Nasal Basal Cell Carcinoma Removal

Aug 10, 2015

I have recently undergone 12 weeks of trauma, including 4 operations under general anaesthetic for a basal cell carcinoma on the side of my nose.  It is a legacy from one I had removed 10 years ago, which wasn't totally removed.  I went to my GP last year about this lump and she said it was just scar tissue.  In February I felt uneasy about this and went back and she referred me to the Maxillofacial Department at our local hospital.  I saw the Consultant on 12th May, 5 days after I buried my Dad and my feet never hit the ground until my final op. on 27th July.  I had a paramedian skin flap op. where they take a vein from your forehead attached to the skin graft and attach it to your nose for 5 weeks then snip the bit outside and and put the vein back in with a couple of stitches.  I am still in a bit of shock at the speed this was all done and I was wondering if anyone out there has had this done this way.

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Basal Cell Carcinoma :: Ellipse Excision VS. Electrodesiccation?

I have two options: Ellipse Excision (most invasive) and Curettage and Electrodesiccation (least invasive). Derm says with C and D she is not able to tell me if after the surgery all basal cell carcinoma are removed as there is no pathology testing. I'm nervous thinking about what I want the most. Has anyone on the Cancer board had either of these two surgeries. If so, which one was most successful?

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Skin Cancer :: Basal Cell Carcinoma On Face

Definitely have the Mohs procedure done and not radiation on the face. I had it just done, they had to cut the size of a nickel out, and did a skin graft over. But it's gone, and over. I am healing now.

New to the forum..and quite frankly this is all still a bit surreal to me. I was diagnosed with basal cell carcinoma on my face above my lip. I never knew it was cancer and initially, when it first appeared on my face (when I was 18!), I thought it was a huge pimple. Eventually it healed into a flesh toned bump and it looked like a raised flesh colored mole, about 0.3 cm in its largest surface dimension.

This whole time I thought it was a poorly healed acne spot and now that I am 24, I decided to go see a dermatologist to have this removed (for cosmetic reasons). He ended up sending it to get biopsied to be safe and it ended up being cancer!

Now, I'm torn between doing Mohs or proceeding with radiation. Since it was in my face for 6 years, I'm afraid maybe the root grew deeper into my skin and they would have to cut out more tissue. All the Google images of post Mohs surgeries look so scary and I'm beginning to feel a bit traumatized that I'll have to go through this on my face.

Can anyone weigh in on how their Mohs surgery/scar healed? If they were to cut out a dime-sized area on your face, would they stitch you up after or would they leave it as an open wound and let it heal that way? What are the implications of how they close the surgery on the scar you are left with afterward? How many days/weeks do you have to wait for the open wound to start looking like a healing scar?

Because of this, I almost want to proceed with radiation so that I don't have to deal with waiting weeks for the scar to heal (I work full time in an office and enjoy going out to hang out in my leisure time, I would not want to be out if I had an open wound healing on my face). I like that it's less invasive and I know that they won't be cutting out a huge part of my face. What worries me about Mohs is that I won't know how big of a chunk they'll be taking off my face. I know Mohs is the gold standard for removing all of the cancer, but radiation treatments can have up to 95%-98% cure rate. IF my basal cell were to recur after proceeding with radiation treatments, would it recur in the same place or would it pop up somewhere else on my face? How does recurrence usually work with basal cell carcinoma?

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Cancer :: Invasive Squamous Cell Carcinoma Of Lip

Just diagnosed, surgery this coming week. Anyone have experience with this? Don't feel confident in doctors, have lots of questions.

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Skin Cancer :: Merkel Cell Carcinoma Diagnoses

My husband was just diagnosed with a rare and aggressive cancer of the skin called Merkel Cell Carcinoma on his forehead. It was seen previously by our family physician who thought it was just a cyst.

He has received a wide excision of the tumour, but they did not do a SLNB ( sentinel lymph node biopsy).

Though we've been told the borders are clear, from all the research we have been reading, a lymph node biopsy is recommended for accurate staging of the disease and better survival. We are currently awaiting an appointment with an oncologist at Juravinski Cancer Centre in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.

We'd love to hear from anyone with information regarding Canadian expertise in this area and failing that, any info. or recommendations to clinics known for their knowledge in treating this. There are many doctors who just don't know anything about it and we are searching for the doctor with experience treating MCC. We are already behind because the plastic surgeon didn't automatically forward the initial biopsy report to our family physician and we went back to the office to request a follow-up with the Cancer Clinic. In the meantime, we hope we will hear soon from Juravinski, since we'd like to get going if he's to do that biopsy and any radiation follow-up treatment.

