Menstruation :: Had Nexplanon For A While Now, Had Bleeding For A Day

Nov 30, 2015

I have had nexplanon for a while now and have had periods, but just a few days ago for a few seconds I had bled, it was like a normal period blood, red heavy normal, like all my periods start, but it only lasted for a day or so... I looked it up and saw all this stuff about implantation and I don't think I'm pregnant or anything I just would like to know if this is normal.

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Birth Control :: Nexplanon And Bleeding After Every Sex

I had the Nexplanon put in Dec.2015. Everything's been great except for the fact that EVERY TIME I have sex with my partner of 10 years I end up bleeding. It never fails. Sometimes it lasts a day sometimes a few days there's never any knowing. I have an appt with my GYN to find some answers but I'm update on all my paps which have always been normal and no STDs. I figured before my appointment Id see if anyone else has this problem or had and does it ever go away?

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Birth Control :: Nexplanon And Light Bleeding

I've had the Nexplanon implant for about 2 months. So far the only issue I've experienced is some light bleeding. It's not a lot,more of a nuisance than anything. The kind where it's not enough for a tampon. I've heard bleeding can go on for months. My question is...should I wait it out and it out and see if it passes or call my Dr? It is a listed side effect,but it's been 2 weeks.

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Menstruation :: Implantation Bleeding? Decidual Bleeding? Cycle?

I had my last period on 11/4, ovulated somewhere around 11/18 and then on 11/25-11/26, 6 days before my period was due, I had what I believe was implantation bleeding (light pink only when I wiped for a day and half and then brown for a half day). Then on 11/30, 2 days before my period was due (I'm always regular). I started bleeding red, lighter than normal, mostly when I when I wipe, but enough to want a pad on just in case. There are small fibrous looking pieces occasionally when I wipe as well. Is this implantation bleeding followed by decidual bleeding? Or a strange menstrual cycle?

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Menstruation :: Is This Implantation Bleeding, Ovulation Bleeding, Or Other?

It happened 9 days after I finished my period I didn't have intercourse, but f*ngering with pretty much no chance of prec*m on the day after my period.

It has lasted for three days (currently)

It was a light brown/brown but is now a more dark brown/dark red.

Enough to change pads once or twice a day

Is this implantation bleeding or something else? I don't usually get this mid-cycle.

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Menstruation :: Bleeding Only When I Wipe

I am 31 year old had a period 21st of feb 2016 ended 24th 2016 today's date 5th of March 2016 and bleeding only when I wipe help I've never had this problem

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Menstruation :: Ginette 35 Changes Bleeding Pattern

I m 36 and I have been detected with hormonal (lh) imbalance and my doc prescribed me ginette 35 . I started my periods on 21 nov and now its 26 I m still bleeding is it ok . Also the flow has reduced to almost 20 %. Will there be any bleeding pattern change while I take ginnette 35. How will it take to hormones balancing.

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Menstruation :: Heavy Bleeding After First Intercourse

Me and my boyfriend lost our virginity on 11th Feb, and I bleed quite heavily throughout and yes it was painful as well. And it was unprotected sex. It's been 24 hours and I'm still bleeding (not that much, but its more than just spotting) . my vagina feels like as if its ripped badly and it doesn't feel like my old one anymore.

On the other hand, my menstruation cycle is 28th of every month and I skipped on my periods last time I.e. I didn't had my period on 28th January (I rarely miss on it) .

My questions are:

1. Is that bleeding because of hymen rupture or menstruation? (It's somewhat thick and sticky)

2. Should I take contraceptive pill and is it safe?

3. When i missed on my period I was still a virgin so I didn't take it seriously.. Now I'm not.. So what would now my periodic cycle be?

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Menstruation :: Excessive Bleeding After Tubal?

Excessive bleeding after tubal?

I am 25 years old and had my tubes tied in February during surgery to remove iud, ovarian cyst, and a 2nd leep was performed. (My first leep was performed July 2013 for CIN 2. ) I had my first period 3 weeks later, which was 7 days and not unusually heavy. The missed two periods until I had my next one in mid May, except for one morning I woke up and was laying in fresh blood. I was bleeding extremely heavy (4 heavy pad in an hour with leakage) but then it stopped. A month later when I started it came in gushes instead of a steady flow. I would soak through pads, tampons, and clothing within seconds and it would last for about an hour (again 4-6 pads an hour with additional tampons) I have now being going this for 16 days. Every few hours I will have heavy gushes that flood. It's literally pouring out of me. I have had 2 different mirenas over the last 7 years. My second had to be removed because of large ovarian cyst were forming and my string had been removed during my first leap. Therefore I haven't had a period or more than spotting in years.. Is this amount of bleeding normal? I am also on bc pills to try to keep cyst down. My husband is very worried but it's is affecting my life to the point I can't even have company in my own home bc I fear blood will just start pouring down my legs even with protection. I called Friday to make an appt but they had left for the day. It's now Saturday and I'm weak, HR 115, headaches, fatigue, cramps, and now seem emotionally worn down. also my supraclavicular lymph nodes are slightly swollen.

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Menstruation :: Still Bleeding After 3 Weeks Of Periods

I had my period three weeks ago i'm still bleeding and it's getting heavier is this normal

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Menstruation :: Bleeding Heavier Afterwards My Periods

I have a concern i start my period and it was all normal and i stopped when i should have but then like 4 days i started bleeding again and it is heavy bleeding and i have clots when i pee i'm really scared this has never happened to me before can someone please tell me whats going on and what should i do

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Menstruation :: Irregular Bleeding On Primolut N Tablets

I have been having irregular bleeding twice a month and very heavy too though i am on primolut N tablets as given by the doctor. Even on tablets i am bleeding. My doctor has done all ultrasounds,a through internal checkup and given me all ok but i still bleed.

