Menopause :: Anxiety / Fatigue - Ear / Jaw Buzzing

Mar 30, 2016

Just wanted to moan really. I can't understand how people don't understand how bad you feel (ie mum and husband )I am sure my mum thinks I'm always moaning about something. I really don't want to feel ill. My symptoms are so varied like loads of ladies. A few of them are:

Fatigue. I just went out to wash the car and half way I was out of breath and sweating.

Ears buzzing and jaw buzzing.

Not sleeping

Anxiety (terrible )

Feeling frightened inside.

Terrible acid reflux - burns in my nose too. I'm assuming this is reflux related.

Restless legs at night.

Doom and gloom(this is awful I was always a happy person

I'm not interested in going anywhere. Not interested in how I look and I always looked after myself. I like my clothes and makeup.

Weak legs

Freezing feet.

Don't feel like washing my hair.

I an trying to get on with things and ignore the feelings but I just can't.

Keep plodding on I suppose.

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Menopause :: Tired, Achy Muscles And Fatigue

I've been experiencing a feeling of tension/achiness in my muscles for almost a week....most notably along the sides and back of my neck, but also my arms and legs....even when I'm simply sitting down, they feel achy...I'm also exhausted by the end of the day and have a headache most days...all related? I do think I've been clenching my jaw a bit (right now, as a matter of fact), which I suspect is contributing to the neck and head aches (and probably my dizziness too)...but what about the arms and legs? Almost feels as though I can't use them (although of course I can)....they just feel very heavy and tired. I had a period (of sorts) last week (it was very light, and it had been a couple of months since I had one at all)....could that be the culprit? Anyone else feel this way? These symptoms are all making me feel as though I'm losing my mind!

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Schizophrenia :: Buzzing In My Ears Is This The First Sign?

Well since i was a kid i used to have anxiety, panic attacks and i used to overthink alot.

Before going to tell what i have im gonna tell you what type of person i am. Well if i hear that a friend of mine has a illness or someone is having a tumor i would totally believe that i have it too and sometimes i have the exact symptoms and i freak out.

But lately i have different type of thoughts. I have a daily Depersonalization including weird thoughts. I don't have delusions (i don't know if daydreaming or thinking of something you wanna be is delusion) but lately i have a buzzing in my ears and especially in the left one and read on the internet that it might be a first sign of Sz.

I DON'T KNOW WHAT TO DO! i dont have the enough money to visit a therapist. And i have been checked by a neurologist nothing.

How was like when you first had a Schizophrenia ?

I wanna compare it with mine symptoms

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Anxiety :: Xanax And Fatigue?

So yesterday I took a .5mg xanax (along with my prozac) at around 1:00 and within 30 minutes I felt like myself! Today I had bad morning anxiety so I decided to try a xanax again at 10:45 and all day i have had zero energy! I am completely fatigued Any suggestions?

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Anxiety OR Chronic Fatigue?

I definitely have anxiety and am now wondering if I also have CFS. Or maybe something else?

Brief list of symptoms...

Fatigue (groggy & heavy type tiredness)

Brain Fog

Feeling detached and 'spaced out'

Muscle weakness (especially in extremities and legs)

Sensitive to light and sound

Sometimes feels like I have flu or a bad virus (although I know I haven't)

Feels like I sometimes have a lump in my throat

Light headed

Light dizziness

Easily tired out

There are a few more general symptoms, but the more I read my lengthy list of symptoms, the worse I feel! Ha ha :-D

Brief History...

I have had anxiety issues on and off for many years and also hormone induced migraines. This year the migraines are definitely worse and so too is the anxiety. I had an 8 day brutal migraine early/mid September, followed by 8 days of severe brain fog/fuzzy head. I haven't been the same since. I'm also wondering if my symptoms are migraine related? I've had 2 full blood tests done and 2 urine samples taken. All came back normal/clear and healthy. I've also been to see an ENT consultant and he has ruled out an inner ear virus. He also checked my throat and balance. I had a full eye examination last week and my eyes are in great shape. I have an MRI booked next week and am also waiting an app have an ECG recorder fitted for 48 hours. I have not yet seen a neurologist or anyone else. My Doctor is saying it is all down to anxiety.

