Nissen Fundoplication For Hiatus Hernia - Symptoms Are Back After 5 Years

May 19, 2016

I had the Nissen fundoplication in 2011 for a hiatus hernia, for the past year have been getting my symptoms back and have been struggling with lifting and bending as makes my symptoms worse.

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My Laparoscopic Nissen Fundoplication Experience

I had the LNF surgery three days ago and just wanted to tell you my experience of it all as I was terrified of the surgery and of the side effects afterwards - so much so I considered cancelling it at the last minute! I read a lot of information on the web in the days leading up to the surgery (good and bad) and was left feeling that even people with what seemed to be good experiences seemed to be having a very hard time. As it is so far I've been pleasantly surprised!

I had surgery due to a loose gullet which was confirmed via endoscopy. I opted to not be sedated so I could get the results these are then (if you're sedated you get them a few days later as you tend not to be awake enough afterwards to take in the information). The endoscopy wasn't the most pleasant experience but was over fairly quickly and something I could do again if needed without being nervous about it.

I then had all of the PH testing which confirmed acid reflux and the associated tests for swallowing that confirmed that I was a good candidate for Nissens.

Fast forward to three days ago and arrived at the hospital very nervous about it all and feeling like I wanted to back out. I'd read information on the web about bloating, not being able to burp, not being able to vomit, dumping, diarrhea, etc. and couldn't see how I could live with all of that afterwards! My surgeon was very dismissive of most of my fears (in a good way) and confirmed that not being able to vomit may be a side effect and short term bloating may be an issue but the rest of the side effects won't be an issue. I really trust the surgeon as he has always been very open with facts and statistics so was happy to go ahead with the surgery.

Feedback from the surgeon was that the surgery was very straightforward. He found a Hiatus Hernia which hadn't showed up before which he fixed as part of the fundoplication.

Since the surgery I've had a lot of discomfort in my tummy area but I've put this down to the holes that were made for the procedure rather than the fundoplication as it is very localised on the surface of my tummy. My lungs have been a bit sore since too and breathing in deeply has been uncomfortable but both issues have eased over the past three days.

In terms of eating and drinking I'd been told by the surgeon to experiment with textures to see what I can handle which is much better than the clear fluids for a week I was expecting. So far I have been able to drink water, squash, Horlicks and Decaf coffee without any issues. It takes a lot longer to get through a drink as there is a feeling inside like a funnel where liquids get backed up a bit when I swallow too much but there is no pain associated with this and it goes away after a few seconds. I managed to each half a bowl of Weetabix the morning after the surgery, moving on to custard, semolina and chicken soup over the past couple of days, none of which was strained. I'm probably not drinking enough due to how long it takes but my bladder and bowel movements are pretty normal so I'm not too worried about that at this stage. Also I am able to burp after eating and drinking. Probably not voluntary at the moment but when my body feels like it needs to it does. The same goes for passing wind too although there seems to be a lot more of that than usual!

So far I have no regrets about the surgery and feel that it was definitely the right thing to do. I expected the weeks after the surgery to be difficult but so far haven't suffered too badly. I'm self employed and work from home on a computer and am aiming to do a few hours this afternoon building up to full-time again next week, one week after the surgery. However, if I wasn't working from home I don't know if I could manage working in a office at this stage yet and definitely couldn't handle a commute via car, train, etc.

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4cm Sliding Hiatus Hernia - Chest, Neck, Shoulder And Back Pain

Just recently been diagnosed with a 4cm sliding hiatus hernia after suffering for 2 years with horrendous chest, neck, shoulder and back pain! been to A&E a least 5 times this year thinking I was having heart problems! had an endoscopy 4 weeks ago and was diagnosed! so now what? I was sent home with no advice whatsoever. been on all the PPI's for the last 15 years as I suffer with GERD and IBS! I feel bloated all the time, I burp, fart, feel sick and light headed and now I get a pulsating throb from my tummy through my chest into my throat If I eat the wrong thing it feels like I got a tennis ball stuck behind my sternum, really fed up with this now. I won't go the operation route, it's not got a good success rate! so it's maintenance, put the head of my bed on two blocks 8 inches high, given up gluten and dairy and all spicy foods eat 3 hours before I got to bed and have a swig of gaviscon as a nightcap! I take a multivitamin and magnesium supplements. the next step is stop smoking and drinking red wine what else can I do? the omeprazole makes me feel crap, so I've gone back to ranitidine.

