Omeprazole Vs. Lansoprazole - Which Is More Effective

Feb 1, 2015

I have the option to use either for triple therapy to treat a stomach infection (h.pylori)

Omeprazole 20mg 1 tab twice daily
Lansoprazole 15mg 2 tab once daily before dinner

Which one would be more effective? If I have to suffer more so be it. I want this thing gone.

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Lansoprazole :: Effective For Gout ?

i have just been prescribed lansoprazole for gout, how will this help?

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Lansoprazole :: Acid Reflux With Gallstones - Effective?

Have had Ulcerative Colitis for 40 years so have accepted stomach pains as a way of life, even though it`s managed with Nsaid`s.

But for the last couple of years or so I occasionally got sudden chronic pains under the ribcage about 30 minutes after a meal. Would last anything from 30 minutes to a couple of hours.

I couldn't see an obvious pattern to the attacks. would go days or weeks OK then out of the blue it would kick off.

Lately they have become more frequent with shorter periods between attacks.

Yesterday saw the GP who suspected Gallstones and has requested an ultrasound scan. It seems that attacks are much more likely after meals with a high fat content, such as a roast dinner. The theory is that as the gallbladder produces bile to digest the fat it reacts with gallstones along the way and hey presto agony!

GP has prescribed a fat-free diet, (so no chips, butter, cheese etc), and also Lansoprazole 30mg for an initial month. Took the first one today.

Bit early to make a judgement yet, but have felt just fine today.

Constipation is more common with colitis, so any sudden occurrence of diarrhea could almost certainly be put down to the Lansoprazole.

Will post progress reports if any side effects occur.

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Omeprazole To Lansoprazole :: Musculoskeletal Fatigue

has anyone changed from Omeprazole to Lansoprazole and suffered Increased health issues, most notably MSK (musculoskeletal skeletal), fatigue, less able etc?

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Omeprazole And Lansoprazole :: Hair Loss

i was on 40mgs omeprazole had large hair loss.Consultant a week ago change it to 30mgs lansoprazole. worried now that the loss will continue and be permanent. I have straight auburn hair, no curls

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Lansoprazole :: Coming Off It

I have been on Lansoprazole since I was 7 (now 22) varying from 15 mg to 60 mg depending on the severity of my GERD. I am thinking after controlling my lifestyle (e.g. foods, fitness, alcohol intake) of slowing coming of the medication.. I was wondering if anyone else has also been on Lansoprazole for years! and then decided to come off it? If so did you experience any nasty side effects?

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Lansoprazole :: Chest Burns

Well I was given this medication as a result of a number of symptoms, like stomach cramps, heartburn, indigestion, and my chest muscles, rib cage all ached, a week prior I couldn't use the toilet, but that seemed to have went, and after I was given these tabs for the other symptoms.

I have been on them for a week and a bit more, and I didn't take them today because the aches from my left leg and arm was too much, I ain't been able to sleep properly, right now I've got a headache, and my leg and arm have been weak for like a week now, I wanna believe its a result from the tablets but prior to being on the medication, I felt a sort of sensation in that side of my body b4 I actually took the tablets, however it has become more achy, and my neck and upper back also have began to ache.

The doc prescribed me these tabs on the basis I did say I had chest burns, and it very well could be the acid which triggered it all. However I'm a female and 19, ain't had no illness like this before, but I'd really just prefer to cure my symptoms the natural way.

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Lansoprazole :: Take 30 To 60 Minutes Before Food

The pharmacy instructions on my daughter`s Lansoprazole tablets say `Take 30 to 60 minutes before food`. Does this mean she ought to have something to eat within 60 minutes of taking the tablets or that, although she must wait for at least 30 minutes before eating, it would be better to wait for 60 minutes?

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More Effective - Simvastatin Or Lipitor?

after I had my last physical exam for work I was bit surprised when the doctor informed me my blood tests showed that both my cholesterol and triglyceride levels were borderline high and that I should go talk to my physician about my option for lowering those. Otherwise I passed with flying colors - I’m not overweight and I exercise twice a week.

My physician gave me several more guides on the diet, of course I’m continuing with my exercise regime, but he also told me he thinks I should think about starting statin medication, either simvastatin or Lipitor in his opinion. Which one of these is more effective?

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Eye :: Laser To Get Rid Of Floaters - Effective?


Although the idea of a clinic-based YAG laser operation is alluring for its perceived simplicity, we have the following concerns.

1. The energy delivered into the eye is not acceptable. The energy delivered to the eye in YAG vitreolysis compared with standard YAG capsulotomy is much greater. Van der Windt and colleagues state the typical required power is 2.5 mJ to 4.5 mJ, and they do not recommend exceeding 500 pulses per treatment session. They recognize multiple treatment sessions may be necessary. It is our opinion this level of energy being delivered into the eye is too great, putting the patient at unnecessarily high risk for postoperative inflammation, glaucoma and retinal tear/detachment.

2. The efficacy of YAG vitreolysis is also in question. Delaney and colleagues found that 38% of patients treated with YAG vitreolysis had a moderate reduction in symptoms while 62% had no improvement.

The alternative treatment for YAG vitreolysis, and what we recommend at Mercy in carefully selected cases, is small-gauge pars plana vitrectomy. This procedure yields much higher efficacy. In the same Delaney study, they reported 93.3% of eyes undergoing vitrectomy for floaters resulted in full resolution. By utilizing modern surgical equipment, now readily available in as small as 27 gauge and cut rates as high as 7,500 cuts/minute, very little energy is directed into the vitreous, and very little traction on the vitreous is exerted. Vitrectomy has the advantage that if a retinal tear develops intraoperatively, it should be easily identified and treated at the end of the case.

