Lumps :: Sore Yellowish Spot On Breast

Apr 11, 2015

I was getting dressed this morning I noticed a spot on my breast. It's yellowish and I scratched at it which made it all red. It is raised and fairly small. I have had my breasts checked on January but this spot is new. It's nothing I've seen before. Attached photo. I realize it might be from my bra but it's just strange. It is sore. 

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Breast Pain :: No Lumps - Perimenopause

I'm going 49 yrs old thru perimenopause and lately I've been having breast pain it gives me pain in my arms as well as my chest. I check my breast regularly and can't feel any lumps or any other changes in my breasts, the pain is mostly in the left one. I also get painful joints since starting perimenopause. I went to see my family doctor and he checked my breast and tells me there's nothing to worry about. I ask him if I needed a mammogram he said no...I don't know if I should get a second opinion?  No one in my family has ever had breast cancer. 

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Breast :: Itchy White Spot On Nipple

have had this small white spot on my nipple for about two weeks. It is sometimes itchy. I've never been pregnant and I'm not breastfeeding.

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Vaginal Health :: Red Spot/sore On Vagina

It started as redness and itching then a horrible red swelling-I went to the STD clinic yesterday absolutely terrified and the Dr assured me it was not warts and not herpes-she said she'll test for herpes just in case but as she was doing the test she said 'this is a spot,if it comes back as herpes i'll be VERY surprised, it really doesn't look like it at all, this is just for your piece of mind'. She seemed very sure I was okay for that. She examined me and did a smear, had a proper look at my vulva and said I was being silly, this is just a spot and not to worry at all.
I stupidly had sex this morning (my boyfriend and I have been together 2 years).
Today it's worse, it's horribly angry looking, red and swollen and sore. I've put on antiseptic cream-I'm relieved it's not an STD but at the same time, what on earth is it-if it's just a spot, it's bacterial-I shave so I guess I could have caused it, hurt my skin, it's in a dodgy area right at the top of my slit so it's enclosed and that area is all warm and enclosed I suppose so it'll heal slower than a spot anywhere else.

What can I do to help it heal faster and stop the infection spreading? I'm so scared :( Anybody else had anything like this?

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STDs :: Sore Small Red Spot On The Outer Labia

I have a sore small red spot on the outer labia. It's actually sore to touch. I showed my doctor and she said it is not a sexually transmitted lesion and that it might get bigger before it gets better. She didn't say what it was other than it was a sore.

It rubs and hurts. What could it be?

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Vagina :: Irregular Shaped Discoloration Or Sore / Spot

I have an irregular shaped discoloration or sore on my vagina that I noticed a few months ago while I was examining myself to find the source of my vaginal burning. It is a purple and red color with what appear to be darker specks near the edges. I have been referred to a gynecologist but the wait time is 7 months. I am worried about waiting that long. I do not have any bleeding as I had a full hysterectomy. Also sex with my husband is painful.

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Chest Pain :: Sore Spot On Right Pectoral Major (4 Months)?

I'm 38 year old female. Back in June I noticed what I would call a sore spot on chest muscle. I spend a great deal of time with rounded shoulders looking down at phone. I don't really feel it so much if I am up moving around. Feel it more sitting if I'm on my phone a lot or in the bed I'm a side sleeper. I can feel it sometimes with a deep breath or cough. Some days I don't feel it at all. Ibuprofen takes the pain away. My chiropractor feels it from my rounded shoulders. Stretching it out helps some to. Is it normal to have chest soreness for 4 months. This is right sided and does not feel at all to have anything to do with my heart.

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Pregnancy :: No Pump - Breast Are HUGE And SORE

I delivered my son at 33+5. He is doing great just a little stay in the NICU. well anyway I'm pumping right now till he able to latch the breast. Yesterday my pump got left in my husband car an he was at work which is a 45 min drive. An I couldn't go out cause its cold for me to be out. Now my breast are HUGE an SORE!! I think my milk bagged up from that one day. Any help on what to do at least sooth the pain. I'm still pumping tho!

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Breastfeeding :: Sore Breast After 6 Days - Pump?

I been breastfeeding for 6 days I started pumping today cause my breast was sore... how much should I pump and should I continue nipple feeding him every now

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Pregnancy - 5 Weeks - Sore And Hard Breast

My boobs have been sore and hard for a week straight since i found out i was pregnant. Now today i wake up and i don't notice any soreness. Im 5 weeks. Should i be worried?