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Hernia :: Swelling Under Right Ribs, Hiatus Hernia

I was diagnosed some years ago with Hiatus Hernia and have had 3 endoscopy's. I do eat carefully am about 1-2 stone over wieght, I am a line dancer and have no problem with that. The main thing that I don't like is the feeling of a lump under my right rib, it is quite uncomfortable and i feel i have to stretch up to ease it. I can feel it now while sitting at the computer. I had the pain in backand chest last night which is bad but took Peptac liquid which quietened it down. Does anyone else have the lump feeling?

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Reflux Oesophagitis With Hiatus Hernia

I have had problems with acid, heartburn and stomach pain and symptoms for well over 8 yrs maybe longer. after yrs of asking for more investigations and being dismissed by gp because of my age (30), telling me I am young and healthy and don't require a endoscopy , I finally had one done yest and have been diagnosed with hiatus hernia and a large area of barrett's can anyone advise the best info sites to look at at.. and also could this have been helped had by doctor listened to my concerns and had proper investigations done years ago rather than guess and take me on and off diff stomach tablets ?? Long few weeks of waiting on results.

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Hiatus Hernia Surgery Feedback / Reviews ?

I'm due to go in for surgery on Wednesday and a bit terrified as I always feel like I am choking when I eat food and the only way I can cope is by getting sick....not being able to do this after surgery has me freaked out bit time. Just hoping that the positives of having this done will take away the feeling of having food lodged in my throat and I can have a normal life. I've had this condition since I was 16 and I'm 39 now. Hopefully I will get better after this. Anyone going through this too or have gone through this and come out the other side? Could use some positive vibes right now.

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Esophageal Achalasia / Spasm :: Acid Reflux From Hiatus Hernia

For a long time i suffered with acute pain from O S mostly brought on by acid reflux from hiatus hernia. I came across a sort of solution which works for me.

At the first sign(generally slight pain and a tightening of my chest around the base of the esophagus ) which generally happens during the night ,but not always I eat dry biscuits(digestives are good) they seem to force the stomach back where it's supposed to be.If that doesn't work then its a piece of toast and hot tea.

It seems to happen more when my stomach is empty,but that may be just co-incedence.It has helped me avoid the development of a more serious,painful problem.

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Acid Reflux :: Oesophagus Hiatus Hernia Throat Lumps

About 10 years ago I was diagnosed with a hiatus hernia and they said they could see barrett's oesophagus, however the biopsies came back negative. From then I was told I can never get barratts so don't need to go back and was given 40mg Nexium to take daily.

Since then it has helped a lot but I still get some very bad days of acid reflux, these have been getting worse so I have asked my doctor for another gastroscopy as I have worries about my stomach and chest.

For the last 6 months while I have been waiting for the appointment I have had a strange feeling in my throat, like there is something stuck in there, about an hour after eating lasting hours, it feels really uncomfortable. I have no problem swallowing or eating, it is just there afterwards, like a very large golf ball stuck there. I have also found some pink/red lumps, like flesh on my pharynx. They look sore but I don't have a sore throat, cough or any cold flu symptoms. Like everyone, googling it has produced the worst possible answer of cancer with diagrams similar to my throat.

I went to the doctors last week and explained my concerns and he felt the outside of my throat, said he couldn't feel anything and looked in my throat for literally 1 second, he didn't have a look around just glanced. He just said your fine and then he then told me to stop worrying about stuff because people my age don't get cancer or major diseases, it probably just reflux from the hernia.

It is hard not to worry, when I still don't know what this imaginary lump and the lumps on my throat are.

When I was diagnosed with a hiatus hernia the consultant said it is the worst most inflamed hernia and oesophagus she had seen in 15 years as a consultant and I was only 20 at the time, she was in shock, yet I have never had a follow up appointment, my doctor has always said I will be fine so don't need one.

