Lymphadenopathy :: Dizzy, Nausea, Headache And Swollen Lump On Neck

Aug 9, 2013

I'm a 21 year old male, I'm of a average weight and I've not been diagnosed of any conditions other than my heart working a little harder than normal in the lower left quadrant (birth defect) I don't smoke or drink either.

Around 3-4 days ago, I noticed that my ear and the right side of my head felt a little different to normal, numb I would have said.

Wen waking up in the morning, I began to notice a sort of ear wax like substance on my pillow, although it seemed to be more of a brighter yellow colour and had a more cheesy type smell to it, not a huge scent, but certainly different to normal (gross I know)

The same day, I started to get quite a bad head, however only on the right side of my head originations from the top of my head and to the right where my temple is.

The pain was on and off and seemed to ease off when I took sinus relief tablets.

Since then, I've started to feel a little dizzy and generally under the weather, my face is warm to touch and my cheeks are red.

Since today, I've also started to feel a little sick aswell and I noticed this morning when I woke up that I had a sort of swelling on the back of my neck to the right hand side just under my hair line, it's around an inch in diameter and doesn't protrude the skin but it can be felt if I were to run my fingers over the area, it is a little tender to touch and has no discolouration on the skin or any visible marks.

It's not solid to touch as such, more like something you'd feel after you'd banged it on something and it had swollen with fluid.

What I would like to know is, does any of this sound familiar to my of you?

I would like to add, that previous to this, I had an eye infection which I needed to take antibiotics for which hasn't quite cleared up yet but is more or less gone now, I also tried to clear out my right ear with something, so is it possible that I could have an ear infection that's spread and gotten worse?

Or could this be something more sinister?

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Lymphadenopathy :: Swollen Glands All Over My Neck

I have been having swollen glands all over my neck for the past 3 years now. They are often quite pailful and I keep on getting colds and sore throats all the time, even in the summer.

I have seen various doctors but so far none of them has managed to figure out what I may have.

I've had different check ups too (chest x-rays, neck scan and antibiotics). The scanning shows there are swollen glands but no-one can figure out what could cause them. I have also had loads of blood tests, including leukemia and Hodgkin's' lymphoma.

In the meantime these swollen glands are making my life a misery and I am only 26 years old

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Lymphadenopathy :: Itchy Lump At The Back Of Neck (7 Yr Old)

my 7 year old son has had a lump on the back of his neck for a few months now. I took him to the Doctor and they said its nothing to worry about and put him on AntiBiotics but it didn't do anything.. It moves and can see it clearly. he says it gets itchy and it does cause him a bit of pain. especially when his shirt rubs on it.

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Lymphadenopathy :: Swollen Lymph Node On The Side Of My Neck

I'm 20 years old and I have a swollen lymph node on the side of my neck. It's painless and doesn't seem to move. I have no other symptoms and I haven't been sick which I know is a common cause. It seems like it's gotten a little more noticeable (and bigger) but that could just be my imagination. I only noticed it about 3-4 days ago (not to say I didn't have it earlier and just didn't notice; I found it by accident)

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Lymphadenopathy :: Hard, Painless Lump On The Left Side Of My Neck

I am 39 years old. I have a lump about one and a half to two centimetres in size on the left side of my neck midway between my ear and collar bone. It has been there for at least over a year and a half, possibly longer. It is hard (feels like a round bone) and painless, even when firmly pressed. There is no colouration or abnormality on the skin above or around the lump. I have seen several doctors at the same hospital here in Japan where I live (they keep referring me to different departments within the same hospital), all of whom say it is either a schwannoma or a lymph node tumor. They also tell me that there is a high risk of performing a biopsy (needle or open) because there are a lot of nerves in the area of the neck where the lump is located. All of this has also been explained to me in either low-level English, or fast Japanese which I am not good at. It has been extremely frustrating, as I feel I haven't received a great explanation of any diagnoses or what my options are. I have been referred once again to another doctor, this time in the ENT department, by a doctor in the oncology department whom I saw today, my 4th visit (and department!) to date.

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Lymphadenopathy :: Weight Loss And Moveable Lump Under My Jaw/top Of Neck - Is There A Connection?

