Hip Pain After (3 Weeks) Cystocele Surgery

Jan 10, 2016

I had a cystocele 3 1/2 weeks ago.  It seemed I was healing well with some mild tenderness in the lower abdomen.  Which I felt was normal.  But a little over a week ago I suddenly began to experience excruciating (level 8-10) pain in my right hip area.  The surgeon said it is the tendon/ligament (?) where the sling was attached to that is hurting so bad.  Has anyone else experienced this after cystocele surgery?  And if so, how long did it last?

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Genitourinary Prolapse :: Surgery Or Not? Rectocele & Cystocele

I have rectal & vagina vault prolapse - Rectocele & Cystocele( lower 1/3rd) and sex is quite painful and difficult. I have 3 choices at the moment ; 

1/ do nothing until the prolapse gets much worst but this means having uncomfortable & sometimes painful sex ..I am coping with bladder & bowel problems with kegal exercises but hate the look and feeling of it down there.

2nd... try a pressery? If I pressary works my Gyna would preform a much simple perinuem repair to fix the tight skin problem. This still involves stiches so I wonder if pressary is the way to go and I have heard that can affect sex too? or have the surgery. I had huge cuts to deliver my first child as she was stuck in my birth channel and then they figure I didn't had the width to deliver here???!!!. So many stiches and at least 2 further opreations to try and correct the terrible job the first surgeon had done on me. I have literally a thin area of skin in my perinium that is only about a 1 cm wide which is treched so tightly it hurts when touched. Sex has been uncomfortable for the past 30 years and several positions are out of the question. As I have grown older 58 now and the symptoms of menopause have raised their ugly heads. This area has lost its elasticity and has become hard and very taut. 

3/ Do the surgery for the rectocelle & cystocele .. I really worry especially after reading this forum that it won't fix the problem and could make it heaps worst. 

Does anyone have any stats on % of successful operations? This site is full of bad experiences.

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Genitourinary Prolapse :: Lump After Cystocele Surgery

It's now been  27 days since my cystocele repair, i had a wee feel the other day and felt like a lump , im sure its where my stitches are/were , is this normal ? , i did have an infection 2 weeks ago and saw my doctor and she said everything looked fine but now i'm worried sick my operation has failed, anyone else felt this, could it just be swelling ? 

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Cystocele And Hysterocele Surgery - Depressed / Lack Of Energy And Sex

Three months ago I had a Cystocele and hysterocele surgery, It was done by a good dr here in Spain, he promised everything was going to be fine and the sick leave was of 40 days. The surgery was through the vagina, he removed the uterus, left the ovaries and lifted the bladder with a "net". I was happy the following day: no pain, no feeling something was dropping out from my vagina... I had repose for one month and a half, then I Started to have stings inside, I came back to dr and told me I refused the stitches, he had to cauterize. Now the stings have gone but for one month I have felt the same sensations I had before the surgery! It's like someone were pulling from my top of the deep vagina, I feel again something dropping and feel as if I had something inside the vagina. My dr said everything is ok, nothing out of normal. Then I started to visit a pelvic floor physiotherapist last week and said that everything is ok the net is being absorbed by my vaginal tissues, but I'm still healing, the scars inside are tight and my pelvic floor is too weak. Besides she has found out that I have a little rectocele! And my gyne didn't tell me anything about that! I am so sad, I can't stop crying, too worried... I have not tried sex yet... I feel sad about my kid and my husband cos I am all day obsessed with this and I don't feel like going out... I used to be a sportive person but I am not anymore... By the way, I began work three weeks ago and feel too weak and depressed, Very hard for me get up in the morning, I went yesterday to the social security dr who is the dr that gives you the sick leaves and she prescribed tranquilizer and told me I can work. I feel I can't go on with my life... I feel that I'm starting depression, I know that if I felt a bit better I would cheer up but I feel worse. Please anyone can help me with any piece of advice? Will I ever be happy?

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Bladder Is Falling After Cystocele Surgery - Colpocleisis And MiniArc Sling

i was never told not to squat, and so I bent my knees when picking up something from the floor...because I was told not to bend. Do you think that is why my bladder is coming down?  I had a Colpocleisis and MiniArc Sling  Placement.  The only instruction I was given was not to lift over 5 pounds, no bending, no baths, no pulling or pushing for 3 months.   That was all!  I wonder if bending my knees when picking up items I dropped on the floor was considered squatting...and that's why my bladder fell.

