Neurology :: Memory Loss And Muscle Weakness

Jun 3, 2016

Three weeks ago I noticed my daughter (age 38) could not remember anything from 10 or 15 minutes and kept asking the same questions - She seemed confused.   I took her to the hospital and they began running test.  After 2 days she was having difficulty standing so I had to help her stand and then she could walk -  after 4 days she could not stand or walk at all.     Her legs and arms both have some numbness, burning sensations, and pain.    The MRI scan shows no issues - they have run MRI, CatScan, EEG, EMG, Muscle Biopsy, Spinal Tap,  all sorts of blood work and after three weeks have found nothing except some vitamin deficiency.   She still cannot walk and has confusion and short term memory -   Has anyone heard of anything like this.   Is it possible that is vitamin deficiency? 

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Neurology :: Muscle Twitching, Soreness And Weakness

I am 27 years of age. I have always been physically active through gym workouts and soccer. About a couple of weeks ago I came back from a trip to Texas and started feeling lightheaded and minor headaches (possibly from drinking for a couple of days). A week later the ALS bucket challenge started spreading around social media, ******** more than anything. So I decided to donate for the cause. After donating, I went ahead and decided to educate myself on the disease and the symptoms.

That was probably the worst idea ever. A couple of days later I felt muscle soreness/weakness in my legs, arms and back. Then the twitching started in both of my legs (quads, calfs and bottom of my feet), arms (triceps areas and behind my shoulders). My initial reaction was ALS/MS, and I started freaking out. I went through a 3 day period in which I lost my appetite and felt fatigue,drained and had no desire to do anything at all. It has been a week now and the twitching has not gone away. I decided to go to the doctor and got some lab work done. The doctor stated that everything looked great. He even conducted a physical neurological exam and I passed. He stated it could be stress or dehydration. However, I have always tried to drink plenty of water during the day (at least 4 glasses a day). He recommended over the counter calcium 500mg and vitamin D 1,000 units.

My lab work came back normal (hemogram, BMP fasting, ALT, AST, TSH) but my body is still twitching and it feels sore at times. Yesterday, I got home and felt weakness on the top back of my right calf. I very concern and not able to concentrate on my daily activities (work and personal related activities).

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Neurology :: Muscle Fatigue And Perceived Weakness And Twitching

I have been having a slew of health problems recently but am still awaiting further testing. In the meantime, I am very stressed and having a hard time managing. I keep getting worried that my symptoms could be onset of ALS despite knowing how illogical it sounds. I am a 25 year old male.

First, I was diagnosed by my doctor with a sinus infection, although it was probably very slight. She prescribed me Augmentin and I took it for 5 days and immediately started feeling bad on it. After I quit taking it, I noticed some tingling in my hands and feet at work on Thursday the 11th. The next evening, Friday, my legs started to feel unsteady and heavy when I walked and my hands and arms remained tingly and had perceived weakness. On Monday morning, the 15th, I went to the ER and they believed I had Lyme Disease and prescribed me doxycycline. I took this for 7 days, but did not feel any better. I remained having perceived weakness primarily in my legs accompanied by muscle tightness, muscle soreness, and very slight, sporadic twitching all over. On the 19th, I saw a neurologist who dismissed my symptoms as not serious as my reflexes were ok (knees were slightly weak, but I was very tense during the test) and I was able to walk normal, it just felt strenuous. My lyme test came back negative and a second western blot also came back negative.

Currently, I continue to have all of my symptoms, including perceived weakness, muscle fatigue, soreness, tightness, and twitching.  Symptoms are present all over my body, but concentrated in my legs. When I lay down at night, my whole body will feel as if I had a sunburn and I am having difficulty sleeping because of my worrying. If I go out and walk, my legs gets very sore and tired much quicker than they ever did before. Additionally, I have been having a very dry mouth and tight feeling throat. My PCP believes it to be either post-viral syndrome, mild MBS, or the least likely, MS. Others have suggested b12 or vitamin d deficiency. I have an MRI scheduled next week and an appointment with a different neurologist.

