Neuropathic Pain :: Pain On Left Side Of Face - Tingling In Lip And Tounge

May 23, 2015

I suffer with pain on the left side of my face in the form of tingling feeling in the lip, gum, tongue, nostril and eye. Have been on amitriptlyne for a while and then on gabapentine and pregabalin but the last two gave me awful side effects so have come off them and just taking painkillers at the moment, but they don't do much at all. Has anyone tried a Tens Machine?  

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Ramipril :: Dizzy, Pain In Left Arm And Tingling In My Face

Been on 2.5 for the last week, my side affects are dizzy, pain in left arm ,and tingling in my face , and burning in my chest so not going to take any more , here's a good 1 as well my son of twenty who is diabetic has just been given ramipril 2.5 his blood pressure before taking them was 150/90 after 2 weeks it is now 175/130 ....

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Kidney Disorders :: Hematuria With Pain And Left Side Face Numbness

Please guide me with available informations for Hematuria having dysmorphic red cells ,pain,left side face numbness.

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ENT :: Left Eye And Side Of Face Swelling

About a week and a half ago I woke up to my left eye completely swollen shut. Doctor gave me antihistamine and antibiotic to cover allergic reaction and infection. Swelling significantly went down but never 100%. Eyelid still throbbing on occasion and throbbing to side of eye and in corner. Swelling has moved to side of face and under chin. Had cat scan and ultrasound and nothing abnormal but everyone notices the swelling except my doctor down plays it. Something is going and I'm super frustrated with what it could be.

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Trigeminal Neuralgia :: Sharp Pain In Right Side Of Face

For the past couple months I have a sharp pain that comes and goes throughout the day. I live off Motrin just to keep myself sane. I get intense jabs in my jaw, ear, eye area and sometimes my head. Does this sound like TN? I don't really have a trigger or anything. Sometimes the pain is so awful I have to hide under a blanket and just try to take a nap til it passes. Other times (like now) the pain is dull but the jabs are still painful. Anyone experience this? 

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Anxiety :: Left Side Of Face Is Numb

I was taking a pre workout called mp assault to go lift weights. Then I got strange eye twitching/feeling numb+light sensitivity and dizziness. Now 3/4 days later twitching stopped but more and more of my face is numb and eye doesn't feel right. What is happening?

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Accidents Investigations :: Paraesthesia On The Left Side Of The Face

I'm 29 years old.

Since yesterday I've experienced paraesthesia/numbness on the left side of my face.

It starts from just before the eye and to the chin including the left side of my tongue.

A few hours after it started when I saw that this feeling is consistent I went to the ER (it was night so I didn't have many choices).

They did several blood tests, urine test and chest and back X-ray - all came out OK.

They also checked heart-rate and blood pressure and of course they're fine.

I had the same paraesthesia in left side of the face a month ago and it passed within a few hours - the doctor told me then to come back for a checkup if it happens again but didn't refer me to a specialist.

Now they referred me to a neurologist and a nose-ear-throat doctor but I have an appointment for 2-3 months from now.

The last doctor I saw was convened it's an anxiety disorder (which I have for about 15 years) - but it doesn't seem likely to me (although possible).

I also got estimations that it might be a virus or an ear/jaw infection.

Do you have any way to help me understand what i might have and what test should I do (and insist on) and generally, how worried should I be?

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Multiple Sclerosis :: Burning On The Left Side Of Face

Yesterday after showering I laid down for bed and I got this itchy burning sensation on the left side of my face...I thought to myself it was just dry skin...I woke up the next day with no was about 34 degrees outside today and wind was gusty...but I maybe spent 45 mins outside on and off...maybe 5-10 mins at a time at best...I noticed throughout my day the burning sensation was getting worse...I came home from work and showered once again and it feels like it made it worse...I am having trouble chewing on that side of my mouth, but only because of moving my mouth to chew...I never had my wisdom teeth pulled and I'm 29 years of teeth and gums themselves do not ache or hurt at all...I just had gotten over a head cold, but i always have them through the winter months...This is the 1st time this had ever happened to me...My skin does dry out in the winter time, but i've never had this feeling before...should i be worried and seek medical help?  It almost feels like sunburn and it hurts to the touch...the right side of my face is completely normal...the reason this scares me is if i have a infection in my gums/tooth somewhere i heard this can be deadly if not treated...

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Neurological Disorders :: Dull Ache On Left Side And Face

I would like to ask about my mom who is 50 years old known case of htn (controlled) and treated case of hepc (compensated cirrhosis).

She has a history of tooth extraction on the left side 1 yr bacK

she has been having these symptoms of unilateral feeling of heaviness in the ear on the left side and left face below the eyes and forehead and also on the occipito parietal side of the head (left only) .This heaviness when increases turns to a dull ache.she has been having these symptoms with varying intensities almost continuously .It does go away but it comes back.Got her ENT examination done but it was all fine.

