a lot of prunes and eventually went downstairs and bought some milk of magnesia. That seemed to do the trick and by Sunday my stool was soft enough to come out and the burning wasn't as bad. But ever time I did use the bathroom my anus would hurt and burn and swell. I thought everything was okay, but today when I arrived home from school I sat on the toilet and again when I pushed I felt like a knife was jabbing me in my anus. It hurts so bad! I just want to use the bathroom normally. This has never happened before and truthfully it's terrifying me. Do I have hemorrhoids? How can I stop the pain?

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