How To Lower My Lower My Heart Rate And Blood Pressure?

Jan 1, 2016

Hi, I am 21 years old, with no health problems. I have suffered from anxiety in the past, however, I have quit my medication (lexapro) about 8 months ago, and after the first 1-2 months, my anxiety completely disappeared. 8 months ago my heart rate was around 65 bpm, and my blood pressure around 135/80. Nowadays, my heart rate is around 80-85 bpm resting, and my BP around 145/90.

I have in the past tested my thyroid function (no problems), did several ECGs, one echo, as well as tests to check cholesterol and triglyceride levels. Everything came back normal. My doctor who I've seen recently didn't know what to say about the heart after he checked my records, so he ordered a Holter (which has been done, but results didn't come back yet).

What could account for my increase in heart rate / blood pressure after quitting the medicine? From what I remember, before starting the anxiety medicine which I took for approximately one year and a half, I also had quite high heart rate. Could this issue simply be genetic? And if it is, what can I do about it since I've heard that high heart rate increases the risk of early death?

I have attempted to take magnesium supplements, omega 3 oils, etc. as I've heard they're good for the heart, but have seen little to no improvement in heart rate or blood pressure. My doctor intends to give me blood pressure and hear rate lowering medicine if the holter comes back normal. However, I'm not too keen on taking medicine. Is there anything else that I can do to lower my heart rate and BP?

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Heart Disease :: High Blood Pressure / Slow Heart Rate

I have a heart rate most of the time from 42 to 50 BPM , my blood pressure is usually 145 to 160 over 75 to 80.  My cardiologist has me taking  75 mg, of Lopressor, 360 mg, of verapamil, .4 mg nitroglycerin  patch. And now he wants to add 10 mg of Ramipril ( Altace ) a day, my recent cardiograms have have shown sinus bradycardia. That's before starting the Ramipril , I'm just very leary about starting the Ramipril in first of all the highest dose there is, and second of all it could further lower my heart rate and send my heart into an AV Block that could lead to many things not good !

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Relationship Between Heart Rate (at Rest) And Blood Pressure?

I would be interested in your views on whether you believe that there is a relationship between heart rate (at rest) and blood pressure? My bp monitor always gives me my heart rate, which I guess is standard? But I got to thinking (my wife says this is dangerous for me!) why do bp monitors register heart rate unless there was a link to bp? I have "googled" it and can't find anything that is definitive. My resting heart rate hovers around 60 BPM which is quite good apparently. How much attention do you all take of the heart rate readings on your monitors?

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Blood Pressure Variations Relation To Heart Rate

Lately I've been experiencing some concerning symptoms with blood pressure and heart rate. When I get up from either a lying or sitting position, after standing (or walking) for about ten to twenty seconds, I feel very lightheaded and on the verge of fainting. So I grabbed my blood pressure cuff today when this happened to see where I was registering. My BP was 77/57 and my heart rate was 127. And this was just from simply standing up. So I laid back down... And immediately took my BP in the lying position. It went to 149/87 with a heart rate of 75. It changed that much in 30 seconds.

I am currently trying to wean down from Carvedilol.. Was taking 3.125 mg four times daily. After complaining to my cardiologist about nasty side effects (including this drop in BP) he said to cut it in half.

I didn't take the larger dose very long.. Only about a week.
I just wonder if the larger dose could be the culprit.

I have never tolerated the beta blockers well at all. Metoprolol and Atenolol were disasters too.

I'd like to get off BP meds completely, but each time I tried to wean off, my BP would skyrocket.

One thing that is going on right now as well is some serious abdominal pain. Don't know if that's a side effect of Carvedilol or not.

I've had extensive blood work, endoscopy, colonoscopy, abdominal CT, chest xray, many EKGs, and wore a 30 day event monitor.
Virtually all tests were normal.

Here's what did show up though:

Found a small lesion on a parathyroid gland.
Free thyroxine was "slightly" elevated.
Mitral Valve Prolapse with mild regurgitation.
2 very small nodules in lungs (benign according to lung dr)
Some pleural thickening (probably scar tissue from old infection)
Event monitor caught some VT and SVT.

The doctors are telling me these things are insignificant and need no attention.
Family and friends think stress and anxiety are to blame.
But I feel like crap every day. Blood pressure spikes (highest was 210/110)
Heart rate escalates with minimal activity. Night sweats, horrible headaches, severe abdominal pain. Weight loss of 20 pounds in past 6 months. Brain fog and concentration problems.

I've read lots of things that can explain all this:

Chronic Fatigue
Food Intolerance
And of course.. Stress.

