Menstruation :: Low Period Flow - Will Iron Tablets Help?

Jun 16, 2016

Will iron tablets help in low period flow to become normal?

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Menstruation :: Delayed And Less Flow Period

I'm a 33 years with a 8 yr old child. had regular 28 days cycle of periods of 3 days till the age of 31. But for the last 2 years the cycle has changed to a regular 60 day cycle with slight increase in flow. I weight 80 kgs currently and height 5ft7". gradually put on 15kgs of weight in last 5 yrs. diagnosed with Vitamin D deficiency and having DRise weekly.Calcium and thyroid levels normal.Joint pain due to weight and lack of exercise.This time got periods after 62 days. but instead of 3 days have been bleeding for 15 days. Not the regular flow but just a drop or 2 everyday.The texture of the period is like the normal period.

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Menstruation :: Regular Flow To No Flow Just Like That

I had unprotected sex the 23rd and got my period the 24th, 25th, and the 26th. I had a regular flow until the 26th, where my flow just stopped midday like a faucet. This has never happened to me before, my period has always decreased in flow until I've had just brown discharge. I've never gone from a regular flow to no flow just like that. I ovulated earlier in the month, the 9th. Could I have gotten pregnant?

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Menstruation :: Irregular Bleeding On Primolut N Tablets

I have been having irregular bleeding twice a month and very heavy too though i am on primolut N tablets as given by the doctor. Even on tablets i am bleeding. My doctor has done all ultrasounds,a through internal checkup and given me all ok but i still bleed.

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Menstruation :: Very Less Flow Of Blood

I am 21 years old. I am very curios about my menstruation this month because i have very less flow of blood. my menstration took only 2 days ,and its very very less of blood flow. but this is also my problem because i have very less flow of blood during my menstruation.. what am i going to do?

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Menstruation :: Period Late 9 Days Feels Like Period But Still No Blood

I'm 25,my last period is on 24august2013,until today 3oct2013,i my period late 9 days,I feels stomach cramp , last few days i thought I will come period but I'm haven't come yet.Yesterday I went to see doctor pregnant test show negative, doctor ask me came back next weeks to check again,she said maybe hormone haven't build up.Today i worry about my stomach still cramp,then I see another doctor again,he ask me to test also shows negative,he give me hormone medicine and Gynaecosid to let my period come,should I taken the medicine or I should wait next weeks test again?

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Menstruation :: Period Like Cramps And Clear Discharge 2 Week After Period?

period like cramps and clear discharge 2 week after period?

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Menstruation :: Heavy Flow Even On The Sixth Day

i had sex with my boyfriend and as it was unprotected so after that i had taken pills after a week now i am going through heavy periods and nw even on my sixth day i m having heavy flow and in that red platelets are also there . i have pain in my ovary too. so what should i do and what this sign off.

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Menstruation :: Low Menstrual Flow Lasting 2-3 Days

When i started having my menstruation the blood flows plenty and last for Five days but for about a one year now i have low menstruation flow and it last for two to three days.

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Menstruation :: My Period Not Flowing Well And Late Period

I saw my period late on 28/11/2015 and still seeing it till 5/12/2015 first it wasn't flowing well but now flowing a little bit better than before..

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Menstruation :: Had Serious Period Pains And They Stopped, No Period

I have not had a period since the 2nd of Jan, I have done 4 tests and im not pregnant and im not trying.

I have had serious period pains and then they have stopped I now have sharp pain going through my breast espeically behind my nipples and over past week my nipples have been really sore but now they are not.

I've still not had a sign of a period.

I have also had a lot of feeling of trapped wind and seems to be having pain in my chest but in the back of my chest like a pressure feeling not a pain.

I am really worried and want to know if I have reason to be?

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Menstruation :: Sex On Period Causing Next Period To Be Irregular?

