How Autism Affects The Growth Of The Child

Dec 17, 2014

want to know how the Autism disease affects the growth of child suffering from this disease ?

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Autism :: 3 Years Old Child Can Only Speak HELLO

My son is aged 2.8years. when he was 1.5 years he could speak some words, some time last year January the house was changed. after the new one came the boy couldn't speak the words he used to speak and again you could find him seating some where looking as if he is stressed. When i arrive home from work he could come running to the door but this days he is not concerned at all. When i speak to him the words he used to he can't speak them again, You call him and he doesn't respond. I'm a worried Father, What do i do, i want him to remember what he used to do, to say. Where did we go wrong in bringing the boy up. He is turning three May 29th, he can only speak just one world "hello" he repeats that all the time. Is there a medication i can give him to change the situation?

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Eyes :: Sports With A Squint - How It Affects A Child's Routine Activities?

my son is 4 and the hospital told us he will never use his eyes together because of his squint. can anyone tell me how squints affect their ability to play fast moving sports such as football, squash etc.. We were thinking that if he only uses his eyes one at a time, then he wouldn't see someone approaching from the wrong side. Plus he wouldn't be able to judge when the ball was arriving.

We are reeling at present because we have been under hospital care for all 4 years and only now are they telling us he won't use both eyes. the suggestion is even if he has an operation to correct the squint, it will only be cosmetic.

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4 Years Old - Low Functioning Nonverbal Autism

my grandson is 4 years old and has been diagnosed for 2 years now with low functioning nonverbal autism, times can be hard but also very rewarding we are lucky he loves his kissed and cuddles but on his terms lol , the meltdowns can be mild but also very severe especially when it comes to cutting his hair , we are unable to put scissors near him for fear he will get hurt so we use clippers it is torture to see him in such a state , has anyone got any tips of how best to get this done without having to use so much force and upset on him any tips will be welcome

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Pregnancy :: Use Of Paxil Or Marijuana Cause Autism?

I have custody of my 5 year old granddaughter, and she is displaying signs of autism or asperger's.....could this be related in any way to her mother's use of Paxil or marijuana during her pregnancy?

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Pregnancy :: Affects Of Caffeine ?

Lately i have been drinking alot of coffee and i guess it has an affect on the baby? Do any of you ladies still drink caffeine while preg? Why is caffeine such a bad thing anyway?

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Age 26 - Does Circumcision Affects My Marital Life

I am about to marry and want to make sure circumcision won't affects my marriage life. I used to get irritations in my foreskin and advised to remove it.

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What Is A Fatty Liver? How It Affects And How To Correct It?

What is a fatty liver?  How does it affect your health and how do you correct it?

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HIV :: Blood Pressure Medicine Affects?

can Telma H 40 mg for high blood pressure affect the HIV test result taken on 84 days after exposure.I have to take everyday one pill. I had taken just 30 min before giving blood to Lab. I had applied Vicks vapor rub on forehead also for headache 8 hours before test. Will this also affect my HIV test.

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Medical Abortion :: Misoprostol Does It Affects The Baby?

Can misoprostol effects 3 months pregnant? I take misoprostol 12pcs last day and i only bleed a little and yesterday i take again 12 pcs but then again i only bleed a little, does it affects the baby?

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Does Tubal Ligation Affects Your Orgasm / Sex Drive

Just had tubal ligation 5 days ago can i have orgasim and oral sex or will it affect on my recovery ?

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Testosterone Supplement Affects Female Sex Drive And Orgasms?

Does anyone know how testosterone supplement from a GP affects female sex drive, clitoral sensitivity and orgasms.

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Dental / Oral :: Acid Reflux That Affects My Teeth Badly

I have pretty severe acid reflux that affects my teeth badly.. 7 months ago one of my back teeth crumbled leaving about a quarter behind. My dentist reconstructed the tooth out of white filling.. I've only had it in for 6 months and it's turning a brown colour and it absolutely stinks? I know it's the filling as I can smell it if I run my finger across it.. I'm also getting pain under the tooth.. Not extreme but a really annoying dull ache.

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Sexual Stimulation :: Will Daily Masturbation Affects Sperm Count ?

Will there be a problem by masturbating every day, i started masturbating from when i was 13-14 years old. Afterwards i had a habit of doing it daily.. now i'm 20 and still do it, sometimes i skip.Will it effect my sperm count in future ? 

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Chickenpox :: Need To Keep My Other Child Away?

My son has terrible chicken Pox, he has it everywhere & so aggressive too!! tried virasoothe which helped, now using Poxclin which seems much better! 

I'm I'm unsure if I should keep my 6month old away from others in case she has it but it hasn't come out yet?

can anyone advise?

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Hemorrhoids :: Pea Like Growth Outside My Anus

This is sort of an embarrassing question...Recently I found out that there is something unusual just outside of my anus. It has grown like a pea. When I touch it, it is sort of hard but smooth red colour,and it hurts a bit. What should I do ?

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Abortion :: Abort A Child

I had sex with my boyfriend without any protection before 2 weeks but now i am really scared about the pregnancy i lost my sleep and one more thing is i don't feel any symptoms of ma periods if at all i am pregnant how to abort the baby without knowing to anyone is there any natural thing to abort a baby....

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Hemorrhoids :: Growth Above Anal Area

I've had a growth on the top of my anal opening for several years. It first came to my notice through pain on wiping. On further inspection, it became clear that a hard growth had installed itself adjacent to the anal passage. This body is immovable but periodically submerged in a type of crater or shallow second hole above the real one. Accordingly, it can flare up and became painful and irritated much as it can subside and be nearly invisible to the naked eye. This is the problem which stymied my attempts to provide a visual cue for a colorectal surgeon who examined me. I showed photos on my phone, but they informed me that they couldn't see anything and wouldn't proceed to a surgical solution. They did indicate some internal hemorrhoids and offered a ligation for those, by my pain problem is primarily related to this external object. I took two photos of the issue today and circled them in MS Paint for maximum clarification.

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How Can I Decrease My Height Or Stop The Growth?

14years old and my height 5'9. is there anyway to decrease my height or stop the growth and moreover my weight is 40 kilos 

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Growth Removal From Anal Area?

I am having a growth removed from near my anal area by surgery soon. It is very close to the anal opening but not in it. I'm wondering if anyone had this done before and how much pain there was? Were there complications afterwards?

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Infertility :: 43 Years And Desperately Need A Child

I'm 43 years and  I desperately want another child will it be possible?

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