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Pregnancy :: Breast Sore / Hurt After Giving Birth

Yes I had a Cinco de Mayo baby delivered at 11:42 at night. He weighted 8 pounds and 16 ounces. I love him so much.  But after giving birth my boob's hurt so bad and sore. Anything I can do to relieve my pain in my boob's. Help

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Am I Pregnant? :: Blue Veins Around Sore Breast And Legs

so the last few months i've been having many symptoms, like going to the washroom every half hr to an hr sometimes a few hrs, i've been cramping, last month my period was late by a week and it didn't last very long only 4 days and this month it was late again but it seems very light not like my regular period. I've been puking up sometimes, sometimes bad sometimes not bad but it wasn't in the morning only during the daytime and been craving weird foods some foods i didn't even like until now..I took three pregnancy test and they all came back negative and also went to my community healthcare and asked for a preg test but that came back negative so right now i'm very confused about the whole symptom things..oh yeah one last thing there are so blue veins around my legs and breast and my breast are sore as ever, can't even lay on my side of my pillow cause they hurt, try to lay on my back but my lower back hurts, cant sleep at night, tired during the day times, been sleeping during the daytime after work.. cant even drive for a longtime without my shoulder and neck hurting, my emotions are going crazy off the wall.

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Breast Pain :: Home Treatment (Epsom Salt) For Sore Breasts

I have had recurring breast infections since my son was born 25yrs ago. I had numerous surgeries. It keeps coming back. I tried everything under the sun. Hydrogen Peroxide, Alcohol, iodine, hot compresses, antibiotics.  I have just discovered that soaking with Epsom salt completely healed me. It worked fast. I am continuing to do this twice a day to make sure it is completely gone. I am amazed. I was going to go for surgery again. I want other people to be helped. This is a miracle for me.

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Am I Pregnant? :: Sore Breast And Stomach Pain With White Thick Discharge

I was to get pregnant for 2 months, i am in my 2nd on my femara, and now i have some changes like back pain, sore nipple, lower stomach pain, i was still waiting for my period to come.. Am i pregnant?

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Small Yellowish Pimples - After Unprotected Sex

I'm a sexually active 20 year old male and I've been having unprotected sexual with a girl who has no STD's she's been tested. Recently the side of my penis developed small pimples that look yellowish maybe the could be filled with pus. It itches and that area is frequently ashy, but it does not burn or sting. I'm scared I could have an STD like herpes but these don't look like blisters.

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Skin :: Wine Color Spot On Arm ... Age Spot?

Did anyone ever notice to suddenly appear on the arm a small spot of deep wine color of the size of a little fingernail? Then I believe with time it turns brown. Yes, I'm a senior and I'm afraid these are old age spots, but I'm puzzled that they should appear as a wine color. I only noticed this twice in my life. My other age spots appear just brown.

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Dermatology :: Spot Next To My Navel? Liver Spot Or Something Else?

A couple of years ago I noticed a brownish spot appeared next to my belly button. A friend told me it was probably just an age spot / liver mark (although I am 20). Yesterday, I noticed it was flaking off and itchy. Today, it looks like this. Reddish but white in the middle. I'm really concerned and have been anxious over this since last night. Does anyone know what this could be?? (The redness around my navel has been there for a while too.)

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Herpes? Small Little Pimples (yellowish Pus) Around Vagina

About a week ago i started having pain i thought it was just from having too much sex (being to dry) but when i looked in a mirror i had small places around my vagina it looks like small little pimples i squeezed one and it is a hard yellowish pus almost like a pimple an after it came out it was a small hole left and it is still sore all the research i have done says that the drainage from herpes is clear i do shave all areas of my vagina and had sex right after. someone please give me some input and let me know if you think this could be herpes or what it could be

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Vaginal Health :: Yellowish Discharge - No Odor

I'm 23 yrs old, my last sex intercourse was 3 months ago and 3 days after my menstrual period I'am encountering a yellowish discharge and the texture of discharge is almost cottage cheese but it doesn't have any bad odor or fishy smell..and also I feel itchy in my vagina....

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Breasts :: White-yellowish Ring Around Nipple And Discharge

Ok, what if you are definitely not pregnant, you are on Mirena so haven't gotten your period in years and have been waking up occasionally with a off white-yellowish ring around your right nipple and your stomach feels like there's a lot of pressure until you go pee. so weird right? It's happened a few times and only on my right breast, which coincidentally has a small lump (I have gotten an ultrasound and it doesn't look like it's a concern) help?

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Herpes :: Painless White/yellowish Dots On The Corners Of My Mouth?

I developed these tiny painless white/yellowish dots on the corners of my mouth. they're almost inside the lip and aren't noticeable unless I open my mouth and point them out. I also have some inside of my cheek. they don't hurt nor can I pop them and when I try to it still doesn't hurt. they don't ooze either. I should let you know I am a smoker and I barely brush my teeth (I have major depression and taking care of myself is difficult) I also gave oral  July 21st these bumps popped up a week and two days afterwards.  I was told that these were fordyce spots but I'm still a bit concerned. they're spreading to my bottom lip corner as well. also sometimes they expand about two size, turn white and then pop. also I kissed someone after it noticed these dots and he has no signs of anything that's happening to me.

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