Orlistat :: Every Pound You Lose On A Low Fat Diet You Lose 3lb More ...

Jun 26, 2014

Can anyone clarify if this statement is correct please . I read it in a post somewhere ....

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Orlistat :: Disappointed - Lost Only One Pound - 2nd Week

My second week on tablets and i've only lost 1lb,not very happy!have written down all food eaten,tired to keep to 1200 cal and been very careful with fat amounts in food.

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How To Lose Weight While On Paxil

I have been taking paxil for a few years, I love it!! but the weight gain has been making me very upset!

Please help! My doctor only says "stay active" I feel that I am active. Can you tell me what your definition of "active" is?

What supplements, vitamins or exercise will help to eliminate this weight gain side effect?

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Sertraline :: Trying To Lose Weight

i've been taking Sertraline for two and a half years now. I've ballooned up to a size 20 around 17 stone. I was on 200mg which apparently is the highest dose you can take according to my doctor.

Over the last few months i have managed to reduce myself slowly to 50 mg which hasn't been easy.and have now noticed that I am loosing a bit of weight. I wondered if anyone could tell me if they have experienced this to? I know the sertraline helped me to put the weight on in the first place and it defiantly doesn't help trying to lose weight while on them. I have found trying to lose weight on it very difficult. I have never certainly never struggled in the past when I wasn't on Sertraline.

Once you reduce the mg does the weight come off that easy? What ingredient causes the weight gain?

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Fingering :: Did I Lose My Virginity?

Last week, I got close to my classmate. We talked a lot and he even played a little joke on me by putting his face in my cleavage during gym class in the pool. As that week went on, he invited to his place. We went to the library instead. He started to seduce me by rubbing my butt and my breasts. I eventually did grab him. He then reached with his hand in my underwear fingering me very deep. He kept going on and on very deep leaving me in bit of pain due to it was the first time it had happened. After he was done and he left to go to the bathroom, I noticed that I had orgasmed and I was in bit of pain though not that painful as if I were in labor. It was gooey in there. I hadn't noticed any blood. Due to the fingering, does that mean I lost my virginity to my friend's finger(s)?

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Symptoms When You Lose Virginity?

What are the real symptoms when you lose your virginity for the first time?

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Can I Lose My Virginity By Masturbation?

Can I lose my virginity masturbating? Im 13 and I was using a marker to pleasure myself. I felt something in my stomach from my vagina, and I started bleeding.

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Can We Lose Our Virginity To A Pleasuring Toy?

Can we lose our virginity to a dildo?

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Can You Lose Your Virginity Through Fingering

My guy recently started fingering me like a month ago, the first time it bled it was only drops of blood and so i thought, i might have only been scratched and it has only happened twice that time and today, he was being really rough and when i went to the bathroom, my underwear was filled with blood. i thought it was my time of the month but it's not, and i feel very sore. i'm worried if he broke my hymen because my parents are crazy.

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Weight Loss :: How To Lose After Having A Hysterectomy?

Hey everyone I am just looking for suggestions on how to lose weight after having a hysterectomy?

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Pregnancy Age 35+ :: Does It Hurt When You Lose Your Much Plug

Hi im 35 weeks with my second pregnancy first pregnancy my water didn't break neither did I lose my mucus plug,I was induce.. so I have a curiosity in knowing does it hurt when you lose your much plug?

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Pregnancy :: Have Sex To Lose Your Mucus Plug?

Do you have to have sex to lose your mucus plug? Bkuz I havent had sex my entire pregnancy so I was wondering if I will still lose mines...

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(Age 18-24) Pregnancy :: Common To Lose Sleep?

I heard it's common to lose sleep. But anyone have any advice? I'm not able to sleep much at night, so I'm tired all throughout the day.

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Pregnancy :: How Will I Know When I Lose My Mucus Plug?

I'm a ftm 32 weeks 4 days. How will I know when I lose my mucus plug?

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Masturbation Helps You Lose Weight?

I am 13 year old girl, & I want to know that if you mastrubate, can it help you lose weight? Like when you sweat & stuff.. Oh & does anyone have any good mastrubating techniques?

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Antidepressants :: How To Lose Weight From Paxil

My doctor told me that Paxil is a unique formulation that offers proven medical benefits for people with depression. Since I have problems with this disorder, he recommended me to use this drug. Although I have heard that Paxil gives you the powerful relief, I am still worried. Problem is that my neighbor told me his cousin lose weight from Paxil. That is why I want to hear is it possible to lose weight because of this medicine, and what else side effects I could expect.

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How Soon Do You Lose Weight After Going Off Depo Provera?

I had shot of depo provera 1 year ago and I gained weigh (60 lbs in one year!) Horrible!!! And I didn’t change my eating habits or anything. Also doctor told me there are no side effects to depo provera! So, my question now is: how soon do you lose weight after going of depo provera?

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Hypothyroidism :: Struggling To Lose Weight

Can anyone help, I've been diagnosed with a underactive thyroid about a year ago, I have manage to get my levels normal and yet I'm still struggling to lose weight, I exercise at least 3 times a week with hour sessions at the gym and I have stopped eating any carbs during the day, and replaced it with fruit, I'm not a massive eater and always cook from scratch, I tend to take my thyroxine in the mornings before breakfast, since being diagnosed I felt awful in myself and have been put on fluoxetine for my mood, can anyone help with the weight gain issue?

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How To Lose Weight After Tubal Ligation?

How to lose weight after tubal ligation?

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Masturbation :: Lose Erection During Stimulation

19 m and i lose my erection during masterbating.. I can get erection and when i reach peak of erection i just start losing it and it keeps me worring and tensed ..and my masterbation remains uncomplete.. I get morning erections at times.. And also i am phimotic and don't bother retracting my foreskin becoz its doesnt feel right to me.

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Women :: Can You Lose Your Virginity By Fingering Yourself?

can you lose your virginity by fingering yourself?

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