Menstruation :: Delayed Periods - Too Much Beer / Alcohol?

Apr 1, 2015

I'm 23yr I was very off to my schedule this month, I drank a too much of beer, involved in physical relation with my bf, did a little if work out n changed dietary N now facing the symptoms I have not got my periods this month...took the test also, it's negative , do think think it's related to alcohol?? Please help me get my periods coz I have never missed them or have never faced a delay of this long (4 days).

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Menstruation :: Unwanted 72 And Delayed Periods?

I had unprotected sex with my Girlfriend on the 12th Day of her periods and immediately after intercorse, she washed her vagina and was able to get all most all of the sperms from inside her and also I did not fully ejaculate inside her. She had a Unwanted 72 Tablet within 2 hrs from intercourse.

I wanted to know whether this can result in delayed periods as her periods are late by 2 days and how much chances are there for her getting pregnant.

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Menstruation :: I-Pill And Delayed Periods

I had sex with my boyfriend just 1 day before my period date and the day took ipill but my period is delayed for more than 2 weeks and i am not pregnant is there any harm caused to me or my future pregnancy or is my period stopped.

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Menstruation :: Two Periods Delayed - No Pregnancy

Me and My Gf are 19yrs. old.

And we have a problem due to sex. because the last time we had unprotected sex she was delay for 3 weeks but she got her period after that.. but this time she's delay for almost 2 months. I don't know what's going on and I'm afraid if she's pregnant.

We had unprotected sex again on the 2nd week of june.. and we were expecting by the 2nd week of july she will have her period but sadly it didn't come. after that we had unprotected sex twice in one exact day it was the 3rd week of july.. it's almost august and her period is still not coming.
she said her breast and lower abdomen is aching sometimes, we were expecting that it could be the sign of her period coming.. and still we are hoping for that.

is she delay because of active sex we're having?

is she pregnant without a symptoms? only delay of period?

NOTE: i didn't cum on her in the inside i always cum on the outside. 100% on the outside sure of it.

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Menstruation :: Delayed Periods And Primolut N

I'm 21 year old female and I had my last period on December 14, 2014 (3 months back). And today's March 2, 2015. I've never had sex which means I'm a virgin.. My doctor gave me duphaston for seven days and asked me to start primolut-N on the 4th or 5th day of periods.. But I last night accidently had primolut-N. Will that be a problem?

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Menstruation :: Periods Delayed After Losing Virginity?

I lost my virginity 2 weeks ago with condom. We did it two times the first time he came in the condom the second time he pulled out still wearing a new condom (we switched it out). My last period was on feb 27 and right now its march 29 meaning im 3 days late. Ive been so worried and stressed. Help please why am i late. Did me loosing my virginity delay my period?

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Menstruation :: Delayed And Less Flow Period

I'm a 33 years with a 8 yr old child. had regular 28 days cycle of periods of 3 days till the age of 31. But for the last 2 years the cycle has changed to a regular 60 day cycle with slight increase in flow. I weight 80 kgs currently and height 5ft7". gradually put on 15kgs of weight in last 5 yrs. diagnosed with Vitamin D deficiency and having DRise weekly.Calcium and thyroid levels normal.Joint pain due to weight and lack of exercise.This time got periods after 62 days. but instead of 3 days have been bleeding for 15 days. Not the regular flow but just a drop or 2 everyday.The texture of the period is like the normal period.

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Alcohol - First Beer - And My Stomach Hurt A Ton

I had my first beer (age - 15) I didn't have a full one but I drank it somewhat quickly. That night I did eat some junk food. And when I went to bed I couldn't sleep. I wasn't tired at all and my stomach hurt a ton. It hurt in my stomach but I thought it was something like HAV but I have no clue. I really didn't sleep at all and now it's the next morning and I have no appetite and I feel I'll throw up if I eat. Also last night I took a few pepto bismo that didn't help. I was also gaging.

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Anxiety :: Xanax 0.5mg + Alcohol (Beer)?