Other info:

-Was prescribed zoloft and am less than one week in to taking it. I believe it may be increasing the shakiness of my hands and my stress, as it takes some time to adjust to it.

-Was prescribed ambien to sleep. I'll sleep for about four hours straight, but then have a hard time continuing to sleep once I wake up. I believe I might be twitching or jerking in my sleep which wakes me.

-I tried to go to the gym on the 24th and run and lift weights. The next day, it felt like it really set me back, as I was much more sore and my legs seemed more unsteady.

-Began taking b12, b complex, magnesium, D vitamins.

-Had multiple blood tests. The only abnormal result was a positive ANA for speckled at 1:80. I read this can be a pretty common result.

-Less than 2 years ago, I had shingles.

Any thoughts on what could be wrong with me?

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Neurology :: Loss Hand Muscle But Results Are Normal

my daughter is 18 years old and has lost muscle tissue in her left hand the doctors recommended x-ray and MRI and also EMG all the results came out normal. the problem is she cant put her socks on and hold things with her hand at times. so I guess my question is has this been heard of.  also we went to even a centre for reconstructive surgery and he was also confused saying he has never seen a case like this. My daughter is frustrated and we have no answers.

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Hyperthyroidism :: Muscle Weakness, Sleeping Troubles, Dizziness And Weight Loss

I have been diagnosed with hyperthyroidism.  My labs have all come back normal except my TSH.  June (0.114) and July ( 0.281) lab normal (.486 to 5.0)...I have been taking beta blocker propranolol for a month. I hate it.  My heart rate is still high first in the morning 113. I have muscle weakness, sleeping troubles, dizziness, weight loss ,dry eyes and extreme fatigue.

Just consulted with an naturopath... Any advice?

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Muscle Disorders :: Muscle Wasting And Weakness

Although I try to be as active as possible my muscles are making life for me difficult, as for years they have been wasting, causing pain and tiredness. All other symptoms point to Fibromyalgia, which I believe doesn't cause muscle wasting.....also have Osteoarthritis.  My muscle problems started in my mid. now 63 and is much worse.  Recent blood tests show normal muscles values....but something must be wrong as my energy level is very low.  Has anyone been /going through the same??


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Thyroid :: Hashimoto's - Hair Loss, Depression, Anger, Memory Loss And Weight Gain

I am a 25 year old female and I was diagnosed with Hashimoto's Disease probably around 2012 or so. I take 75MCG every morning and I do blood tests about once or twice a year to make sure my levels are stable. What I need help with are symptoms. My boyfriend has been very supportive, he was the reason I went to get the initial blood test because he said my symptoms reminded him of Graves Disease and it worried him. Well, I went to the doctor and got the tests done and he told me I had Hashimotos. Since then, my boyfriend has told me that he hasn't seen any improvement in my symptoms, in fact he thinks they've gotten worse. I have looked at a lot of different lists of symptoms that people with Hashimoto's Disease can experience and I experience a lot of them. I'll list the ones I experience the most and a little bit of a description to each so maybe someone can help me with what I need to do to feel better because honestly it makes me miserable.

-Hair Loss - Every time I brush or wash my hair there is always tons of hair in the brush or tub. It's everywhere all the time, I shed like the cats.

- Depression - I don't know if it is actually depression, but a lot of the time I feel like I'm just not good enough to be around anyone. I'll find myself crying at ridiculous moments with absolutely no reason for it. I also find myself thinking that people I know (and can acknowledge even when I'm feeling this way) love and care for me, and yet I still think they don't care about me and will abandon me at the drop of the hat, which breaks me down mentally.

- Stress - This is probably one of my worst symptoms. I am always stressed out about something, even ridiculous things that shouldn't be stressing me out. One of the biggest things I stress about is what I mentioned with the depression. I feel like my friends and loved ones are going to abandon me at any minute, which scares me and results in me lashing out at them in ways that if I can't control it soon enough may result in them actually leaving, which terrifies me and just puts me into a never ending loop of stress and depression.

