Infertility / IVF :: 2 Miscarriages Now Clomid

Feb 2, 2016

I started my first round of Clomid 2 weeks ago. Last year I had 2 miscarriages early in the pregnancies. When ultrasounds were done to evaluate pregnancies the gestational sac's were empty. My doctor decided to prescribe me Clomid and I was wondering if anyone had success with Clomid after miscarriages.

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Hormones :: Clomid Stopped Working

I have been using Clomid for the last 5 month to try and repair my low test levels. I have been having to self diagnose and medicate as my doctor will not take me seriously as my levels just scrape the normal range, I know myself that my levels are not right. Before going on Clomid I had no sex drive, no morning wood, ever!! tense and irritable and lethargic. A week after I started on Clomid my sex drive was back, morning wood every day really felt back to normal. unfortunately the positive effects have slowly diminished over the last few weeks to a point that I feel as bad if not worse than before, morning wood gone, no energy and feeling pretty miserable.

I am wondering, does anyone else have this experience of Clomid working for a time and then just stopping all of a sudden?

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Trying To Conceive - PCOS - On Clomid, Metformin Too?

My wife and I have been trying to conceive for a long time using a known sperm donor. I have PCOS and very rarely ovulate. I am currently taking 100mg clomid (50mg didn't bring on ovulation). I have read reports that metformin can help with ovulation. Would a doctor prescribe that if I requested it and stated my reasons? I desperately want to be ovulating to give us a chance a conceiving, any advice on how to increase the chances of ovulation and pregnancy would be much appreciated.

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Ovulation :: Clomid And Ovacare - Small Follicles

I'm a pcos patient, I've been taken clomid 100mg for two month, in the first month there was ovulation and the follicle size reach 17 with no luck, in second month the follicle didn't respond to clomid and still small, now in my third month i took 150mg clomid and ovacare tablet, i go for ovulation follow up in day 9 and day 11 and see that i have multiple follicles but all of them are small

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Pregnant Again After Miscarriages

I'm 7 weeks 3 days pregnant after having a miscarriage in June. IS ANYONE ELSE PREGNANT AFTER A MISCARRIAGE ? WHAT ARE YOUR FEARS? I'VE HAD 3 HOW MANY HAVE YOU HAD?

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6 Miscarriages In 5 Years

I am 37 years old and have had 6 miscarriages in the last 5 years, I do not currently have any children. I have had testing done and have been told that all tests were normal. All miscarriages have been before 10 weeks and all of them except one were after having seen a heartbeat on ultrasound. I'm just looking to see if anyone has been successful after having this many miscarriages or more. I'm just looking for some hope as I'm not getting any younger but don't want to give up on my dreams of a family.

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2 Miscarriages Since The Ablation

I had my tubes clamped 13 yrs ago and then had an ablation almost 2 yrs ago due to heavy periods and cancerous cells. Since the ablation I have not had my period. Now I am in a lot of pain almost like really bad cramps for two days now this morning I woke up went to the bathroom and a good amount of blood came out of me and have had a constant flow of blood since then. I am scared because I have had 3 miscarriages in the past. One before the ablation and the other two since the ablation, within months of each other. I don't want to go though this again, I am newly married and my husband does not have any child of his own and we have went through two failed pregnancies together and I don't want this to be happening again. 

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Trying To Conceive After 2 Miscarriages

I had two missed miscarriages last year one very bad, anyways my periods eventually returned in jan i track ovulation very carefully as i want to concieve so bad. I ovulated on fri and this morning i have terrible cramping in my tummy and back ache above my bum

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4 Miscarriages At Age 18 Due To Cysts On Ovaries

Is it normal to have 4 miscarriages at age 18 and when I was 17 got told that I might not be able to have kids down to cysts on my ovaries.

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Multiple Miscarriages? 19 And Had Two - Pregnant Again

I'm 19 years old and had 2 miscarriages.  I'm almost 5 weeks pregnant now and was wondering if any of you have experienced a miscarriage or multiple miscarriages?  Does this mean I will have another?  Any tips on ways to prevent it?

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Third Pregnancy :: 2 Miscarriages In Last Two Years

This is my third pregnancy ..had two miscarriages last year and two years ago .. I am very nervous!

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Fertility :: Two Miscarriages After My First Born

I am 30 yes old had two miscarriages after my first born am worried that I won't conceive I went to see my gynecologist and she says just wait till u miss a period how long should I wait...

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Miscarriage :: Emotional Miscarriages, What Can I Do?