I'm 19 years old.

My doctor prescribed me Xanax 0.25 mg, only for stressful situations, but I feel that 0.25mg it's having no effect at all.

This Sunday I'm going to camp with my friends and I feel very anxious when I'm waiting on lines and my legs shake because of that. So I want to try 0.5mg of Xanax to help my anxiety. But we use to drink beer all day, but not in an way to get severely drunk. Like 8 or 9 beers. So, If I take Xanax 0.5 mg in the morning, and during the day drink beer, will it be a bad interaction?

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Alcohol Consumption :: Tapering Off Wine Using Beer

Okay. So the last time I posted on here I was tapering off wine using beer. That doesn't work. I had one day when I had one beer, was really proud of myself, then had three bottles of my favourite wine to celebrate the next day.

I've tried reducing my intake, as recommended by some lovely people on here. I have come down from three bottles to two. I actually had less than a bottle one day last week and felt really good the next day. Well, as you all know, the next day I celebrated my less than one bottle of wine day by drinking a hell of a lot more.

I have been to my doctor. I was told that what I was drinking wasn't enough to worry about. The fact that I have stomach problems, palpitations, night sweats must be due to my age. He prescribed me with peppermint oil!

Yes, I might be on the perimenopause, I'm 45. But I can't get any help from my GP. I have PTSD. All my GP did was double my dose of my usual medication, prescribe me peppermint oil and send me home. Is it always this difficult to get help?

Are there any other methods I can try to get off this damn demon alcohol?

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Mirtazapine :: Alcohol? A Beer Or A Glass Of Wine?

Just wondering if anybody knows if ok to drink with thus drug. When I say drink, I mean a maximum of one bottle of beer with a meal or glass of wine. Don't really drink at all and haven't had one for couple if months so no big deal if don't, just going on holliday soon and might have a glass if beer then

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Systemic Lupus :: Smoking And Alcohol (beer)

I have had systemic Lupus for just over a year and have been told that smoking and alcohol r not good at all for Lupus and that this is why I am feeling the way I am?

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Oxytetracycline :: Delayed Periods?

Im 34 years old and have been taking tetracycline for around two months now, even though it has cleared most of my acne, I haven't had a period, I wondered if there was any other females who have experience this.

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Fatty Liver :: Symptoms ? Alcohol / Beer Intake

I am 42 years old male.

2 1/2 years ago I had a really bad viral gastro problems. I was admitted to the hospital where they found my liver enzymes and pancreas enzymes were elevated. These went down a day later, and I recovered. I had IBS after this, and started to develop a pain under my right rib and middle back pain. I have had two ultrasounds on my abdomen in the last 2 years, and both were normal.

They tested my gallbladder and found it was only had a 4% EF, so I had surgery and removed this. This was about 8 months ago.

Now 2 1/2 years later, the middle back pain, which also goes up my traps into my neck hurt and a lot of times I get this dull ache under my right rib area, if I bend over and breath deep it hurts. If I push lightly on my rib cage it causes the pain as well.

All my blood work has been good for the last 2 years, other than some slight cholesterol issues. I had my lipase and amylase tested in late 2012 and both were very good.

I went to the doctor and he told me it sounded musculoskeletal and to go try a chiropractor or a physical medicine doctor.

I asked him if he thought it could be my liver and he said he highly doubted it, all he said was "you have some fat in your liver and that was in 2013 when you had an ultrasound done". He never said you have fatty liver disease. He brushed it off as very unlikely.

I just think it's weird all this started right after this viral stomach issues and gallbladder issues and this strange middle back pain and pain under my front rib.

I forgot to mention, I drink alcohol 1-2 times a week, and usually between 7-8 beers but over a 6-7 hour period on weekend.

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Alcohol :: Tapering Off Beer / Wine - Unable To Sleep?

It gets to the point where you know you need to stop, but the thought of stopping is a major step.