- Anger - I can't seem to rationalize other people's behaviors. Completely normal behaviors that don't normally bother me result in me lashing out and screaming at people and saying things that I don't mean to say.

- Memory Loss - This is a really bad symptom. I forget things very quickly. If I don't actively keep it in my mind, I won't remember it. A perfect example, when I was still in college I was walking through town with some people and when we were going back to the dorms I made a comment about a truck I saw. I used to see it all the time and hadn't seen it in a while so I made the comment. The people I was with looked at me really confused and just flatly stated "You said the exact same thing when we walked by it on the way out" and I honestly don't remember seeing it at any point that day. In fact I didn't remember seeing it for around 5 months, and yet they claimed that I made the exact same comment I just had, earlier that day. It really messes with my head when people tell me that I did or said something and I can't remember doing it to save my life.

- Weight - Before I started taking synthroid I weighed 110 lbs, after I started taking it I gained like 30 lbs and I can't lose it. I'm stuck between 135 and 140 (I'm about 5'6" tall)

- Headaches - I get headaches on a daily basis. Sometimes they're really bad but generally they're just a slight discomfort in my frontal lobe area.

- Sleep - It takes me forever to fall asleep and even when I do I can't stay asleep and then I feel exhausted all day when I wake up, as if I never slept at all.

Another thing I've noticed and that is that sometimes I feel like I can't swallow properly, I always feel like I have to yawn to get a lung full of oxygen, and my nails curl downward along the curve of the tip of my fingers on like 3/5 fingers.

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Lupus :: Severe Joint Pain And Weakness, Muscle Weakness, Bone Pain

for the past week I had severe joint pain and weakness, muscle weakness, bone pain in extremities ( had a blood test for lupus and RA[ no family history of either] Starting to get a bit better as long as I rest. recently sexually active with one person, now I just noticed feeling swollen like I was getting a UTI ( hurt when I urinate), but noticed it hurt in my vagina not urethra, checked and there are 4 small red bumps in my right labia minora and 1 in my left labia minora-odorless, feels inflamed and hurts now. Is this related to possible lupus or separate problem? I feel exhausted and run down.

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Candesartan 8mg :: Arm Muscle Weakness And

for a few days candesartan was helpful then the side effects set in. especially dizziness and arm muscle pain and elbow joint anyone else have this problem

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ALS :: Muscle Weakness And Burning

I've been having muscle weakness and burning in my arms and legs and back for about 8 months now and am so afraid that I have als or ms. I was wondering how long does it take for als and ms to manifest ? This is causing me great stress and depression.

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Prednisone :: Muscle Weakness In One Leg?

The last 2 months I've had tightness in my left buttock while on Prednisone.  For the first while I could walk if off but for the last month it is constantly there but only when I walk, and sometimes shifts to the left leg's inner thigh, the result being I find I'm sort of limping.  Has anyone had something like this?  It could be a disc in the lower back pressing on a nerve affecting the muscles in the buttock and thigh, or maybe it's just muscle weakness resulting from the Prednisone.  I'm in a quandary how to tackle it, see a physio, chiro, massage therapist.   I've found that since I've had PMR 2 years ago anyone working with their hands on me greatly aggravates things so I'm unsure where to turn.

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Neurology :: Pituitary Removed And Visual Field Loss

I might have had 2 or 3 mild headaches in my life.

6 months ago i had most of my pituitary gland removed due to Cushing's Disease.

3 months ago i had a visual field test that showed possible swelling around the optic nerve.

6 weeks  ago i started waking with headaches at about 4.30am ! i would sleep more then wake later with less of a headache but when i stood up i would get a whooshing sound in my ears and a throbbing in the top of my head. i told me GP. She said its normal when you first stand up ( Normal My #$$, if it was normal wouldnt it have been happening all my life, anyway i digress lol ). So i had these headaches, i got blurred vision and my blood pressure went up to 234/127. So off i go to hospital for 4 days.They played around with my blood pressure meds and sent me home. I still had headaches, blurred vision and my BP was 180/105( now on 4 different BP meds ).