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Cystocele 4 Weeks - Major Swelling / Pressure On Vagina And Rectum

Need answers for reason for the swelling sensation. Feels like vagina and rectum being pushed out as before. Went to doctor 1 week post op because of this, bladder still in place. Doctor had no explanation. Scheduled to go for check up in 3 weeks. This will be the 6th week since surgery. Can't rest or sleep well because of the constant swelling.

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Heel Pain 2.5 Weeks Post Achilles Tendon Surgery

I am probably worrying about nothing, but I had surgery on 11 July and since i had my stitches out and cast changed on Tuesday (22 July) my heel has been quite sore. I am PWB and the cast moves slightly when I walk... Could the pain be caused by the cast rubbing on my heel? During the surgery I had metal shards removed from the tendon (caused by calcaneal osteotomy screw disintegrating), treatment for tendinitis and the tendon was re-anchored. I also had a lateral ligament repair, but the site of that is not so sore. I'm not sure whether to call my doctor... I don't want to bother her if this is just healing pain and is normal.

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Hallux Rigidus Surgery (6 Weeks) - Pain - Stress Fracture?

I had surgery 6 weeks ago with an implant for hallux rigidus. Had to call the doctor today (POD) because I'm having pains on the outside of my toe. He said it should have been feeling better & better each day, which it has not done. When I walk for awhile (say at the grocery store) it hurts on the side of that toe and on the bottom part of my foot. He wants me to come in for an x-ray & said I could have a stress fracture. Has anyone taken this long to heal? Comments anyone?

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Leaking Urine / Pain :: Trans-vaginal Tape (TVT) And Cystocele 7 Years Ago

I had a TVT done 7 years ago and over the past 6-8 months I have been leaking urine and having pain, I went to the docs 3 weeks ago and was told I have a cystocele, i'm awaiting hospital appointment, has anyone been through the same?

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Achilles Tendon Surgery Blood Pooling - 7 Weeks Post Surgery

I am seven weeks post surgery for an Achilles' tendon rupture and still have intense pain from the blood pooling when I stand for even a minute to brush my teeth. After one minute I immediately have to lie down and elevate my leg otherwise it feels like it will explode. Has anyone else felt this 7 weeks post surgery?

I also can only bear minimum weight on the leg at this stage. At seven weeks does that sound normal? I had my tear at the connection to the heel and had haglund's deformity where part of my heel broke off. Anyone else have that and is minimal weight bearing at seven weeks normal for this type of tear.

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Hemorrhoids :: Surgery 3 Weeks - Still Can't Go To Bathroom

I had my hemorrhoid surgery going on 3 weeks ago.  Does anyone still have a hard time going to the bathroom? I have the urge to go but then when I try to nothing happens and I just feel miserable all day...

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Hemorrhoids :: Surgery 5 Weeks - Glad It Is All Behind Now

Just coming up on 5 weeks after extensive surgery on hemorrhoids and glad it is all behind me. My bowel movements have become very irregular between soft and hard and when I have to go I need to be near a bathroom or I will have an accident and can't seem to hold it in. Is this normal and will it settle.

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Eyes :: Had My Squint Surgery 4 Weeks Ago

I had squint surgery nearly 4 weeks ago I also suffer from dry eye so I am still on all my drops .years ago I had my eye lids raised as I had a lazy eye lid so squint is taking longer to heal but today I am in pain in my eye does anyone know if this is normal.also my eye got infected the day after the op.

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Broken Ankles Progress - 4 Weeks After Surgery

Fractured and dislocated my ankle after slipping on a muddy path 17th Dec 2015  After 10 days bed rest and foot elevation in hospital to get the swelling down over Christmas I had 9 screws into fibula and a metal plate and screws into bone on other side of ankle. In a cast for 2 weeks then Xrayed and assessed and another cast put on for 4 weeks. Dissolvable stitches and ankle alignment satisfactory.

2 more weeks until consultant visit to assess maybe given a boot.

Very painful for a week after 2nd cast put on but settling down now. Using a wheelchair to propel myself around the house.  Living downstairs but been upstairs 3 times backwards on my bottom pushing up with good leg wearing a trainer for grip. Good exercise!

Was initially given a zimmer by hospital but very unsteady and not confident on crutches. Will hopefully use them when allowed to put some pressure on injured ankle.

Some nights I have to take paracetamol particularly if the ankle has not been elevated enough during the day.  I sleep a lot more but presume it is to do with the healing process.  Drinking a lot of milk and a VitD pill once a day with plenty of protein foods which I hope will encourage bone healing.

