Metronidazole :: Stopping After 3 Days - When I Can Drink?

Jun 9, 2014

I was perscribed the drug before the results of my culture were in. I just learned that my culture is negative, soI stopped taking it.  My last dose was close to 24 hrs. ago. How long do I have to wait before having a drink, after just 3 doses?

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Lansoprazole :: Chest Pain After Stopping - Only Took It For 3 Days

I was put on 15mg of Lansoprazole by my GP as I've been getting interjestion and heartburn from my heart medication. Had a heart attack in August. After taking it for a few days it was making things worse not better so decided to stop taking it. First day ( yesterday ) I felt 'rough' in the afternoon and had to go to bed early. I have felt even worse today and have been having chest pains off and on all day. I have now had chest pain for about an hour and half. It is not the unbearable kind of pain I had when I had my heart attack and I have no pain else where but I have come close to using my GTN spray . I am also constipated and have wind.

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Menstrual Cycle :: 44 Years Old Bleeding Again After Stopping My Period 4 Days Ago

I am 44 years old. I just stopped bleeding 4 days ago after having my regular period which usually lasts a week. I started again today. this has never happened before. Very concerned

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Pelvic Inflammatory Disease - Ciprofloxacin And Metronidazole - Still Pain

I was diagnosed with PID last week Monday. The ultrasound scan revealed prominent collection of fluid behind my uterus. I was told to do a HVS/MCS. The result showed scanty growth of Escherichia coli. Before this result came out, I started treatment with ciprofloxacin and metronidazole IV for 4 days with pain killers. Follow up with drugs to complete 10days. I still have sever pain in my legs,lower abdomen and lower back. I had an ovary removed last year August because I had ovarian cyst. Please I need help. It's been 2 weeks plus now in pains. I'm tired of this pain.

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Metronidazole Reaction :: Flu, Dizzy, Chest Pain And Body Aches

I was prescribed metronidazole 200mg for a tooth infection, yesterday. I took 1 tablet as prescribed with a glass of water and food at lunchtime. Soon afterwards I felt confused and slightly dizzy, cheeks flushed. After work, approx 3 hours later I was frozen and aching all over - like a bad dose of flu, couldn't keep awake, kept getting stabbing chest pains, my back and legs were and still are very painful - keep taking paracetamol to ease the pain. I have quite severe head and neck ache and have no appetite. Have a dry mouth and have been drinking lots of water. As for the toothache - that seems to be the least of my worries. At the moment I feel very washed out and weak. The Dentist has given me a different prescription and can't understand the symptoms I have described. It is now 24 hours since taking tablet and I am now feeling a bit better.

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Metronidazole :: Side Effects - Hot-flashes Combined With Freezing Cold Spells

I thought I was truly going round the bend after 2 and half days on Metronidazole. I slept for 10 hours last night, have had mega hot-flushes combined with freezing cold spells during the past 2 nights and feel like a total zombie. I am not going to take anymore of them as I'm also on penicillin 4 times a day for a tooth infection. If the tooth is still sore once I finish the pen. then I'll ask the Dr. for something else, but hopefully it won't come to that.

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Metronidazole :: Prior To Tooth Extraction - Side Effects - Headache/migraine, Itching/sore Skin

I was prescribed a 3 day course for a possible dental infection I have, prior to having the tooth extracted. The side effects I am experiencing are tremendous, I have headache/migraine, itching/sore skin, vomiting, diarrhoea... Stopped taking them but only have 1 in the course left. How long do they last?

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Periods Heavy For 2 Days, Medium For 2 Days, Then Light For 1-2 Days

Please tell me is my period flow normal. I used to get 5-6 day periods, heavy for 2 days, medium for 2 days, then light for 1-2 days until it tapered off and ended. It was this way even when I was on birth control.

For the past few months now, I have been getting 3-4 day periods, where the first day is really just some spotting indicating my period is going to be starting. The second day is my heavy day. The third day is medium light. The 4th day is light. I'm still on birth control. I am 30 years old now.

Also last month, my period color was dark brown and I also had some black colored clotting during my heavy day. I know some blood clots are normal during menstruation, I had them all my life. But this blood clot was black. Again this month on my heavy day, I had black colored clot. It was a dime size clot. Size was not large. Is black color clotting anything to worry about? I do not see red blood these past two periods like I am used to seeing. I am seeing mostly brown and/or black.

And how can I increase my menstrual flow. I am worried that my endometrium lining is thinning and can cause a problem when I do try for children.

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Menopause :: Feeling Out Of Sorts - Good Days / Bad Days

For the past year i have had many strange symptoms in varying degrees, good days/bad days, good weeks/bad weeks.