I miscarried about four weeks ago. I am still having some spotting and a lot of cramping. My emotions are the hardest part i think. I don't know how to deal with them. I get angry easy, sad easier, and I'm just not happy at all. I was very happy before this happened. I cry whenever I see the pics of the ultrasound in my head. Such a beautiful baby. Just no heart beat. I was 8 weeks along. I'm pretty sure the baby died while i was out milking our cow. I had severe cramping. The next day at the er when i was bleeding the dr said it died within the last 24 hours. I really do blame myself even though logically I know it wasn't my fault. I know the baby was not strong enough or developing properly but I still feel I could have done more to stop it. I don't know how to deal with this loss it hurts a lot still. My heart aches for the child that could have been. What can I do?

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3 Surgical Abortions And 5 Miscarriages

I m in a relationship with my boyfriend from last 4 he's gonna be my fiance.

In last 3 years.......I had 3 surgical abortions...

5 miscarriages...

Although I don't want to get pregnant at least for 2 years..till we get married.

But now..I noticed that from last abortion on 25th November 2013......after 1 month....we had unprotected sex almost after every 3rd day till yesterday......but I haven't got pregnant.....

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Repeated Miscarriages? Reasons?

After my marriage 8th month i was pregnant later doctor scanned and said there was no fetal pole yolk sac undergone D&C. AFTER 6MONTH gap again doctor said that i am pregnant with 45 days scan they said same no yolk sac no fetal pole they gave me tablets mifi and misoprostol .i was totally depressed went to break my relationship. i did all the investigation feed up with life... NOW 2013 november 21 was my last period on 50 th day scan doctor said that heart beat was there fetal pole yolk sac was seen good review after 10 days, i was been a happiest girl in the world .... ON 60 rth day scan doctor said no heartbeat was seen?

what should i have to do why this happens to me now they gave tablet to abortion.

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Miscarriages :: Discomfort In Early Pregnancy

2 results for "I am 7 weeks pregnant. I have been experiencing pains in my lower back and a very uncomfortable feeling in my stomach (almost feels huge as if I'm full term) The Dr said everything is good. I even heard my baby's heartbeat. 3 years ago I had a tragic miscarriage and I'm stressed to death. How long will these pains be there? Has anyone else experienced it? The discomfort is horrifying

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Viagra Causing Repeated Miscarriages?

My wife and I have been through one miscarriage and may be going through another--the first simply stopped developing at 8 weeks. Each time we got pregnant while I was using Viagra. Is there any evidence that Viagra causes miscarriage?

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Fertility :: Methadone Causing Miscarriages?

me and my husband have been trying for a year now to conceive he has been on methadone for 4 years we did conceive but shortly after miscarried! i have read that methadone causes low sperm counts. my question is could this have causes our miscarriages?

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Fertility :: PCOS And Early Miscarriages

I have PCOD and I've had 3 early miscarriages since 2013 and the last one was in Oct 2014. I started having irregular periods 2-3 months back again and my doctor prescribed me to take 3 cycles of primolut N to regularise my periods. Also I m taking folic acid for more than 40 days now. And I am taking my third cycle of Primolut N now. I want to conceive now. Should I take clomipure from next cycle right away? I've had many a test including Torch, Anticoagulant lupus vitamin D3 etc and many more and there was no problem found in those. Please suggest my future course of action so that I get success in both conceiving and retention. I miscarry before any cardiac activity at around 6th week and once I had missed abortion at 12th week as foetus was of size 6 weeks with no cardiac activity.

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What are The Factors That Lead To Miscarriages?

What generally are the factors that lead to miscarriages? I mean if it is that you are eating right and not too stressed out and not doing too much strenuous exercise then how else do miscarriages occur?  

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Anemic? Miscarriages And Heavy Periods

I had 3 miscarriages in 2014. January at 6 weeks, May at 5 weeks, and November at 8 weeks. I went to the hospital for all three and they never gave me a reason, they said i should take it up with my doctor. But i dont have insurance, its kind of hard to work when i'm sick all the time (ill get to that later) Anyway, so i never found out why the miscarriages happened. Starting in April 2014, i got really sick when my period started, the moment i start bleeding (period or spotting) i get sooo sick for days. No eating or drinking anything for at least 5 days straight, everything makes me sick, stomach pains constantly, rashes all over my skin on my face, chest, and arms. I start shaking, i have hot and cold flashes, blood pours out of me when i sit down (tmi), i feel so weak, i pee out ketones, and i just vomit constantly even with nothing on my stomach ill just dry heave all day. My white blood count gets abnormal. Its torture. Since i don't have insurance (waiting to be approved the past year) i have a low cost doctor.. She does what she can but i usually end up telling her whats wrong or atleast trying. I got tested for auto immune problems but it came back normal and diabetes came back normal. Im beginning to wonder if the miscarriages and heavy periods have caused me to be anemic?

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