I'm a 19 year old female and i've noticed that I've lost at least 5-6kg (~60kg - 54kg) of weight since the middle of march. Initially in march i intended to lose weight by eating less and exercising more, however this didn't last for long and although I was eating a little less it doesn't warrant how much weight I've lost since then. Since coming home from university at the end of june I weighed myself and was shocked by my weight loss! Since seeing the weight loss in June I've eaten a lot more but am finding it difficult to actually put on weight (but haven't lost anymore weight).

I also found a moveable lump under my jaw, it is painless and there is only one of them. It is roughly 1cm in size (if not a few mm bigger).

I feel as if i find it hard to breathe in but I've been looking up a lot of symptoms on the internet and am not sure if this is just my mind telling me that I'm having breathing difficulties!

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Lymphadenopathy :: Lump In The Groin

I noticed a lump in the groin area which has grew to 3 cm it is not on myself it is on my 5year old daughter i am really worried about her and would like to know that it's not anything serious..

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Lymphadenopathy :: Lump On Groin

I've noticed a small, pea-sized lump on my right groin - near the where my leg joins my hip. I first noticed it about three weeks ago, it isn't painful to touch, it is hard, doesn't itch, no redness and is under the skin.

Obviously, when you find a lump you think the worst, so I thought I'd see if anyone had any advice as to what to do next. Doctors being doctors, they can't fit me in for a while, so I wondered whether it was worth a visit to the emergency duc just in case it's something worth checking out ASAP.

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Lymphadenopathy :: Swollen Glands

So I've been feeling really lightheaded and dazed for the last 5 months! I'm constantly tired and just feeling really weak mentally, emotionally and physically! I went to the doctors on Feb and they said my glands were swollen in the neck, when in returned a few months later they had gone down but my symptoms persisted! I again went to the doctors in April and my glands have been up ever since and I've now been referred to see an ent? I have had all blood tests which have come back clear!

Does anyone know what this could be?

What will the ent do?

I am so scared it is something bad and so frustrated of feeling so rubbish!

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Lymphadenopathy :: Swollen Glands And Tonsils

15 months ago I was on holiday in India and got a nasty chest infection that I was very ill with. I took antibiotics which helped, but didn't clear it. When I returned home my GP gave me a second course which helped some more. I ended up with oral thrush as a result, which was treated with Nystatin mouthwash.

Since then I have had bouts of soreness in my mouth, feeling like it has been scalded with hot food, though there is nothing to see. I presumed it was thrush and I know that I am resistant to many thrush treatments, so started to treat it myself with Gentian Violet that I bought off the internet (now not used in this country). It worked when I used it, but the symptoms returned every couple of months.

About 3 months ago I had a cough/cold. It cleared up within the standard time, but left me with an irritation in my throat, causing a nuisance dry cough, even though I was fully well by now. For a few weeks it felt like I had a furry carpet in my throat, just past my glands, but not in my chest. That has cleared up, but the recurrent 'burnt mouth' feeling comes and goes every few days. I have stopped treating it because I didn't know if the Gentian Violet might be making matters worse. My left tonsil is permanently swollen, though my GP says he can see no infection on it. Both glands swell and subside every couple of days and it hurts to swallow when they are up. I often get a chemical taste in my mouth. I can see some clear, blister type lumps right at the back of my tongue, at the left side, where it joins my throat. I can't see them unless I stick my tongue out and shine a light in. My GP couldn't see them, but he could see a similar lump above my left tonsil, which he thought might be a cyst. 

On top of all this I have had persistent sinus trouble, ie green phlegm each morning and irritation frequently which antibiotics help with temporarily, but it always comes back. This has been an ongoing problem for about 7 years.

My GP has referred me urgently to ENT, but even so there is a 6 week wait. I have a couple of theories myself which are hopefully simple to treat - one being that the sinus infection is causing the throat swelling, another being that painkillers that I take long term for a neck problem and which dry everything out have caused blocked salivary glands.

However, I cannot help thinking that there is something much more serious going on and I'm fed up of having a sore throat/mouth all the time too. I am 51, so I don't think glandular fever would be the problem.

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Sore Throat :: Swollen Tonsils, Lump In Throat, Clear Mucus, Sore, Headache

My tonsils have been swollen for over a month, until last week they were painless, but now I have flu symptoms. Its quite scary, it affects my swallowing and I have a very very dry mouth, even when I drink loads of water all day. Hasn't affected my breathing as of yet, but feels like a lump in my throat is blocking it off.