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Cardiovascular ::22 - Palpitations And High Blood Pressure And Heart Rate

have been suffering from palpitations every now and then for the past few years but they have been getting a lot worse recently to the point where if I walk up one set of stairs my heart goes berserk and I have to catch my breath once I get to the top. And sometimes just randomly it will feel like it's pounding so hard and fast and nothing I can do to calm it down just wait. I suffer high blood pressure and take medicine. I'm 22 years old. Healthy I'm not overweight. My doctor recently said for me to get a 24 hour heart monitor which I did yesterday and no waiting on the results. Has anyone else had similar symptoms to mine? Or does anyone know what it could be besides anxiety cause I know what anxiety feels like and this is different. It's like my heart just goes crazy sometimes! I'm anxious about the results! If anything was bad they would contact me within a couple of days of receiving the heart monitor right? They say wait up to a week but if urgent will be sooner.

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High Heart Rate And Blood Pressure On Standing (rise)

I am a 41 year old mom of four and a foster son.  I was diagnosed with sarcoidosis of the lungs about 10 years ago and soon after began experiencing numerous cardiac symptoms.  I  experience extra beats, which I have had occasionally since I was about 21, but have also experienced incredible pounding and pressure in my upper belly, chest, neck, and up into my ears. It is similar to feeling like someone turns up the pressure of my blood vessels like turning up a hose or something and you feel every heart beat so strong and powerful. This would happen with any slight exertion (sitting up, standing, trying to walk up a slight incline etc.) My blood pressure and heart rate would rise drastically (once documented in the hospital my bp. went from normal 114/70 to 167/100 and hr. went from 70 to 160s just from standing slowly)   My husband, for a while, had to carry me up the stairs because of the pounding and pressure.  I would have to do a little bit of exertion and then stop to let the pounding up my throat, neck, head etc. die down some and them take some more steps.  or whenever I stood/stand up have to wait for the rush of pounding pressure to lessen and then start to walk.  I have been on metoprolol for about three years now to help extra beats and also to control the surge of my bp. and hr.  The docs can't figure out why its happening. The meds have helped a little so that I can walk around now but not much more then that.  Thing are worse around my period and that's the only pattern I have figured out.  The extra beats make me feel like I'm a slave to them . I feel like they control what I do and I don't do.  I don't want to leave the house so I won't experience them when I'm away from where I feel the most safe and comfortable(home)  My life has changed so much.  I use to play volleyball and be active and miss it so much.  I stay at home and my family goes to hike. Even when I'm having a better day and Id like to try and do some activity I'm so petrified that I'm going to do too much and something is going to happen.  I'm so tired of feeling this way.  I feel like I don't have a second that I'm not thinking about my heart and is it going to stop, or should I try to walk up the stairs cause I know that it makes me feel worse and leads to extra beats, pounding etc.  I tend to notice that lifting, bending, sitting up from laying down tend to bring on extra beats, but sometimes its just after I sit or lay down.  It makes it so hard to just relax cause I'm always wondering when the next one will come and how bad will it be and how bad will it make me feel.  I tend to yawn and burp more when I having more pvc's/pac's  

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Standing / Exertion :: Rise In Blood Pressure And Heart Rate?

Does anyone experience a rise in blood pressure and heart rate when they stand up or do slight exertion?  Also, my heart pounds up into my throat, neck and ears and get extra beats in my heart. I am also very sensitive to adrenaline.  Even the smallest things can get my heart pounding.   Doctors can't figure it out and there solution is to keep me on a beta blocker (Metoprolol extended release)  They have doubled my dose now from 25ml. once a day to 50ml. once a day.  I just want to find out why it's happening.   It was suggested to me that it possibly could be some form of dysautonomia.  I would appreciate any advice I can get. 

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Depression :: Nortriptyline - Increased Heart Rate, High Blood Pressure

Has anyone taken nortriptyline a period of time and decided to stop taking it due to it's side effects with success? The side effects I'm experiencing are increased heart rate, high blood pressure, hair thinning/loss and muscle twitchings/spasms.

Brief story about me: I was never a headache person or a migraineur. I only got these headaches after a lumbar puncture 7 months ago. Needless to say, it has changed my life as I am having headaches 50-100 times a day. I'm currently taking 10-20 mg nortriptyline to keep the intensity down, but the side effects is giving me a lot of problems (increased heart rate and hair thinning/loss are my biggest problems). I'd like to hear from anyone who has a similar story to mine.

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Blood Pressure And Heart Rate Increase - Climbing The Stairs Or Squatting Down

I am a 60 year old women that ran for over 45 years and I always had a low heart rate and blood pressure around 110/70.  Lately my heart rate is as low as 43 and my blood pressure is either low or semi-hi.  My blood pressure can be as low as 93/53 or as high as 130/90 and the heart rate can climb up to 110 only when climbing the stairs or squatting down,  I normally would not worry about this but I am getting a lot of lightheadedness, (on the verge of passing out) and sometimes I have a balance problem with the lightheadedness but not all the time.  I haven't ran for about 20 months due to the balance problem and lightheadedness.