Is anybody experiencing anything similar? I feel more anxious not knowing what is happening to my own body!

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Sertraline :: Zoloft - Brain Buzzing Vision Twitching Episodes

im on 100mg zoloft and have been since April 30 so approx 2.5 months. I was slowly upped from 25 to 50 to 75 to 100 over the course of a month. The last 2 weeks (but not daily) i've been getting those weird brain buzzing vision twitching episodes even when I haven't missed a dose. I normally take the meds at night after dinner and if I forget, by morning im getting those weird feelings and they don't go away for quite a while even after remembering the dose. I don't miss a dose often, maybe 2 or 3 times since I started taking it. Anyone else have this happen?! Does that mean my dose needs to be upped?!

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Sleep, Fatigue, Anxiety - Hyperparathyroidism And Pregnancy

I am 32 years old and was recently diagnosed with mild hyperparathyroidism (HPT), because I have borderline high levels of calcium and parathyroid hormone. I feel that I have some symptoms - increased thirst and urination; needing 9+ hours sleep; fatigue; anxiety. However I am not sure these can all be attributed to HPT. I was planning to become pregnant for the first time this summer, and I wanted to hear if anyone has HPT and became pregnant. I am debating whether it would be better to have surgery to remove inflamed glands prior to conceiving.


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Chronic Fatigue Syndrome :: Anxiety Is Out Of Control And Ruining My Life

Just wanted to ask people who suffer with cfs like me if they have the same problems as me. When I was 16 I had glandular fever I was off school for 3 months and since then I'm now 24 I've never been fully the same as before. I got diagnosed with cfs last year after all this time! I usually have 5 months out of the year where I'm bed bound, the other 7 months I have to "pace" myself which I find really hard when I've missed out on so much whilst been in bed I want to see my friends, family etc. I've been bed bound again for 5 weeks up to now and for the first time really my anxiety is out of control, I find sitting in doctors for my appointments unbearable, I feel like I'm going to faint. I can't bear my friends to come and see me because my anxiety is that bad.

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Menopause :: Perimenopause Or Anxiety?

My first post focused on Anxiety and the possibility of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. It has recently been brought to my attention, there is a possibility my symptoms could be hormone related. Something I never actually considered.

Brief list of symptoms...

Fatigue (groggy and heavy type tiredness)

Brain Fog

Feeling detached and 'spaced out'

Weak and Shaky

Jelly Legs

Weak Fingers and Toes

Sensitive to light and sound

Sometimes feels like I have flu or a bad virus (even though I know I don't)

Light Headed

Light Dizziness

Easily tired out

Occasional Palpitations

Frequent urination (occasionally)

Anxious (more so than usual)

Brief History...

I have had anxiety issues, on and off, for many years and also hormone induced migraines. This year the migraines are definitely worse and so too is the anxiety. I had an 8 day brutal migraine early/mid September, followed by 8 days of severe brain fog/dull fuzzy head. I haven't been the same since. I'm also wondering if my symptoms are migraine related? I've had 2 full blood tests done and 2 urine samples taken. All came back normal/clear and healthy. I've also been to see an ENT consultant who ruled out an inner ear virus. He also checked my throat and balance. I had a full eye examination last week and my eyes are in great shape. I have an MRI booked next week and also an appointment to get an ECG recorder fitted for 48 hours.

My symptoms are so broad and general, it could be a number of things... I have even considered CFS. Now I'm thinking it could be hormone related? I feel more anxious not knowing what this is.