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Menstruation :: Brown Discharge - Implantation Bleeding?

My gf period was from the 16th to the 20th. Two days after she wanted to have unprotected sex, she put it in, but literally 5 seconds after I made her get up. I didn't ***. And I know precum can have sperm if I ejaculated earlier and didn't go pee before sex. But I know for sure I went to the bathroom after my last ejaculation because it was probably a couple days ago. Anyway. She ovulated on the 29th; The 14th day of her cycle. I think this was the day because she had light cramps and was craving sex. On the 2nd of June she has bleeding. A brown discharge. It was enough that she would have used a tampon for, not spotting. At first I was scared of implantation bleeding but it says on average is happens 9 days after ovulation with a range of 6 to 12. It had only been 4 days. I know she has been stressing, and she tried weed for the first time recently. But could that really cause this discharge. After considering all these factors, even if my precum did have sperm it's a very small chance that the sperm got to the egg with having to last 7 whole days to ovulation. I know ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE, but Its just not adding up to be implantation bleeding. What else could this be?

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Menstruation :: Vaginal Bleeding - Brown Discharge

On December 14 I fell pretty hard, the next morning I had vaginal bleeding, most brown discharge but some red also, this lasted about 2 days. No pain, dizziness, headache, nothing. I had my regular cycle on December 22, which was completely normal. On December 30 I got a tattoo, and again I had brown discharge for about 24 hours. On January 2 I bumped my elbow, and again brown discharge for about 24 hours. Yesterday ( January 3) I cut my finger pretty bad, and started to bleed almost immediately after, not brown discharge, but bight red blood. I know that I should go to the dr, but I don't have a regular Dr, and the er just pushes you through without any real answers then refers you to a Dr, which will require insurance, which I don't have.

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Menstruation :: Copper IUD For 3 Years And Just Started Bleeding For A Month

Just curious if anyone has had this problem. I have had my paragaurd IUD for 3 years. Prior to this one I had one for 6 years with no problems whatsoever. Almost a month ago I started my period. It started strange with a clear pinkish watery discharge followed by thick brownish discharge. About 2 weeks later I passed something that was flesh colored and about the size of a dime. I thought it might be a miscarriage so i took a pregnancy test with a negative result. I have been continuously bleeding since then. This has been a total of a month now. I am very scared but unfortunately I can't be seen for another week. Up until now my periods have been every 21 days and lasted for 5-7 like clockwork. Has anyone experienced anything like this? FYI I have been in a monogamous relationship for 2 1/2 years and had STD testing with my last annual a year ago.

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Menstruation :: Bleeding A Brown Pinkish Spotting One Day After Period

I've been trying to find out what's going on. But I had my period for the 7 days it's always been like and the stoped that 7th day and then the very next day started bleeding a brown pinkish spotting with no smell I have had 2 kids and never have this happens to me could it still be my period or implantation bleeding I'm so confused?

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Menstruation :: Heavy Bleeding And Clots - Alysena - Birth Control

I recently had sex for the first time in about 6 months and it was the week before my period started. I am on birth control (Alysena) and have been on this particular one for about 5 years. My boyfriend and I had sex while I was on my period and a few days later my period became very heavy and I started seeing clots every time I went to the bathroom. At this point I have had my period for 8 days even though I have already taken 5 pills out of a new pack. My periods have never been very heavy or long, with the exception of a few times, but it's definitely abnormal. Is this normal after having sex for the first time in a long time?

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Menstruation :: Lower Abdominal Pain, Back Pain, Light Bleeding

My husband and I have been trying to get pregnant for a few months now... However, this past period has been very weird.  I got my period the day after I was supposed to this month but it only lasted a day or two and it was very LIGHT bleeding and cramps which is abnormal for me.  It stopped for about four days and then I started noticing small clots of blood and light bleeding along with lower back pain and lower abdominal pain.  I made a doctors appointment and he did a pelvic exam and said as far as he can tell everything seems normal but would like me to come back and do an ultrasound just to be sure... However, I do not want to go due to financial issues.  It has now been about 2 weeks that I have been having spotting, light cramps, although today they are much worse, headaches, and tiredness.  I have not been nauseated and I have not had a fever or anything... Has this happened to anyone before??? I am just so worried that whatever this is will stop me from being able to get pregnant.  My Mom keeps telling me it is normal but I am worried.

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Menstruation :: Spotting, Bleeding And Then Spotting

I'm here because my spotting-bleeding-spotting is confusing me. I have a regular 28 day cycle, on TTC but stopped with all the procedure couple of months ago, still tracking my fertile period.

Then this spotting started on the first day of my ovulation May 29, exactly 14 days after my 1st day period may 15. from spotting it went to slight bleeding (I thought it would stop, enough to fill a panty liner). I

t is already June 10 as I'm writing this and still spotting a little though(still have those brown discharges).

I'm expecting my period tomorrow. I wish and hope its implantation or breakthrough bleeding but I am more "worried".


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Menstruation :: Spotting, Bleeding , Spotting

i had my first day of my period last august 18 then a week after i started to have dark brown spotting and dark red or like maroon light bleeding for 3 days then this September 12 i noticed a dark red that turns brown spotting on my liner and dark red light bleeding 2 days before my period is due that is September 14,on that day i think i had my period because it became heavy like my first day of period im scared whats happening to me.

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How Many Of You Have Nexplanon?

How many of you have nexplanon? Could you get pregnant of it?

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