This has been going for three days now.

Doctor said I need a blood test for glandular fever, which is next week.

I mentioned that I think I can feel my epiglottis swollen, and she laughed and said that is all the way down by my adam's apple and would have a job feeling that... even though i've seen many cases online where it's visible above the tongue and often can be felt.

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Neck Pain And A Small Lump In Neck

I have had pain on the left side of my neck for about three years now. About 4 months ago I felt a Marble size bump on the same side as my neck pain. My neck pain does not stop me from doing things. I can move it side to side and up and down etc. The neck pain is more like a pain that doesn't go away but like I said it doesn't stop me from doing things. What could this be? Can anyone help me with this? I have a doctors appointment at the end of September.

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Allergies :: Swollen Glands In Neck, Swollen Larynx

I've had swollen glands in my neck, a swollen larynx, and hoarseness for the past few days. The outside of my throat is also sore to touch and gets red. The inside of my throat is fine and it doesn't hurt to swallow. No fever, nothing else. When it rains it gets worse. It sometimes goes away after the rain. In the past I had it and it stayed for over two years straight! The ENT could find no reason for it. Is this allergy-related? Has anyone else had this? If so is there anything that can be done? Nothing I do seems to help. I take 20mg reactine that is supposed to last 24 hours, avamys a corticosteroid nasal spray for allergies. I also take symbicort, ventolin, and singulair for asthma.

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Mirtazapine :: Spaced Out, Dizzy, Headache, Doped Up

Could anyone help i have been on Mirtazapine 15 mg, for 5 days now and feel absolutely terrible in the daytime with them. Spaced out, dizzy, headache, doped up, even having trouble writing this post. Will this last all the time?

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Tension Headache - Unbalanced, Dizzy And Pressure At The Back Of Head

Banging my head on Sunday I have called the hospital 3 times and spoke with my own doctor also had an eye test down, I told them i'm concerned of bleeding in the brain they all said they don't think it is that as i haven't really got much symptoms except the following: feeling slightly unbalanced a wee bit dizzy, a sore head when I'm lying down like its pressure in the back of my head, pressure on my nose area, the last doctor I spoke with said that it sounds like a tension headache even if I went to the hospital the wouldn't do a scam as my symptoms are not bad my doctor have me ibuprofen,paracetamol, diazepam and to continue with them there's not much more I can do now.

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Dizzy Spells And Nausea

Lately and at random times I have been experimenting light headedness and dizziness. When I walk during these symptoms I often lean to one side as I feel "unbalanced" then I get a headache and feel nauseous. What could this mean?

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Headache And Dizziness With Neck Pain

Has anyone else experienced weekly headaches that just seem to last no matter how much sleep you get or water you drink? I also have neck pain in which I have already seen both chiropractor and physical therapist for. When I have these headaches, I feel pressure behind my ways so intense I can't stand bright lights. On top of all this I am dizzy, however, my balance is totally fine. I have already been to an ENT specialist and had an MRI, etc. Only thing I haven't moved onto is a neurologist because I already am racking up my medical bills and yes I have health insurance but a crappy one at that! Please help. Has anyone else been experiencing this and if so, what did you do to rid it?

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Tension Like Headache, Neck Pain And Tiredness

Any one else experiencing the same? & any answer of what it could be?

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Am I Pregnant? :: Having Strange Dizzy / Nausea Spells

I'm on the pill, and my boyfriend and I don't use condoms although he does pull out. We had sex last month while I was finishing up my period (we are long distance so we haven't had sex since).

Maybe a week or two after we had sex, I've been having strange dizzy/nausea spells. They don't seem to be induced by stress or anything in particular. I threw up twice the other day, but this might have to do with a cold that I just got.

Also, I've been having trouble sleeping at night. I've been sleeping long hours during the day as a result, but way more than I ever usually sleep.

No sore boobs though. Occasional headaches.

My period is due in 5 days, and I took a test today that turned out negative. I know it was early to take it, so it might not be accurate. Do these sound like typical pregnancy signs?

