Manual Removal Of Bowels Due To Rectal Prolapse, Enterocele And Rectocele

Oct 12, 2014

I have rectal prolapse, enterocele, & rectocele ,plus chronic pain disease & other issues. I have to manually remove my bowels, which is very painful and getting worse. I have seen rectal colon docs and urogynae. Some want to do a colostomy, and some want to do a robotic rectopexy on me. Ism in my 70's, and need help I don't know what to do.

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Rectal Bleeding A Few Years After Major Rectal/abdominal Surgery For Rectal Prolapse

I wondered if anyone has had issues with rectal bleeding a few years after major anorectal and abdominal surgery to repair a rectal prolapse.

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Genitourinary Prolapse :: Rectal Prolapse/ Delormes Procedure

Has anyone had the above procedure for rectal prolapse.

Did the surgery work for you?

What was your status prior to surgery?

How are you now?

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Genitourinary Prolapse :: Surgery Or Not? Rectocele & Cystocele

I have rectal & vagina vault prolapse - Rectocele & Cystocele( lower 1/3rd) and sex is quite painful and difficult. I have 3 choices at the moment ; 

1/ do nothing until the prolapse gets much worst but this means having uncomfortable & sometimes painful sex ..I am coping with bladder & bowel problems with kegal exercises but hate the look and feeling of it down there.

2nd... try a pressery? If I pressary works my Gyna would preform a much simple perinuem repair to fix the tight skin problem. This still involves stiches so I wonder if pressary is the way to go and I have heard that can affect sex too? or have the surgery. I had huge cuts to deliver my first child as she was stuck in my birth channel and then they figure I didn't had the width to deliver here???!!!. So many stiches and at least 2 further opreations to try and correct the terrible job the first surgeon had done on me. I have literally a thin area of skin in my perinium that is only about a 1 cm wide which is treched so tightly it hurts when touched. Sex has been uncomfortable for the past 30 years and several positions are out of the question. As I have grown older 58 now and the symptoms of menopause have raised their ugly heads. This area has lost its elasticity and has become hard and very taut. 

3/ Do the surgery for the rectocelle & cystocele .. I really worry especially after reading this forum that it won't fix the problem and could make it heaps worst. 

Does anyone have any stats on % of successful operations? This site is full of bad experiences.

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Genitourinary Prolapse :: Rectocele Repair And Midurethral Sling - Any Info?

I have a rectocele and I am getting it repaired next month.  When I saw the surgeon she said I also had some stress incontinence based on the urodynamics study that she did.  I know I do, but it isn't bad.  Sometimes a drop when I sneeze but it's not awful.  She said it might get worse after the rectocele repair and suggested a mid-urethral sling.  It is made of a synthetic mesh.

Any suggestions on resources for information about this procedure?  Right now I don't feel like the symptoms are bad enough to risk side effects but I don't have enough information to decide.

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Genitourinary Prolapse :: Rectocele & Cystocele Repair Post-op Lump?

I had a cystocele and rectocele repair on the 21st (so 4 days ago). The doctor used a tape sling for the cystocele and stitching for the rectocele. I honestly had no idea what to expect and didn't even know that he would be cutting 2 slits on my outer labia. What's actually hurting me now are the interior stitches which I assume are from the rectocele repair. I wanted to check out what was going on down there and there is a lump, almost like 1/2 of a finder, bulging out of my vaginal canal. Is this normal? Am I just swollen?

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Hemorrhoids Or Rectal Prolapse?

For a couple months now I've been feeling this pressure in my rectum. No blood but sometimes an itchy or uncomfortable sensation happens at my rectum. This all happened after a time of extreme stress if that matters. But last month I wasn't passing stool easily and it felt weird but when I had a bowel moment there was still a bit of pressure in my rectum! I didn't feel anything protruding from my anus...just like tissue pushing out when there was no more poop. Today as I sat on the toilet only a small amount of poop came out but it felt like there was more so I felt down there and it was like little lump on the outside of my rectum and tissue pushing through! I'm so scared I've never had hemorrhoids before I can't take this pressure/pushing out feeling on my anus!!