I am a 30 year old man who doesn't smoke and drinks about once a month.

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GERD (acid Reflux) :: Has My Fundoplication Failed?

Hi everyone. I have been suffering from terrible reflux for about 2 and a half years. It's done about everything I can think of from given me insomnia to rejecting medicine, which has sent me to the ER countless times. I finally got a fundoplication, which has only seemed to work for about a month. My reflux is back with a vengeance, causing me to be up all night with a fire in my stomach and a complete loss of apetite, with an almost constant feeling of nausea. The only reason I can think why it's failed is either it's relaxed or my constant gagging from an irritated throat (which is terrible) disrupted it. Anyone have any thoughts on this?? I've suffered enough from this, and I need to get my life back on track.

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Acid Reflux :: Heller's Procedure And Fundoplication - Experiences / Feedback?

I am looking for people's experience on having the Heller's Procedure and Fundoplication.  I am having it in over a month's time but would like to know how you felt the next day after operation, the recovery process and how you are now?

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Endometriosis :: Symptoms Returned After 2 Years

After years of pain, heavy periods, aches and really bad PMT I was finally diagnosed with endo about five years ago after scans and internal examinations.  I was operated on and was ok for a couple of years. Then the symptoms returned and only after breaking down in the GPs room did they do the same again.

Just less than two years ago I started a new job but have had time off sick as my symptoms haven't improved. I'm tired, run down, back ache, stomach ache, pick up every could/bug going etc etc. Now I don't know what to do. My boss has called me in for a meeting about my sickness next week.

The Dr hasn't prescribed me anything but I feel all these symptoms are linked to endo and to the cyst I also had removed during my first op.  I struggle almost daily. I'm sick of going to the doctor and begging, telling them I feel like rubbish.

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Endometriosis :: Partial Hysterectomy - All Symptoms Are Back

I had a hysterectomy done in February of 2013,  I had a partial, just my uterus and cervix removed so all that is left are my ovaries. Within the past month all of the same symptoms are back that I had before surgery. Severe pelvic pain, bloating, back pain, not sleeping, hurts to urinate and so on. I'm 27 years old and no kids and I felt it was my only option because I had so many laps done and there was nothing more to do other than the hysterectomy. So if there are some women out there that has had a full hysterectomy could you please tell me if its worth asking doctor to remove ovaries.  Could really use some advice now or just to know there's more women out there around my age going through the same thing.  Thanks for taking the time to read. 

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Hemorrhoids :: Piles Symptoms Are Back After Banding (5 Weeks)

Hi 47yr old male, who has had 2 lots of banding done over a 5yr period, last lot of banding 5 weeks ago. Now what seems is like 4 is back again, i cannot believe this? i thought i would get at least a year rest...... It's depressing me the pain. They are mostly internal but noticed i can feel them if i put my finger there. So i use Lignocaine for pain, helps mostly, yesterday was bad, not today when i need BM i put it of for fear of the pain...Is there any quick way to get rid of these or least make them less painful?, I'm taking 2 senna tablets a day, with Flaxseed at night on cereal... and using the occasional Microlax if i feel constipated. Because i am on an Opiate based medication, it's not helping. But i am beginning to get really depressed over this and making my life miserable and it's controlling my days i wont go for drives i hate sitting on hard seats.

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Rhinitis :: Back After 3 Years

I suffered with rhinitis for 11 years. Took steroid spray which didn't help. Had allergy test which said I wasn't allergic to anything at all. I then had 3 glorious years free from a blocked nose.

Unfortunately it has now come back. I cannot think of anything that I have done differently to cause it to go nor for it to come back.

I seem to have a cycle; one day feel okay, next day or two so blocked up that I cannot sleep and even if I can blow my nose it immediately blocks up again after. My jaw aches from having to breath through my mouth. The next day my nose isn't blocked but continuously runs and I get through boxes of tissues.

The first 7 years I suffered in both nostrils but after that only one nostril is effected which makes me feel lopsided. Why would an allergy only cause problems on one side?

It really is a very antisocial problem and although sounds trivial I know you fellow sufferers can understand how debilitating it is.