2 weeks ago i went and had a repeat of my visual field test. The Opthmalogist wasnt too happy, basically told me one quadrant of my vision in my left eye was gone. Said he would speak to my Endocrinologist !

2 days later i noticed what i can only describe as a smudge in my vision...very annoying, but not painful and yes i can still see. but im not driving, im too scared to. I drove one day and as it got darker i couldnt tell where the other cars on the road were, kind of a distortion thing i guess

My Endocrinologist rang the next day and said i need to go for an urgent i did.

That was 1 week ago. i have had no results, no phone calls. But i did get a letter advising me i have a Neurology outpatient appointment on 13th october ! i rang to confirm as i was waiting for an endocrine appointment. Hospital said, yes, the neurosurgeon refered you to neurolgy following your MRI. Hmmm thanks for that.

So now im trying to guess whats going on. Did my MRI show up something, if so what?, if not then why am i being referred to neurology?

I hate being in the dark. Yes i know i only have 2 weeks til i find out, but 2 weeks is hell when your second guessing.

Summary : i still have headaches ( they are for the most part mild, throbbing when i stand followed by whooshing in ears), vision has maybe slightly improved in last 2 days but still not normal. Blood pressure is still sitting around 180/105

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Neurology :: Hair Loss With Scalp Pain And Normal Labs

My hair has been falling out for 4 years and I also have scalp pain. It feels like someone has been pulling my hair.

Out on the occipital area. The pain comes and goes. I have had a biopsy by a dermatologist,  which was inconclusive.

I had an MRI, that was normal. Does anyone know who I should see or what to do? All labs normal!  

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Autoimmune Disorders :: Muscle Weakness

I am a 29 year old female and I was diagnosed with Hashimoto's Thyroiditis at the start of the year. I have been having problems with my right eyelid in that over the course of the day it progressively becomes droopy and the only thing that relieves it is when I close it. When it becomes droopy it makes my eye feel like there's something in it and I end up rubbing it. It's only when I look in the mirror that it's droopy.

In January  my endocrinologist ran an autoimmune profile (but not for every single antibody) and rheumatoid factor and these are the results of it:

Rheumatoid Factor - 9IU/mL (<20 negative)

HEP2 - Positive

Type - Speckled

Anti-DSDNA - 7IU/mL (<30 negative)

(Positive antinuclear antibodies but no significant disease association found)

ENA screen - Negative

Autoimmune profile

Antinuclear Abs - Positive

Anti-Smooth muscle Abs - Negative

Anti-Parietal Abs - Negative

Anti-Mitochondrial Abs - Negative

Anti-LKM Abs - Negative

Anti-Thyroid Peroxidase Abs (Anti-TPO) - 141 kIU/L (<34 negative)

I am posting here because I have a suspicion that I have Myasthenia Gravis. Not only have I got the problem with my eyelid but I tried to follow some physical tests for muscle weakness such as holding my arms out straight in front of me and deep knee bends.The results of these home tests I did:

Holding out arms stretched in front for 60 seconds - pain in both arms when it came up to the 60 seconds and left arm dropped slightly

10 deep knee bends - did all 10 knee bends but the last 3 made my legs feel weak and shaky

5 sit-ups (sitting from lying down) - could only manage 4 sit-ups

I have an appointment with my GP on Friday and since this has now appeared I'd like to mention my concerns to them.

My main concerns are :

Wouldn't my endocrinologist have tested me for Myasthenia Gravis if it's an autoimmune condition? If so what antibodies would she have tested and would any of the ones I had tested have shown I have Myasthenia Gravis?

Who do I need to request to see to get a confirmed diagnosis?

If it is indeed Myasthenia Gravis would it be because my current autoimmune condition made it worse? I have read that this is possible and I became very hypothyroid yesterday as I had very bad Reynaud's flares when out and about.

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Thyroid :: Joint And Muscle Weakness?

I was diagnosed about 4 months ago with Hashimoto's. I'm on 75 mcg of Unithroid. I've started having extreme joint pain and my hands are always swollen. Some days it's a chore to walk up the stairs at work. The only time I feel really good is in the evening about 7pm. Any suggestions on what this could be? Who do I see for my joints to rule out other autoimmune disorders?