Here is a list of my symptoms

Lack of energy, Extreme tiredness/fatigue,feeling faint (although never fainted),dizzy on and off but always dizzy up to a week before my period,  one very bad period of 4 months vertigo. Jelly legs,shaky inside, feeling weak as though I've had the flu or something but I've not even had a cold this year.Palpitations, feeling detached, feeling like i'm about to loose consciousness (very odd feeling) the feeling you get just as you are about to go to sleep, Brain fog.Sensitive to light, eyes often become bloodshot. Headaches/migraine. Sometimes feel so cold inside & cannot seem to warm up.Periods of insomnia, bladder irritability especially in week before period, episodes of what i now call bladder fizz where bladder so irritable it feels like i have fizzy liquid in my bladder cannot sleep through this sensation sometimes accompanied by the feeling of a red hot needle going up the urethra (would be interested to know if anyone else gets this & any remedies please? A pain I get on either side low down about where pubic hair begins pain seems to radiate to back & sometimes down into the thigh on the side of where the pain begins, doesn't seem to coincide with ovulation & randomly happens (ibuprofen usually takes it off after a couple of hours) Bloating & times of excessive wind.Monthly cyst like spots on jaw line, hair sprouting on chin & upper lip (invested in a home laser scanner) Hair beginning to thin at temples.

Food cravings for something salty & chocolate particularly before period.

I am almost 53 so after reading forums on here have come to the conclusion that its menopause & not some mysterious illness, thought I might have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, just didn't realise there were so many different symptoms of menopause.

Last year I did have very bad night sweats & hot flushes but they have reduced greatly, I take vit 6, eat plenty of fresh fruit/veg/salads, chicken, fish, flax seeds/chia seeds.

I'm so pleased to have found this forum & to find i'm not the only one suffering through this and not going mad, hope this might help someone else.

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HSV From Sharing A Drink?

How likely is it to contract herpes or another STD from drinking off of another person's glass? I accidently took a sip off of my friends drink and I'm terrified I have contracted something. She didn't have a cold sore at the time or in the days prior.

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Pregnancy :: One Caffeine Drink A Day ?

I was just curious if it's OK to have at least one caffeine drink a day? I'm a ftm and I will be 33 weeks tomorrow.

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HIV Prevention :: Drink And Cup Sharing?

Last night u had a couple friends over. I recently got my wisdom teeth taken out and this afternoon I used a new cup to rinse but as I rinsed with salt water I noticed some brown spots in the cup. It grossed me out and a family member said maybe someone used by accident. I know my one friend used a plastic cup but I thought he threw it out and I'm pretty sure he did. But I'm not sure if this friend may have hiv and if I used the same cup the next day with wisdom tooth surgery happening 5 days ago could I be at risk for transmission if he does have it? I'm incredibly paranoid and nervous

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Menopause :: Thirsty - Can't Seem To Get Enough To Drink

This is going to sound weird, but is anyone else really really thirsty? I can't seem to get enough to drink. Of course I've been short of breath so maybe that has something to do with it? So tired of this.

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How Much Water Can I Drink A Daily?

How much Water can I drink a day? What's the maximum amount?

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Alcohol :: What's Best To Drink With Orlistat ?

I don't drink a lot but got a few family do's coming up what alcoholic drink is best to drink while on orlistat?  

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Alcohol :: Anyone Drink With Pregabalin?

anyone drink with pregabalin? 

is it safe? any side effects?


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Orlistat :: Can I Drink Alcohol

I'm 6 days into it and feeling great .i missed my wine over the weekend will it slow my weight loss by having it.

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Propranolol :: Panic Attacks - Can Have A Drink Or 2 Again?

I've had panic attacks for a year and half now i take 40mg x3 propranolol and 10 mg x2 citalopram a day. Which has touch wood seemed to cease my attacks now for 4 months. 1st 1 was bad an hour and 10 mins of thinking i was dying plus i have 2 set of twins who were following me round watching it all.! However i really really miss having the occasional wine as i quit drinking and quit smoking weed a year and a half ago i wasn't a major pot head i had 1 or 2 j's on the night 2 chill me out. Now any sort of buzz puts me off so i quit everything including caffeine. So my question is is there any way i can have a drink or 2 again?!? i do miss my odd glass of wine but as soon as i try my heart races so i don't bother. Help any advice welcome i think i know what will be said! Just don't drink.

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Pregnancy :: Gender - What To Drink Before Ultrasound

I have An ultrasound tomorrow. To find out the gender of my baby I'm only 15 weeks and I was wondering if I could get some advice On what to eat or drink before the ultrasound so my baby is active .?

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Herpes :: Sharing Someones Drink?

I am really stressed out because i have a very bad health mouth because of tonsils and also oral thrush (white patches) on back of the mouth, if i try someone else's drink with that kind of health but he/she has no herpes, could i get the disease? No kissing just sharing drinks..

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Sharing Drink With HIV Positive Friend

I accidentally drank out of a glass that my friend who has hiv was drinking out of (the two glasses were right next to each other). I don't know if he was bleeding but if we can assume there was in fact blood Can hiv survive in water? Can it transmit like this? I don't know if i had any open wounds too so if we assume i did as well is it possible? Or would this count as an environmental transmission that is nonexistent.

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