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Rectal Prolapse After Constipation - Heals Itself?

I was constipated for 2-3 days and i started to have rectal prolapse for like a week and the first day i got it it hurted really bad that i couldn't really move a lot i would need to move very slowly i went to the hospital and the doctor said eat more fiber and drink plenty of water and when it falls back down just push it up so then i did. After a few days like right now it doesn't really hurt as much much it bleeds (not dark blood but like light blood) now when i push it back up gently it does go back up but when i move my finger it slides back down (btw i could move a lot faster now) my question is how will it heal itself?

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Anal Sex After The Rectal Prolapse Surgery?

I'm a 19 year old male and I've suffered from constipation for as long as I can remember. I never really bothered to do anything about it because it never really affected me to a degree that I couldn't put up with it. Although, for a while now it's becoming an issue because every time I go to the bathroom I end up with a rectal prolapse which sometimes goes back in by itself, but sometimes I have to put it back myself. It's not painful, but I don't want this to be a problem for me anymore and I definitely don't want this problem getting worse.

I have read that surgery is used to fix the issue, but I was wondering if there were any non-surgery alternatives? Also, if I do have to have the surgery, would this prevent me from being able to receive anal sex in the future?

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Physical Therapy For Rectal Prolapse?

Has anyone had physical therapy for rectal prolapse? and if so did it help at all?

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Rectal Prolapse Due To Anal Sex / Penetration

I had sex with my husband and he penetrated me through my anus and after this caused a rectal prolapse for now 2 1/2 years.

What can be the best treatment or medicine for it to go back to its normal position?

Bare in mind its soft and enlarged towards the entrance of my vagina. Please kindly help me, its too much for me.

Have not yet started any medication but would inquire and answers to it is operation but some say there is medicine for it without operation.

If its there tell me the name and the dosage if applicable. This is from August 2012 to date.

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Rectal Prolapse - Incontinence Pad For Discharge From Anus?

I have a partial prolapse, my mucosal layer of rectum prolapses during bowel movement and then goes back in.

I have went to almost 4 surgeons, and they said that I don't need surgery, just keep my bowel habits normal and avoid straining, everything will be alright.

but, i am also suffering with a discharge from anus, I was thinking of using Incontinence pads, I saw Prevail's men's pads and thought I should use them.

But, Is it safe, to use disposable pads for a rectal prolapse, I mean, I have read various articles about the toxins that disposable pads contain, my prolapsed rectum might come in contact with the pad itself, can toxins be absorbed into my body via the rectum?

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Rectal Prolapse? Constipation And Pressure In Rectum

I've been having low back pain and pressure in my rectum for a month or so now. I've also been constipated for a couple weeks. I hate feeling this pressure could it be some sort of prolapse? I'm only 21 and never have had any kids or anything. Or could it just be constipation. I've been stressed a lot lately.

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Rectal :: How Long It Takes Internal Prolapse To Become External?

For the last few months I have had unusual stools, sometimes they are normal and sometimes they are long and thin. Others are just goopy and take forever to wipe. I'm paranoid I may have a rectal prolapse. Do iv would lie to know how long it takes for an internal prolapse to become external?

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Internal Rectal Prolapse Or Hemorrhoids? Incomplete Evacuation

I've been having problems recently that i'm pretty sure is either internal rectal prolapse or pretty bad haemorrhoids. This has made wiping after a bowel movement very difficult. I have also been suffering from incomplete evacuation, presumably as a result of the blockage.

I tend to use wet wipes but i still find that i am on the toilet wiping for a very long time. Its an extremely frustrating and demoralising experience. I wonder if anyone else has a similar issue? if so, does anyone have any tips so that I can ensure that i get the whole area clean? As i often worry that i haven't been able to clean everywhere properly and that its making me smell bad.