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Thyroid :: Muscle Weakness After Surgery

Help! In 2001 I had a thyroidectomy. Immediately, my blood pressure, (which had always been remarkably low), shot through the ceiling and I've been on BP meds ever since. But I digress...

I was always super active. I skied, ran, kite boarded, hiked, biked... all a healthy and important part of my life. I even had booked a trip to climb Kilimanjaro for my 60th birthday in 2010 when I came down with Swine Flu, followed by a couple bouts of pneumonia. When I recovered, I tried to go back to skiing about three months later and found that I had lost muscle strength! I couldn't make turns (and that's a bad thing...) I got weaker and weaker. My doc had no clue. We checked heart, lungs. I was at low end of thyroid and adrenal levels, but "not a problem", I'm told. I'm not a drama person at all, but I really began to believe I was dying because I was getting weaker and felt like my energy was draining away.

At wit's end, I went (for the first time) to a brilliant naturopath who drastically improved my already good died and put my on Chinese meds. It took about three months, but I eventually stopped getting weaker and became stable. That was HUGE! Since, however, I've remained pretty stable and we keep trying other things but nothing has put me even close to where I was.

The best guess is that its related to thyroid or adrenal function. I dunno...

I can now make between 6-10 stairs before I have to stop for a few seconds to regroup. I can swim very short distances but never alone because when I run out of energy, its GONE and I have absolutely nothing left. This has drastically impacted my life and I want to be strong again!

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Hyperthyroidism :: Tremor And Muscle Weakness

I was diagnosed as hyperthyroid about five months ago. I am so much better now however the tremor in my hands and the muscle weakness in my arms and thighs doesn't seem to have subsided (or even lessened) at all like the rest of the symptoms. I am really worried that these are going to be permanent problems. Has anyone else had tremors and muscle weakness from this condition, and did it eventually go away or should I be preparing for this to be a lifetime issue? If yours did go away, how long did it take and did you need to take any particular supplements or do any particular exercises to help? 

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Muscle Cramps And Weakness For A Week ALS?

I've been worried sick about my health condition these days I can't function well in school. My arms and legs have been feeling weak and have been getting short but sharp cramps. They would also feel numb sometimes along with a tingling feeling. I also seldom feel some muscle twitching which are not painful.

This happened a day after a very mild workout. Since then I haven't exercised due to the weakness of both my arms and legs.

The results I've been getting from the internet had made it difficult for me to sleep and go out. I am terrified this could be ALS. Is there any chance, even a slight one, that this could not be something serious? I am almost convinced that this is ALS but I still have a small dash of hope that it isn't.

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Hypothyroidism :: Muscle Weakness And Fatigue

I'm feeling alone and not sure who to turn to ask and feeling like no one quite understands. My main concern is that sometimes when I get muscle weakness and feel tired, I start craving to eat and I can't stop myself even if I have already eaten well. Yesterday evening was the perfect example, Having eaten a full meal with vegetables, rice, noodles and chicken, I then followed it with a bowl of fruit with yoghurt. Very healthy, should have been enough. I then had a bowl of cereal with milk, handful after handful of cereal from the cupboard and other food I could lay my hands on. I managed to stop myself when the feeling of wanting to eat spoonfuls of sugar and golden syrup and sweets and chocolate out of the cupboard. I think felt overwhelming tiredness and ended up lying down unable to move all evening eventually falling asleep.

Today I am so shattered, I feel weak, tearful and tired and I have just been eating and eating all morning. I can't cope.

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Lipitor - Muscle Soreness And Weakness

I have been advised to take Lipitor but experienced muscle soreness and weakness. My doctor then reduced dosage, but it still had the same effect. He then recommended I take a low dosage two times a week as long as I could tolerate it. Will such a low dosage have any positive effect on reducing bad cholesterol?

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Memory Loss :: Can't Remember Certain Years

I can not remember what I did in 1996.  I have researched my personal papers but nothing can clearly tell me anything concrete.  

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