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Allergies :: Removal Of Nasal Concha, Disadvantages?

I have some problems with allergies (mites, etc.). In addition to some other nasal ailments.

I shall therefore be cut away my the nasal concha, but what is the disadvantage of removing those? I do not think the actual surgery, but the nasal concha must surely have a function? Perhaps it’s a function that I'm going to miss when they are removed.

My native language is not English, am I not quite sure if nasal concha is the correct English word to use. The latin word is concha nasalis.

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Deviated Septum Operation? Nasal Obstruction (breathing Difficulties) And Nasal Drip

I have suffered with Nasal obstruction(breathing difficulties)and Nasal Drip(continuous mucus draining down the back of throat)for over 8years and have been prescribed all the usual sprays,anxiety pills,breathing strips, etc.

My latest consultant advises I need an operation to treat a deviated septum(restricted airway on one side of nose).

I was also told by one consultant that I had collapsed airways due to my age(70) and nothing could be done.

Has anyone had this operation,and if so, did you have relief from nasal drip and improved breathing through the airways.

My quality of life is poor,with low energy during the day and nighttime breathing problems that cause me to be awake most of the time.

I am looking to make contact with someone that has had surgery or experiencing the same symptoms as mine.

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Nasal Polyps :: Breathing Difficulty, Stuffy Nose, Facial Pain And Post Nasal Drip

I have just been diagnosed has having Nasal polyps. My symptoms have been so bad that I haven't worked in 14 years.  I have the usual symptoms of breathing difficulty, stuffy nose, facial pain & a post nasal drip.  I also have other symptoms like dizziness/lightheadedness, blurry vision, pressure in my head.  I feel like I am walking on a bouncy castle 24/7.  i wanted to know if anyone else who has nasal polyps, has ever experienced any dizziness or eye sight problems. I have had my eyesight checked recently and its near perfect yet I cannot see properly.

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Nasal Polyp History :: Nasal Dryness And Pain In Left Eye

Two weeks ago, I woke up with pain in my left nostril.  I thought it was a pimple and would go away, but the pain is shooting into my left eye and temple area off and on.  Is this nasal dryness I am experiencing or could it be something more serious?  It is strange that I suddenly felt it overnight.  I have history of polyp in this area but wasn't big enough to cause a concern 2 years ago.  I am trying to keep area moist with argan and almond sweet/vitamin e oil but hear that I shouldn't keep doing that, lipoid pneumonia may result in repeat use.  Saline spray makes it worse.  I will go in eventually to check it out, but this ENT Dr. I have usually blows me off.  He is not the compassionate type and to see another specialist is an hour away.

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Cancer :: Neuroendocrine Tumor (Carcinoma)

In 2013 I was diagnosed with N.E.T. malignant of the ilium where small intestine meet large intestine.  They found it during a colonoscopy, when they did the surgery to remove they found one more tumor in the appendix.  The tumor in the intestine was 3 cm and the one the the appendix was 1 cm. The one in the intestine went through the wall so they took lymph nodes 12 found only 11 - 1+ , so they said they needed to keep an eye on me for 2 years.  These are they results of my chromogranin test which don't make sense to me???

Close to surgery date when I had 2 positive tumors

Chromogranin A

9/13   53.    <93
2/14.  97.    <93
4/14.  76.    <93
7/14.  60.    <93
7/15.  92.    <93

With the 7/15 test they found 3 enlarged lymph nodes around the surgery area during the C.A.T. scan but very slightly enlarged like 2 mm enlarged each not enough for him to worry. But he's going to retest in January, he said it might be just an infection around the surgical site.  But he did a full blood work up and my count wasn't up.  

During the 2 years since the surgery I have had extreme pain in the surgical site and in another site in there they've done all external testing they can but when I suggested a colonoscopy to view the surgical site they said my Oncologist said one was not needed to view tumors.  

I asked my primary care doctor to speak to the gastrointestinal doctor and they refused to do the test. So I went outside the hospital that did my surgery they refused to do the test saying go back to the place you had your previous test done. So how do I know if this is from the surgical site or the lymph nodes since when I actually had to malignant tumor's my levels were within normal range?

If you need to know more please ask .  At this point I'm having a very hard time trusting my physician care.  

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Thyroid Cancer :: Papillary Carcinoma - Hypoechoic Mass Lesion?