I have tried wetting the wet wipes with warm water, but i find this makes the area more sensitive which causes pain when wiping further down the line.

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Bowel Disorder :: Anyone Had Successful Rectal Prolapse Surgery

successful rectal prolapse surgery?

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Neuromuscular :: Pudendal Neuralgia Caused By Rectal Prolapse?

For probably three or four years, I've had an internal rectal prolapse, or at least it's seemed so. It didn't hurt or anything. Sometimes I had some constipation, but nothing major. But once in a while, I could feel the mass of tissue dropping down(never coming out), and retracting some time later.

Cut to late December of 2012. This part is extremely embarrassing for me, but it's a crucial detail, so I can't leave it out. I was masturbating that night, and just as I finished, I had the sudden sensation that someone had grabbed the muscle between my scrotum and anus, and my rectum, and twisted them with a pair of vise grips.

After a while, the muscle in my scrotum still would not let go, and the pain level was beyond 10, somewhere in the Oh My God area of the chart. I couldn't urinate. My rectum felt like one giant nerve, and it felt as though it was jittering up and down with every step I took. I've had a razor blade jammed up into my hand, and broken bones, and this pain was much worse than any of them.

It took me over two minutes just to get down the hall from my bathroom to my bedroom. My abdomen, especially my lower abdomen, felt as though my insides had broken loose from their moorings and were grating against one another. Everything else was basically numb. And by everything else, I mean my entire body, except for the areas of searing pain in my nethers, was...muted I guess the best term is.

I'll also get this burning all over my body, especially my arms. My entire sense of touch gets thrown completely out of whack. I can scarcely feel my own hand running over my head. But a cold air conditioner blowing on me feels like I'm being dipped in acid. If I got into a shower, it would feel as though freezing water was going down my legs before the water even got there.

During my flare-ups, my gut basically shuts down. My rectum will literally slam shut, and even gas rarely gets out. During the first one, I didn't have a proper bowel movement for about three weeks. Then over the course of a few months, it slowly got back to normal. Though, anything more than the most basic physical activity ran the risk of shutting me down for a few days.

Every doctor I went to dismissed my rectal issue out of hand, and insisted the problem must be in my back. Even the doctor that gave me the pudendal nerve blocks thinks it's in my back.

An MRI did show some slight bulge on the L4 and L5, but it makes no sense whatsoever. It doesn't explain Masturbation -> Instant Torturous Agony out of nowhere.

Since maybe early this year, I've had some improvement. I could at least go to the grocery store or pick my aunt up from work without killing myself in the process. I still had to file for disability, mind you, because I couldn't even physically do a job as a file clerk for more than a week in April.

Recently, I had a very difficult bowel movement, and had no choice but to push a little harder than usual. BOOM. The old symptoms came back, not as bad as the first time, but if I weren't a Christian, I'd have ended my life by now. I can't even get out of bed for more than a few minutes before I just want to collapse with the burning and pain, and the general wrongness. Every muscle in my pelvic region wants to lock up, but I'm forcing them not to, because that'll make it worse.

I haven't eaten more than a chicken leg and a peanut butter sandwich for three days because my gut isn't working. I have almost no hunger sensation at all, and when I do eat, it feels very strange and nauseating.

Is this pudendal neuralgia? I definitely have an internal prolapse right now. I reached back and pushed it back up(ewww!), and it did alleviate my symptoms slightly. Any sort of activity on my part, especially driving or sitting, and it drops right back down, and the full-body burning and hypersensitivity hits me again.

At the moment, I'm dead broke and have zero access to medical care. Great country, the United States, isn't it? I'm working on getting disability and county-assisted medical care, but it's slow going. I just need some kind of an answer, that's all.

