Menstruation :: How To Use Primolut N To Delay Periods?

Sep 25, 2015

how do i use Primolut N to delay periods?

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Menstruation :: Primolut N Dosage ? To Delay The Periods

I am taking primolut N tablets twice a day 2 tablets. As per my doctor's recommendation I Started taking it on the last day of my period of previous month that is mid of December 2015. I am travelling on 14th Jan 2016. Should I increase the dosage up to taking medicine thrice daily or taking twice daily will help?

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Menstruation :: Primolut N To Delay Periods For A Trip

My periods are delayed by 7 days I'm single and going for a trip can I take primolut now to delay my periods

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Menstruation :: Primolut N To Delay Periods Rather Regulate? Wedding

I wanted to ask that if i want to delay my periods then how i use Primolut N..because it is also used to regulate periods.

I am asking this question because my wedding is on 9th i don't have any idea what to do because my period's date is 4th.

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Menstruation :: Primolut N For Early / Delay Periods - Umrah Visit Scheduled

i took primolut medicine from 25th april to 30th april 2 pills daily . today is 5th of may not came period yet.. i have to go for umrah on 13th of this month . before that i have to get it done my periods. last 3 month onwards i dont have period ..

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Menstruation :: Primolut N Did Not Delay My Period (function / Event At Home)

January 8th is my Period date as per previous month. wanted to delay my date as there is a function at home. Started taking Primolut N from Dec 25th and from Jan 4th started using Regestrone with Doctors Suggestion. But i have got my period on Jan 6th though i'm using pills. Why pills did not work over me? I'm really upset.

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Menstruation :: Norethisterone To Delay Periods For Holiday?

I got the Norethisterone pill to delay my period for a 2 week holiday. The holiday got cut short due to family issue but we are going on a short break in 2 days for 4 days. I stopped taking the pill when I got back from the holiday 4 days ago but started taking it again last night to try and delay my period while we go away again however today I have experienced some bleeding. Is it now too late? Will I get my period even if I take the pills?

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Menstruation :: Using Primolut N During Periods

I sometimes take 2 pills together or one after one (1 hour gap) of Primolut N on the first day to stop it for a day especially when I'm not expecting it. Please tell me is it harmful? And also if it would trigger my menopause?

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Menstruation :: Can I Use Primolut N? No Periods For Last 6 Months

My last menstruation was August 2013 (6 months back) and till now i still don't see it. Can I use Primolut N and how many days should I use it for. I married since October, 2009.

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Menstruation :: Delayed Periods And Primolut N

I'm 21 year old female and I had my last period on December 14, 2014 (3 months back). And today's March 2, 2015. I've never had sex which means I'm a virgin.. My doctor gave me duphaston for seven days and asked me to start primolut-N on the 4th or 5th day of periods.. But I last night accidently had primolut-N. Will that be a problem?

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Menstruation :: No Periods Even After Taking Primolut N For 7 Days

how many more primolut N tablets do i take to get a period i've taken 7 days worth 5mgs but dont think ive taken them correctly as prescribed the good thing though is that i'm getting period cramps and have severe mood swings last time i was prescribed them last march of 2015 i was supposed to take 5mgs 2x daily from the first to the twentieth of each month then i would get a period.

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Norethisterone To Delay The Periods With Oxytetracycline?

I am currently taking oxytetracycline to help to reduce a persistent problem I have been having with spots and boils. I have noticed some improvement. In a couple of months I am due to go on holiday and my period is due while I am away. My periods can be really painful and leave me feeling faint for several days. I will be spending a long time travelling so having to go through my period on holiday would be a nightmare. In the past I have used Norethisterone to delay the period successfully with no problems. However I have been advised by my doctor and the pharmacist that I should not take these two drugs at the same time and I don't know what to do. I do not need to use the drug as a contraceptive merely to delay my period. I don't really want to come off the antibiotics for the sake of a holiday but will absolutely dread going if I cannot find a way to delay my period.

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Menstruation :: Shall I Take Primolut N ? Already Two Days Late

I am already delayed likely two days, shall I take primolut N to delay my period for another week, also i am diabetic my sugar levels controlled

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Menstruation :: Irregular Bleeding On Primolut N Tablets

I have been having irregular bleeding twice a month and very heavy too though i am on primolut N tablets as given by the doctor. Even on tablets i am bleeding. My doctor has done all ultrasounds,a through internal checkup and given me all ok but i still bleed.

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Menstruation :: When Does Period Starts After Taking Primolut N?

After how many days of taking primolut N 5 mg , period starts

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Menstruation :: Using Primolut To Conceive At Auspicious Time

I am trying to conceive for a boy child, I have two daughters. I believe in astrology ...I hope you understand as I know sometimes people from a science field do not understand or believe in it. Here is my problem according to my reputable astrologer she has given me the nakshatras (best days/times) for trying to conceive a boy. Whether it is superstition or not I want to go according to those times. My problem is that the nearest date to my ovulation and the astrological time is a few days later. I am very regular so 28 days in the last many months so for Feb ovulation date is 7th Feb. But the best times for trying to conceive is 10th to 13th Feb IST, I have to convert this to European time where I am from.

So for ovulation to be moved by a few days can I take Primolut N? In india I know this is prescribed to delay periods if there is a religious ceremony. I did this once and it worked. It is the same scenario for March and April. I need to delay ovulation by a few days. Also I take Clomid days 5-9 and will do so in next cycle. I am now currently on day 19 expected period date is 25th Jan. If I take primolut N then maybe the date of period could be delayed and hence ovulation time next month.

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Menstruation :: Clots In Urine? Primolut N 10mg

I am 36 years old, had d&c last jan.2015 due to thickening of lining of the uterus. After d&c my menstruation is not normal i had big clots every period. My doctor prescribed primolut 10mg daily for 3 cycle, it was ok for two months. But now is my 3rd cycle and i am worried because its been 9days i am having my menstruation. During the 5th cycle i took primolut and every other day i am passing clots in my urine. My question is. Is it normal to have clots in urine while taking this med.? What is the best time to take primolut is it morning or evening?

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Birth Control :: 12 Days Delay In Periods Already After Taking An Ipill ?

My girlfriend is 17. We had unprotected sex and I don't come inside and it's been 12 days her periods have been delayed (took ipill within 72 hours of intercourse) . Has the ipill worked or no?

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Menstruation :: Late Periods Due To HPV?

Well hey I'm a teen and i hate to say this because it embarrassed me but im suffering of hpv and i want to know if your period may come late because of what i have i also have another question can you get pregnant if you have sex during your period? i had sex like about 1 month ago or maybe 2 my last period was on june 4 and now is july 3 my period hasnt come and im really scared please help me.

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Menstruation :: Having Nausea Before Periods

For the last three months I've been feeling sick to my stomach the week before my period starts. It's gotten to the point that I have thrown up several times and I'm not sure whats going on. It's woken me up several times and it's not a normal premenstrual thing for me..... what could be going on?

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Menstruation :: Irregular Periods Due To Stress?

So I had a period that started September 5th and didn't end until the 19th and now I'm bleeding slightly with cramps here and there should u be worried , everything I look up says cancer so its scaring me , I'm 24 and I work long stressing hours and I've been irregular when I was a teenager and then it when back to normal , in august it was a week long and in July it lasted 3 days please help I still can't even afford to get checked

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