Two weeks ago, I decided that enough was enough. My three bottles a day habit was starting to get out of control. I would wake up in the morning and my husband would ask me if I was okay. "Yes of course I'm okay. Why?" "Because you fell over last night." The blackouts were starting to scare me.

Sunday I decided that I would start tapering off the following day. Luckily I have a supportive husband and admitted my problem. He bought me very small lagers and printed out the tapering off method from the internet.

Monday: I had the shakes in the morning after three bottles of wine the day before. Luckily I work from home. I had six beers and stopped myself from buying a bottle of wine in the evening. Really bad sleep, nightmares, palpatations and a constant craving for what I knew would help me.

Tuesday: Didn't really wake up okay as I hadn't slept much. Started work. Had four small beers and didn't crave for wine in the evening. I felt shaky and strange. Went to bed and slept for three hours which was unusual for me.

Wednesday: I woke up feeling different. Almost human. I got loads of work done and didn't want a drink. I had one small beer with my dinner and went to bed. I slept for about four hours, had some water and went back to sleep. Amazing.

Thursday: Well I've been a good girl this week. I'll treat myself to a glass of wine. Big mistake. Two bottles down.

Friday: We're going away this weekend. I could just not drink during the week surely? Another two bottles of wine. A few shots at the local........

A week later I'm back where I started.

My problem is that I am scared of stopping. I now know that I can get through the tapering off method without life threatening withdrawals but I contradict myself constantly. My mum has Alzheimer's. I'm helping her, so I need a drink. Oh, I've had a bad day so I deserve a glass of wine, or six. My child is disabled. I deserve a drink because I've had a bad day. The cycle is endless.

I went to the GP yesterday and cried. I told him (it was a locum) that I had a problem. I explained that I couldnt sleep without a drink. I have nightmares (because of my PTSD) and my stomach is playing havoc with my life. He said, "Obviously you have IBS." I said, "Obviously?" He said, "Well yes. you don't drink enough for it to affect your stomach." I walked out of the surgery saying, "Well thanks anyway."

Sorry for the long post but I am really trying and wanted some advice/encouragement to try this tapering off again next week. Does it work? Has anyome done it successfully?

I have already applied to be a patient for a different surgery and will be honest with them too. Hopefully they will point me in the right direction.

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Birth Control :: Delayed Periods And IPill

Hi this is regarding my delayed periods. My actual date was 13 but due to having unsafe sex twice a month i had to take i pill twice and i bleeded twice just after a week of taking pills but my actual chums have still not occurred and both the times bleeding was normal and happened for 2 days

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Birth Control :: Missed Pill - Delayed Periods

I recently missed one pill of birth control. I didn't double up the next day I just skipped that pill and went on to my second week of pills. My period was supposed to start today it usually starts right on time. Could it be late because I missed a pill?

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Developing Beer Belly - Any Alternatives Without Cutting Beer?

I am only 22 years old, but I believe I am developing beer belly. What I should do about it. I guess you’ll say cut the beer…but I am hoping for another answer.

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Can I Get Rid Of The Beer Belly With Running But Still Drink Beer?

My wife complains about my beer belly. She says I look like a wreck and refuses any intimacy with me. I want to get rid of it, but I like beer more than myself. So, I reckoned that if I start running my beer belly will gradually disappear. But I’m not ready to leave beer. What if I don’t stop drinking beer and start running?

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Menstruation :: Late Periods Due To HPV?

Well hey I'm a teen and i hate to say this because it embarrassed me but im suffering of hpv and i want to know if your period may come late because of what i have i also have another question can you get pregnant if you have sex during your period? i had sex like about 1 month ago or maybe 2 my last period was on june 4 and now is july 3 my period hasnt come and im really scared please help me.

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Menstruation :: Having Nausea Before Periods

For the last three months I've been feeling sick to my stomach the week before my period starts. It's gotten to the point that I have thrown up several times and I'm not sure whats going on. It's woken me up several times and it's not a normal premenstrual thing for me..... what could be going on?

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