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Anxiety :: Chest Pain? Normal Heart Rate And Blood Pressure

26 yr old female. Blood pressure is 120/80 exactly with a heart rate of 73. But I suffer daily with chest pains all over the place and back and neck pain. Everyday...panic related? Over exaggerated? Are my readings normal? Should I worry about the pains in my chest with this kind of reading? you can tell my mind races. Feeling so exhausted and very alone.

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Alternative / Natural Way To Lower High Blood Pressure And Cholesterol?

Does any know natural to lower high blood pressure and cholesterol? I'm trying to stay away from all the doctor prescribed medicines.

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Adrenal Disorders :: Low Blood Pressure With High Cortisol And Fast Heart Rate

I had my AM cortisol tested and it came out high. I did the blood test while fasting about 1 hour after I woke up.

My AM cortisol: 33.7 (normal range 6.2-19.4)

Could the high cortisol be the cause of my symptoms:fast heart rate (gets worse with exertion), sweating, and 15 pound weight loss, trouble sleeping?

I was researching it online and my symptoms seem to fit more with those with low cortisol than high cortisol. I've been to 5 doctors and went to the ER once because I've been feeling so terrible the past 4 months. My AM cortisol is the first thing to come out abnormal. All thyroid, liver, etc. tests come out perfectly within the normal range.

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High Blood Pressure Associated With High Heart Rate?

Hi, Is is possible to have a high heart rate while at the same time a normal rate of blood pressure?  I'm asking on behalf of a relative... I thought blood pressure would be high if the heart rate was also high? 


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Womens Health :: Hurting Lower Right Side And Lower Back

I'm hurting in my lower right side and across my lower back and bleeding from my vagina.... with a sanitary pad on.... there is no blood when I urinate there is A LOT of blood.... went to the Emergency Room and went through 12 hours of testing... urin... blood work.... ultra sounds .... cat scans.... and even a vaginal ultra sound with the conclusion *we don't know* Anyone else ever have this issue? The pain makes me nauseated and double over plus the bleeding and the pain increases when I urinate.

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Lower Back Pain / Numb Lower Legs

I have had lower back pain for months now which goes hand in hand with numb lower legs, pain and discomfort really bad in the morning when waking, so much so I get up and have to stretch on my exercise mat to get relief. The veins in the lower legs in the morning really stand out. I saw the doctor who said it was lower back pain causing the numbness in the legs but the circulation seemed ok. I wanted a scan to see what the problem is as the pain can be bad, but he said they don't do back scans no point? The pain is often bad and I sit with a hot water bottle. I am 60 years old.

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Pregnancy :: Lower Abdominal As Well As Lower Back Pain

I have lower abdominal pain as well as lower back pain all in the same side. I am 7 months pregnant. Also when i pee there's little, almost unnoticeable red things floating in my pee as well as light pink color on the tissue. what do you think?

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Pregnancy (37 Weeks) :: Labour? Pressure In Cervix And Lower Back

I'm 37 and 1 day and for about 3 weeks iv had pressure in my cervix but not bad pressure, now it's starting to hurt and feels like her head is coming out! And also iv been having pressure in my bottom and my lower back is really sore like a dull pain... Could this be labour starting soon? Did this happen to anyone else?

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Diovan :: High Blood Pressure And Pulse Rate

I had been taking Diovan 80 since 2 years now and the blood pressure is still at 130/90..Recently my heart rate has been observed to climb and showing 95-100..I did a check on thyroid and found to be normal, ECG normal, Cholesterol normal..what else could be the reason for this increased pulse rate?

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Pulse Rate High But Blood Pressure Normal?

Pulse rate high but blood pressure normal?

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Men Issues :: Blood In Sperms And Lower Back Pain

For last 3 month i see blood in my sperm i am in tension what's that and what reason i have no girlfriend and i have also back pain lower.

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Prostatitis With Symptoms Of Blood In Urine And Lower Abdomen Pain

I'm a 18 year old guy with no previous illnesses of any kind, don't drink/smoke, etc. Except not exercising and sleep irregularly, I'm pretty okay with lifestyle.

I had the symptoms of a UTI one day (first time in my life) with symptoms of blood in urine and lower abdomen pain. My doctor diagnosed it as prostatitis and gave me antibiotics for a month.

I never had the symptoms again since the first day of antibiotics, but now that I'm 3 weeks in, I'm feeling new symptoms like hesitation to go urinate, want to go urinate more often, etc.... Maybe it's my mind playing with me, but I FEEL like my bladders feel a little weird. Like, it feels... full? There's no pain at all, except perhaps minor irritation in my testes.

So now I'm really wondering if I should go see the doctor again, mostly in fear of potential kidney damages (urea poisoning a possibility?) I don't have insurance, but won't hesitate to stomach the bill myself if need be. Since I don't want to end up in the ER, or die...

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