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Menopause :: Anxiety When Something Is Wrong

I would like to know how many of you live in dread and fear of something horrible being wrong with you or happening to you? For the last year, I am almost in a total panic that I have something horrible. The menopause has made me so afraid, I get these daily health emails and its always about cancer or heart disease, and I know this information is meant to be useful and helpful, it makes my anxiety worse. Anything dealing with cancer is scary to me. I never was like this before, I had a rational approach. I just wondered if this is happening to other people, the other issue I am noticing is nausea, some of the other women here have said its apart of menopause too and I am now thinking whats next? I have anxiety, heat flashes, and now bad stomach issues.

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Menopause In 30's - Hot Flashes, Flushes And Anxiety

I'm going nuts with these hot flashes,flushes! anxiety something crazy but have panic disorder,snapping,no desire for sex at all,and dizzy like all throughout the day!!i feel i'm going nuts! more symptoms but jeez im tired! !ive had all these tests to no avail.! all i can think is its perimeno or meno,as i had a hysto at 32 , started feeling crappy about 3 years now!

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Menopause :: Prescribed Zoloft For Anxiety

Have any of you been prescribed Zoloft for anxiety and had any positive results? My GP prescribed it for me at 25mg. I'm a little apprehensive about taking it because of the side effects.

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Menopause - Perimenopause - Does HRT Help Anxiety / Depression?

I am really suffering at the moment and I'm into  day 35 of an anxiety/depression dip.  I have been suffering this on and off for over ten years.  The closer I get to the end the dips seem to be lasting longer and coming more frequent.  I really don't know how much longer I can hang on.  My quality of life at the moment is very very poor.  I am starting to consider HRT as I've really had enough of this horrible roller coaster.  I was hoping to hear from some ladies who have tried HRT  and it has turned their lives around or offer experiences from other ladies.  I have a doctor who will prescribe bioidentical hormones which I would prefer to the synthetic ones.  I just have to make a decision.  I so wish I didn't have to and wish I could sail through this like other ladies.  Last year I had 7 periods and its 3 months since my last one.  I'm just wondering if you can take HRT with this scenario. 

I really need the strength to keep going.

Have cried all day today as it's all becoming to hard.

I would love to wake in the morning and it has lifted.

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Menopause :: Perimenopause - Anxiety Getting Worse

I feel like my anxieties are getting worse at times. It seems when I am anxious my bowls leak out with me not even taking a bowl movement. When I was at the movie with my brothers wife and their kids and my boyfriend seeing Annie around 6pm I started feeling like my heart was racing again and feeling like I was going to pass out or just scream like the other day when I was ran up to someone in the building next door to our building screaming I'm scared my heart was racing then and I felt like I was going to pass out then I felt so weak and when the fire department came in with me to my Apartment I went to the bathroom and I wiped away some stool that leaked out. Could this be because of a heart problem or what because I feel like I am having flu like symptoms tonight or is this part of perimenopause would like to know i feel like putting myself in the hospital.

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Menopause :: Perimenopause Or Generalized Anxiety Disorder?

I was already apprehensive or should I say anxious about my GP appointment today. I had a panic attack while I was there and just couldn't seem to calm down. He gave me a script for Ativan and said I need to relax. My anxiety this week has been through the roof. I've never had issues with anxiety but since all my other symptoms started I have been on edge. I can't focus on my health because i'm always thinking that something is going to happen to me. I know the numerous tests tell me I'm ok but I can't shake the doom and gloom feelings. They just come out of nowhere. Does anyone else ever feel like the doom and gloom and is this normal? I am starting to think I have generalized anxiety disorder where i'm just out of sorts all the time.

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Menopause :: Perimenopause - Heart Palpitations And Anxiety

This has been the worst 3 weeks of my life with these perimenopause symptoms. I'm soon to be 49. I thought my symptoms were getting better. Then on March 8th started having bad stomach cramps and low back pain which lasted 2 1/2 weeks. Then the terrible indigestion started with heart palpitations and then of course major anxiety. My period which has been about every 18 days since December is now late. I live each day in fear and terror of heart palpitations and anxiety. I seriously feel like I might die everyday. This is absolutely no way to live. I feel bad for my poor husband and daughter. I am no wife and mother at this time. My daughter is 21 but I still feel horrible about the state I'm in. Sorry for the vent. Feeling hopeless like this journey will never ever end.