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Undiagnosed Symptoms :: Cramp And Heat Sensation In Back Of Lower Leg

for about a week i have had periodic "heat flashes" in the back of my right leg from the foot to the back of the knee.  Not painful, but odd sensation like hot compress being applied.  happens 8-10 times a day when i am sitting or standing.  Had a severe leg cramp, charlie horse, about 1 1/2 weeks ago so thought symptoms might be related.  went to my MD who told me no danger of blood clot (would be very severe pain, swelling, hot to touch).  said probably related to leg cramp and advised me to do more walking (i sit in an office chair all day) and to  do exercises consisting of pushing left down down as far as it will go for 5 seconds, then arching up for 5 seconds, for 10 times.  She likely due to spasms and  that hot flash is due to when blood vessels stop dilating (???). I will try this recommendation for one week and will let you know, but I am not very confident that this will work.This discussion is related to Strange feeling of heat in my leg.

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Angina ? Been Fine On Ranexa For Year, Symptoms Now Coming Back

I have been dealing with angina for a year now and it has been controlled with medication called Ranexa, but over the past three weeks my systems have came back and they are severe and more often! I have to keep nitro with me at all times now cause I am have at least four to five attacks a day. I am scared to drive due to this. There has been no change in my medication so I do not understand what's going on. I contacted my heart dr and all he said was I needed to exercise more. I mean I get that and I'm not a lot over weight but I could lose five to ten pounds. So does anyone have any suggestions? I'm afraid I'm going to die of a heart attack cause the pain is going down my arm and now sometimes up my neck and jaw!

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Sarcoidosis Stage 3 Is Back After 13 Years - Relapse

I recovered from stg 3 Sarc (in lungs, lymph, joints, sinus) 13yrs ago, after 5yrs of illness and 2yrs of steroids.

I now have Erythema Nodosum (sp?) - red painful bumps on lower legs.

Research suggests that 'EN' is associated with a specific version of Sarc, Lofgren syndrome, which is usually resolves quickly and without treatment.

I'm scared to go to the Dr, as I don't want to face the tension & round of tests to exclude a Sarc relapse. It's not something I want to go through again...

I wonder if it's very likely for a relapse to come with a whole new presentation of the Sarc? Or is it unlikely to be sarc, as I never had EN the last time?

Does anyone have any experience or advice which may help me decide what to do?

Best wishes to all who are currently battling with their Sarc, I truly understand your pain and your exhaustion. I was not expected to recover last time - but I did.

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Vertigo / Dizziness :: Labyrinthitis Back After 7 Years

Told it was a virus. Now it's back again. Anyone ever gets labs a second time?

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Back On Norethisterone After 4 Years - Awaiting Menopause

Well here I am back on Norethisterone again after a 4 year break. I didn't want to take them again because I put a lot of weight on but it is necessary because I can't stop bleeding. The distress of constant bleeding which in itself causes anxiety, the tiredness and not been able to go out. Sometimes you have to give in, get yourself right to start again.Unfortunately there seems to be nothing else. Apparently at 53 I am too old to have a Hysterectomy so I am anxiously awaiting menopause.

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Enlarged Liver (gallbladder Removed, 6 Years Back)

I am a 33 year old female I do not drink and do not have hepatitis or any type of disease. I was diagnosed with an enlarged liver but after a sonogram and blood work was told I just had a big liver. About six years ago I had my gallbladder removed I was told it was rotten and was functioning at 0%. My symptoms didn't totally go away but was better until about a year ago. I have nausea,severe back pain,pain and bloating in the upper middle and right side of my stomach,itching,a burning sensation beside my rib cage and I sometimes break out in a rash always on my neck and chest. None of this is normal and my liver has not always been like this I feel I have been misdiagnosed ...

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Spleen Removed 6 Years Back - Still Pain In The Area

I had my spleen removed during bariatric surgery because the surgeon accidentally ruptured my spleen.  The surgery was in 2010 and I still have pain in that area quite often.  My surgeon says if I see another doctor about the pain he will drop me as a patient. Why would my spleen area still hurt and what tests can I have to find out what is causing the pain?

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