Was very active but not able to do much apart from knitting and sewing.  Try to do a bit of housework each morning but have temporarily employed a cleaner. Thankful it is winter and no gardening necessary yet.

Encourageing to see how other broken ankles progress.  No physio for me yet but I do Pilates exercises each morning in bed before putting ankle down for another day.

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Uterine Fibroid Embolization - Pain / Periods Every 2 Weeks - 10 Weeks Post Op

I am 10 weeks post op and I am getting periods every 2 weeks. Not as heavy as before no flooding it's the frequency that bothers me. Pretty bad period pains as well in my lower back today yesterday it was both sides of my bikini line. Everything else is better I can now walk my dog for an hour without coming home and having to sleep. My energy levels are getting better all the time. My tummy is going down as well ( although the period has made me bloated again) also I am having discharge between each period where I have to wear panty liners.

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Achilles Tendon - Sensations - 5 Weeks Post Surgery

I'm still only 5 weeks post jury. But really dislike the sensation from injury. My foot isn't floppy but I definitely don't feel like I have full control over it. Its an odd feeling - hard to explain. Course i'm worried it's not healing as nobody ever seems to check that. Will I regain the control? 

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Painful Catching In The Arm 18 Weeks Post Rotator Cuff Surgery?

if anyone here who has had rotator cuff surgery continues to have painful "catching" in the arm 18 weeks post surgery? I had a SLAP and labrum tear but only debridement during surgery because the surgeon felt the tears didn't need attention. PT has not resolved this "catching" issue in the upper arm which was one of the main reasons for surgery to begin with. I have had two MRI's (pre and post surgery). I have also sought a second opinion from a different surgeon who wants me to have yet another MRI, but this time with contrast.

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Two Weeks After Achilles Tendon Surgery - Numbness And Tingling In Foot

I had my Achilles' tendon surgery two weeks ago last night I fell twice and now I am having numbness and tingling in my foot except when I get a sharp shooting pain. Do I need to call Doctor? I am still in cast

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Hallux Valgus (Bunions) :: No Shoe Fits - 6 Weeks Post Surgery

I am six weeks post surgery,  the specialist visit and the X Ray is scheduled on Wednesday and I expect to be out of the boot and allowed to weight bear on the whole foot which is all great news.  But there is a little problem, at present no shoes of mine would fit on my still slightly swallen and pretty tender around my big toe foot. I went through few shoe shops today and absolutely nothing was suitable (even tried men thongs/flip flops but they also hurt me too much) so now I am considering buying a flat post-op shoe (with flat bottom) as they are adjustable and padded so comfortable for me at the moment  but I am wondering if anyone else had better idea as the post op shoes have quite thick soles and for that reason would not be the best for my spine as I would have uneven leg length.  My Ugg boots would be probably ok but it is Summer here so hot weather and warm shoes would most likely increase the swelling.

I expect swelling to go on for a while (in my experience 6-8 weeks) but I don't want it to stop me from exercising and being able to drive.  I am also about to start a new art course and no way I would give that up.

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Bad Foot Pain After DeNovo Surgery - Nerve Pain?

I had DeNovo surgery on my ankle 4 months ago - lesion was 11 x 13. Surgery went well. I was NWB for 6 weeks, then in boot for 4-6 more weeks with PWB. Started PT at 10 weeks and was out of boot at 12 weeks. No problem with recovery or PT until that point. After I was fully weight bearing I had much more pain. On sides and bottom of foot as well as at surgery site. Still have lots of pain and sensitivity if I walk barefoot. PT was successful as far as ROM and strengthening but he doesn't want to push me any further because of pain.

OS says too early to say it did or didn't work, but I think it didn't and he won't do MRI until 6 months. He'll give me pain meds, but I don't like them and don't react well to them. The foot pain is bad! Could it be nerve pain?

I knew this was a long recovery, but I wasn't prepared for this! I ran for 30 years, which could have contributed to this problem, but now I'm wondering if I will ever walk pain-free again?!

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Cystocele For 10 Years And Getting Worse

I am a 65 year old female with a grade 3 or 4 cystocele. In the past few days I am having extreme difficulty emptying my bladder. I am freaking out because the issue of surgery rears its ugly head. I do not want surgery in as much as the failure rate if as high as 50% and I would never have mesh because of the ugly hideous complications of using it. Does anybody with this problem have any other ideas? I may try a pessary. I was wondering if there are ways of emptying ones bladder by utilizing certain positions to facilitate urination ( like standing for example). I have had this cystocele for 10 years but not it has obviously gotten worse.

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