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Menopause :: Evorel Sequi Patches / Anxiety Attacks

I posted earlier about problems getting evorel sequi patches and now my consultant has advised me to carry on with my evorel conti patches until I see him again on the 21st January.....this is despite me only seeing him a fortnight ago when he advised a change of my patches as I was suffering from really bad anxiety attacks! 

So, if I've got to stick with these patches until then has anyone got any really good tips for helping me deal with these, the attacks are bad enough in the day, but when they wake me in the night they seem twice as severe.

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Menopause :: Anxiety? Perimenopause? Both? Overwhelming Physical Symptoms

I was diagnosed with an anxiety disorder last March, after suffering a panic attack while traveling for business. Since then, I've had a multitude of daily physical symptoms...dizziness/lightheadedness, body aches, headaches, insomnia, night sweats, increased body temperature, feeling weak in my limbs, general fatigue, name it, I've had it. I've just about worn out my welcome at my GP's office, I've been there so often....I've been to the emergency room four times, had an MRI, multiple ECGs, countless rounds of bloodwork, an upper endoscopy...everything comes back clear. So why do I feel so sick all the time? I did have my hormone levels checked, and my doctor confirmed that I'm at least perimenopausal (I'm 45 years old)....could all of these symptoms (and truly, they occur daily) be related to perimenopause? I've developed a serious issue with health anxiety due to all of this, because I can't accept that these symptoms are harmless...I'm convinced that something catastrophic is wrong with me.

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Chronic Fatigue? Short Of Breath, Fatigue, Muscle Weakness And Low Energy

This adventure started about 9 months ago. Instead of my normal routine of get up, eat, hygiene, off to work (I was a remodeling contractor), I started falling back to sleep after breakfast. I must pretext this by saying that I take 40 mg of Adderall in the am and the afternoon. First it was 1/2 hour and eventually 3 hours. Then it was an afternoon nap also, Then an evening nap. This was not every day but most days. About eight or so weeks ago, I developed a blood clot behind my left knee and several in my lungs (as a result of being on my knees for long periods of time installing floor trim we figure). After I got out of the hospital, I started a slow but sure incline in my energy level. Then on October 23 (my 40th birthday) I got short of breath, disoriented, incapable of making clear decisions. eventually I called 911 and when the EMTs got here I had a blood O2 level of 89%. They took me to the ER in a bus and I have never been the same since. I have experienced no increase in my energy level, I have a sore throat most of the time, flu like symptoms, muscle weakness, Most days my mind is still strong but not all, I am functioning at about 25% of what I used to be capable of, I have problems pulling the proper word out of my brain (sometimes 8 or more times per day), I feel run down especially the day after I over do it, at least 4 people have recently tried to talk to me about conversations that I have no memory of, my allergies are not only out of control they are the opposite of what I usually experience (instead of a dry nose I now have a constantly runny nose and I sneeze 50 times per day. I did test positive for Epstein-Barr exposure at some point in my life. I have 6 of the eight symptoms for diagnosis and like 25 of the 35 or so that people with CFS report. We have not yet ruled out MS, Lupus, and all of the kinds of cancer that are required for a CFS diagnosis, but I am almost positive it is CFS. Thoughts?

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Chronic Fatigue Syndrome :: Genetic Testing To Rule Out Causes Of Fatigue?

I am just wondering whether anyone has had genetic testing to rule out causes of fatigue? Myself and my brother both suffer with extreme tiredness and I'm wondering if it's worth asking for it to be investigated down the genetic route.

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Menopause (46) :: Headaches, Anxiety, Depression, Acid Reflux And Hypersensitive

Severe pressure headaches, anxiety and depression.Tinnitus,weak legs, balance problems, acid reflux, hyper sensitive,can't get any sleep 😕

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