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Fecal Incontinence After Perineal Rectal Prolapse Surgery

I had Altemeier Perianal rectal prolapse surgery 7 weeks ago. ~ 10 cm of my rectum was removed. I am 62 years old. Healing is fine. However, I am left with fecal incontinence. If I take lomotil, I don't have diarrhea but still have incontinence. My surgeon is MIA. I have collagenous colitis and had diarrhea, continence, etc problems before. However, the bowel control is much worse now. How long does it take for normal bowel function? I am very upset. It is almost impossible to leave my house. I have tried dietary, medication, exercise, etc. Nothing works.

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Possible Rectal Prolapse? Brown Mucus, Swollen And Skin Coming Out

Today I had this sharp pain in my lower abdomin. I didn't quite know what it was but it hurt to walk. Later on in the day I tried to make a bowel movement and had a lot of trouble. A weird sort of light brown mucus was all that came out and it felt like something was wrong. I couldn't really get a mirror to check so I just felt it and felt kind of swollen and like there was skin coming out. When I stood for a while the problem fixed itself, but I went to have another bowel movement later and it happened again. There's no blood and my abdomen stopped hurting after my first bowel movement. There's no pain. I looked up rectal prolapse and that sounds the closest to what it is. It also said the only way to fix it is with surgery and I can't afford that right now. Does this sound like it could be a possibility? I'm worried that it might get worse. What do I do?

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Ventral Rectopexy Surgery For Uterine Or Anal / Rectal Prolapse

Any one had a Ventral Rectopexy surgery kindly make contact. The surgery incorporates the use of a mess which could cause an erosion. I have some moderate internal rectal prolapse not full blown as yet. Much discomfort when sitting, and this is now making me exhausted. I have some incomplete evacuation with a need to wipe.The hammering of my womb and bladder is pressing on my pelvic floor causing this horrendous discomfort, as though there is a foreign object in my anal cavity.

My womb is mobile at the entrance of my vagina pounding at my organs giving me this pressure.I have been told by one gynaecologist that he was not convinced that my uterine prolapse was pronounced enough for surgery and thought this was a colorectal problem. The colorectal specialist thought this was a gynaecological problem. Both clinicians choose to leave me without a procedure for fear of making me worse.

I shall not dwell on the fact that I was left to seek pain management!

Proctogram showed distal intussusception. And prolapse in all 3 departments. As I have left this for so long my pain continues and worsens weakening my anal sphincter muscle control hence some occasional accidents with some faecal urgency. I have no constipation, no tummy pains, no bleeding and no itching. I do not need to digitate, but suffer with horrendous discomfort as though there is a foreign object in my anal canal 24/7 but worse when sitting. For some strange reason I am better up and mobile which does not sound like prolapse however my cervical canal must be small and therefore holding my mobile womb in situ. This has somewhat flummoxed the gynaecologist. The surgery offered by a colorectal surgeon Ventral rectopexy and possibly an add on sacrocolpopexy involves the use of mesh and this is my concern.Has anyone had these surgeries with my symptoms.
Also a hysterectomy and anterior repair has been mentioned as a way forward. But no guarantees that I may need a subsequent anal surgery later.
Anyone who has had a successful mesh surgery please make contact.

Whether it be uterine or anal.

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Hemorrhoid Vs. Rectal Prolapse - Grape Size Round Something Popped Out

After a bowel movement few days ago, I now have a large (large grape size), round, firm protrusion. I have always had a tiny "tag"/hemorrhoid since childbirth, which never really bothered much. But this new thing that has popped up (out, lol) is awful. It hurts to sit, touch, especially to stand up or sneeze (since such movements need to squeeze) and its difficult to bend down etc. However it does not hurt to go to the bathroom, does not itch or anything. It's just in the way and highly sensitive. The doctor's office (via email) thinks it's probably Hemorrhoid. It's just that the symptoms seem to match up more to prolapse which scares me. And will it just get better on its own, with proper diet and rest?

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