I had sex on day 3 of my last period which they usually last 5 days, after sex my period stopped completely, and my cycle is somewhat irregular but usually around 24 days or so. I experienced cramps and sore breasts just like I usually do a week before my period; I started bleeding 23 days after my last period but the bleeding lasted 2 days, stopped and I bleed on and off for 6 days. I just started working out and I heard that that could throw off menstruation as well as having sex on your period. What is the likely hood that I am pregnant? We did use a condom

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Menstruation :: Alternating Light And Heavy Flow During Periods

I usually have a regular period flow but suddenly it has changed. I received my "period" about the due time it was expected to come however it started off as spotting -light bleeding for about 8hours. For the next 18 hours (including overnight) it was as if my normal period had come (medium-heavy flow). Then for the next 18 hours again it returned to very light period. Then for the next 4-5 hours it was normal flow again. However after that for the next 20 hours or so it was just quite light again. However now (4-6 hours) i am pretty sure my period has stopped/ i am experiencing extremely light spotting. I'm currently 17 and I think it may be due to stress but i'm not completely sure..

Also, basically my period has all been cut short to 2-3 days when it usually last 5 days minimum.

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Menstruation :: Yasmin - Flow Was Dark Brown/Black In Colour

So my period ended 4 days ago. The blood flow was really different in that it was Dark Brown/Black in colour for the whole period. After the last day of my menstrual bleed, I have been experiencing hard stool which would push me to force a little harder to push my stool out. In doing so, (meaning pushing a bit harder to poo) I would see a flow of bright red blood running out like urine (which does not contain any clots). This has been happening for the past 4 days after my regular period ended. Is this normal or should I be alarmed? P.S. I recently started using oral contraception (Yasmin) last month

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Menstruation :: No Period At The Age Of 17?

My daughter just turned 17 a few weeks ago and still has not gotten her period. I got mine when I was around 15, so I find this a bit odd. She has had pubix hair since she was around 11ish. She got armpit hair around 12 and breasts at around 13, but still no period. She has had a yeast infection before and it was treated. She has also had an ultrasound because when the gynecologist tried to check out her insides she couldn't feel her cervix because my daughter was squirming too much. After the ultrasound they confirmed that she had one and everything seemed fine. My daughter has never had sex, so I know she is not pregnant. My daughter is also on the heavier side. She is slightly overweight. I say this because I know when women are too skinny sometimes their periods don't show up. Ever since she was around 13 ever doctor has told us she will get her period in 6 months or so. 4 years later and that still hasn't happened. She is starting to get worried.

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Trying Abortion - 8 Tablets Of Cytotec - 4 Tablets Of Arthrotec

Type your i took 8 tablets of cytotec and 4 tablets of arthrotec but my baby is still here what will i do what will happen to my baby?

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Menstruation :: How Late Can My Period Be?

How late can my period be?

I had sex(unprotected) a day before my period was due. My period has been late before but I always worry about what could be. It's been 3 days since my period was due. How much longer should I wait ?

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Menstruation :: Late Period ...causes ?

I seem to be having an extra long cycle , I am currently on day 33(my average is 28-29). My last period was on November 21st and I was supposed to ovulate on Saturday December 5th (I had red spotting Friday, Saturday, and Sunday ) and then more red spotting on Monday the 14th... I have been under some stress as December was finals month. I have also had pain on my left side where my ovary would be. ...what do you all think is causing the delay in my period ? Is this hormonal? Is it a cyst ? Stress? BTW I didn't have vaginal sex during ovulation only oral and minimal fingering.

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Menstruation :: Since Unprotected Sex, I've Gotten My Period Twice A Month

I've gotten my period twice this month for the past 3 months .. The only thing that has changed during these 3 months is unprotected sex with my boyfriend. I am not pregnant I've taken pregnancy test in which they all were negative. I decided to start my birth control but I did it wrong therefor I would have to wait till my next period.. I am really confused I need some help I know I have to make a docs app because that's the only way I'll find out but I would like some advice.. Plus the 2nd time I get my period I am fatigue & lost of appetite...

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Menstruation :: Three Times Period A Month?

why do i see my period three times a month

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Menstruation :: I Have A Copper IUD And Late On My Period

I have a copper IUD in and am Late on my period. I have recently started spotting what does this mean.

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