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Hot Pain Radiates Up The Left Side Of My Neck

I have degenerative disc disorder, bulging disc in my lower back and neck, severe pain with numbness in my arms and hands that wake me up throughout the night. It's worse when I lay on my right and left side, I also get a hot pain that radiates up the left side of my neck. It seems to be getting worse.

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Cramping Pain On My Left Side Towards The Spine

I was wondering if anyone as similar problems to me. I have had alot of cramping pain on my left side towards the spine I have seen a gp about it and says it's musculoskeletal. A few days ago I woke up with the opposite side in agony and I phone the docs but they just said it is muscle spasm. I find it quite strange that the pain from my left seems to of gone and now it's top right of my back. Also how long does a spasm take to go thanks tracy

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Chest Pain :: More On The Left Side - Under Breast

chest pain ... more on the left side - under breast. sometimes, and the middle. Pain is sometimes sharp, sometimes just like pressure. hardly other symptoms. This has been on and off for a while ... (8 months or more)

Triggered randomly (usually at night, especially if sleeping late like 4-6am) ...

I'm female, 30, asian, 1.58cm, 48kg. Not exercising. Slightly depressed. History of panic attack.

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Testicles :: Dull Pain In Left Side

I am 20 year old male. Not sexually active. OK for 4 hours now I have been experiencing a weird dull ache/pain/discomfort on the left side of my left testicle, and also slight discomfort in lower abdomen. The discomfort on the testicles is ONLY on the left side of my left testicle.

For the past hour I have been going crazy looking over all the possible problems that might be. However all these problems seem to have some kind of physical symptom. I checked my balls and I couldn't find anything wrong on the outside.

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Pregnancy 34 Weeks :: Bell's Palsy - Left Side Of My Face Paralyzed

I'm 34 weeks and I woke the other morning to the left side of my face paralyzed. I can't move that side of my mouth or close my eye at all and it's starting to droop as well. Doctor said it's called Bell's Palsy and it usually goes away after days, weeks, or even months. There might also be a risk that it could be permanent due to nerve damage.

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Meniere's Disease :: Entire Left Side Numb And Tingling

I was healthy and happy then got a headache so bad that 6 migraine excedrin did not touch it. Went to bed and woke up in middle of night with my entire left side numb and tingling.

Went to er they told us i had a bad migraine. Over the last month symptoms have worsen. Pain in left back of head hurts all the time, left side is pain, and spells of dizziness.

Two mri later, going for a third, clean blood work, eeg, many trips to er and no answer

After talking to an aunt found out she has meniere's-disease so we are going to a ent next.

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Angina :: Feel Pain Which Is Sometimes At Left Or Mostly At Right Side Of Chest?

Question: Does angina happen during extreme exercise to a healthy man without any heart disease/plaque build-up

Background: While running when i am extremely tired and exhausted(after running for long time)  i feel pain in chest which is sometimes at left or mostly at right side of the chest. the pain goes away as soon as i stop running and doesn't return even if i start running after resting a few minutes. I can't say that it is heart pain as it is mostly at right side of the chest.  
note: The pain does NOT spread to other areas and i am just 16 years old with a healthy weight, active life style and i don't smoke/drink; it all makes any heart disease very unlikely.

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Am I Pregnant? :: Spotting For 3 Days With A Dull Pain On The Left Side

I've been spotting for 3 days with a dull pain on the left side

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Cardiovascular :: Pain In My Chest On Left Side Near My Collar Bone

I'm having a pain in my chest on left side near my collar bone stings when I move my arm it burns a little in that spot I'm scared its heart related

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Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia :: Left Side Throat Pain That Is Radiating Into Ear

What are the signs and symptoms? Ive had left side throat pain that is radiating into my ear. I also have swollen nodes under my chin and neck that hurt pretty bad when pressed. I am not fighting a cold or anything the throat pain just came out of the blue a week ago and hurts when I swallow.

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Anxiety :: Extreme Pain In Chest, Left Side Of Neck And Shoulders

For the last month or so. I have been experiencing some very extreme pain in my chest. That travels basically all over the left upper side of my body. It virtually takes my breath away. It hurts worse whenever I go to get up or lay down. Or when I lean my head over to the left.

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Irritable Bowel Syndrome :: Intermittent Pain In Left And Right Side With Tenderness Under The Ribs

For about 6 weeks I've had stomach irritation, intermittent pain in left and right side with tenderness under the ribs, headaches, lower and upper abdomen pain, bloating, belching, an intermittent sharp pain like an electric shock at the top and just to the right of my abdomen, and most recently floating stools.

To be honest the pain isn't unbearable, just irritating, very uncomfortable and persistent which is getting me down. I wake every day with the same series of pains and bothersome bloating and burning. I've been on omeprazole for about four weeks which doesn't seem to have sorted it.

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