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How Effective Is The Tubal Ligation?

I'm 27 yrs old and this is my fourth baby.. I wanted to have my tubes tied but I also wanted to know how effective it is.. I really don't want anymore kids but I don't want the IUD even though it's for ten years .. my husband doesn't want me to get it but I feel that it's because he wants more kids, btw my third and this one are his.

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ACE Inhibitors :: Lisinopril - How Effective It Is?

I find this medication awful , it is ruining my life, I can't sleep as I am so restless, when I do finally doze off I am up peeing. I have swollen legs and ankles which is putting pressure on the arthritis in my feet. I crashed the car two weeks ago while having a 'blood pressure moment' i.e a brief blackout - I hate it and am trying to establish what the drug does - it reduces BP and the risk of stroke and heart attack but to what degree.

I am almost at the stage of get up get kids ready for school etc, go to work come home cook diner, wash up etc bed by 9 up at 7 I have no energy. Doc completely unsympathetic says you don't want it don't take it.

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Microgynon Not To Be Effective With UC If Taking Pentasa

Just wondering if anyone knows if there would be any reason for microgynon not to be effective with UC if taking pentasa. I would like to think not as I am given repeat prescriptions by my GP but have little faith in any doctors and nurses as of recent so thought I should ask.

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Implanon - How Effective It Is For Birth Control

I'm 17 and I've been on birth control for an entire year. I've tried every type of birth control but me and my boyfriend have always used condoms. On September 18, the second day of my period, I had implanon inserted. We still used condoms for two weeks to be safe. We just started having unprotected sex. I've done the research and stuff but I could use some reassurance as to how effective it is. Have any of you been pregnant on it? I'm just a little unsure as to how good it is because I'm 17 and really am NOT ready for a baby. Also my period is expected October 16-ish, I'm not overweight and my rod implant was inserted correctly if this helps.

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Adderall - Effective For Both Adults And Children?

Is Adderall effective in adults as well as children?

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Signs That The Abortion Is Effective Using Cytotec?

Can you tell me what will be the signs that my abortion is effective?? i took cytotec last april8 when i was 1week delayed,. i took cytotec to intake and 1 cytotec to insert in my vaginaearly morning when my stomach is empty. after a day i've got spotting and now it is 14days after taking cytotec and i only got spotting.. do you think my abortion is effective?can you tell me how many cytotec do i need to intake and to insert for my effective abortion??and how can i know that cytotec is real and not fake?how much this drug range?

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Lansoprazole :: Chest Pain After Stopping - Only Took It For 3 Days

I was put on 15mg of Lansoprazole by my GP as I've been getting interjestion and heartburn from my heart medication. Had a heart attack in August. After taking it for a few days it was making things worse not better so decided to stop taking it. First day ( yesterday ) I felt 'rough' in the afternoon and had to go to bed early. I have felt even worse today and have been having chest pains off and on all day. I have now had chest pain for about an hour and half. It is not the unbearable kind of pain I had when I had my heart attack and I have no pain else where but I have come close to using my GTN spray . I am also constipated and have wind.

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Hair Loss With Lansoprazole, Atenolol And Ramipril

I am taking Ramipril and I am suffering hair loss I also take Lansoprazole, Atenolol, all describe patients can suffer hair loss so I'm confused any help out there...havn't got a lot of hair left so please hurry ..

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Lansoprazole :: Side Effects - Bad Wind And Burping

I have just completed a month course of this medication, prescribed due to possible acid reflux. I got rid of the final tablet as I feel the side effects were too bad to carry on even for just one more day. I felt worn out - very bad wind and burping from week one - my husband commented on this. Also feeling as though I would throw up at any minute - still a bit of shoulder pain but the chest pain has now diminished. Had a couple of nights when I did not even go to bed it was that bad so perhaps that is why I am so tired. Now two days after my last tablet I still have a lot of wind which does not seem to be shifting - maybe I will try charcoal tabs as I have heard that these work well. Still stressed out at work so I suppose I will have to put up with this until I retire. Really makes me fee so depressed and unhappy

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Lansoprazole (Prevacid) Causing Back Pain?

I have been taking Lansoprazole since April of 2014. I have just developed upper back pain and pain in my sternum area. I also just started taking Potassium supplementation for low potassium. One of these, I believe is causing my back pain.

Anyone else out there suffering from upper (and lower) back pain and pain in the sternum area? Did it stop when you discontinued the Lansoprazole?

Thank you for any help!

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Fibromyalgia And Effective Exercise That Doesn't Hurt

I was diagnosed a year ago. I had tiredness and pain long before and then one day it hit me exercising! I collapsed in a heap and realised I couldn't move. My body just gave up. Or my muscles did! I was very fit and healthy. Loved cardiovascular exercise. I did high impact everyday. Until that moment. That's when my life changed. I slept and slept last year away. As soon as I wake the heavy ache in my body is back.

I have tried all types of exercise since. Yoga, swimming, walking....desperate to lose the stone and a half that just piled on. Anything I try just puts me in to a flare up. I've had to go on to a very low calorie diet which has cut out bread and sugar to control weight gain that way. I know weight gain isn't the be all and end all and im thankful I have my life. It's just that I feel so hopeless my body is constantly attacking me.

Does anyone else have this constant battle with exercise and if you've mastered the control with exercise, please please tell me. Or any solution? I just want a bit of the old me back. I miss not being able to help myself. Positive thinking only gets me so far.

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