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TMJ :: Possible Symptoms (Daily Headache, Ansicoria, Sore Neck)

So i have been posting in an anxiety forum for a while, because initially my doctor diagnosed me with Generalized anxiety disorder over a fear of a brain tumor because of the following symptoms;

-constant headache/pressure that started about 3 months ago

-noticed that my pupils at times are uneven (my right one at times is about a Millimeter or more dilated than the left) this is usually most noticeable in the morning, but can catch at certain points in the day

These symptoms sent me to an urgent care first, who ordered a CT scan. The next day i had a panic attack and was so sure i had a brain tumor. I rushed to the ER where they gave me the CT scan w/o contrast, came out normal. I then met up with my GP, who after looking through the ER report, diagnosed me with GAD. The timeline makes since because in the last 7 months i have had a massive promotion at work, had my first daughter and have an increasingly stressful relationship with my wife. I also had an optometrist look in my eyes, he noticed the uneven pupils but reported that they respond normally to light, and that the discs in my eye do not show pressure and my optic nerves look good.

So i am trying to overcome my obsession with thinking having a BT. I have a neurologist appointment in 2 months, and hopefully then i can get some peace of mind. but until then i am trying to find other possible explanations for my symptoms.

Since the initial onset of this condition, i have been put on several medications to control the anxiety and help with focus;

zoloft 100mg

Klonopin 1.5 mgs a day

Trazodone 50 mg for insomnia

adderall xr 20 mg for ADHD

along with the medication, i have seen an increase in side effects/symptoms, at this point its hard to tell which is which because of all the meds;

-Headache seems to focus behind/above my left eye

-Tingling in right hand, sometimes pinky ring finger only, other times top of right hand, though this has subsided in the past few weeks

-shooting pain in left temple

-seeing stars at random intervals, usually white, but occasionally purple in my field of vision

-feel off balance/dizzy

Now i know that's a long backstory, but i feel it necessary to explain the whole situation. Now i know i have TMJ, my jaw clicks constantly, and loudly when i fully open my Jaw. I also experience lockJaw 3 or 4 times a year, usually due to stress. My jaw also gets sore sometimes when chewing. So although i have not been officially diagnosed by a doctor, it is safe to say since my mom and 2 of my siblings have been diagnosed, i have it too. Now my question is, could TMJ coupled with stress cause most or all of the problems i have listed? primarily a constant headache? If anybody has experience anything like this or has any advice for me, i would greatly appreciate any comment you can give.

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Vitamin D Deficiency - Neck And Shoulder Pain - Tired And Dizzy

I've been unwell for on and off now for almost a year. I remember phoning off sick a couple of times before feeling tired and 'achy'. I thought I was just being lazy and this was psychosomatic. Then I started getting really ill when I developed a sudden onset of neck/shoulder pain which is still an ongoing problem now although the pain has turned into discomfort/ache which I have learned to manage doing exercise and stretches. I also feel sensitivity on other parts of my body (like invisible bruises.For 6 months I was coping with my neck/shoulder problem (symptoms are crawling/tingling sensation in the arm, sensitivity to touch like its bruised and cold feeling and dull ache on my shoulder blade).

Then gradually I started developing 'flu like symptoms' without cough or cold but with tiredness/fatigue and dizzy headache which are intermittent throughout the day, until 2 weeks later I started getting throbbing ache in my legs and eventually I couldn't sit all day without getting restless legs and crawling/tingling sensation in my legs which caused weakness in my legs and worse when I'm going upstairs - and my knees keeps clicking. I went to my doctors who prescribed me with naproxen. And told me that I had something called Reactive Arthritis, which i thought was a misdiagnosis. Overall I thought that it could be viral related

This time I've been off work for a week when I started to feel better after a week on naproxen. I came back to work for a week feeling like i thought I recovered. Then boom 2 weeks later gradually the flu like symptom came back with extreme tiredness / fatigue and I've been in bed since. I'm still achy all the time regardless. I have no energy to do anything, even showering is a struggle. I've been in bed most of the time, sometimes I try to go out with my husband for a few hours but I come back home absolutely exhausted and the soreness/headache i get is a different level. Most of the time I feel like my body is inflamed.

So i decided to get a second opinion and i went to see another GP who referred me for a blood test. A few days later, my results came through and I have Vitamin D deficiency. Everything else they tested seem fine. I have a better outlook now though after the diagnosis, apparently it will take months for the treatment to take effect. I guess now they found something they will stop investigating further (which worries me a little bit) but i guess its process of elimination so treat one thing at a time. Would be great to hear from others who also has this deficiency and whether the treatment was effective?

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