A few months back my Dr was checking my thyroid - said it felt soft - sent me for blood tests (MANY hypothyroid symptoms!) (which were ok - TSH only 1.1) and an ultrasound which showed a small 8x7x7mm hypoechoic mass lesion on the lower left lobe of my thyroid. I had a FNA biopsy two weeks ago, today actually, and already found out last Friday that 2 of the 3 pathologists said they can't say what it isn't but to remove it asap and the 3rd said absolutely consistent with papillary carcinoma and to remove it asap as well... so now I am just waiting to have it removed. My Dr absolutely agrees and said get it out! He said depending how bad it is they will decide whether they just remove the mass but will possibly remove the whole thyroid... do they end up doing two surgeries or do they get in there and see its worse then they thought and make the decision right then and there? He explained it is THE cancer to have - although no one wants any cancer... that it is very treatable etc. I'm just stressed and wondering about the whole thing. Is it normal to have normal thyroid levels but have PC?

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HIV From Nasal Suction?

I am very sad because my nose was fractured 2week ego and ENT doctor use one metal suction to stop my nose bleeding and I am not sure that suction was clean or noi f suction wasn't clean ,for example with blood of another person ...(but i am sure that 5-7 minute before me no one was in the room )
is this risk of hiv?

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How Often Can You Take Nasal Decongestants?

I suffer from nasal polyps and a lot of pain/inflammation, especially in my upper sinuses/around sides of my head/behind my ear. Over the last couple of months I have particularly been congested, unusually to the point where it was affecting my breathing through my nose. Last week I decided to try an oxymetazoline nasal spray (Vicks), and whilst it doesn't completely alleviate my symptoms, it has significantly opened up my nasal passages and I can breathe easily again. I also feel that it may be allowing my fluticasone propionate steroid nasal drops (Flixonase nasules) to get further into my sinuses. I am going to stop taking it today, as the instructions say not more than 7 days, but I was wondering when I would be able to start taking it again safely without risk of rebound? ie. can I have a schedule of eg. 1 week on, 1 week off, or 1 week a month when I take it?

Also, is it safe to switch between that and oral decongestants such as pseudoephedrine, or if I go from one to the other then that is effectively the same problem as taking it for longer from the point of view of rebound?

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Exercise After Nasal Cauterization?

I had my nose cauterized not even 3 hours ago, it was the left side and I have the right side due in two weeks. Since I got home I've been researching what I can expect etc and I've read a few articles that suggest avoiding exercise for the next week or two? Is this necessary? I go to the gym 6 days a week and do a mixture of long runs, short and intense interval runs, weights and core work. When can this be resumed? I also train in boxing however I was fully expecting to have to put this on hold for however long it takes for my nose to heal but when will I be able to carry on with this and get hit without risking undoing what the doctor has done to my nose? On a separate note, my nose is quite sore, its extremely runny and I feel like I have a cold, when can I expect to feel like my normal self?

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My Nasal Polyps Experience

The nasal polyps were very unpleasant, causing continual blocked nose together with the sensation of the polyp moving as I breathed. I had them removed by surgery and it was completely pain free throughout, although the anaesthetic injection was a bit sharp. I had no postoperative pain at all and only a trace of bleeding.

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Nasal Polyps - What Are The Symptoms?

What are the symptoms? How do you know if you have one? I have alot of ear problems ..... I felt something deep inside my nose and it is a bubbly lump or something? Is that normal or is it something else? I already had two ents put a scope inside my nose and both said it was normal. Were they wrong or am I wrong?

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Nasal Polyps For Over 40 Years

has anyone else been tormented with Nasal Polyps? I have had them now for 40 years. I have them back again after 10 ya. Right now, they are at the back of my throat from my nasal area. What a nuisance. 

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Nasal Nausea? While Breathing Through Nose

I feel very nauseous every time I breathe through my nose. Im also retching every few minutes as it feels as though there's "something" right where I imagine my nasal passage and throat meet.

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ENT :: Nasal Passage Is Gradually Getting Narrower

I have had a breathing for about two years now, and every year it gets worst. My nasal passage is gradually getting narrower (i think) because i have realised that my fitness is getting affected this. I used to be able to run all game (soccer) but now after about 30 mins, i'm out of breath. i have not changed my diet or anything else. Most of the time i'm picking my nose just to try and open it and it very uncomfortable especially when i'm going to sleep. I can not breath at all. I don't know what kind of problem i have but in need answers really quick before it ruins my future!

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Sinusitis - Does A Nasal Spray Work? How Effective It Is?

Shether nasal sprays are effective in combating Sinusitis.

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Nasal Polyps :: Bad Mucus In The Back Of My Throat

I'm new at this and just been to see up my nose to look at my polyps. they look horrible and . im wishing i could get rid of them .

i've had them since november last year, i have a bad mucus in the back of my throat, all the time, and no sense of smell, no taste of food .my boyfriend says i snore and i think this is overriding my personal life and would like to hear from anyone.

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